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  1. Just seen this. “Former Rugby League player Rob Burrow is set to read the CBeebies Bedtime Story on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Rob, who used to play for Leeds Rhinos, lives with motor neurone disease (MND) and will be using an eye-controlled computer to read the story. The computer recreates the words in his own native Yorkshire accent. Rob says he is "excited and honoured" as he used to enjoy reading to his own children. He was joined in the CBeebies studio by his wife Lindsey and two of their children, Maya, 7, and Jackson, 3. The pair helped to direct their dad from the gallery, shouting "Action!" when the cameras began rolling. He told the BBC: "Reading and literacy are so important. It doesn't matter what your disability is, reading is accessible to everyone. "Anyone can enjoy reading and develop a love of books and bedtime stories, just like me and my family." The book chosen for his bedtime story is Tilda Tries Again by Tom Percival. It follows the story of a young girl who one day finds her world turned upside-down and has to find a new way to solve her problems.” Just wonderful!
  2. I was speaking to a player from that era recently and he described the game then as brutal.
  3. Apparently suspended for 13 matches after a late, high tackle on Mal Reilly.
  4. Former St.Helens, Wigan, Bradford, Widnes and Oldham player, Brian Hogan, has died at the age of 74. He played over 440 games in a career lasting 18 seasons. He was a tough, skilful player who never took a backward step and was one who enjoyed a bit of the biff! I remember him as a great character of the game. RIP.
  5. The behaviour of the French official reminds me of stories told by former Great Britain players who had to put up with the antics of French touch judges when playing international matches in France.
  6. That was a great game of rugby league but unfortunately fingers are being pointed at the referee. I don’t think he cheated but why do we have an Australian refereeing a match involving Australia when there are English referees available. Similarly we had an English referee for England v PNG. Can somebody explain why?
  7. “Kate enjoyed a giggle with England’s prop Sam Tomkins”. A very versatile player our Sam.
  8. Sensitivity and understanding go out of the window when you are dealing with jobsworths.
  9. In the 2005 Rugby Union World Cup, New Zealand beat Japan 145-17. They scored 21 tries. It happens.
  10. Leigh is the only place in the UK where the expression “lobby your MP” means something completely different.
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