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    Many, including football, but keeping RL alive outside the Super Greed. Otherwise, what's the point? I mean that, even if we were to get there.

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  1. Barrow v dewsbury postponed game

    Oh no, please.
  2. Glen Riley

  3. Barrow v dewsbury postponed game

    You did that on purpose, i'm on holiday.
  4. Glen Riley

    I agree. How many of us taking drugs for ailments know that it might put us on the wrong side of the law? Like I said, we like him and it won't make any difference to us supporters.
  5. RIP Roy Haggerty

    Can't believe it. He was a great favourite at Crazy Park. My condolences to his family and all Saints fans. RIP Roy and thank you.
  6. Barrow

    manu, good man and you will be welcome. And yeah, we would have loved to work on that ref after the game, lol. ojx, I know, it's all about the money, hopefully one day. At least you get to see proper RL fans on your side of the pond. Good luck in the next round. We went to Leeds last year. Er, shouldn't have mentioned that.
  7. Glen Riley

    Shocking. Where does he live? Where did he pick up this addiction? Who does he mix with and where? Haven, give it a rest. You not got over last season yet? We like him.
  8. Barrow

    Ok, so we're through to the next round then? Oh, and have you ever actually thought about attending a game so you will have more than the highlights to make 'some kind of opinion'? But I agree about the coverage.That's out beloved BBC for you.
  9. Barrow

    manu, of course you're entitled to your opinion but highlights can give a very false impression of a whole match. Also, the people editing the highlights are very wary of showing contentious decisions for reasons I understand and tend to only show tries, penalty goals, near misses etc. An opinion based on highlights isn't an informed opinion.
  10. Amateur RL in Allerdale

    Can I just give an update on the youth games at Askam, Sunday. Barrow u 14's won, but forget the scoreline.It could of gone either way. Both teams playing with the right spirit and i've never seen such a hard physical game at that level. Didn't watch the under 16's but I believe it was the same except your guys won another close encounter. Their certainly is some fabulous talent in Cumbria. How do we hold on and grow it is the question?
  11. Raiders v Toronto

    So which one would you like us to use to keep the forum going? From an old schooler on TRL, which is actually the one used by the majority of RL fans.
  12. Barrow

    Depends how many of our guys will will be allowed into your country, lol.
  13. Raiders v Toronto

    See Alba, it's not a worthless forum, even you're joining in, lol. Sometimes it's not back stabbing. it's just banter. Don't take it personally. Sometimes i get hammered here. Do I care? Hey, COYR.
  14. Barrow

    Skip, regarding your comment that I think you got the best of the refereeing, please, watch the last twenty minutes of the game. I don't think anybody got the best of the refereeing, he was clearly incompetent but you did get the edge in the final stages due to his decisions. Hey, c'est la vie, as you say. Bet your looking forward to the draw. Oh, and no Kman? Very strange.
  15. Barrow

    Whoa Skip. You don't have to go on the Barrow thread. 5 tries disallowed? Watch the match. Let me put it this way. When the final hooter went, the ref was booed off the pitch by the home crowd. The opinion of the home support was he was one of the worst refs seen in years.