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  1. great player, is backing up is top level, looking forward to watching him in 2021, well done town
  2. how many players have town got signed on now for next season ?
  3. keep the signings coming town
  4. all the best bruie,shame the lad could not re-sign for town, been a good player for barrow and town.
  5. good luck lad, keep the signings coming town
  6. looks like Perry singleton signed back for town.
  7. a fit Perry singleton is a weapon, good player to have back for town
  8. building a great squad, hardest thing will be giving game time to everyone,be hard for locals getting into team,but you need a big squad to win the league,
  9. think with the lockdown,players contracts will have come to an end,players will come an go, looking forward to new and old players who sign and wear the town shirt with pride
  10. I think the time is not right yet for thorman to take another coaching job, I'm sure if Chris is successful at town next season,a lot of super League clubs would look to employ him
  11. Town utd


    great player for barrow if he's fit, will bring experience top player.but town have good options at 9
  12. good luck to the lad, with Marcus and blain we have the best combination at 9
  13. the best prop forward I've ever seen, would have been number 1 prop in any team in the world,towns best overseas signing?
  14. all great player's ,think Colin Armstrong Dean Marwood should be considered for future hall of fame,?
  15. 1 tickle. subs,. szymala 2 Nixon. Harrison 3 ball. flynn 4 burns. Hastings 5 Kay 6 mason 7 marwood 8 Heugh 9 Holt 10 Tees 11 ostler 12 De toit 13 Hadley
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