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    Many, including football, but keeping RL alive outside the Super Greed. Otherwise, what's the point? I mean that, even if we were to get there.

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  1. Barrow Bluebirds

    Sadly, yeah. Do you want the soccer to vanish?
  2. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Guys, please, stop with the marquee player and salary cap musings. Jealous isn't the word. I reckon we'll have £1.5 mil to spare on the cap. Oh, and don't even think about our star player, lol.
  3. Raffle Ticket from Sunday

    Lol, well, we need the money. Good turnout for a friendly on a freezing day though.
  4. Raffle Ticket from Sunday

    Hi Jane. Do you have the result of the blue and yellow tickets sold going into the ground? I had blue 5292, but I don't think there was that many there, lol.
  5. Barrow Bluebirds

    And our match was just a friendly and the soccer's was in a competition close to our hearts, Barrow hearts. As a Barrovian, and supporting both teams, I wish them every success. I loved both Wembley finals. If anybody disagrees, where do you come from?
  6. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    I think manu266 gets it, but what is GTHA? See, that's were we struggle when talking to you guys. Same language that nobody understands. Kman, clubs bought and sold doesn't happen all the time here. Clubs do fold sometime and re-birth under a different identity, sometimes by the supporters. Re Salford at this present time. For anology, let's take Man United and locate them to the South of France and see how that goes, or, for a laugh, Wigan, to Yorkshire. You might not actually get that, but I hope you do. See where i'm coming from? If you don't, you are in the wrong game. However, you are right about a wake up call. It's why you have been warmly been accepted into our game. But remember, if you forget your history, you will be condemned to making the same mistakes over again.
  7. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Ok everyone, can I just try and give you the difference of thinking on both sides of the pond.In the UK, the word franchise, in sport means nothing to us. In NA/Canada it seems to be usual. That is we are finding it hard to accept your view of RL. Our clubs and teams are based on local community support. My own team is over a hundred years old. It's what binds us together as a community. It's why we support them. There is a ton of reasons why we stay loyal. You're not getting it. Let me put it this way. If an oil prince decided to buy Wigan/St Helens/Leeds (put your club here) and decided to move the team to London because he thought he could make more money that way, it wouldn't be allowed to happen, and if it did, it would be the end of RL. The historical context is all. Otherwise we would all be playing RU. You seem to accept that clubs can be bought and sold, and moved to another venue. This is really alien to us. Reading the above posts, is what you are arguing about. Fact is, you had a guy, who had a vision, and ploughed a lot of money in to make that come true. He succeeded and is why supporters over here, recognise that and wish you well. But do not start talking about franchises and moving clubs from city to city just to make a fast buck. RL is about history. Go and make your own. It's a rant I know, but I want you to succeed. Baby steps, consolidate, then expand. Good luck.
  8. Dual reg

    Barrow kicked DR into the long grass 3 seasons ago in favour of locals. Look forward to playing you next season. Oops,sorry.
  9. Barrow, Sunday

    Oh come on people. This site shows 0 replies for every post. If you don't want to be included, just ask TRL to exclude you. Never met a Yorkie yet who didn't have an opinion. Or have I?
  10. Sponsorship night

    +1 but why no info from the club? If this is going to be an article from The Mail in future, I defer. It's looking good.
  11. Keighley Friendly

    Lol, with my hands frozen to my pint on the popular side, i concur.
  12. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Wow, things really seem to be happening there. Good look guys, i'll watch this site with interest.
  13. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    17th June. That's mid summer to us guys. I really, really hope I can make it mate.
  14. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Well, obviously not in your winter.
  15. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    I've loved this post, it's become fun, and i've only tried to help. I've quoted what your fixtures are according to this side of the pond. Krzzystuff, I love yer,, but look back. It's now Halifax April 28th, which nobody knew before, until I pointed it out. Kman, I didn't block out the word smashing. The moderators wouldn't allow the word I used, lol. Now, tin hat on, and ready to repel all invaders to our sceptered isle as we have done for hundreds of years.