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  1. Victor Hugo market is a must. 5 or 6 "restaurants" upstairs serve a variety of food from the market below. Get there at 12 to ensure a seat as it's popular with locals as well as tourists. Have a glass of wine at the market before eating to soak up the atmosphere. Use the tram from the airport instead of a taxi. The trams are on time, clean and cheap. Lots of small restaurants off the centre which serve good food but you'll need a full wallet! Visit the Algerian market on Sunday if you've time. Stroll down the river at night and sit out with the locals. Jealous that can't see Fev or the Knights playing there this year.
  2. Could we save this topic and discuss it on 01/04/2022? There's no F in Calder...
  3. Yes please. Weekend in the Lakes; walking, good food, great pubs and rugby league heartland... or day out in Donny? And before anyone says I'm being snobby, all my clothes as a kid came from Donny market, classy they were too...not
  4. Welham Hardcastle Halton But it could have been anyone of the 17. Loved it tonight in the Bullock shed as was. A great atmosphere in the ground. All the best from a kneets fan.
  5. and what a brilliant game he had. I will miss his no nonsense attitude and never taking a backward step.
  6. Marsh played out of his skin tonight. Loved the "grunt" of Scott and young Ronan too. Will be sad to see these two leave at the end of the season. Teanby gave a great account of himself once again. Chissy and Parata showed what we need to improve upon. Sad to see Brining injured once more. Fingers crossed. Whitehaven will be a force to be reckoned with; stroll on next week.
  7. Hall Welham Chisholm From a kneets fan
  8. RL World Cup 24th October 1992 Aus v GB CC Saturday 29th April St Helens v Wigan Keith Senior KS4 Testimonial souvenir brochure (signed) BARLA second Youth Test GB v Aus 20th December 1986 Yours if you want them. Can post them to you for nowt if you put a donation towards the postal costs to Rugby League Cares
  9. The Rovers played their own part in the loss today but I saw plenty of forward passes, offsides and laying on, that if I could spot, then someone else could have spotted, if you know what I mean. Bulldozed today but loved the atmosphere. It'll be the only game you lose this season. JD tackled his heart out. Junior M is a handful. Can you not play these two when you play the kneets?
  10. Toulouse are a great team, great city and they love their rugby. Nowt on the Rovers tho. My vote goes with Fev.
  11. Just wanted to say a next thank you for a great day out today. Up near Barrow on hols so we thought we'd take in the match today. Friendly atmosphere and full of passion. Best of luck for the rest of the season. From a kneets fan.
  12. No. I hope not. He gives his all, never takes a backward step and is just the player that I want to see at the knights. Please let him stay.
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