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  1. The championship clubs who are looking to start off the reserve grade teams will tempt the best amateur players from the clubs and promise them everything, seen it all before, then jack them off when a better player comes along.
  2. Yes Newcastle are providing a pathway for the younger players, but over the years both Haven and Town have had numerous opportunity's with the help of funding to provide these pathways for younger players in the area, but both clubs were more interested in buying success and brining in players from out side the area.
  3. That sounds about right, the guys a #####,
  4. Seaton have applied, don't think Elbra have,
  5. Is there a reason why he wont be playing,
  6. Not sure you could say the scholarships were successful, especially with some of the individuals they had involved, but the service areas yes.
  7. Both Town and Haven had the opportunity over the years to operate there own scholarship programmes, very sad.
  8. Not a lot has changed from last season with the players attending training, think Chris has had the wool pulled over his eyes by the BOD prior to him coming in, sad days for a great club.
  9. Local government parties fight against each other and don't think of the local community when these issues come up.
  10. The rfl and the wider rugby league public must be laughing at Cumbria, first the Whitehaven stadium fiasco and now this one, the word Dumbrians comes to mind, think we will struggle in the future to attract support from the rfl in any future projects or tournaments they are looking to put out in the rugby league community's. .
  11. Sadly BARLA is a old and outdated body now.
  12. Would it be a idea that all the local amateur clubs, both youth and open age Football and Rugby send a letter of support in to the council for the stadium, also the youth and open age league committees, this should help in my view.
  13. It would be another £50.000 at least for Derwent park with the size difference, but that will also depend on what or if it requires extra drainage,
  14. Ye apparently the club get very little from Carlsberg, all because of the money the brewery put in to keep the club a float, and its a 3 year agreement I was told,
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