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  1. I be tempted to leave it, he'll end up with 2 games
  2. I think both ourselves and Haven would be crazy to go anywhere near KO next season, more than likely be back at Wath Brow if he plays anywhere.
  3. Is he friends with Chris Sandow??
  4. A brain dead comment if ever there was one
  5. Bolton is injured isn't he?
  6. Hard one to call, It'll either be a big reaction from Town or revenge from Hunslet
  7. Any word from Thorman? Glad I couldn't make that one
  8. Town Army


    That's a bit disrespectful to Danny isn't it Jonty? You sure about all those leaving??
  9. He's not on loan anymore though, he's a Town player and the transfer deadline has passed
  10. Bob Jamieson? Didn't think he was involved at the time? Was he ever directly involved in an official capacity?
  11. Myself included, would have been disastrous if it had gone ahead
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