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  1. Final Position

    OK, it's that time of the year where things go quiet here because nobody quite knows what's happening behind the scenes and i'm sure there will be more comings and goings at CP before the season starts, but I have faith in Cresta, coaches, staff, volunteers and the the Board to do their up most to keep Barrow going forward. However, this is going to be our most difficult season for many years, for many reasons. What are your thoughts, will 3'rd from bottom be a successful season? I think so. What do you think?
  2. Yep, he scored two tries in a 24-38 win. To be fair, the Cas fans were great on that day.
  3. JM said 'Going to Barrow made me the player I am'. Happy to take some more.
  4. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    As a coach, respect mate and you are obviously in a better position than me to comment. It is difficult to retain kids with all the options available in this technological age and I admit I didn't know there are more cons than pros. I just wish I knew why? Again, respect to you and all the other coaches.
  5. Les Tonks R.I.P

    RIP Les. Condolences to the family. A name I feared seeing on the away team sheet.
  6. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    Thanks guys, just shows my point on playing in different leagues. Walney v Askam, Millom v Barrow Island, twice a season. Plus the other teams wanting to join in. How I wish. Shawy, good point about people harping on about it, maybe we should ask the players? We might not have the numbers of kids coming through as opposed to twenty years ago but I think today's junior teams are more healthy than you think. Bit of disrespect there for all the great work being done by the coaches giving their time for the youngsters. I know from watching my grandson come through the grades, the coaches and parents aren't harping on. They are just doing it. Have faith my friend.
  7. Home games

    Thanks guys for all the posts. Think i'll wait.
  8. Next WC in Tonga. Brilliant crazy supporters.
  9. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    I see your point now shawy but where is the pathway for the up and coming players if Barrow reserves are taking up half the team? I think the big picture here is to get the top local teams back into the Barrow league instead of playing NCL, NWML, et al. No travelling costs, no travelling time for the players, easier to recruit players, go back to the time when Barrow had one of the strongest leagues in the RL. Sorry, I digress but we have diluted to the point where it's too difficult for locals to travel with shift work etc I don't think duel reg would help at all. Who would pick the side? Barrow or the local coach? Who would decide if someone is too injured to play? Who decides what? How do you run a reserve team if half your players are playing for one side and the other half playing for another? And so on and so on.
  10. Reserve Grade - Evening Mail Article

    Good post millomite for an interesting idea. Some good points made and would love to see a curtain raiser at home games but not sure our pitch would stand up to it, especially in early season. I've been disappointed with our pitch the last few seasons but that's another thread. However, Shawy does have a point about local standards at the moment but then contradicts him self in the last paragraph. I would love to know the commercial reasons for not running a reserve team next season? The main costs as I see it are kit...surely a sponser could be found, if not collections in the ground, travelling expenses....the local amateurs seem to manage ok although it is a burden on them I admit but not one that stops them doing it. Apart from these I really can't see what the main costs are. Then again i'm probably being a bit naive, which is why i'm asking. millomite is right, we would get crowds/ish to offset some of the costs. A big plus is it would set the organisation of the reserves up to when we are ready to compete in a proper reserve league. So all in all, a worthy consideration and the more I think about it, the more I like it. Tin hat on and await replies.
  11. Home games

    Sorry guys, buy my OP still hasn't been answered. I'm now more confused than somebody whose very confused. You have been a breath of fresh air to RL and achieved everything you set out to do and said you would. RL fans have really warmed to you and that takes some doing with our tribal instincts. But please, please learn from the mistakes some of our clubs here have made in taking the support away from their heartland supporters (Reasons too many to go into here). I'll just ask one simple question. Where do I book my flight to next season? Or is it a bus to Bradford? Forums invite rumour and this is just one. You are in a bigger league with more supporters expected to come over to sample your hospitality and selfishly, I would love to sample your beer garden. Good luck.
  12. How many more?

    Just to calm you Wonky and Jams down, nobody will play for Barrow unless they are committed. It seems money is a pre requisite up there. Our coach and board don't see it that way. It's why we have locals wanting to play for us. Before you slate this post, who got promoted?
  13. Home games

    Sorry if i've been confused by all tags and comments on your site, but can anybody tell me where you will be playing from day one next season? Maybe skipper can help?
  14. Help wanted

    Lol, RAIDERSRUS, quite right. rooster2003, there is no bickering. It's like BAE saying...'Workers wanted'. Err.. right? And...? I was interested but no more.
  15. Where's the Kman?

    Lol, i'll have what KM's drinking. Good man.