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  1. I don't know a dedicated Karl, do you?
  2. We've released him so I'm guessing he's now free to go and play wherever he chooses.
  3. Possibly still in negotiations? As Chris has previously said, Moi Moi is on our radar for one more year, all depends on finances I suppose.
  4. Can you not have a word with those at your club, point them in the right direction??
  5. It's a big jump no doubt, but if introduced slowly and used in the right way then the long term benefits will far outweigh short term frustrations. Patience from the player and fans is key
  6. Town Army


    Don't believe everything you hear (or read on a forum )
  7. Bit undermining of them to be agreeing signings when they weren't even in a position to do so. If I'm guessing right then that director you refer to is our director of rugby, who is more than likely in control of budgets and contracts, and in that role he will have to answer to the rest of the BOD . . . So basically he was doing his job.
  8. Doesn't happen at any other club so why ours?
  9. They'll believe anything Rooney tells them through at Wath Brow
  10. Was Ian Rooneys choice of assistant. Guessing it's not something we pursued once Chris was appointed
  11. Why where's Doran off to?
  12. I was thinking his size would give him an advantage to slot in at 13 as a free role rather than the pressure of organising the team? Although I've watched him a fair bit at the Brow I'll admit you'll have seen more of him than me
  13. Not sure if he has signed but plenty would rate O'Brien and Henson as better.
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