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  1. Big unit but best days behind him I fear, anyway good luck to the lad, hope he enjoys his time in blue and white
  2. Remind me again, how did that go?
  3. ? Saying tickets not yet available on Web site????
  4. Don't think anyone is giving up mate, but people are getting sick of same old mistakes week in week out. Personally I'll be there next week just as I have for nearly 60 year but changes are needed badly
  5. Concede 2 tries in last 10 mins of first half and concede 2 tries in last 10 mins of second, tells you all really. Season long issue unfortunately
  6. Where it went wrong all season mate, defence is shocking
  7. Need some changes Bob I feel
  8. Not sure, but one thing is for certain, crowds won't improve with performances like that
  9. Much improved performance but highlighted our inability to create pressure, Ethan's best game in a town shirt for mine, Mom by a mile, but our attack options were woeful, their left edge was shot in second half but we just kept battering away at the middle or Matty trying to dummy or scoot! Goal line defence still awful and has not been improved one jot. Game was there despite awful decisions from officials especially that decision in last 20 where they clearly knocked ball forward and recipient was 10 yards offside but he gave a knock on against Town???? Typical for this official I am afraid
  10. I will be there but not confident we can turn our form around this quick
  11. Your not alone there mate, Today's summary from the coach, "unacceptable, beat in every aspect" Summary after first two games " to lose by over 100 in two games is unacceptable" After Midlands " we were beat in every aspect" So what next coach?
  12. Not been good all season but he has a point, looked totally disinterested in last two games
  13. You know what they say Bob, defence is all attitude etc. Not sure the new additions are improving us?
  14. Only Newcastle and Cornwall with worse defence than us, says a lot Bob
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