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  1. Anyone know what that shirt was that we wore away to Barrow? - Game played in 5th Jan
  2. Gareth Stephens at half back - Possibly with us on loan at the time? Sure he played at international level for Wales?
  3. Jamie Smith - Barrow based full back, looked a real prospect, ended up at Hull along with, Baildon, Logan Campbell and Brad Hepi. Like said above, John Allen scored late on to win the game
  4. I'm guessing a 1945 club membership would be the first thing to look at. Apologies if you're already signed up
  5. Remember Mark Fryer saying at the time "tradition doesn't pay the bills"
  6. Not a bad effort by the sound of it. Couldn't make the game but if a 8 point defeat away to Newcastle is where we are in the bigger picture of our development and progression then I'm happy with that. Well done lads
  7. Hopefully this will hit home with a few people in the "Tell us everything now and sod the consequences" club
  8. Yeah but apart from that, what have they really got that will worry us??
  9. Sticks in my mind due to a couple of Carlisle supporters giving him stick most of the game, telling him he was past it, then . . . off he went! A sight to behold . . As was the look on their faces
  10. 1994 Was that the game that Des Drummond scored a full lengther?
  11. Thought the guy in the yellow shirt was the full back?
  12. Think the ref said Miller knocked the ball down as the man went to release it, could see why he made that decision but it was close, great tackle either way
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