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  1. The club play Fridays in cup games because the players prefer it to get the weekend with their families, not to accomadate SL clubs wishes. I actualy quite like night games under the flood lights.
  2. Not cas. Dan I and Dounglas wouldn't be allowed to play. I'd take another championship club at home or barrow and hopefully get to quarters for a TV game ( all 4 quarters on sky and BBC )
  3. Rams 20 dogs 28 Next week for me is the real big one. Att 1300 . Why as there been no info on admission prices for this game?? Very poor marketing again from the club! ( not having ago at the media team, the club itself should be announcing the costs of admission in advance!)
  4. Brads at Coventry. Fairhurst is our player. He played once v Newcastle. Not had a look in since.
  5. Where? I can't find it? To be honest it's probably easy to know our squad. It's literally who's fit 😂
  6. Anyone remember warren jowitt or Morro when they announced jobe Murphy from bulls at a fans forum as a new signing for the season and he turned up with his arm in a sling 😂?? We love crocked players at Tetleys Stadium don't we 😂
  7. By all accounts he's a good player.
  8. Same here BSJ, just if I had a choice I'd rather win next week. Neil's said himself he's sort of an eye on next week already, as strange as that sounds.
  9. We do need a good 7 but it's also clear we need to sort our defence out. Control the ruck better. Maybe our 2nd half performances are to do with our fitness and poor coaching from the previous coach. Don't forget it will take time to fix this mess what Morro brought to us. Also afew players probably ain't up to scratch for this league. Not all, just 1 or 2 players but this is a tough league, can't afford to carry anybody out on the field. Again our previous coach is at fault for this. Give Ned time, he will in time sort us out in long run. We just need to win them big games against the sides fighting to stay up like us... the oldhams, Swinton, rochdales and bulls.. if we are to stay up. I'm confident we can beat these teams. Won't be easy though, we have to be at our best and learn from our mistakes. If some players ain't good enough then at the end of the season Ned will not keep them.
  10. For me, I'd take a defeat to Batley for a win v Oldham at home week after. So massive is the Oldham match.
  11. He used his early guilty plea on me in France so I'm afraid may get banned this time 😂😉 Thought Tom was good against Batley, prefer him at 9 though to 7.
  12. That's the thing, we all know Neil is a good coach and that it ain't going to be a quick fix. It will take time. We just have to trust him and do as he asks by all pulling together and supporting the lads that are currently playing. Given time things will improve in the long term. If anyone had us down to win 1 out of the 2 games over Easter I'd of taken that. Think we all would. Oldham at home is a massive game in 2 weeks time. Let's not forget we also have a game in hand.
  13. I'm just glad ours ain' on BBC. Would put afew off coming too. Whitehaven v Halifax on BBC
  14. 1100( 700 Dews 400 batley)
  15. Potts came in as Brown got injured before kick off I presume as he was originally named to start. Atleest 200 from Dewsbury. Good vocal support and decent numbers considering the kick off time and everyone as work in morning.. As for the game itself, thought the lads tried hard, we are a very young team, let's not forget that. Some players are good enough and afew sadly ain't. It will take time. It's not going to be a quick fix as we are sadly not a team of big name super star players of the championship but we all know and have faith that Ned will in time turn us around. Small steps I'm afraid not giant leaps.. 1st halft was ok, 2nd half was poor, too many pens and knock ons and we couldn't control sheffields quick play the balls well enough especially in 2nd half. That said when you have little ball or in deed no ball for 2 10 min periods in each half. Defences do become tired. I don't believe we're guaranteed to go down. Certainly plenty of winnable games. Oldham at home in league next up is huge but we all have to stay united behind the lads and Kelly. Stay behind the lads vocally it can help them! Especially at the Tetleys. We move on to next week and go again.. in it together remember. Keep the faith! We have best man for job!