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  1. When scoring the first try it looks like Bevan French who is trying to catch him.
  2. It’s devastating to see a great rugby player, but more importantly, a loving family man, suffering from this horrible disease. Please let there be a cure.
  3. Ged Byrne (Salford, Wigan and Wakefield).
  4. Are you talking pounds sterling or weight?
  5. £440,000 in 1991, with inflation, would now be about £838,000.
  6. Our great game is 125 years old and only Wigan have ever produced dirty players!
  7. I am a Wigan Warriors supporter, first and last, and therefore wouldn’t waste my time looking at Cockney Latics. I also wouldn’t be interested in getting into a spat with one of their supporters and certainly not on this forum. .
  8. Surely this is not the place for Warriors/Athletic squabbling.
  9. The 1994 World Club Challenge match between Brisbane Broncos and Wigan. A great night out followed that one!
  10. According to someone on the Wigan World site, his real name was Tony Danielli.
  11. He came back to Wigan in 1960 with a team from Padua who played against Triangle Valve.
  12. Two Italians at Wigan (1957) Tony Rossi (possibly not real name) and Tony Romano. I think Wigan also gave trials to an American called Chuck Wiseman, possibly early sixties.
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