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  1. stevevalerugby

    WALES Squad for European Championship.

    nice to see some younger players getting a shot having started their career with the South Wales Scorpions
  2. 👥 SQUAD | Introducing your #WalesRL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 squad for the European Championship and @RLWC2021 qualifiers... John Kear has named 25 players for the upcoming matches with @FFRXIII, @scotlandrl and @Irelandrl! Full details 👉 #rugbyleague 🐉🐲
  3. stevevalerugby

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    why is there always 2 Hull sides included to the detriment of another Town having a Superleague team.
  4. stevevalerugby

    Good things about this season

    Yes for me it was Sion Jones playing for Halifax 14 times at Prop and he is only 20. hopefully all 3 will play big parts for Halifax next season. Not only good for Halifax but having more Welsh boys playing Super league and championship rugby will benefit the Welsh National side.
  5. stevevalerugby


    We need youth set ups to bring these players forward but we also need reserve set ups so they dont give up at 18 or 19. Halifax reserve set up has brought a number of players through to 1st team level. Chester Butler last year and this year Sion Jones a 20 year old prop has played 12 1st team games including games against Hull KR, Widnes and this week Leeds Rhinos. Connor Davies has also played against Hull KR Widnes and Leeds this week,. if it wasn't for the Halifax reserve side who would know where these boys would be playing.
  6. stevevalerugby

    Bravo BBC

    If not Superleague why not the Championship been some great games there this year.
  7. stevevalerugby

    West Wales Raiders

    There was a Wigan Partnership a few years ago but it came to nothing.
  8. stevevalerugby

    The ideal Super League roster for 2022

    Tosh there are three boys from South Wales with Halifax 1st team contracts. Sion Jones has played 10 games for the 1st team this year he is 20 and plays at prop. All three have come through the system at South Wales so the talent is there. Halifax identified these boys offered them reserve spaces and all three have graduated to the 1st team. they are also major players for the Leeds Beckett RL side. But sometimes you have to go and get your chance rather than wait for it to knock on your door,
  9. stevevalerugby

    Two youngsters to star for Toulouse

    Alot of youngsters around in the Championship this year Sion Jones 20 year old Prop for Halifax , Conor Mcgrath 21 winger for Fax.
  10. stevevalerugby

    Jimmy Keinhorst goes on loan to Widnes..

    Like Halifax who run a reserve team some good youngsters Sion Jones, Connor Mcgrath and Chester Butler who have all forced their way into the 1st team this year and many more coming through.
  11. Sion Jones has signed a 2 year contract with Halifax RLFC.
  12. stevevalerugby

    Wasps sniffing around Coventry Bears?

    If Coventry City cant afford to stay at the Richo then where are the Coventry Bears going to come up with that kind of money. Coventry city have a deal until 2019 paying £100,000 in yearly rent not sure how much bears get from RFL but i think its £70,000 that's 30K short before you start paying staff and players. i cant see how it works unless the rent is drastically reduced but i cant see wasps doing that if they get £100,000 from Coventry City already.
  13. stevevalerugby

    GB Lions Squad

    Just being stupid probably what has this post got to do with the GB lions. Stephen Shingler played for the Wales under 20s and as Wales don't run an A side this is registered as the A side with the IRB. hence once you play for Wales under 20s you have therefore decided which country to commit your international future to. English, Scottish players play for their Countries A side they have also committed to that country for their international future
  14. stevevalerugby

    GB Lions Squad

    Thank you Mr Bennett for allowing Wales, Scotland and Ireland to have some players involved in the GB lions squad how patronising. Pick the best side available and if that means 30 Englishmen then so be it. I'm sure players picked for this would want to be there on merit not just because you want to make it feel inclusive. I am a Welshman and i don't want to see our players given special treatment as i think this would be counter productive where as if they got there on merit then you cant say he's only there cos we have to have 3 Welshmen in the team. I think in the coming years Welsh players will be pushing for inclusion in the squad on merit as the youngsters coming through super league and the championship look exciting.