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  1. Thought Danny Tickle was outstanding also, worked hard all day, Tyler was excellent at the back, really think that is his best position he really has a strong return. Tom Curwen went well especially on one leg. Been a critic at times but Thought Sam Hopkins stood up as well and probably his best game for us in a while.
  2. Apparently that guy tipped for the very top apparently,.?..god help us
  3. One of the very best, Gb shoe in if he had played for a Lancs or Yorks team, combination with Eddie Bowman was outstanding
  4. Maybe would have helped if the other parties had put up candidates that actually lived in the village or that people knew, Never seen anyone canvassing so can't have helped the cause!
  5. slowed up a bit lately has Mark
  6. looking at pictures from training Blain is in a few shots with ball in hand couldnt see any other half back in any of the shots
  7. depends on what is in contact I guess, don't forget these guys are are part time employees
  8. Hard to tell but in fairness we have gone backwards since he came in, not saying its down to him but worrying times
  9. My point exactly mate
  10. To release players costs money which we dont have, and not a whole lot of talent sittimg around waiting, maybe we should be asking why players appear to lack ambition but when they move on they seem to start pulling up trees, several coaches plus 2 directors of rugby but same issues seem to surface. Have followed town for over 50 years home and away through the good and the bad times, always been happy if team performed to their best irrespective of result but starting to get really concerned with this alleged apathy
  11. Referring to the include Lancaster suggestion mate, not Russ. Not sure if he is that much quicker than Scott but much better in defence
  12. Not sure if he is any better to be fair
  13. Hard to disagree, Its Scott Rooke by the way
  14. And chose to interview a couple of locals who oppose stadium plans but who had no idea why!!!!!
  15. exactly what Freddie Fittler said after origin 1, effort takes you a long way in this game
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