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  1. intrested to know where ombc found this million pound.
  2. where as chase gone, which club.
  3. badly run, no money, no home ground to call HOME, players not good enough, going down the pan at some speed, but we aint the only club in this plight.
  4. no just telling you lot as it is, good luck swinton.
  5. no rochdale wont finish back end of top 6 , they will come right back down with a big bump., as for oldham, most of this season they played garbage and never in contentionn for promotion, and thank god with this present squad not good enough .
  6. should they get promotion, they will come back down end of the seson.
  7. rochdale wont be going up, like us lot[oldham] they are not a championship team, and thats not bad loosers talk, its just the truth.
  8. be glad to see the back of this season, absolute rubbish.
  9. in a answer this club will not survive in its present state.
  10. get shut of the lot of um, and the coach, get players who want to play for this club, no pride ,no passion, this is the worst team we have had in years, no wonder fans are staying away and fed up. enough is enough.
  11. who believes its only matter of time before our present coach either walks or gets the push.
  12. please stop going on about poor refs, the point is this oldham side are utter ######.
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