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  1. good game away at barrow, home advantage this time,fans need to be on top form and cheer the lads to victory
  2. thought O'Brien,an Dawson went forward well today,also big effort from Henson who played as a running forward in 2nd half after a good 30 mins at hooker.Dec also showing he can play a good running game at loose forward which lets marwood do is backing up play which gets us trys,but Doran ran the show. with injured players out,the lads did well today.
  3. agree with town2018, town definitely need some size in the front row, barrow looked a lot bigger in the pack,Dec and Henson both played well today and past week's,but did think town played there best rugby of the season in the last 20mins with marwoods service from acting half to Doran think town would have scored again if town would have kept that combo but the injury to fell changed that.
  4. what a good derby, barrow have done a great job improving the bar facilities around craven park, town did well to come back in the game after the sin bin were barrow got two trys, very impressed with marwood in his first game of the season,took control of the ruck and town went forward a lot better and the team got going,
  5. this will be the game,were we see how good the team is, would be a massive win at barrow,for me if we match them for 80mins would show we are improving and building for the future
  6. also think barrow will be to strong for town, hope it's a good entertaining game
  7. agree onreport,but the service from acting half and play need to be better,Dec an Matty had a good run of games and a rest might do them both good ,both had little injurys and still playing every game.marwood fresh and not played and O'Brian a good solid hooker.
  8. I now the teams winning, but I would like to see O'Brien an Marwood get a run at hooker,town need sharper play and better passing from acting half, change things up a bit.
  9. one of the best ball playing 9s around,Dec and Matty not in penkys league with ball in hand.town should win by 14 points today tho
  10. I would swop Ethan for Marwood,get all the fast players in the 17 and start running a lot more points into teams,points difference will be important come end of season.
  11. I agree with silverfox , would like to see Henson and marwood play together, Henson start then bring on marwood, Henson looks as if he could go into half back when marwood comes on ,then two Half's with pace.defo worth a try,
  12. semi pro rugby needs an A team league, I've said it for years lads need to play or leave them at there local clubs,why sign players just to train?
  13. lads are going to leave if they don't get game time, town big squad ,players have had a year out so was expecting a few to leave if there not playing regular,but hope the lad has not gone.thats were good man management comes in to keep the squad happy.
  14. can't afford to loose back to back home games,need a win
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