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  1. Did i read that right, your Canadian lads !!!!!!!!!! will they be with your supporters
  2. Love the home shirt Ron, not to sure on the away strip, all the best hope to see you in the New Year, Cath & Tonyx
  3. Thanks Steve, we will now have to wait for further information,let's hope it's Blackpool, as we certainly don't want to go to the other clubs, cheers.
  4. Does anybody know what is happening, regarding the summer bash at Blackpool next year, May bank holiday weekend, as we have noticed the magic weekend at Liverpool is apparently the same dates, cheer's
  5. cathy0987


    Well done to Tom and boys & all involved with Coventry Bears, we have been behind you all the way, good luck for 2019, Cath &Tony ( Barrow Raiders )
  6. You are not the only ones, I didn't know anything about it till it was in the paper, got told he didn't play last week because he was injured, must get back in the know,
  7. Does the we include you kayakman, ??????? Would be nice to meet you.
  8. The statement read what Canadians (players we mean ) don't see any true Canadians playing !!!!!!!
  9. All the best Shane, all at Barrow will be cheering you on,
  10. Many congratulations Shane, on being picked for the Scotland World cup squad, you deserve a place, we will all be cheering you on just like at Barrow, well done again, Cath n Tony
  11. Well done Cresta, and all the lads, on a superb performance, Cresta you will always be our number one, we will back you all the way, onwards and upwards,COYR Cath n Tony
  12. To our carer, may we say we really enjoyed your write up of a weekend in London, but we think you might have missed a couple of buses out there lol, We would like to thank you for being brilliant company and will be a long time till we get on another bus again, HaHa , Great friends and a brill weekend, hope to see you soon, Cath // Tony and gang x
  13. What about our friends up coast wandering Pete Workington and also didn't we play a match at Maryport ????? it was a lot of years ago
  14. cathy0987

    Wigan v Hull

    Ditto i have signed both as well. come on you rugby league fan's let's start fighting for our clubs right's and future onwards and upwards
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