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  1. So why were they (previous council) taking out a PFI scheme for the stadium and borrowing sounds fishy
  2. I’m certain the majority on here have selective reading skills! I’ve read multiple statements in which the council have stated that it’s their intention to build a new facility for both clubs to share. Have patience and let them do what they’ve promised
  3. If this stadium was a good finance option and would make money over the term, like some people have said do you not think every rugby/football club would have one built! It’s clearly going to be a oncost for the clubs/taxpayers so the council are looking at better options......seems sensible to me. Some of you lot on here are stadium blind
  4. You’ve just answered your own question there. The people voted them in because the majority don’t want a stadium at the quoted costs
  5. TrueBlue


    Well firstly conceding 40+ points against anyone in that league is plain awful! I would be bombing Moi Moi, Tickle and Hopkins off as paying big money for traveling fowards is stupid because you’d get 5 solid amateur fowards to fill the pack with. Spend the money on 2 quality centres and halfback.
  6. How do you know who has what plans??? Stop with the negative drivel and wait and see.
  7. My god there’s some psychic’s on here! Just because you don’t agree with the result. How about you stop spouting off with pure speculation! And we give them their four years...they’ve earned it democratically! Also you and I dont know what they are planning regarding the stadium
  8. Optimistic for me, think we’l Struggle to get anything from York at home and donny away
  9. Apologies....I couldn’t resist ?
  10. Thinks it time to bite the bullet and go for the merger.....both clubs are clearly not viable businesses anymore! Maybe together as a West Cumbrian entity it would be. 1500ish crowds possible double funding from RFL. I feel we may not have a side in the area if things don’t change. 5years tops
  11. I think first and foremost the club needs to engage with the the town more. Over the last 10 year the club has done very little with regards to ARL and the fan base other than watch them both dwindle. I do appreciate that over the last few seasons it has picked up by the club training with openage sides but they are not the target audience. Also I realise they just do not have the man power. I’d like to see players going around schools putting sessions on for the kids. I’d like them to do the same with the remaining local amateur youth sides. I think the game needs pushed more in schools. I’d like fan days in town with club mascots, players, face painting. I also think 1 game a season the club should offer free entry and hammer the pubs, schools and the town on the Saturday. Going back to the ARL set up, maybe offer courses for coaching badges, help with setting a side up in Workington. Incentive being any ARL player in allerdale gets concession entry to home games. It needs to be a long term plan to get youngsters back wanting to play the game. just a few ideas that could help the club and ARL in the area ??
  12. Leon is payed a very good wage to manage those players and make those decisions. He does not name any players like people Do on this forum. If he feels it’s going to be beneficial to take this approach and get a reaction from the players then who am I to disagree. But like I said Leon has a wealth of playing experience at international level and works with the players day in day out. You and I and 90% of the forum do not.
  13. Not at all voice your opinion but do it without slagging players off. These lads put a shift in week after week and many play injured every week. Everyone gets frustrated but coming on here to be a keyboard warrior with negative drivel and naming players is wrong.
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