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  1. Apart from being badly organised and a total embarrassment for our sport it has sadly resulted in a season ending injury for Castleford centre Sam Wood.
  2. I accept your point but Magic Weekend venues have generally involved a decent amount of travel eg Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Tottenham is not that far from Wembley so the same problems re cost apply. I did say that “maybe the love affair with Wembley is over for fans”. I agree its quite possible that if the final moved to a northern venue a good number of people would not attend because it’s not Wembley. Either way it’s a problem that needs addressing.
  3. Regarding yesterday’s attendance; maybe the love affair with Wembley is over for fans. I went yesterday with my wife and two grandchildren at a cost of over £400 pounds for the day. I’m sure others spent a lot more. The question is where is a suitable alternative? Man City’s ground holds 53,400 and Liverpool’s just over 61,000, for example, so if held at either of those stadiums the attendance would be less than yesterday but at 100% of capacity.
  4. I think you’ll find that the majority of both Wigan and Warrington’s regular supporters will have attended the match. The CCF attendance is made up of regular supporters of the finalists, people from the two towns who will only go to a final and fans from other clubs who go every season.
  5. Moylan was sin binned by Jack Smith and did not receive a ban; Keighran sent off by Jack Smith and banned for 3 matches. I love to know how that referee and then the disciplinary panel can view the two tackles so differently.
  6. Sometimes the smallest men are the bravest. Rob Burrow encapsulated that in everything he did on the field in his wonderful career and off it in his battle against MND. A very special man has left us.
  7. I think it was brought through the suggestion of Greg McCallum, the Australian referee, who was Director of Referees in England in 1995.
  8. Wilkin complained about the referee not giving a forward pass before the first try but surely the first offence was HKR being offside.
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