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  1. TMF

    Salford sep 8

    Look, you're not going up this season but next season it's a given. Your main opponents will be Bradford, York and possibly Widnes. Calm down and enjoy the eights because they won't be there next year. Time to build.
  2. TMF


    Thanks Holty Snr, so the guarantors (you do realise what that means legally?) are the custodians responsible for all debts, or am I wrong? Again, I don't think anybody knows who owns BRLFC so i'll call an end to this post and just carry on supporting regardless. COYR.
  3. TMF

    Some good news

    Won't be there Sunday but please guys, stop dropping the ball and play the six.
  4. TMF


    Wow, all the posts are telling me nobody has a clue what a Debenture really is. Lord Lindley does't know, debenture holders have no rights, debenture is more descriptive than definitive, the relevant amount is paid to each holder before the debentures are issued, etc, etc. (Above posts) I gave up on this post but others have a view, so I will ask the question again, Who owns BRLFC? Is it the Board, or the debenture holders? It's a simple question is it not?
  5. TMF


    $2000 Canadian. Or two shillings to you.
  6. TMF


    Now that's intriguing. In the words of Manuel...'I know nothing'.
  7. TMF


    Got it. Just kidding. I think Michael and 750VFR should have an arm wrestle. My shilling is on 750VFR but I might have sixpence each way on Michael. We'll never know the answer and i'll just keep giving my 10 Guineas at the gate. In other words, I give up.
  8. TMF


    Thanks Michael, appreciate you are at least interested in who owns the club, but as has already been posted, one debenture holder equals one vote, regardless of how many debentures you own (except in a secret ballot?). That doesn't seem easy to me mate. Questions and no definitive answers. Let me throw a rhetorical question at you. As a debenture holder, as you presume, you are an owner. If the club, as a business, went bust owing a million pounds, (god forbid) what liabilities would you have? Not having a go Michael, but can you not see the thrust of my question
  9. TMF


    Well, it seems from the above replies i'm quite right to be still confused. Funds go to local clubs, my view, my opinion, surplus payed in repaying the debenture holders but not sure on this point, there would not be a dividend if the club folded, each holder has the number of votes according to his holding (might be her's by the way). Quotes from above posts. We are not going to fold, but it does raise the question in my mind of who actually owns the club? It seems history has passed us by but this is now, not 1930. I wonder if the chairman even knows? More questions than answers i'm afraid but I do think it's important. I'll post a simple question...who actually owns BRLFC? If people don't think that's important, I give up.
  10. TMF

    Barrow predictions ;

    Well, we've played eleven, won one and lost ten, so if you don't win, I'm gonna give you some stick.
  11. TMF


    Thanks 750 VTR for your reply. One of the reasons I asked is because I remember talking to a DH (debenture holder) a while ago and his understanding was if the club were to go into administration/fold/go under/not exist, then he would benefit from any profit coming from said situation. IE, the ground sold for building, etc. If being a DH means just giving money to the club, I think i'm owed a few. So why did DH's become one in the first place? What voting rights? You see my point? Still confused.
  12. How did this morph into NRL v RFL? Totally different concepts. A rich owner can move a club 3000 miles away from its supporters. Young college players picked to play for the weakest teams, etc, etc. Get back to the point. P and R or not?
  13. Maybe that's why football is the most popular sport on the planet. Just an observation.
  14. Are you joking? What sport 'can't do it in a really stabilised situation'? Tell me which sport that is un-stabilised that appeals to SKY and broadcasters around the world. Football can't? The reason they have the revenue is because they are. That's my whole point.
  15. So why do we have a full season at all when everything is decided in the last seven games? Try explaining that to someone who doesn't understand 'our' concept. One cogent question....would the Premier League, or any league, like to copy our example? It seems P and R has worked in that sport for 120 years because clubs supporters understand it. It seems the fact that clubs can forward plan in a stabillised situation is lost on the SL/RFL.