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  1. beating! Not nearing; apologies for my fat fingers on the keyboard
  2. I can remember many a mid week evening at the posh penguin (?) watching the video of the previous Sundays game. If the rovers lost, they would often put on the video of fev nearing c@s happy days. Loved meeting up for those FRIENDLY games
  3. Phew! Cheers for that; I'd be outside the minster on the wrong day, what a numpty! Grateful to you AB
  4. Thanks for the info. Will be there on Thursday morning.
  5. Enjoyed this evening and fair result. Wish there was 7000 on a Sunday for the kneets.
  6. With our home record we'll need it
  7. I've parked in the PnR car park at monk's cross each home match for the kneets without any problems BUT I've a feeling there'll be too many cars there at the Bash. Best off using the Askham Bar PnR to park up, use the bus into town for a pint or two and then the PnR bus up to monk's cross. One return ticket is all that's needed. The PnR at Askham Bar doesn't close till late. Was looking forward to Blackpool sitting with the loons from Fev too.
  8. So did I. Was looking forward to a few pints in the Bloomfield Club. Prepare yourselves for £5 a pint or lukewarm tea. Park n ride is good from town tho.
  9. From seeing Australia play last game, it'll be Australia by +40. France played well but Australia are the team to beat.
  10. My guess would be last weekend in May, 27/28 . Week before Super Greed have their weekend. Bank holiday weekend too. Just my guess tho
  11. Kindred spirit. Speak with a strong accent missen. Grates when people don't pronounce th.
  12. Great news. Meet up with mates from Fev. Just hope we aren't playing them this time. And hope that the Bloomfield Club still has its homebrew on tap.
  13. There's more than one comes from sharlston
  14. Don't know, just a feeling I've got
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