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  1. I know guys, it's a nightmare, but hey. Would you rather be in our shoes or Whitehaven, Workington, York, Doncaster, etc? This is a great season, giving us the funds to compete next season. In Cresta I believe. We have a great squad. Chins up.
  2. I agree boat builder. As an 'older supporter' I can remember the days when we brought over some wonderful young Aussie and Kiwi players, some of whom went on to represent their country. Excited? I have mates on 4 on 4 off but they've said they will come out early to watch the games. Things might not be as bad with the shifts as we thought. We have to win of course, lol.
  3. For years Raiders fans have had to watch our local talent being seduced by the Sky, sorry, Super League teams and now we have a great local prospect COMING HOME. Welcome back Marty. Don't bust a gut too soon. Look and learn from our new experienced guys and of course, Cresta. Is he God and our board his Disciples? Just saying.
  4. Realistic Ron, and I hope most fans agree with you. I also think some of the reasons lower div teams are able to recruit well are.. A) Overambitious clubs higher up the rung having to scrap reserve sides and players.. Prospect of game time for same players at said clubs and C)More chance of winning pay than at struggling Championship teams. It's all about the money after all. Going to be very interesting this season. I think out league will be more entertaining than the one above.
  5. To The Vet, come on. Too honest to break the salary cap? Look what SJ TOLD the RL what he was doing and got slaughtered for it. I don't know the guy, never met him, but bet there were lot's of chuckles from other chairmen when he did that. Back to subject, great signing. Crellin?
  6. Spot on RSM. In the past that's how we persuaded players to come here. Those days are long gone. Dodging the salary cap goes on from SL to our level. It's how you do it that matters. We tried it once but we were a bit innocent/naive, but actually too honest, to get away with it. Lots of ways round it but that's why the SL clubs get away with it. Thanks to SKY they can afford the top 'advisers'. We now have a board of honest, decent people and the best way to thumb our noses at the RL and all those pigs in the trough, is to continue going to CP to continue supporting out team, our town and welcoming all those away supporters who are in the same boat and feel the same way. Sempur Sursum.
  7. Although the Leigh players were commited to Barrow at the start of the season, I don't think that's the case now. I think Cresta has to have a talk. From Newcastle at home to this, I don't think so.