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  1. Well, after the Haven debacle, it seems to have gone quiet here and I quite understand, having stood and witnessing the worst performance for quite a while. It won't happen again. Well, I expect not. I would like to open another thread here. This actually is a question to the Board. It's a question a lot of people ask, so, i'll ask. Why is our team are not running out onto the pitch with our main sponser on the shirt being @BAE Systems? I find it incredulous that a company that prides itself in promoting itself as supporting local communities and charities and regards Barrow as an important cog in it's overall worldwide business can not see that supporting the local teams, and I also include Barrow AFC in this post, means a lot to us?. In the past Vickers Armstrong used to recognise this. They kept both teams going because they realised the importance that Barrow was, actually, was an important town. I could go on and on, but, can somebody from the Board tell me and other fans why BAE won't sponser us?
  2. Great to see York in this position considering where you were. Go guys and gals and enjoy. Keep the faith and stuff the Super Greed.
  3. Be afraid Haven, be very afraid.
  4. If we play like we did yesterday Ron, it could be their first triple figure result.
  5. Just got home from the game. I'm so upset and annoyed, i'll comment tomorrow.
  6. Nail head hit Shipbuilder, silly nicknames. Fev and HKR are historical. Lets get back to being who we are. Historically.
  7. I think we know that.
  8. Cheers donald. We've gone from Border Raiders, to Raiders. I think we should just be Barrow. It is our chant after all. By the way, why did Haven have to drop? Or is that a stupid question?
  9. Just read in RL Express that South Wales Iron Men have been taken over and 'with immediate effect' will now be known as West Wales Raiders. Now two Raiders in the league as of Sunday. Can this be allowed? I mean regarding logos, copyright etc. Not the takeover itself, although that could be another thread regarding the state of RL at the moment.
  10. Lot's of hard work there Micheal, well done and thanks. Agree with all about the opposition so that tells us all we need to know. Also, to be fair to the board, I can see their dilemma this season as they too would have had the figures before the season started.
  11. Lol, good one Bear. As long as Boxer doesn't walk out.
  12. Ah, going back to my original thread, Sat v Sun. Good man boat builder. I agree. Sunday is best. Nowt to do with RL though. All down to the board. COYR.
  13. Yep, was at that match. The day my father died in NL. How could I forget? Remember that wall. it also said 'Jimmy Conway for England'. He was a good winger for them. Don't think he made it though.
  14. We get Granada, lol. Same coverage
  15. Ah, thanks Dave. Sorry mate. You learn something everyday.