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  1. Great recognition of achievement for what is a very young squad, think Fitzy unlucky not to be nominated, he has been awesome this year
  2. Apparently classed as cup game so not valid, 2 drinks vouchers for season tkt holders according to club web site
  3. 100%, dead set penalty in any other game i have ever seen
  4. Hunslet left edge were off at every play the ball, stood right next to him but he never once even warned them, no bias from Crashley, just plain incompetence, the length of time he has reffed at this level speaks volumes about his ability unfortunately.
  5. Hasnt been good most of season to be honest
  6. Crashley murdered us in first half but lets be honest, we were awful in the second, no energy, no pace and no ideas, our last tackle options are abismal and have been for weeks, sorry to say but play like that and we dont deserve to win another game!
  7. All the best to Barrow, fully deserve the prize ( should they win). Its just a shame Mr Rimmer and co didnt show as much sympathy for town when we were down to 12 players for a play off game that the RL additionally introduced not that very long ago!
  8. Maybe harsh but not far wrong mate, sadly something most of us have been aware of all season
  9. Hate to say it, but our squad is far from the quality needed
  10. Given recent form hard to disagree mate, our defence is suspect but last tackle options are abismal
  11. Loosing form at wrong end of the season!!
  12. 9 tackles on their line and nothing, our last set / attack options are awful
  13. Lightowler, Wilson? Need size on bench surely
  14. Who is Hutchings? Dont recognise the name
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