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  1. And where is the money coming from that is the argument going on now where is the money to fund these clubs.
  2. So unless the likes of Featherstone, Halifax, Bradford agree to become feeder clubs they can’t join Superleague but WWR, Coventry and say London scholars if they become feeder clubs can join SL1 and then another side becomes a feeder club. At what point does this stop how many SL1 and SL2 sides will there be.
  3. but you work on the Madge that West Wales Raiders would want to do that knowing that they would always be this feeder club. i have seen what happens when Wigan Warriors partner up with welsh sides and the answer is nothing. For a start players in South Wales dont want to travel that far west so what makes you think that players would travel from Wigan to West Wales are they going to travel 2 days a week for training and then again on the weekend for a game or just stroll up on the weekend and take the place of someone who has trained all week and wants to play for West Wales Raiders. Or do you just move the club to the north lock stock like Hemel Stags did to Dewsbury for all their training and then playing home games in Hemel that really was their death knell and now they are just play in the conference south league. I cannot see these clubs wanting to become feeder clubs IMO. I could be wrong but if they wanted to do that then they would be trying to do that anyway.
  4. Yes but once Ottawa fly through League 1 like they will with the large amount of money they will do exactly the same as Toronto did and dump the Canadian's and bring in ex super league players and players from the NRL. There is no progression in Canada because apart from these 2 teams there is nothing you need to build from the bottom to bring players on just like a house you need foundations before you can put the roof on. Unless more teams spring up to play against each other you will have to wait for another side to be formed with big money before any Canadian's get a chance but again only for a year or 2 before they are dropped for players from other countries.
  5. How would SL2 be any cheaper than running the reserve League. What teams would be in SL2
  6. They have 1 Canadian in their squad Quinn Ngawati will he play this season i doubt it unless there are many injuries
  7. Looking at the way Toronto recruit i dont think anybody is going to be there for 5 years
  8. How do we know what the funding would be after all we dont know yet what next year is going to be after the fallout and i cant see the likes of Leigh, Featherstone, Bradford, Halifax and other clubs being in a development league with their best players taken but with no chance of reaching the promised land of SL. i would on the other hand like a SL1 and a SL2 with P and R between both divisions with SL2 being funded properly but maybe not on the same amounts of SL1 as i cant see SL teams wanting to share their pot.
  9. I think it will be just like Toronto you may have a couple of Canadian's in for League 1 but as soon as they are out of there i cant see many and maybe none on the roster. IMO i dont think many Canadian's will come through until the game is being played in schools and there are a number of teams playing there.
  10. Ha Ha sorry cant see any of them dipping their hand in their pocket after all they were forced into a reserve league which looks like that will now go to the wall and im sure they will be over the moon.
  11. I'm sure clubs that have been running for over a hundred years would disagree and lets be honest if Toronto didnt have a cash cow you would be in the same position. Sorry you wouldn't be able to play out of a park as you wouldn't have anybody to play with. And why Leigh, Toulouse and London im sure Bradford, Featherstone or Halifax could be just as good if funded the same.
  12. Yes but when central funding gives one team 850k and another 150k the lower teams haven't got a hope. And i am all for benifactors putting into the club to make it better but surley the RFL wants all clubs to do well especially if the Championship is cut away from funding from Sky and needs to find its own revenue stream. The closer the teams are in respect of being able to compete the better the product will be. I watch some football and have found that championship games are far better to watch as the outcome could go either way where as premiership its always 6 clubs and sometimes 1 or 2 will fluke a season. Lets get the championship worth watching and get a deal where it is shown preferably on terrestrial tv where we can get the public at large interested.
  13. I get what you are saying but if funding for the championship was equal across the board then the teams who are currently at the lower end of the table would at least have a chance of rubbing shoulders with the SL teams as it is at the moment they are playing against teams in the championship who are so far ahead in regards of money they have no chance. And to Harry Stottle if these benefactors still want their teams to be ex super league players whose contracts are more expensive then they can still pump money in especially now that there is a 1 up 1 down system so if they are the best championship side they will go up.
  14. I think the last couple of posts are bang on the money so to speak. Distribution of funds definitely needs to be more equal especially after this break in play because of the pandemic. how are teams receiving 150k ever going to compete against teams receiving the 850k and thats before the benefactors pump hundreds of thousands in as well. Needs to be a fairer playing field as a question do the superleague clubs have the same funding or is that reliant on where they finish.
  15. i have to agree with you that if you want youngsters to play in Ireland then there has to be an aspiration. if they believe that there is no way for them to represent their country then many will just not bother. I would say the pinnacle of most players is to play for their country if possible and the best place to do this is at a World Cup. There has to be winners and losers but taking part and rubbing shoulders with the best Rugby League players in the world must be fantastic.
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