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  1. Presentations

    Is there anybody out there who is dissapointed, like me, that Barrow got no recognition at all at the recent Championship and L1 presentation night last Monday? Just one player put forward and of course our coach. I think even Cresta was a bit put out, not for himself, for the team, but as he said himself on the latest League One Show, winning the Ipro Cup wasn't even mentioned. I'm really beginning to wonder if the RL still hold it against us for what happened a few years ago. Am I being paranoid? Not my personality, but look at this seasons fixture list, look at what we have achieved. Winning a trophy, only L1 team to reach the last 16 of CC, finishing second in the league, and of course a good chance of promotion. Not to mention all the work going on in the background with the kids, under 16's and academy work. Sorry, it's a rant I know, but I really am annoyed. Is it any wonder that after a while some people think what's the point? I'm just asking, am I the only one surprised? I would like to congratulate those who did win awards but it does seem to be that we are under the radar. If I was Cresta, I would pin all the awards up on the team board before the next game.
  2. To explain more on Marra. it comes from the mining days in Cumbria when guys going underground weren't allowed to work on their own and had to work with a partner. These partnerships stuck together, sometimes for years and became known as married's which over time was shortened to marras. Can't blame them. There you go. Don't you love these forums. As to the OP, Barrow's crowds would have been higher if we had been allowed to play the bigger L1 teams at home instead of away. I know, i know, a rant but true non the less. Hey ho, that's the RL for you.
  3. Hospitality packages for Semi final

    Pete, don't quite get this. 4 people = £250. or, the four decide to split into 2 x 2 = £200?
  4. Pop Concert

    Come on Pete, he obviously wasn't there, it is a good question and fans would like to know the figures. Maybe even think about supporting future events? You do seem a bit touchy. Me, i'd apologise and answer.
  5. ojx is right, it is a disaster in L1. I think it is in any league. Simple question. What would be the reaction if the PL announced the same format, S8's, for next season?
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Guys, please, stop with the marquee player and salary cap musings. Jealous isn't the word. I reckon we'll have £1.5 mil to spare on the cap. Oh, and don't even think about our star player, lol.
  7. Awards

    Well done indeed. Come on guys, post your congrats. You're not an expansion club anymore. Er...does that help, lol?
  8. It's Newcastle

    Skipper, you are a diamond geezer and obviously a convert to this great game and I love you researching the history. Good on you but I have to say, the above comments are among the most spot on i've ever seen on a thread. I can't disagree with any of them. I hope you take it all on board with the good spirit intended, but the OP was about our game with Newcastle and as one poster alluded to, a whole season could go out the window on one game. A bad referee (who would of thought?), a couple of early bad injuries, a power cut and the beer pumps going off, the season's over. WTF? A season after finishing second and not getting promoted would I think, knock 300 off next seasons gate, and who would blame them for thinking, what's the point? A reality i'm afraid in this crazy league.
  9. EGM

    Cheers SJD. After the final, hopefully. I refuse to believe the rumours, but, if we are struggling a bit can anybody be surprised after the debacle of a season the RL foisted on us. Nothing to do with the board, just sheer incompetence/lack of interest from Red hall.
  10. Jason Payne

    Would love to wish you good luck next week guys, but...nah. Whatever happens, well done on a brilliant season.
  11. EGM

    What article was that morty and when is this EGM?
  12. It's Newcastle

    Excellent by SJD. The Captain is right about marketing though. At the moment we have one unpaid guy doing the best he can on his own to promote the club. He needs help and I would love to see suggestions on here to help move the club forward.
  13. It's Newcastle

    scrumhalf has every right to ask since I alluded to the rumours. The rumours are, we are thousands in debt. I hate rumours and find that hard to believe but that's why i'm asking for clarification.
  14. You were great

    Guys/gals, what can I say. You travelled in numbers, but it wasn't to be. As always, a great laugh with you and I can only wish you well for next season. As for us, IF we get promoted, Canada, France, ex Super League teams, can we afford it, lol? It's a worry. Keep the faith.
  15. It's Newcastle

    We'll take it as it comes richie, but my worry is the rumours flying around the ground today. I can't believe what i've heard today, so it's up to the NEW board to assure us.