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  1. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (H)

    Dwyer Locky Thacks
  2. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Fev V Swinton (H)

    Mariano Briscoe Holmes
  3. oldbigred54

    M.O.M v Leigh (away)

    Ridyard Briscoe Clark
  4. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Fev V Sheffield

    Briscoe Hardman Thanks
  5. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    Ridyard Davies Briscoe
  6. oldbigred54


    Cracking game watching fev showing the 🐸 how to play rugby Duffys the man # UTR
  7. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Fev V Halifax

    1 Misi 2 Ridyard 3 Holmes
  8. oldbigred54

    Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Great news #UTR
  9. oldbigred54

    M.o.M. Rovers V Catalans

    Johnson Thanks Hardcastle #UTR
  10. oldbigred54

    M.O.M Rovers V Hull KR (8's)

    kyran moore Hardman It was a good game of rugby # UTR
  11. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh

    1 Briggs 2 Misi 3 Thacks
  12. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    Ellis Hardman Baldwinson
  13. oldbigred54

    M.O.M. Rovers V Swinton

    Boldwinson Cording Davies
  14. oldbigred54

    summer bash

    Just been to see about a refund on the shirt & end up geting a new coat & still getting shirt #UTR