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  1. Well done to our 3 nominees Brad Holroyd - Young player of the year. Jamie Doran - Player of the year Chris Thorman - Coach of the year. All thoroughly deserved.
  2. Hopefully they answered the question I had seen on Facebook as to why we don't sometimes kick on 2nd tackle??
  3. Yes we would. The only way Town could finish top is if Barrow played and lost to West Wales
  4. Apologies that's right, I hadn't realised that
  5. A draw would have still seen you remain top
  6. Exactly this, although I think we will struggle
  7. Would it be points difference or points difference percentage??
  8. The way Town have been playing you might not need to
  9. Was that our first away defeat of the season?
  10. There was a tweet put out a couple of days ago, requesting for a commentator to cover this fixture. Looks like they haven't found one.
  11. I'd be happy with 2
  12. The way that NCL season seems to be going he'll end up playing even less rugby at Kells than Town
  13. Not sure what the rules are regarding the order in which you have to play your games. Certainly understand where you are coming from though.
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