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  1. He was only at Town because he was mates with Thorman, and that's the only reason he kept his spot.
  2. Defo, Thorman is Thunders problem now, Murray is a decent guy with plenty of connections in the game, and good at man management, something Thorman lacked, the big plus is the early appointment giving him time to rebuild for next season. ,
  3. Luke Gale still available, could be player coach, he is spending a bit of time in West Cumbria at present.
  4. Also coached Millom for a couple of seasons, i think.
  5. Correct, and once he left CT took over,
  6. Did someone not say in an earlier post that the B O D had let CT sort out the negotiations and contracts for the 2022 seasons players.
  7. It worked ok in the NCL when playing with the covid restrictions in place.
  8. Personally, i think under a different coach and if we had retained the players we have lost over the season, we could have made a fight of it, ok maybe not staying up, but going down with a fight and with a bit of pride.
  9. Honestley it dosent happen, that was just a PR thing,
  10. Think Jamie has had a few beers on him when wrote that and just taking the ######,
  11. Seriously, you must be joking, Hensingh am like other amateurs clubs don't have contracts for either players or coach's,
  12. but the community clubs in the NCL would have to vote you in first.
  13. Fully agree, and both CH and the club will have learnt a lot from his stint at Derwent park, its all to the future now and re building.
  14. My point is, if ether Haven or Town had any ambitions in bringing the local youngsters through in to the semi pro game, they should have implemented the same programme that Barrow have implemented, both had the chance.
  15. This is what I'm getting at, neither club have any ambition to do as what barrow has achieved. But happy to help Hull.
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