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  1. Croston ,marwood don't get a look in ,even when there positions are injured, seems daft to me or not rotating the squad properly even after games lost,hopefully town can beat Rochdale anyways.
  2. Why get an half back on loan,town have cover in that position, getting beat by Midlands I would have thought the coach would have made changes for Rochdale.
  3. Hopefully the coach will have the team training overtime this week, get the team playing as a unit. Need to step up.
  4. For me there are a few players not performing and poor motivation from the team,town got to be winning Midlands at home.
  5. Think marwoods played well when picked,changed the game away at batley, scored 2 trys but disallowed away at Keighley from kick chase when only on for 10 mins before injured, Henson definitely the main 9 tho.
  6. I would get blain marwood on loan from town,barrow lad,worth a go,even if its only for back up.
  7. Just my view,pro teams need A teams so all the squad gets games.
  8. Town need results with all the new signings, be hard to keep hold of local players not getting game time,bring back the A teams.
  9. Got a dead leg v Keighley, but not picked since?
  10. I would put Tony kay up there with ,Ken kerry,Paul burns,Vincent fawcett
  11. Agree with Henson being organised hooker and plays a lot of minutes ,problem with blain there is no real busting forwards to back up like a fui or tickle or doran ,and he never really gets a run of games against the easier teams,conner a good little player to have in the squad, think the way the club is going is right way,bring in quality or not worth a locals place.
  12. The thing with the half back pairings, you need a mix of player,Johnson not the quickest same as walker,could do with a bit of pace and support play the other half dictate and kick,both seem to want to do the same job.but not a lot of decent half's about anymore,more a loose forward turning half's in the modern game.
  13. My worry is 4 cumbrian lads will miss out on the squad of 17 from the 21 named,hopefully wrong but should be an easier game tomorrow v Newcastle. Instead of oldham an Keighley.
  14. Agree when town are short of players,also the work that goes in to getting player's ,all I'm saying is squad player's need to play first,or chance they get cheesed off and don't bother,most loan player's are straight out of academy's or young squad player's.hopefully the team will start picking it self with easy games coming up.
  15. Johnny hutton 18th man last week
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