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  1. Surely players who have a desire to play for your club are good signings? If you have a desire to play, then you will have a desire to improve your own game and become a better player. I think it’s a great idea Town are giving locals the platform to succeed. Wish him all the best . Are you doing this to cause trouble or ? Utt
  2. You sure about that?
  3. Town fan or just trying to spike everything they do?
  4. Talking to haven fans at work. They’re gutted at the quality of signings haven are making. Really worried that the club doesn’t understand the jump in class needed.
  5. Hearing that haven have signed Brett Carter. They’re gonna be in a dogfight if they don’t strengthen quickly with better signings
  6. Haven spent a year ramming the localness of the squad down everybody’s throat and as soon as they get promoted 3 locals get binned and they bring in a 40 year old traveller. Haven fans must be gutted,
  7. Your saying how can we trust the board? Really? The board have signed one the best coaches to come to town since the Walsh era, brought stability to the club and I think they have all showed there commitment to the club after the year we’ve had. How can we believe someone who joined the forum 1 hour ago?? I liked how you put your name as ”upthereds” to make it sound like you support town or reds. I like it?
  8. Townie987


    Your always back in Cumbria when there’s a chance to Stir.
  9. Sure? Think you might be wrong...
  10. Didn’t you also used to be involved at the club? JMB?
  11. Come on Troutmaster. Sort this out.. MODERATOR:Do not worry,It will come soon.The silly retorts and bickering between members is bordering on senseless tittle tattle,sort it out or i will close the Topic...
  12. Last season we got beat by Bradford in the playoff final. We had another go but it wasn’t a planned game so you can’t say it’s two seasons in a row. Board can’t sign after the deadline. Injuries and bans arent the boards fault surely? We’ve had a shocker with injuries. Last year you nearly went bust. That’s the boards fault. Finally, what’s it got to do with you?
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