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  1. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    Not defending his actions at all but there is always 2 sides to every story and suspect he may have been led to believe he didnt have a future with town. Anyway whats hapened is in the past, lets move on.
  2. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    Hardly a shock given he missed (didnt turn up?) last couple of games!
  3. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    More a problem with our outside backs i would have said, middles defend the middle not out wide
  4. Said he had took us as far as he could, if i remember correctly
  5. Charlo will be signing Ewan Dowes next, he misses his town days that much
  6. Great signing??..........am told he can carry 4 water bottles at once, thats one more than big Chris
  7. Congratulations, all the best for SL
  8. Thought he should have walked at the time to be honest, typical Clubb, very slow and cheap shot late
  9. Fantastic achievement, and a great club man congratulations buffer, keep it going
  10. Bigger gap than you may think, especially pace
  11. Great player but you probably need someone with a cooler head as skipper
  12. Classic comment re Blain, is he related to Dean who i used to love watching, says one...no idea was answe from other. Really clued up these guys
  13. Who cares what his point is anyway
  14. Cant fault the effort, same as last year , so near but. Really need to sort squad numbers out next season. Cant expect players to run on empty year on year.
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