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  1. Hopefully it will help him shift some weight and get him ready for next season, and we will get news on new signing for the 2020 season,
  2. Rooney would have attracted a lot of good armatures to the club and that's a fact, but that's water under the bridge now, just got to get on with it now.
  3. Not sure if Charlo and Jonty will agree with you on that one,
  4. Hopefully Chris and the bod were able to persuade him to start his professional carrier at Town then,
  5. Not sure if that would have been viable. looks like the owner had got herself in well over her head, can always remember going to the speed way in late seventy's, great night out then up to the down under before heading to trade a bills, great times.
  6. In this day and age in championship 1, that would be called a good season for a lot of the clubs, its hand to mouth and I'm sure Les and the bod are still perusing the owed moneys from the Comets owner,
  7. For this league £50.000 is nothing, and for what has gone on with the speedway and the field development you cant complain.
  8. Any other crack from the directors then,
  9. Not a bad game with both Thatto and West Hull knock out of each other, great advert for RL, West Hull just edging it in the end.
  10. I would double check on the prize money for this season, also if the transport costs are going to be paid this season, and the talk around the clubs is that West Hull have fallen out with the main sponsors, so that will be a massive loss if correct, think they sponsored the players directly.
  11. He put votes Taylors way at the agm, the puppet master,
  12. Turner still pulling a few strings for the Taylors,
  13. Barla is run now by Mrs & Mrs Taylor and the guy that owns Raven sport, people who do care about amateur rugby league and could have made a difference have been chased from our once great game.
  14. I'm sure a few seasons ago the bod accepted votes by emails, but they were in favour of Sue Taylor, so that was ok.
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