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  1. No thanks. Anybody but c*s. As a seaon ticket holder for the kneets, coming from across from the west riding heartland, it's like making a pact with the devil. Feel sick to the stomach.
  2. Didn't Pauline used to drink in the top house?
  3. Where was John Davies? Surely the best player I've seen pull on a rovers shirt in many a year. He's a grafter par excellence....If the mighty Fev don't want him, can we have him play at York? And the champagne moment, I would rather forget lol UTK
  4. Too close to the colours of an umpty team in WF10.....can't beat Linpac 83 for me....UTK
  5. What a game. John D my MOM....Please go all the way...UTR from a kneet
  6. Where do you start...I could type out so much that if I started now, I wouldn't be finished before tomorrow tea time hahaha. Season highlights are too numerous to mention, starting with a brilliant effort against TW at the beginning of the season and ending with team of the season. Jubby or Will Oakes for player of the season for me....but it could have been any of the squad...
  7. Have always thought splitting the payments over 3 or 4 months helps reduce the burden of finding all the brass in one go. Many years ago Wakefield council used to collect the money monthly from your wages to pay for a season ticket for fev and that team from the dark side.
  8. Having seen all teams play at Bootham crescent this year, the mighty rovers are by far the best. Rolled York over on Good Friday and at Blackpool, and today...just wish they could go on to do it. Super league wouldn't allow that. Up the kneets.
  9. Best team won today. Go on and stuff Toulouse and then grind out a win in Toronto. Up the kneets.
  10. What a season. Best team won today. Onwards and upwards. Great atmosphere....let's have that atmosphere every week next season. Thank you to all involved with the kneets as this season you have excelled yourselves and done York proud.
  11. Yes he played for Scarborough against Fev at POR.
  12. Think it's mainly residents only parking around the ground. You could use any of the park and ride buses; think Askham Bar will be nearest if you're coming off the A64. Margate car park is off Boothsm but will be full with shoppers as it's Saturday.
  13. Bring loads in your wallet cos it's tourists rates in York. Cock & Bottle ok, Nags head on micklegate cheap beer....nowt like Big Shirley's White House in Fev prices from a few years back lol
  14. Bring it on next week....it'll be Rourke's drift and the Alamo all rolled in as one.
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