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  1. This is going of topic, but can some one help me, looking for help in putting together a list of all the players who have went to Barrow from Wath Brow, Thanks
  2. The member clubs with club houses £500 and them without £250, and the clubs/Leagues who left barla done it for reasons that only they can answer, a lot of the clubs were sick of the same old people at the top who caused a lot of trouble between Leagues and clubs, both youth and open age, at present neither the rfl or barla are capable of running our great game, no wonder North west counties refuse to join the rfl,
  3. It would have to be the member clubs wouldn't it, and it doesn't matter if they have clubhouses or not, but if thats the case give them £250 as they still have overheads ect,
  4. Finacle help in getting the teams/clubs back up and running, even if it was only £500 a club, it all helps in these hard times,
  5. Mr Rimmer has already said that the 16ml is for all areas of rugby league, including the community game, but its up to the individual club to apply for a part of the money, depending on how and when it has to be paid back, i don't think a lot of community clubs will apply for the loan, give Rimmer his due, he has done well to get this 16ml, but it would be great to see BARLA put something back in to the clubs, they have a good bank balance, I think we will return to a shorter regionalised playing format this year, hopefully we will find out over the next several weeks.
  6. Haven't had a lot of success with coach's over the past few year, but looksike this guy could be the real deal,
  7. In Cumbria all our local clubs will struggle finically, rugby and football alike, but what I can definitely tell you is, as Cumbrians we have without doubt the best supporters of all in our amateur and semi pro sports, once all this is over the supporters and the community's will pull together in what any way it takes to keep all our clubs going. Cumbrian and proud, Stay safe people
  8. Cant see any finical help coming from the rfl, they have finical troubles themselves, Please share, Thank you.
  9. A lot of players have been unable to play because of visa restrictions, think both barrow and Haven had problems when they went to Canada
  10. Defiantly Gilly, but our other big problem that the local leagues are facing now are the rfl, every single team have to have a GDM, first aider, team manager and coach for every fixture, and all of these roles have to be undertaken by a single individual, no individual can take on 2 roles, people may say, its only 4 people, but anyone who is involved with youth rugby will realise how hard it is to get volunteers, but then you have to get these volunteers to undertake a first aid, GDM and child protection courses, about £110 for each individual, then its the coach, his own course will be £21
  11. Think both strugling with long term injurys,
  12. Its a joke shouting for Charlo to go already, but he can only recruit if he had the cash to recruit with. personally think a couple of big hard running props would make a big difference to them,
  13. That has a bit to do with it, but for some reason it hasn't got the glamour it once had, you just have to look at the attendance numbers at the final,
  14. But a lot of the amateur players are not interested in playing for the county anymore, its less important to them, just like both the Challenge cup and Barla cup, clubs don't enter because the players are not interested.
  15. What you have to understand is that, he will now be training in a different environment, under a professional coach, he will also be playing with a higher calibre of player, no disrespect to elbra, all this will improve his skill levels, fitness and attitude, so what ever CT has seen in the lad he must be confident enough that he can make a good addition to the team.
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