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  1. The attendances at my club were four more times than they are today. I suspect that goes for a lot more clubs. How old are you?
  2. Lol, I agree it is not short of bug clubs. Just joking, I have thick fingers but you may be right. Every league, in every sport, in every country in the world, needs to be successful. That's why I support P and R. It's what's kept fans amazed and interested for over a hundred years. Keeping the SL an owners league has cost RL hundreds of thousands of spectators over the last 20 years. Two up, two down, in every league, will give every fan hope. It's all we've got. It's not as if Leicester could win the PL is it?
  3. I agree Bob, but there is another side to the coin. Let's welcome New York in a welfare of publicity, let the RFL, tell the world how great we are expanding the the great game of RL. We are becoming more international, blah, blah. Then New York go bust in two seasons because the population of New York haven't a clue what we are all talking about, and don't care. Imagine the damage. I don't agree the SL is short of'Big Clubs'. Today I was in Wigan, watching Warrington, ST Helens and Wigan bringing three teams each, of under 16's, playing at the same time on different pitches at St James (great facilities and welcome by the way), and the skill and commitment showed by those kids was amazing and i'm sure the same is done in Yorkshire. These kids are the future and it was great to watch. I think you have to be careful when you posit that the future of RL relies on bringing international big cities into RL purely because they are big cities. I would also ask what you mean by a "killer app"?
  4. And if they pick the wrong coach, who picks the wrong players, who picks the wrong tactics, etc, etc, and they get relegated to League 1, where does your argument go from there? Let's keep it simple, show you have the funds, backing and the RL are convinced you are genuine, great. You start from the bottom and work your way up. What could be more simple, or is that too complicated? I don't care if New York are committed to spending £10 million. Why should they be given advantages over heartland clubs, without which rugby league wouldn't survive? If New York enter League 1, I wish them well.
  5. If only league 1 had a future? You need to ask the RFL for that answer.
  6. TMF

    Summer bash dates

    A weekend in Doncaster? I'd rather walk around Dalton on a wet night with a nail in my shoe.No disrespect to Donny fans, but really, even they would agree it's not going to draw thousands from the RL community. What are the RFL up to?
  7. TMF

    Ground share

    Lol, not trying to score points mate. We both want the best for the club.
  8. TMF

    Ground share

    Clicked. Track not found. Maybe it's been removed?, is the response. tec, grow up. This isn't a points scoring exercise, it's a serious debate.
  9. TMF

    Ground share

    Thanks tec, do you have a link?
  10. TMF

    Ground share

    With two clubs sharing costs RAIDERSRUS, it's quite doable. I agree about 4G pitches. Not good for football, terrible for rugby. And WOW, imagine asking supporters to go down to the new docks redevelopment to watch games. A'int never going to happen. Would say though that we would need the to involve the council at some point or another if both clubs decide to merge with a ground share. They would have to be involved for all sorts of reasons but if it's for the benefit of Barrow and it's citizens, I don't think there would be a problem. As an aside, I think the chairman reads these posts and I would love to know his thinking on these comments. But thanks RAIDERSRUS for keeping this discussion going.
  11. TMF

    Thunder strengthen with Taulapapa deal

    Great news for Thunder. Good luck to everyone in league 1. Make the SL/RFL choke on their misguided vision of the future.
  12. TMF

    Ground share

    Good questions raised by red square. I would agree about the soccer having to have a share of the assets, but I have to say, I haven't a clue about the other points. I would love to know about any restrictions on the ground? That might kill this thread stone dead. As for Paul's post, 'have it in the back of my head', 'over the years i have heard stories', means absolutely nothing without facts. Match revenue has already been discussed. As for 4G, how do Wigan and Hull survive?
  13. TMF

    Ground share

    Well NWDuk, at long last this question is starting to get more traction than my original post months ago. Let me try and question some of your points in the order you posted them. Lets assume the soccer move to CP. Why would that be a poor business move for BRLC? Why would BAFC being allowed to keep all proceeds from gate and beer takings be a bad thing? Why do you think sharing is complicated? Dozens of different code clubs have done it for years. Do you know how much money BAFC would generate from a ground and land sale? It seems you do. You say the moving club WILL suffer a drop in support you say. Facts to prove it please? Fans on both sides would stop attending. Are you serious? Moving would not attract more fans you say. Even if the moving club puts funds in to help make a modern stadium which would attract more fans? This would destroy your argument about the moving club going to the wall. I'm glad you agree CP is the more favoured venue. I would love to know what the soccer fans think but I don't think they know this forum even exists. I will ask one more question. Why do you think sharing, with the bonus of upgrading our stadium to the level our town deserves, is jeopardising our club? I will finish by reiterating my original post from months ago. This ain't gonna go away. But i'm glad NWDuk you have taken the time to think about the post and put your thoughts forward, and others. I wish BAFC well. I'm a duel supporter after all.
  14. TMF

    Ground share

    Oh dear, oh dear. Just read on BBC that Leigh will have no owner, no players, except for two that want their contracts honoured, and will be lucky to be able to play in Div One next season (BBC Rugby League. Leigh centurions future in doubt). Just makes my case for developing CP, with a partner even stronger. I know history means a lot to supporters, but this is 2018 and we have to move, whether we like it or not, with the times.
  15. TMF

    Ground share

    You are spot on NWDuk about going the way of Leigh. They are not the only club to up sticks and move to an out of town stadium and one owned, usually, by the council, and to suffer enormous falls in support as a result. You've stated it would likely be on the outskirts of town. Can I ask you, where would you build your purpose built ground in Barrow? I'm interested to know as i can't think of anywhere better than where CP is located. I won't go into the reasons as they are obvious. I'm also interested as to why you think the moving club would spiral into decay? If the soccer gained promotion to the FL or we gained to promotion to SL? You are presuming neither club has any chance of progress? If that's your view. I don't support it. Nobody is trying to skip to a fairy tale. I refer you to my earlier post of developing CP. Just my idea and I did say other people will have other ideas. Yes, it will take time, money and dedication but moving to the outskirts of town? Neither club needs to. Again, read my post if the soccer decides to sell up and move in and agree to help develop CP.