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  1. New signings

    Money decides where most players play nowadays... not loyalty or ambition....some Barrow and Whitehaven players didn't want promoted knowing they won't get as much winning pay...seriously where's the ambition in that.... money orientated players outnumber loyal and ambitious players and that's where we're at, in this county... the local players for the 3 semi pro teams go to the club's who are the biggest bidders and they are paying championship money for league 1 level players, who in the last 3 years have all been relegated for the teams who are willing to pay more money for them players.... ludicrous. The best team in the county is the one with the best spent, usually biggest, budget.
  2. New signings

    Bad attitude that! If they don't want to be at the club cos they get more money elsewhere let them go.... bigger and better players left the club last year and there wasn't half the fuss there is now about Callum... wish them well and move on... get over it!! 😠
  3. New signings

    Can't compete with the money they offer
  4. Town shirt design

    thats why i like the 3rd one best 👍
  5. Town shirt design

    Do you not think on the 1st one the v is too deep?
  6. Town shirt design

    Too low down!
  7. Chris Coward

    Like who?
  8. Coaches position advertised

    Don't disagree
  9. Coaches position advertised

    I think Geordie townie meant staying in on Saturday nights not the commitment of NCL players to their club.... although sometimes that can be questioned too
  10. Coaches position advertised

    Thing is, right now, truthfully, players at these clubs don't see town as a step up
  11. Coaches position advertised

    NCL voted against DR
  12. Coaches position advertised

    No-one is willing to say that they are putting results on hold for 4 or 5 years for the good of the future of the club.... no one will make that stance..... fans haven't got the patience and the club wants to succeed..... they might as well cos it can't get any lower.... too much short sighted-ness
  13. Coaches position advertised

    Is he better than Jamie Doran or Carl forber.... possibly - possibly not.... he hasn't exactly been "ripping it up" in a quite poor standard local league never mind championship 1. Barring Matthew and Richard huby can't really say theres many more front rowers (at suggested clubs... or any other club for that matter) that would do a job for Town...culnean had been playing prop for kells and how old is he?... cos that's where they have needed strengthened this year.
  14. Coaches position advertised

    Even the barrow teams in the Cumbria mens league are not as strong as they were a few year ago..... then there's millom, a traditionally strong club struggling.... this list goes on
  15. Coaches position advertised

    I don't think clubs are brave enough to try what you are suggesting.... in theory I agree but its a results based business and fans wasn't success "yesterday" if not crowds dwindle income gets less etc etc..... if town get beat at home thay has an impact on the next home game and a few on the trot and the popular side is like a ghost town... always gonna get the die hard 300 or so but just doesn't generate enough money.... and like you said earlier that's what the game is run on. If all fans were like you and look at the big picture, I totally agree with you but unfortunately the majority wouldn't see it like us.