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  1. PLAYED BETTER, Wales Similar in class to us exept for Jamie aparently, not sure they compared scorelines?
  2. Yea another great pack, but not quite up with that 6 i feel, Eddie Bowman one of best middles i have ever seen (Jimmy up there but didnt have the handling ability Eddie had) Les Gorley probably best back rower (apart from Brian Edgar) i have ever watched, add in Patty and the rest, nearly all of that pack earned well deserved international honours
  3. Best pack we ever had i would say Bob, backs were not bad either, size and pace
  4. Hope not but afraid you may be right, excellent job from our so called councillors
  5. But not for rep games unfortunately
  6. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    Some prop was Bruce, think he had a very bad accident back home sadly
  7. Few trialled but non signed other than Sutton which didnt last for some reason!
  8. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    Blank picture has now appeared in first team squad on Towns home site, maybe an announcement soon?
  9. You too marra, good luck with the big boys
  10. Watched him on our league app in tri series against Lancashire i think, looked a strong carrier and agressive defender. Good luck at Town Hanley, give it your best, thats all we want from any player
  11. Brilliant news, true warrior and never gave less than 100% in blue and white. No better man to coach our pack.
  12. Onreport

    2020 Squad

    Penky will be a miss no doubt, but time to give youth a go,
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