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  1. Heard at work Haven players haven’t been paid again . Not looking good for end of season and nearly in relegation battle
  2. Poor? there was also an accident on our alternative route. You never have anything positive to say. Do you go to any away matches? I was stuck on one of the supporters busses so I can talk with experience. Stupid comment from you again.
  3. No wonder Haven got beat 60-0 after not paying players again
  4. Regardless of wether I’m easily pleased or not, we have a very inexperienced side and yesterday that showed. One massive positive was they never gave in. Previous Town sides with lots more experience would’ve crumbled and it could have been a much bigger score line. They kept pushing back at Doncaster throughout the 80 mins and you have to applaud Doncaster for playing the best they’ve done in years. We maybe did scrape wins coming from behind, but that shows they are never giving in and want to play for the coach. Like I said, previous Town teams wouldn’t have won them games
  5. 4 out of 6. beat by top 2 teams. top team game in hand. Homeandawayer. That negativity and misery is at odds with the people who were there. Were you?
  6. Brookie. Have you ever said anything positive? Do you go to any games?
  7. Focus on your own club. How many directors have you got left, is it 0?
  8. If we did merge, hopefully they don’t use the person who done that latest statement for Haven. Do they not know about spell check?
  9. Anyone else Hurd that Haven haven’t started pre season yet and only 2 players getting paid so far? Wonder if any will come back here . Would love Teare and O’brien back
  10. Surprised at Jammer going there given how the fans have crucified him for years and how the club treat his family. Good luck anyway
  11. What about that time Haven directors were begging for money? Then stood with a cheque from Bradford after begging for £839?
  12. They’re apparently 100000 over budget by all accounts. One of the directors bailing them out or they’d be in exactly the financial mess we are in.
  13. Broughy you know who’s who down at the club. Why don’t you go and offer some assistance?
  14. Forum: Davies twins are ######, why sign them Also forum: don’t release the twins to other clubs
  15. That same Broadbent that got sent off against Barrow yesterday and his coach said it was “unnecessary” from him. Thought Oscar done well, showed some speed in attack and took all the high balls
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