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  1. I think the clubs joined the ncl when all the clubs and area was very strong,maybe time to re group and build are area and game strong again.just my view.
  2. Maybe the cost of a bus £600 every away trip,I don't no how the clubs raise the money, keep it local ,save and put the money back into the players and clubs.
  3. Cumbria should have a split league, North Cumbria and South Cumbria leagues,then have a top 4 play off and bottom league play offs at end of season between the two leagues, would work if all the amateur clubs joined from the North west county leagues in the south and ncl leagues, be a great Cumbria set up,with limited travel expense until the play offs.
  4. The club must no how much they need to pay the players in league 1,and cut the cost from this season in the championship ,players will always play for town with the history the club has.also amateur players will strive to turn semi pro and get paid to play rugby league, it's up to the directors to drive the club and keep going,cumbrian rugby league always pulls together.
  5. If I was town I would build the squad now,get the lads signed up who want to stay and get signing the best local talent up,then have a good pre season, don't wait till near the start of season,and go again.
  6. Connor good player ,also would have blain marwood barrow island two good local 9s.
  7. Chris did a great job getting town promoted to championship,but the coach as to stand up and take responsibility for this season,its his team he's put together,for me town can't afford a full time coach,unless Chris goes part time, also town have lost a great deal of cumbrian players who town need next season to build a squad for championship 1.,hopefully the club can sort everything out.
  8. Time to get behind the club,build and go again,there will always be supporters and players to keep the club going, cumbrian part time players is the way to go,until town can generate some funds to buy players from away.but that's the key town have to start promoting the club to sponsors and using the ground more to generate money.
  9. Got to keep going,pride an build for next year,sign players now and move players who don't want to be at town.
  10. Barrow are a prime example of how a promoted club should do things,jumping into the championship after winning div 1,building behind the scenes to build the squad, getting the right type of players who the local players can build and compete at the higher level with.what a squad Barrow could have if they could add a A team, lads would not have to travel to scolerships down Lancashire or play up the coast at whitehaven or town,if they could add a A team I would think Barrow could build and be a top team in championship and possibly super league in years to come if they can keep building,good luck to them,Cumbria needs a top club.
  11. same happened with singleton, ask for fee simple,players sign contracts do them then move on.
  12. Town have some great local talent, must build a team for the coming years around obrian,Fitz,Henson,I would defo get marwood back next year playing outstanding for barrow island, also like people have already said ,buy quality if players are traveling from down the m6.
  13. I think the club should be sorting the squad out now for next season, what ever happens, sign everyone who Chris wants to keep and start bringing in local players .
  14. Players town should get Kelly, Dawson,lancaster Millom,marwood barrow island ,Holgate Wath brow, Dawson Whitehaven, singleton whitehaven that's a start
  15. Agree ru took all are professional coaching and top players, Farrell, Edwards,Ford just to name a few,in my view rl should appoint Edwards and run the rfl.
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