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  1. I would think any coach would like the barrow job,own ground, good supported team, good chairman who goes out and gets players,but results not been good enough.
  2. If offered a decent contact clubs would have to pay for him,town would get some money out of it ,then get Rooney.
  3. Been a long time since super League clubs want are coach,says it all to me, thorman still cutting his teeth in coaching, will do him good to stay with town for a couple of seasons,then take a super League head coaches job
  4. Clubs got to keep thorman if they want to build and go forward.make him an offer so he wants to stay.
  5. Looking at the set up at rugby with Dave Kendall,ste rea,cresta, you could go with Dean marwood, Darren carter, Gary broadbent,that's if the club had a change in the coaching set up,just an option?
  6. In the amateur game player's make coach's, team with best players win,at pro level it's a different ball game, more work with preparing the team,and managing the club.also why would amateur player's sign next season instead of before when town have a super League level coach now?
  7. Town should make him an offer to stay,club need to keep building.
  8. Rfl should put more money into grassroots rugby.
  9. Local amateur clubs,were super League clubs have got there academy players from for years.
  10. Thought the pitch held up well with all the rain this week,doran ,forber linked well, Bolton was solid and put his head back for a good try,marwood showed how to back up ,Dawson went hard with scholey, mom for me was penky,town never really got out of 2 nd gear,things look good for the play offs
  11. Don't need academy, that's what local teams are for bringing on the youth,town need a reserve team,so lads get a game and can reach first team level.
  12. Kelly , singleton, Wilkinson,and dowsett an marwood,what a pair of young local hookers and forwards barrow would have, can't believe barrow never signed them first?
  13. Maybe cresta might step down himself as coach at end of season,had a good run in the hot seat and think himself he's taken the club as far as he can, wouldn't blame him if he did, he's had a good go at the job.
  14. Unless the players take a pay cut,don't think barrow will get the squad under the salary cap?
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