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  1. Ok then, I said give the lads a chance ??
  2. ?? Deluded, told you they'd come good, have faith
  3. Can't beat being positive, give the lads a chance ??
  4. oldrake9


    Good win that ??
  5. oldrake9


    Don't forget Clayton Sutton can cover centre too ??
  6. Heard there's another signing tomorrow
  7. I like the nostalgia of the old stadiums, Central park, wilderspool, Knowlsly road etc but when you go to all these new compact stadiums they're fantastic.... It'll be a sad day when we leave DP but when we get in the new stadium there'll be no looking back ????
  8. Can also fill in at centre, good addition to the squad ??
  9. There was training last week and there wasn't enough to train, not good
  10. That's fine, you laugh but it isn't a laughing matter that the team I support didn't train last week because they didn't have enough
  11. Believe what you want, I'm a long time fan and this is worrying, I've got the facts and there's been low single figures training last week and this. There could be a reason for this, work, holidays, weather, etc?.... Don't know what you think but that isn't good, hopefully with the talent we've got it won't affect our performances, fingers crossed it doesn't
  12. Can't alter the truth
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