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  1. Just realised who he is now Davo5, I was at that game and I have never ever seen such a cowardly act in rugby league like that before,
  2. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Could be Kurt, according benis lads
  3. JMB


    3 games would be ideal
  4. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Think Chris is now doing all the recruitment himself, then reporting back to the BOD, so has Gary Murdock left the club now.
  5. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Think he will be selling programmes at Barrow this season,
  6. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Fran has now stud down from the international game. Plus Dean is his nephew so, watch this space.
  7. JMB

    2020 Squad

    A good player but struggled with injurys over the past few seasons,
  8. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Always 2 sides to a story, but to call the lad a knobhead without all the facts, we'll who is the knobhead
  9. Watched O Brien a few times last season when playing for Egremont, very good player, but he was fantastic when playing for community lions in New Zealand, excellent addition to the squad.
  10. JMB

    Squad 2019

    Its a two way thing Davo5, so maybe Karl only wanted a 12 month deal,
  11. JMB

    2020 Squad

    CT must have got him to change his mind and sorted stuff out from last season, definitely a great player to have back on board,
  12. JMB

    2020 Squad

    Big difference between both Fui and JP, JP played in a full time environment with all the support required both on and off the field, that makes a massive difference.
  13. No he has another season on his contract,
  14. Looks like the web site has been updated earlier today ianmac
  15. Cant see Conor coming back, but great player and organiser, was surprised when Cas released him.
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