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  1. Turning the corner mate, still along way to go before we've turned it but bit by bit we seem to be gradually improving. Big game for us Sunday, it's a must win .
  2. Massive game Sunday, what is sure is we all need to get there in good numbers and get behind the lads! We are it seems gradually improving.
  3. I don't think the games on tv. It's a fake twitter account that's tweeted that, if that's where you have the info from pock Ram? Although 4 games out of the 8 are on tv. 2 on sky. 2 on bbc
  4. If that's correct will the game be played Saturday?
  5. Reckon Kelly will go with this team....Guzdek, Morton, Glover, Squires, Alex Brown, Sykes, Kain, Stringer, Hemingway, Douglas, Walshaw, Luke Adamson, Arron Brown... Subs Ward/Day, Dan Iggy , Teanby, Toby Adamson
  6. What date you reckon? I'd like a Saturday evening at 6pm me or a Friday night game under the lights.
  7. Says in league Express Neds wanting more new signings after signing Sam Day from Fev. Centre Shaun Squires is training with the Rams from Batley, so that's one. The other targets are players currently not in favour at their current clubs. Gareth Moore from Fax was at the game Sunday and is out of favour but he did play for Batley so that's probably a reason why he was there. A decent 7 in our league. Wonder if he's a target? Also heard we are taking the young Dewsbury lad who Wakey have recently signed from Dewsbury Moor on loan for 2 month, Hooley? I think Is name is. Again just rumour though.
  8. The club play Fridays in cup games because the players prefer it to get the weekend with their families, not to accomadate SL clubs wishes. I actualy quite like night games under the flood lights.
  9. Not cas. Dan I and Dounglas wouldn't be allowed to play. I'd take another championship club at home or barrow and hopefully get to quarters for a TV game ( all 4 quarters on sky and BBC )
  10. Rams 20 dogs 28 Next week for me is the real big one. Att 1300 . Why as there been no info on admission prices for this game?? Very poor marketing again from the club! ( not having ago at the media team, the club itself should be announcing the costs of admission in advance!)
  11. Brads at Coventry. Fairhurst is our player. He played once v Newcastle. Not had a look in since.
  12. Where? I can't find it? To be honest it's probably easy to know our squad. It's literally who's fit 😂
  13. Anyone remember warren jowitt or Morro when they announced jobe Murphy from bulls at a fans forum as a new signing for the season and he turned up with his arm in a sling 😂?? We love crocked players at Tetleys Stadium don't we 😂
  14. By all accounts he's a good player.
  15. Same here BSJ, just if I had a choice I'd rather win next week. Neil's said himself he's sort of an eye on next week already, as strange as that sounds.