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  1. I know some folk would need their brass back to pay for next season but I would be up for a guided tour and the first two pints free at the bar. I'd like to be able to pay for the season ticket over a few months like they do at Fev. I won't be asking for money back as the lads have been giving their all over the past few years, they deserve backing. UTK
  2. Niggled me for years, and still does...robbing the rovers blind.
  3. Thanks for doing this. Brought back many happy memories standing in the Bullock shed watching some of these greats.
  4. This is tough. Each time I think of a solution, one of the players doesn't fit the remit. When will you put us out of our misery?
  5. Agree with you here. Tough start and it's not going to get any easier. Will Sharp took them on as did James Green. Reiss looks like a good addition to the squad. Waiting for "Donald" to shine tho.....
  6. Thank you fir this info. Much appreciated.
  7. TheYoungBaron

    D r

    Dont like DR...Do away with it....(and SL too...but that might be beyond my dreams as yet)
  8. I would certainly hope so. SBW has nothing on ikky butt when he played for the mighty rovers....
  9. I would like to wish Will all the very best. In my mind, he was a true performer, who could be relied upon to take the ball in to give the forwards a break. He will be sadly missed on the ranks. Dewsbury you've got a good un.
  10. Would continue to be a great asset to the kneets. Always ready to take one in, whenever needed. Let's hope he can be signed up.
  11. No thanks. Anybody but c*s. As a seaon ticket holder for the kneets, coming from across from the west riding heartland, it's like making a pact with the devil. Feel sick to the stomach.
  12. Didn't Pauline used to drink in the top house? ?
  13. Where was John Davies? Surely the best player I've seen pull on a rovers shirt in many a year. He's a grafter par excellence....If the mighty Fev don't want him, can we have him play at York? And the champagne moment, I would rather forget lol? UTK
  14. Too close to the colours of an umpty team in WF10.....can't beat Linpac 83 for me....UTK
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