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  1. Away shirt

    Away kits used to be red and white
  2. Away shirt

    Still don't like it.... it doesn't say "Workington Town" to me.... just my opinion
  3. Away shirt

    Don't like it.... who picks the shirt designs and colours?
  4. new signings announcements

    We're you not at the fans forum.... no money left until new sponsors or revenue is found
  5. Town website

  6. How many more?

    Didn't say that....just saying he's doing a bloody good job at prop!
  7. How many more?

    Stevie is a prop and a very good one at that with a good engine... that is his job... bigger lads aren't always necessarily better... players want to play EVERY week.... loose, nowadays, is just a 3rd prop a used by most teams so that move is just the same as him playing prop. You can't just move a prop to 2nd row just to get more minutes...😐🔫
  8. How many more?

    Not sure why a few of you think Stevie cant hold his own at prop... he showed last year he can more than match the props in this league.... he's tough, fit (plays big minutes) and although not the biggest he makes up for that with a heart like a lion..... much rather have a "Stevie" playing prop than a "Verlinden" (huge bloke but not much else).... now put Stevie in a body that size and you've got an international on your hands
  9. How many more?

    Quick for forward 👍 Has good hands 👎 Decent rugby brain 👎
  10. Dave Clarke

    Sam and Dave are good mates
  11. Welcome home Elliot

    Tilley!!! You joking 🤣🤣
  12. 2018 Squad

  13. 2018 Squad

  14. New signings

    Money decides where most players play nowadays... not loyalty or ambition....some Barrow and Whitehaven players didn't want promoted knowing they won't get as much winning pay...seriously where's the ambition in that.... money orientated players outnumber loyal and ambitious players and that's where we're at, in this county... the local players for the 3 semi pro teams go to the club's who are the biggest bidders and they are paying championship money for league 1 level players, who in the last 3 years have all been relegated for the teams who are willing to pay more money for them players.... ludicrous. The best team in the county is the one with the best spent, usually biggest, budget.
  15. New signings

    Bad attitude that! If they don't want to be at the club cos they get more money elsewhere let them go.... bigger and better players left the club last year and there wasn't half the fuss there is now about Callum... wish them well and move on... get over it!! 😠