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  1. What are Fev doing? They should be up by two tries. Edge of the sofa stuff tonight. Great game. Thought kirmo was puffing and then he saves a certain try...
  2. .like to watch the replay of the Sheffield player who tugged at salters boot!
  3. Don't be too hasty....Hull should do it but the mighty rovers will be no push over. There'll be a few bruised bodies the day after. Hull by 8. Gerrinntoem rovers
  4. The kneets will have a good first half and, sadly, be behind by 8 points. The end result will go to Wigan by 24 points. Hope I'm wrong tho.
  5. I'm a real Victor Meldrew and can moan for England. TO are a good side. They did York today. BUT I came away with more positives than negatives. I saw lads who have just started the season, took the ball in and are feeling bruised and battered. I thank them. I hate losing but it happens. Stroll on Friday against the pie eaters. Keep up the good work lads, we're behind you. UTK
  6. A great character. I can remember him scoring a try under the sticks at the POR end, only for it to be disallowed. He was livid! He played like a Trojan warrior for the rest of the game. A fan's favourite. RIP
  7. John D beats Ferres into a cocked hat; which he was playing for the kneets. Why wasn't he playing? Ps the mighty rovers are my tip for the league and 1895 cup.
  8. No probs in Bish. Problems with the commentator tho ....
  9. Who do you pick? They ALL played well. Stock and Green stood out for me tonight. Hope there's not too many highly injuries. UTK
  10. The Mighty Rovers are my tip for the league and 1895 cup this year. So much so I've put my retirement fund on at the bookies. They looked good against Oldham and Batley. Was there at the semis in 83. Let's hope it's a repeat performance...but not the length of the field try this time please. Rovers by 14
  11. York to win...but it will be tense and nail biting. Sheffield can be either great or umpty...just hope they're a bit ring rusty. UTK...
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