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  1. Just noticed the game is off on Yorkshire Men’s website 11 games off already No longer interested in summer v winter debate and not got any answers to the problem, just not going to make any effort to find another game. Totally disillusioned and we can refer to other sports but nothing compares with this situation. off to football, possibly for ever as I think the sport as gone past the critical point and will not recover. Eventually the lack of juniors will start to effect the semi pro game will just restrict myself to Coventry games for now
  2. groundhopper

    Those nice tories

    Story from yesterday Was driving from home to Bradford to watch West Bowling and pulled into I think Woodall services and on leaving saw one of that near extinct breed a hitch hiker He actually wanted Bradford and soon we started talking His background was just hard luck but the response showed how we are now in the UK He had had a stroke and his wife then found someone else, someone he knew, so he had hit the other person and this had resulted in a restraining order, so he could not go to his own house. He had lost his job as this involved driving and the stroke precluded HGV work As he was homeless, when he went to the benefit office, they 'could' not help him as he had no address so he had been initially hot bedding and then homeless. He had however got a job interview for Monday in Bradford and had hitched from the south and spent overnight in a services. He had no plans for yesterday until Monday or none afterwards He had tried the salvation army but they now charge and want the money in advance. The price may be modest but was not in his range. He had not even eaten properly for a few days. He was planning on sleeping rough until then, watching the football in Town park in the afternoon There was no short, medium or long term plan just the hope he would get the job. The interviewer knew his situation and still wanted to see him. I really wish him luck However the real telling point about today might be this. I was scammed by a hitch hiker for I think £10 thirty years ago and because of this I offered a burger and some water in Bradford rather than maybe finding the £60 to get him into the Salvation Army hostel I would consider £60 is a lot to me right now but the petrol to Bradford and back just to follow my hobby would be about half that so maybe not I can blame the tories who are responsible for the benefit system where homeless people and especially those to quote Tebbit get on their bikes cannot get help. I can say that things are worse in our attitudes now than they weren under Maggie but I think twenty years ago when I was really struggling, I would have helped more
  3. groundhopper


    One of the issues in London is where to keep the buses It is one of the factors in running night services because these were rare until the 80's. LT did not run Saturday night as they consider the service was for workers not socialising. Most of the companies work out garage space is in effect room for complete fleet minus those required at night It is however a problem at Xmas when services are thinner and they have to be left in the street Arriva Midlands in my area however have the opposite problem as they consider 7pm to be too late to run most services and Staffordshire Council do not consider that or anything else to be their responsibility
  4. groundhopper

    Today's game 30/6/2018

    First visit to Crigglestone Liked the ground which is good enough for NCL Could not get into the game due to the heat and lots of stoppages and one side nature Wyke now 4 from 4 and look too good for this division I made score nil 54 but I know ref has two less than me when asked during second half About 40 watching and no shade at alll c
  5. groundhopper

    USA visa

    Have a word with Stanley Gene He writes about US immigration in his brilliant autobiography That wouldn't encourage you to visit
  6. groundhopper

    Regional leagues 2018

    Ahead of the game, went to the charity game against Luton last month nice clubhouse and modern facilities, better than sharing with RU Not been to Luton apart from years back when at Stockwood Park so East of England Cup a possible
  7. groundhopper

    Regional leagues 2018

    Went to the game at Reading 35 mins it was 24 to 4 to Reading, followed by 36 unanswered points Now seen every team in East, Midlands, Wales and London. Still need a few home venues however
  8. groundhopper

    Regional leagues 2018

    Took in Boothtown Tigers today 36 12 v West Hull A Both teams has full squads and really enjoyable. Stood on the West Hull side of the pitch for the shade and they certainly thought they did not get the best of the refs decisions Limited facilities but ground of character> Standing on one side, you would not realise you were five mins from the town centre. Standing by the dressing rooms the ground is overlooked by 15 storey tower block. Parking outside requires good handbrake as road is at least 1 in 4 gradient and seems steeper walking up. Maybe 100 in attendance I wish there was some way to entice more, even on here to these games. As always no admission charge However had to arrive early as usual difficulties of confirming game on, in case needed to rush elsewhere
  9. groundhopper


    A long thread but so far no positive suggestions Clearly a not is lot right in South ( West) Wales at the moment. The calling off of the first game was a disaster in PR terms and the club are actually new. the distance from Merthyr where they played less than one season is close to 40 miles The present situation cannot continue but the traditional RL response, certainly when clubs like Liverpool were adrift was to lend players. The distances involved make this much harder, especially as the players are needed on more than a matchday. I think it is up to the RFL to say, what do you need, not with cash, signing some aged RU players for a payday who will become unavailable in August is short term but maybe one or two experienced lads. Certainly the end of the RU season will be a boost but wont be a solution We need an RL presence in Wales and we need youth development, and although chicken and egg that needs player pathway. The clubs needs to be in Championship 1. Games against known names help and the development league referred to existed and had two sometimes three Welsh teams in it but has collapsed No real ideas here from myself just a desire to see the club supported rather than lose what presence we have in another area. I accept many will say the 70k could be out to better use but since the reality would be slightly higher wages in Super League it would not be. Money is short in RL but a development officer in Wales would still probably be economic with long range planning and might help West Wales If it was given to support a replacement for the Southern Conference or for youth development for NCL clubs, I might struggle to argue against There are a lot of us on here who will have much better suggestions than me but lets turn this into a positive thread ps for those who bring Coventry into this, as others have said, they played well yesterday and were ahead using players living locally and had a decent attendance considering Wasps were also home
  10. groundhopper

    Coventry Dragons

    I was wondering about this an old facebook entry on chargers website had them due to host Dragons this Saturday but nothing shows on the normally good Chargers website at the moment
  11. groundhopper

    Toronto v Swinton - Relocated

    so 5000 season ticket holders 3200 capacity Canada Anyone who wants to get in should arrive no later than 15 mins after kick off
  12. groundhopper

    Oulton v Sheffield Eagles 2003 programme

    I believe there was no programme for this game I know an Eagles fan who never misses a game and he told me this was one of the few, if not the only game where nothing was available I will check. Have Eagles played Oulton away twice because I would have guessed the date a few years later possibly 2009
  13. groundhopper

    Rant thread

    I have a new organisation to hate, Travelodge Two of us got stuck in Glasgow on Wednesday with no train back The railway companies did there best including rescuing us south of Carstairs Wed night and what their staff did, I cannot imagine but some was visibly impressive We waited 90 mins Thursday for a possible train but they could not clear the route. we then went to get a change of clothes as only took two days worth with me. We then received a message via my employer that Travelodge had closed the hotel as staff could not get there. No suggestions were put forward as to what we should do and it was minus 5 For those who believe in the free market, the national chains put prices up into the £150 to £400 range ' as prices follow demand'. with some luck and desperation we found a place, probably locally run, near the university for £46. Got home late Friday after a lift, the borrowing of someone else's rental car to reach Preston and three trains from there Still thinking about my letter to Travelodge but will be to the MD, probably beginning dear Cu.. Thanks to many local staff in many organsiations as total failure by all large companies
  14. groundhopper

    Harry jepson final progs

    the 2004 RLC final was Woolston v Coventry as was part of finals days with two play off finals for the semi pro game The prog was for all three and I think this was not the only time this happened
  15. groundhopper

    Toulouse progs

    I visited Toulouse for the Sheffield game last Saturday the progs are free and a few were just left on racks and tables so I have three spares. There is little of interest in them but they are not frequently seen here, so if anyone wants them, the first three to leave there names here can have one All I would then want is for a sae to be sent to myself