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  1. Whitehaven reaction

    I think it's about time people come to terms with the merger. It's what the RFL want and it's what needs to happen for sustainablity and growth. Would of happend 10 years ago if not for the fickle fans.
  2. Fifita in the 19 Squad

    Needs another op
  3. Town V Haven. blackpool predictions.

    Grapes will have it on
  4. Jamie Doran

    That's the thing tho even with 300k the combined team would be very competitive (top 4 in my opinion) without signing new players and we could stop the mass exodus of top young Cumbrian talent to SL academy's
  5. Jamie Doran

    Totally agree death to rah rah's!!! It's about time we swallow our pride and put plans in place for a sustainable future for RL, amateur and professional alike!
  6. Today

    He's on a monthly rolling one isn't he?
  7. Today

    It's time for the merger
  8. Today

    That's us 80% through the trap door! It's going to take a lot to get four more wins than the other teams around us. Especially with the fight were showing.
  9. Players meeting

    Actually Agree with Townie123 on this, negative rugby, poor man management, not fit enough, poor recruitment all things that could be resolved with a new coach! Let's face it we don't have poor players he just isn't getting the best of them! Time is up
  10. Players meeting

    Probably warming up in training
  11. Oldham knock HKR out of the CC

    Crack I've heard is PV has issues with Callum and that's split the camp
  12. Oldham knock HKR out of the CC

    People seem to forget that it was PV who instilled this poor attitude it to our guys with the "this is a winnable game crack" seems to b happy with accepting losses in certain games b4 we even KO!! Poor when you look at teams like Swinton, Oldham and even Batley to a degree who are fighting tooth and nail to punch above their weight!
  13. Ryan mcgoldrick

    I would imagine he will have a visa already, so worth £2k to get him over! Decent outside back and good finisher
  14. Ryan mcgoldrick
  15. Question

    It's been my opinion for about 6 weeks now that Veivers has taken this side about as far as he can and needs finished. His attack coaching is very negative and that was ok when we use to defend well but that's gone by the way side. Just a couple of quick questions tho? Surely Phil Veivers is on a yearly rolling contract and would cost much to Finnish? And why do sports coaches actually get paid off for not doing their job? If the average joe didn't fulfil their expectations at work it's just a P45