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  1. Give me Hanley Dawson and Connor Fitzsimmons over Hopkins all day long.
  2. Irrelevant if you ask me. Been one of the best in both derby and non-derby games. If anything I think the last couple of games Haven fans have been more disgruntled with him than we have.
  3. You sure Dean? From what I understand, the club were never told that this game was going to be in aid of Jarrads testimonial and if they had would have possibly advised alternative opponents - So in that respect I find it a bit poor that those comments have been made public. I'm sure every genuine Town fan would prefer us to be building this squad and fulfilling our commitments to the current players - not a player who left the club 4 years ago. We only have 2 pre season games both played away from home, players need paid so I'm sure a split gate is very welcome to the club.
  4. Suppose there is always pressure on the favourites I think with the squad they have the will be the clear front runners in this division
  5. So have I . . . But not with Haven. “Karl hasn’t trained with us as yet but I have no doubts about his fitness and readiness for the new season because he’s always kept himself fit and he will actually be going to Newcastle with us on Saturday.”
  6. Wasn't having a pop at your comment pal, just trying to do my bit to attract new members
  7. Even better if you join the 1945 club I'm a member and I've recieved some good content, and advance information on certain things.... But the main reason I joined was to do something a little bit extra to support the club and the people involved. Every little helps as they say
  8. That's correct
  9. Every few months from what I remember
  10. You might be right but I believe that it was 100% the right choice by the club to go down the route we have. Got to look to the future and look local.
  11. Looking like? Rochdale have announced his signing so I would say it's confirmed Be a miss but more than happy with what we've got there now.
  12. I think both games are split gates and we will also play our first challenge cup game the week before the league season kicks off. To be honest I think that will suffice
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