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  1. I'm currently listening to Joe Lynn Turner's band Sunstorm. More specifically their second album House of Dreams from 2009.
  2. Me too! I'm taking my lad along who in his 21 years on the planet has never seen a rugby league game in the flesh before.
  3. GazTheDon

    Declining Standards - Myth or Reality?

    I've become a bit tired of all the numbers that are crunched these days. In fact, the former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and I may be singing the same song: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
  4. GazTheDon

    Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    Arthur Crown. Whingemeister general. People going to RL games, having fun, supporting their team, trying to create an atmosphere. Whatever next?
  5. Mmm, fashion I think. Twas a long time ago. I've been to bed since then, lol!
  6. I think it'll be down to whichever half-back combination takes control first. Leeds being the 'home' side is surely negated by the venue. I know they've already played a game at Elland Road this season, but a big crowd at a 'neutral' venue could be to Castleford's advantage. But, saying all that I think Leeds will have the edge.
  7. Cowbells indeed! LOL! Wigan by a long shot. Plus 16 methinks!
  8. I can't quite make my mind up so I am going for Salford to win, but only on the basis that my sister-in-law went to Uni there!
  9. Widnes could pull off a win in this matchup. But I can't see by much though.
  10. The travelling to and from (and in) Oz might have an impact on Wigan. But, they might just have too much for the Wire. Although saying that , it could be a draw. I think I may pick up an injury sitting on that there fence!
  11. Go out on a limb for once says Mrs Gaz. Go on then says I. Huddersfield by two scores I reckon.
  12. Trinity win by loads for me on this one.
  13. Can only see a bounce back by Cas for this game. They can't be poor two weeks in a row, can they?
  14. Not sure about this one. Could go either way.