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  1. and who do you think we can sign who will do the job with in our budget? Poor excuse to not get a season ticket. Support the club not the coach if that's your problem. If we all just jack it in then we have no club to support! Ups n downs are a part of sport. Don't become a glory supporter mate, who knows next season may turn out to be an whole lot better... A conditioner we needed, we got.. Signed a decent replacement for Grady in barnes( nearly signed for Toronto and Bulls) and a try scorer in Potts. On top of a good hooker and a young player who's played 20 odd SL games. A top half back and another prop then I reckon we could get the top 4 though
  2. Well I'm getting a season ticket but even my old man considering not bothering this year. Some of the games have been like watching paint dry.
  3. Think a lot of people will decide once the fixtures are out. Io get a season ticket no matter what. What's the clubs plans to increase home support?
  4. I wasn't there for the drum vote? What's everyone voted?
  5. just don't always think he's honest with himself and try's hiding over the cracks. I will however be supporting him and the teamNext year because I'm a supporter of our great club. Improvements can be made though on and off the field
  6. Let's just hope this season improves Morro as a coach moving forwards and that he learns a lot from it. The fact he's not honest is a worry though but he still is a young coach
  7. No it was top 4 top 6... Budget wise should be 7th mind but clearly an underachieving side. A better coach could in my opinion of snuck us in the top 4 or achieved a top 6 spot. Hoping for a better year next season
  8. Think he means Danny Williams from Bulls and obviously Farrell
  9. Just to let people know it's only 15 quid in for adults not a rip off price this time.. So who's off to Bradford?? I'm in Melbourne so can't go but will follow on twitter
  10. He's with us next year mate
  11. chill out wellie
  12. We'd of been better off dual reg with Wigan. They wanted to dual reg with us
  13. What is for sure is the players owe the fans in this one! The fans that turn up that is! After the haven shambles they didn't deserve any fans turning up. Wouldn't put my worst enemy through the last match.. No point predicting. We just don't know if the can be arsed team want to turn up or the cant be arsed ready for there jollys team. Will say a lot about the players attitude and the coach on Sunday! If we lose and play like we ain't up for it, then surely only one thing can be done because it will do more harm in season ticket sales for next season keeping Glen on after some of the poor boring games we've witnessed this season. It should be the final nail in the coffin. Hopefully it's a nice win and an entertaining game though on route to a shield final at Odsal to end the season on a high and giving us something to look forward to next season because as it stands, people's interest in Glen morrisons Rams ain't very high is it!
  14. I can understand that BSJ but were contributing to upsetting a lot of true Hemel rugby league suppprters. I do however understand we do need somewhere for our youngsters to play. I blame the RFL for that because they should make every pro/semi club club run a reserve grade side
  15. Just think it's all wrong what we are doing. How would you like it if we moved and trained in Wales with a bunch of Welsh lads and no pathway for dewsbury lads in our team because we can't travel to training? It's a joke! We are becoming laughed at and not liked by other fans because of this stupid idea