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  1. Two sides to every story aswell of course
  2. ? Think they have put it in most of the season mate, but as i say you obviously watch a different game to me!
  3. Club can announce who they want, i prefer to concentrate on the 17 that play . Great result so lets celebrate that and leave selection to those that get paid for it and who are far more qualified than us
  4. Not used as Blain, maybe too close for coach to risk?
  5. It was Young marwood on bench but didnt get on, no mention of wellington, not sure about lancaster
  6. Its only team we have mate, so will have to be
  7. Tickle outstanding effort today also
  8. That will be the 3 that just about won the game for town today!
  9. No, doran wasted st fb, any way russ was a fb at amateur level i believe
  10. As has Dec O,Donnel, even more special given he came on loan for a few games originally, not many loanees have given that level of committment
  11. My comment was in respect of Tickle, runs lines the others dont even see mate, plus he directs the team all day long. Hardly misses a tackle either. Our form is not just down to those 3 you decided to highlight?
  12. You must watch a different game to me marra
  13. Irrespective of who said what to who, rumours from a range of sources is resulting in fan frustration and inevitably the club suffers. Seems to happen regularly over past few years whoever has been in charge, but certainly doesnt help, Really needs sorting for good of the club
  14. One of the best in one of the very best set of forwards we (or any team) has ever assembled.
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