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  1. Looking at the photos on Twitter it doesn't like like the players were invited never mind the fans
  2. Another good signing, plenty of potential there, would still like to think there will be at least 1 more experienced half back to come in (As well as Doran)
  3. Now that Barrow's season is over I would say it'll be in the next week
  4. Not at 12:35 in the afternoon he hadn't.
  5. Who's he coached I the last 3-4 years?
  6. Talks more sense than a lot of others, knows the game and gives a different take on things than what us Townies might see. More than welcome to carry on
  7. He's had some great spells under both Pryce and Thorman, but all of that was in League 1, he's struggled in the Championship but haven't they all?
  8. Game over after 20 mins, then it was pretty much a non event. Fair play to Haven, far superior, although a good team would have put 60 on us today I've never been so pleased to see a season coming to an end.
  9. I stand corrected, not a bad effort. Still won't be bringing 600-800 today though
  10. Was never going to be that, they don't get 800 for home games.
  11. We're skint! Why wouldn't we? Is it any more embarrassing than one of your own players trawling the pubs of Whitehaven with a "Save Our Club" bucket only a few years ago?
  12. You'll be the only one, if you bump into the 1'999 Haven fans still coming, will you thank them for their support
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