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  1. Not taking anything away from Keighley win, but think Town should be congratulated on eventually scratting a team together after so many injuries and players pulling out at the last minute because of sickness, Well don Town.
  2. Some of the new directors at Whitehaven have been able to contribute some cash to recruit these overseas players, plus Des Byrne and the vice presidents have funded most of the traveller's expenses in getting them into the country and helping with the player's wages, just the same as Town supporter groups helping to recruit JS.
  3. It's a Haven win, especially with what they have invested into the 2024 season team, but a good Town performance will be good enough going forward for the new season, and the financial benefits will be great.
  4. I've only had involvement through the amateur game, but many friends who are involved with the semi pro game say that if you are not one of the high flyers you don't get the support from them, sad really that our game is on the downward spiral.
  5. The rfl is not fit for purpose of running the community game,
  6. I'm not sure what you mean when you say they didn't want to be owned by the Reds?? surely an amateur/professional sports club starts with its first team, then A team ladies' team down the youth ladder from 18s, 16s, 14s ect ect, but all still under the named club banner, yes the youth teams would look to raise their funds just like the open age and the ladies. I'm told the FA is very good at funding all the different teams at grass route levels and the Ladies' teams. The town will be entitled to put in for extra funding especially as another sport is looking to use their facilities, it all seems a bit strange to me.
  7. This will be a massive boost for Town, they will attract extra funding for the new Town FC ladies, and not just the FA but other funding sauces that support community sports clubs. Well done Town
  8. Will dominate games in this league, and will also help develop some of the younger players in the team.
  9. Don't forget the gym, changing rooms, and the pitch plus floodlights, all before the barn. We have a great team at the club who have worked hard to get all the different grants for these projects, but at the end of the day, this is Sport England money that is put under the RFL umbrella for distribution, and it is Sport England who rubber stamp the funding for the project. But not all the funding has come from the RFL (Sport England).
  10. Ye Jay has gone, but I'm sure that 2 or 3 of the Brow youngsters are looking to take his shirt.
  11. I doubt we will see a clear-out, too many of the different departments cover up for each other, and the community board is a complete joke, I've never had any consultation with them whilst i was involved in league management groups, unlike what they say in their meeting minutes. I can honestly say that the RFL is not fit to run the amateur game, and have very little consultation with the leagues/clubs over anything. The rfl only pushed to get all the community clubs under their umbrella so they could become the games GB enabling them to be able to apply for funds from Sport England. There is a couple of decent people at the rfl, but they will never be allowed to climb the ladder, as they are not YES MEN and have a clear vision of how the community game works.
  12. I think Mossop has had his time, the lad wants to retire from the pro game.
  13. Distington will do ok, they will find a big difference in the step up but will soon find their feet.
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