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  1. You just posted to disagree? I did not question Warrington set up, nor its quality. I pointed out that going to a £ multimillion RFU facility may not be the best way to learn something. Your post actually agrees with me, but you seem to feel the need to try and frame it that you disagree!
  2. Why? If I had access to a well regarded coach ( different sport ( even British Cycling) or otherwise) I would like they to come to see what we do and maybe make a few suggestions ( what they changed that worked, etc) rather than go there and see a training set up with multi £million facilities I have no hope of replicating.
  3. The IRA/SF rewriting of history has made it to a RL board and some accept the lies and fantasy as truth! Blatant lies and distortion of facts to suit an agenda is were democracy in the UK died!
  4. What are you struggling with? Someone challenging you trying to rewrite history?
  5. Ok. Maybe the MoD do exactly what the IRA do! In their supposed wish for truth they refuse to name any terrorist/murderers until they have died! The Birmingham Massacre, inquiry today showed that. The IRA are happy to name people when they are dead! So let the MoD do the same - refuse to say who was where until those involved are dead! £200m Bloody Sunday enquiry in which the MoD provided all the information it had, but Martin McGuiness refused to say what he was doing. Pretty annoyed about a "war" that has 2 different sets of rules IRA can shoot someone (dropping their kids at school) in the back and that is fair British Army shoots people attacking a police station with automatic weapons and that is murder? It stinks! I am all for honesty and truth to help people move on, but that seems to be expected from 1 side while the other get secret pardons ( which was not mentioned) in the GFA!
  6. One day when I have the time, I will pick that piece of propaganda apart; line by line! Tonight - Lets start with your point 1! YES, British soldiers side with Britain! ( Well done Sherlock), but at that time paras where there to protect Catholics (from sectarian violence) Some people like to paint the paras as some sort of Protestant militia! The Paras where a mainly English regiment ( as I said earlier, being a RC/Prod was meaningless) and over 98% being from GB Religion is definitely twisted by many in NI, but I have never understood how paras have religion twisted so much they hate Catholics so much they shoot them ( considering about 22% of the Parachute regiment where Catholic!) As you say, religion is very intertwined in NI, but it isn't in GB! and that is where the parachute regiment was/and is made up from.
  7. I like to make a few observations: The members of the Parachute regiment were mostly from England so had no religious bias. Unless I missed the sectarian hatred in England ( Prods v Catholics) at the time? Relatives of those killed spent years stating they only wanted to know the truth and once that came out they would be happy The British Army has records so know who was on duty on any day and provided that information. A new inquiry was opened , costing £200m in which all the British Army data/soldiers was made available, but Martin McGuiness and others refused to discuss/disclose IRA activity on the day the enquiry accepts shots were fired at the soldiers, but as IRA refuse to disclose info it cannot make any comment! The £200m enquiry finds that some British Soldiers may have not acted lawfully, but refusal of IRA to testify means they cannot have a complete picture. Families who were not interested in money ( only wanted truth) launch civil damages claims within days! Sinn Fein ( who have secured Royal Pardons for murders) demand that 70 year old soldiers be tried, while insisting that terrorists are free is a mockery of justice! ( I think all UK service personnel should be held to legal account for their actions, but within a reasonable time and certainly not when the opposing force refuse ( in this Case the IRA under Martin McGuiness ( he has admitted such)) refuse to explain their part !) Rant Over!
  8. In Fairness I think Ed is also delighted he isn't in charge for the sh@t show from either side!
  9. Not at all, I however make no apology for making people think about their long held beliefs and possibly think about a different view point! You are a case in point. You have formed your opinion and follow like minded people who agree with you. When you are challenged on an open forum, you describe me as angry and need help! Why, because I disagree with you? I listen to your opinion, and it influences mine - you on the other hand think I am angry and need help! I suggest, people like you, who live in an echo chamber are exactly what is currently wrong in British politics! Maybe you should listen and try and understand what others are actually saying? You may not agree, but at least you will actually be in the conversation!
  10. Yep and also that sent via PM. Anyway, I am out so discuss between yourselves and agree I am bad!
  11. Sounds great - but is all a pile of guff! The figures show that the inequality between workers and bosses is biggest in "socialist" China! Russia is not far behind! ( India is also right at the top!) The equality index shows the UK is better placed than Canada or Germany! People talk about inequality but have really no concept of its meaning! I am sure ckn would like to give a socialism talk to the people of Venezuela, just to remind them of how good it is! Or re-invent history and tell the millions in the Ukraine, how their deliberate starvation was all for a good cause! Stalin in the name of socialism , starved more people to death in Ukraine than Hitler murdered Jews/gays/gypsies. I find it bizarre that people think being far left is a good thing, but being far right is bad! Too be clear both are as bad as each other and have no place in a modern country!
  12. This has now made national news, but ignored by the meerkats on here! It must be nice living in an echo chamber where you ignore what you disagree with, and only read things you agree with! Pathetic!
  13. You need to read @hudaelmi comments! An NEC member who yesterday decided the EHCR was not fit for purpose and should be scrapped!
  14. Why ask me for a link to the question? I have quoted a poll and expressed my doubt how accurate it can be? You quoted a different thing from a different paper ( I guess to confirm a point, you didn't actually make) and bizarrely a random person has liked the point you didn't make! FAKE news and comments alive and well on a RL forum.
  15. I am still bemused at how a polling company finds 5000 labour, leave voters to ask an opinion! I get, and indeed like statistics ( it was the 1 part of A levels maths I liked/enjoyed) but statistically this poll is almost impossible to achieve! There is no way to poll the headline question. The actual question they seem to asked is Remain or Theresa May bad deal. The question is put in such a way to get a specific outcome and these polls on both side are quite pathetic and simply drive a "FAKE NEWS" accusation from the other side! This poll is just that! Rubbish and pointless! Fake News and needs to be called out for that!
  16. This is where I find this disappointing! It has generated into a discussion/argument about what is a race! Most of us think of ourselves as reasonably intelligent people so why is the definition so blurred? I often criticize the Israeli Government for some of its actions , but manage not to imply or include every Israeli ( or Jew) in that criticism. I often criticize Muslin states for some of their actions , but equally to not include/ blame every Muslim for that action. I often criticize the UK government but do not think all UK citizens are equally responsible - I am disgusted at the IRA, but do not hold all Catholics responsible! In areas/conflicts it can be easy to slip into group blaming people and then it can become , what seems a racist/religious issue. To me that seems the issue! Some people have blurred the line between supporting a cause to hating others, who may support something else. Just a thought. ( and way of topic, but that is where is was going)
  17. right when TC realised he was making a fool out of himself and decided to go elsewhere?
  18. and the Iraq war, deputy leader rumours, Tony Blair - all on Topic?
  19. You are not looking at anything - just not block the discussion because TC has went on a tangent!
  20. Are you planning to have a national ballet to vote him out? or you just going to make snide comments online?
  21. and there we have the problem! None of your posts are, but your posts defending someone who is anti-Semitic is the crux of the issue in the party! People think there are clever, but the world is not that stupid and people who benignly support "free speech", but only to support a particular view are complicit and to pretend they are not makes me think the problem is far worse than I could imagine!
  22. And change the subject and move on? When or where did I mention Deputy party leader ( who as also elected by the membership btw) Iraq - where the hell was that in this thread! You are as bad a TRUMP - crooked Hiliary - lock her up ! Note to mods. Do not let this blazen attempt to derail the thread and have it blocked succeed!
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