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  1. Not sure on the attendance but I thought Jordan went pretty well, came on for last 15 and did his work well tackled hard and made solid yards. Like any of the lads who you would say aren't regulars, they haven't let anyone down when called upon.
  2. Fine balance though isn't it? Trying to keep everyone happy might lose you games, fans want to see the strongest team on the pitch every week. Got to look at the bigger picture, I'm sure all the lads will get a chance at some point in the season.
  3. I would expect more than that surely?? Are those lads who you mention not regulars then? Surely if they know its ticket only, they wouldn't take the chance
  4. Speaking to people heavily involved at the club while at the launch day and they were adamant that he definitely hasn't packed in.
  5. Looks like the tweet has been removed
  6. Don't recall Kevin Hetherington being at Wigan could be wrong? Mike Whitehead in the 2nd row and Egremont lad Lee Prest at prop
  7. I'd imagine there was some money spent assembling that team, 4 lads brought in from overseas for a start . . . Only to finish bottom ?
  8. Anyone know what that shirt was that we wore away to Barrow? - Game played in 5th Jan
  9. Gareth Stephens at half back - Possibly with us on loan at the time? Sure he played at international level for Wales?
  10. Jamie Smith - Barrow based full back, looked a real prospect, ended up at Hull along with, Baildon, Logan Campbell and Brad Hepi. Like said above, John Allen scored late on to win the game
  11. I'm guessing a 1945 club membership would be the first thing to look at. Apologies if you're already signed up
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