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  1. That’s a fair point but in regard to Catalans, I think Wigan have possibly done that for the game in March.
  2. A televised game on a cold Thursday night against a team whose supporters arrived in one car is hardly likely to attract a good attendance.
  3. This is shocking news about one of our game’s great entertainers and someone you could not find a bad word for.
  4. I agree, but surely it’s all about generating revenue.
  5. St.Helens have been the best team in SL this season and they did not need the referee’s help tonight to win this game; unfortunately they got it it. Eamon McMannus will not be lodging any complaints after this game.
  6. I don’t think Eamon McMannus will be complaining about this referee!
  7. Wigan Warriors were formed in 1872 as Wigan Football Club, became a limited company in 1921 and traded under that name. So as we have Hull FC should we also have had Wigan FC? Ironically if you Google Wigan Football Club you are given info about Wigan Athletic.
  8. The last two weeks have obviously been extremely disappointing from a Wigan point of view. However, when you consider where they were just a few weeks into the season and fans were looking at the bottom of the table rather than the top, to have finished one win away from the GF can hardly be considered failure. In the last two games they have been beaten by better teams and in addition have looked more like the team that struggled early on in the season. All credit goes to the Salford players and their coach, Ian Watson, for what they have achieved this season; Watson must surely be voted Coach of the Season. Just a comment about the Salford support last night which was outstanding apart from an obscene chant that was totally unnecessary and does not fit with our claim to be a “family game”. I hope you all enjoy next week; St.Helens will rightfully be favourites but as we well know upsets do happen.
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