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  1. Think we should try promote the club better next season to get the gates up. 794 today wasn't too bad for Sheffield (50-70 fans tops??) but if we continue winning games next season like we are the last 10 I'd be dissapointed if we don't break 1k for games like that.
  2. No worries mate.
  3. The fixtures are correct apart from the Oldham and Swinton fixture, oldhams away as they finished 11th. Swintons at home.
  4. Morton Injured apparently and is out. I reckon brown and squires will be on with wings with glover and walshaw centre. Speakman at 6 Moore 7. Ward starting, day on bench. Knowles starting in second row. That's what I reckon
  5. Like the Fev fans banter 😂🙂
  6. Saw him Saturday. Due to Guzdek being back fit he's struggling to get back in so for his own development he's joining Oldham to be given game time. He was all good about the situation and if the rumours of Guzdek leaving for Hull KR are true I expect we may well see Luke back here next season on a season loan. He enjoyed it at his home town club but knew he was only there until Guzdek got back fit. A real potential for the future at just 18. Imsure wel see Hooley back!
  7. Signed 2 more lads, a French international prop/loose from Avignon. And a winger from goole union
  8. Batley 18 rams 25 att 1050 Come on Dews
  9. He loves it here too which is good. Think Ned knew him personally. He's better than Thacks in my opinion. Like him and Hallet. Both love it.
  10. Getting boring now Kelly's back, nowt to talk about, back winning everyweek. 5 wins in last 7. When Neil took over we'd played 8 lost 8, Rochdale had a 9 point lead. Now where above them :-) happy days
  11. What tea would you pick? Guzdek is back this week? Be harsh to leave Hooley out but guzdek is better in attack and more experienced. My team would be Guzdek, Morton, Walshaw,Hallet, Brown, Sykes, Moore, Teanby, Ward, Sherriffe, Spicer, Harris, Brown. Subs. Day, Toby Adamson, speakman, Everitt. 18th man Hooley. 19th Zach Johnson. Is Squires fit?
  12. Think it's abit pointless arguing. Iggy wasn't our player and simply wants to play in the middle 8s against better quality to get himself a good deal. He's a fulltime player so can't fault him can we for wanting a good deal? Would of liked to sign him permanently next season as he was improving every week with us but looks unlikely now. Let's move on anyway. We've no shortage of second rows too and we didn't miss him last Sunday. Rob Spicer is back fit now. As for pulling Fevs chances of SL. Fair play to them, showing abit of ambition. Like ourselves a ground they own to be proud of. If that's what their fans dream of SL.. then let them. I hope they go on to achieve it. Why should we criticise a club for simply showing ambition?
  13. I can see why he's gone. Wants a shot at the SL sides. We can't really blame him. I was lead to believe we were going to put a contract out to him maybe for next season but Fevs snuck in as per they usually do to us. Anyway good luck to the lad. Not sure where or how he will play with all the 2nd rows they already have mind.
  14. Aslong as we keep hold of Gaz Moore for a few year, that's the main signing we want at minute!
  15. Heard on Sunday cas were releasing him and we were looking at offering him a deal for next season. Seems Fev have snuck in and pipped him. He signed at Fev until end of this season so maybe we could still sign him next season? Abit dissapointing as a month ago it was announced he was ours until end of season on loan.