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  1. In a game in 2007 Bradford Bulls, coached by Steve McNamara, were beating Wigan 30-6 but lost 30-31. Maybe this result gets that monkey off his back.
  2. This Wigan performance wasn’t great but was much better than of late so credit where credit is due. Wigan took what few chances they had and their defence was excellent. It’s a pity that the Sky crew seemed to place more emphasis on a poor Castleford display rather than an improved one by Wigan.
  3. It’s nothing to do with Wigan not winning every game or every trophy, more about a top club which traditionally has some of the best attendances being in decline.
  4. Cannot argue about the comment about Oledski. He looks a bit special.
  5. In my opinion Wigan should replace Lam immediately with O’Loughlin and Leuluai for the remainder of the season. It doesn’t make sense to carry on like this and although there aren’t many games left it might just kick-start an improvement.
  6. Fifty-nine year old Dean Bell would be an upgrade on the Thornley rumour.
  7. I must admit that I hadn’t thought about the possibility of, for example, a Wigan referee being a supporter of another club. Another twist to this is former referee Colin Morris who I believe was a Huddersfield society member but came from St.Helens. I don’t know if he ever refereed Huddersfield but was definitely in charge for several St.Helens games which, by the way, didn’t always result in a win for them.
  8. If that’s the case don’t have a Wigan or Huddersfield referee officiating at a Wigan or Huddersfield game and so on.
  9. I’m aware of that because, for example, Steve Ganson must have refereed St.Helens on several occasions. The point I’m trying to make is, why put referees in this situation? Hull KR we’re convincing winners last night with a 12 point margin but imagine the outcry had Wigan been in a position to win the game in the last minute and had done so by scoring a try from a forward pass not spotted by the WIGAN referee.
  10. I agree with you but human nature tends to take over as is shown by the criticism of referees on this forum. Had last night’s results been reversed we could have had accusations of bias.
  11. Last night’s game between Salford and Huddersfield was refereed by Chris Kendall of the Huddersfield Referee’s Society and the game between Hull KR and Wigan was refereed by Liam Moore of the Wigan Referee’s Society. I’m not suggesting that any referee is biased towards or against any team but surely for these games it would have made more sense for these appointments to have been reversed so as to avoid any such accusation.
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