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  1. More off loads and individual trys scored great team work
  2. What a team that was, great trys with loads of Cumbria born players
  3. 1 Mulligan 2 Drummond 3 burns 4 pape 5 Kay 6 tane 7 marwood 8 Pickering 9 roskill 10 lomax 11 Armstrong 12 phillips 13 kitchen 14 Mackenzie 15 moi moi 16 Williams 17 hepi
  4. I think the club will look on this message board and see the supporters want to help,up to the club to set something official ,some good ideas already
  5. I no at barrow the club as debenture holders,were supporters over the years buy debentures to help fund the club.they hold meetings every now an then on issues at the club , which help support the board members. barrow needed a new board a few years ago it was the debenture holders who voted the new board members on, it's like giving money to the club but being a life long supporter to the club,we could call it something along those lines, Workington town life long supporter's club
  6. Well done to town,dug in the 2nd half, well in to blain marwood who came back on to score after getting a knock.town will learn from this game,need to go set for set and build pressure start of the game
  7. Credit to the Furness lads who travel 4 times a week for training and match's, to play for town
  8. Rugby league is an north of England game simple, let's not try and make are great game something what it's not,let's build and support are local clubs with new stadiums,and new sponsorship,if Canada and USA want a league great we will put a world club challenge at the end of the English season,like we do with the world club challenge with the Aussie league leaders.
  9. How about WORKINGTON TOWN,but wouldn't mind a Cumbria badge on the other side of the town badge
  10. Agree , Lancaster, marwood bolton need more game time,but town could do with a cup run, Lancaster unlucky to be left out last week,and we need marwoods backing up
  11. Let them join super League, traditional clubs go alone
  12. Town utd


    Congratulations to Carl forber in the kicking record, great service to town
  13. Think it's time super League went alone,and championship clubs should seek there own sponsor and TV deal and maybe change back to winter rugby.just a thought?
  14. Looking at clip of Caine,think he should have backed himself and gone for the line instead of trying to hand the defender off,or options to go straight with marwood and Dawson backing up down the middle. Better decision making and games like this would have been won,but must say Caine would play at a lot higher level if he did
  15. traditional team's might as well pack in,there will be only Wigan, saints, Leeds left.
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