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  1. Rang Club and they say Friday
  2. Great result, Henson and Barnes outstanding, Connor also went well too. Summariser on our league app nearly crying when realised he had no choice but to pick a town mom.
  3. So sad, Great clubman, RIP George
  4. Genius that was Eddie Bowman, superb hands and what a run from big Les
  5. Charlton Glastonbury Tuimavave Wright Drummond Burke Walker Pickering Mackenzie Bowman Edgar L Gorley Patty 14 Kerr 15 Kay 16 Armstrong 17 Jon Lomax
  6. Some real pace in that back line, not a bad pack either
  7. Cant remember personally, but I suspect not much latin taught in Workington in 1945 either
  8. Gets better every game, looks like he's been playing years
  9. Mick Matache would run him close
  10. Good luck Ryan, welcome on board.
  11. Happy memories as a kid sitting on the wall at halfway line and little dugouts at each corner long before speedway days
  12. Was most games to be fair
  13. Just had op apparently, awaiting specialist decision on recovery time
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