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  1. Yeah, not sure he has learned anything from last season, or maybe I'm missing the point?
  2. Could add Watkins aswell to that list mate, absolutely no pace at all
  3. There was a few playing last night i wouldnt want mate
  4. Dont think bears run in jersey flegg, u21 comp for NRL sides i thought
  5. Me too, took some finding but, not sure accessories is best place to have the option?
  6. Hooker had a decent season but others were poor for mine
  7. Looks like same strategy, worked well last time didnt it!
  8. Was outstanding in div play off game under Leon Price then hardly got another game for some reason, i know he isnt the biggest but has pace and knows where the line us
  9. Didnt look any where near 10k from tv angles, no atmosphere at all
  10. Well done Caine, one of the best on your day mate
  11. A fit Stevie is easily good enough, maybe not at prop though
  12. Am sure the lad has talent, just we didnt see any of it
  13. Are they going for the small mobile pack strategy?? Been tried before i think!
  14. Be a even better player if not simply used as a battering ram week after week
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