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  1. Sadly a lot of the amateur clubs coach's and administrators wont be looking at the clubs social media sites, and unfortunately I never seen these posts, so it could be idea to contact all the clubs individually, it makes it more personal and looks like you want to work with the clubs.
  2. Wath Brows must have been lost in the post then graeme
  3. That is a fantastic statement and so true, but neither local semi pro clubs look to support the local amateur clubs, what a shame.
  4. But that's not a season and that includes the extra improvements to the training facilitys they have done, and Barrow haven't invested that in setting up there youth set up, but the bigger issue would be both Town and Haven getting the trust of the local amature clubs, it would be fantastic if it could happen,
  5. Yes created by cresta and Barrow rlfc
  6. Barrow seem to be running a good youth system with the help of the amateur clubs and coach's in the Barrow area, and after 3/4 years it has shown that it was worth the effort, they now have some of these youngsters stepping up to the first team.
  7. Think its a bit early to make any judgments,
  8. In both Championship or Cham1 it always comes down to the availability of the clubs finances,
  9. Think a lot of people will have watched the game on the ourleague app, to cold to go out on a night like this, think a lot of clubs will have fewer home supporters attending when they can watch it at home.
  10. Haven pitch inspection tomorow morning 11am according to facebook
  11. The rfl will be putting preasure on them to play the game, even if it goes to mid week,
  12. If I'm not mistaken the CT now deals with all player recruitment personally now, that's since Mr Murdock has left the club, he then reports back to the bod, but it is never easy recruiting players, either amateur or professional, and if a agent is involved it takes even longer, a player either amateur or professional also has to work out if that club is suitable for him, if the money is right, the time he has to commit to the club training ect, and if its a traveller, all the implications of training and match day commitment, traveling ect, a lot of people don't realise the commitment players have when signing pro, most older traveling players play for one reason and one reason only, the money, yes they come out and say they love the club and didn't have to think twice about joining the club. but that's after they agreed on what they were getting paid. FACT
  13. JMB


    He has to play on Sunday, get him on the ladder to match fitness,
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