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  1. Charlton Glastonbury Tuimavave Wright Drummond Burke Walker Pickering Mackenzie Bowman Edgar L Gorley Patty 14 Kerr 15 Kay 16 Armstrong 17 Jon Lomax
  2. Some real pace in that back line, not a bad pack either
  3. Cant remember personally, but I suspect not much latin taught in Workington in 1945 either
  4. Gets better every game, looks like he's been playing years
  5. Mick Matache would run him close
  6. Good luck Ryan, welcome on board.
  7. Happy memories as a kid sitting on the wall at halfway line and little dugouts at each corner long before speedway days
  8. Was most games to be fair
  9. Just had op apparently, awaiting specialist decision on recovery time
  10. Totally sensible especially given conditions, looked like Andrew Dawson had a slight pull yesterday looking at strapping he had when he came on for second spell, can put that down to heavy pitch and cold etc so CT absolutely spot on
  11. Its a stadium for the wider commuinty surely, thats why local authority should have a stakeholder interest, and landlord responsibilities also. Think the model is more common than you seem to think!
  12. Sound about right, remember being told about one local derby game where opposition forward had absolutely battered some of towns younger forwards, going down tunnel at hlf time Wane had a quiet word, surprisingly it was all quiet second half. Old school
  13. Was fairly beat up by time we saw him, not a bad one at his best but no Jimmy, not many are though
  14. Didnt know we had a game! Think you are on wrong site mate
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