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  1. You tell him Craig. Any luck with Chris Sandows house yet?
  2. As a director (former?) and sponsor of the club I think its fair to assume that your contribution has been significant
  3. Well aware of your contribution to the club over the years and myself and many others are grateful for it. But . . Do you think the constant undermining of the goings on at the club by people who have been in the exact same position are helpful?
  4. It's more of a Pryce/McDowell/McFarland Love in, if you aren't one of those then you're to blame for a lot of the bad stuff going on.
  5. What exactly do you think that you're entitled to know?? You sound like you're bitter that you weren't invited to the wedding! Or was his brother marrying your ex girlfriend??
  6. Don't think it's gonna happen this season but, our squad will be massively different come the start of next season
  7. Dear me, ask the lad himself if he feels like he's been frozen out see what his reaction is.
  8. Thought it was Friday? As mentioned in earlier posts.
  9. The figures might add up to a standard 700 crowd but over 900 people physically went to the game, I don't think that's a bad turn out no matter what offer they took up
  10. I hope you mean us and I hope it happens, I'll be shocked if it does though.
  11. The title is Havens to lose now if you ask me, Red hot favourites for this league. They'll expect to win at least 2 of those 4 away games mentioned and nobody will beat them at home. Biggest concern will be how they go about surviving in an ever improving championship whilst keeping a locally based squad on a sensible budget.
  12. If Forster gets your job at Haven you could come back and be Rooney's assistant??
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