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  1. We shouldn’t be letting an 18 nil lead slip, our own fault we lost, Kings exit made a difference, but we we were struggling at that point as said. We backed off for some reason, we had them rattled and another try probably would have had their heads down, Hepi made a big difference when he came on for Toulouse and seem to turn the game.....disappointed!!
  2. 1. Lockwood 2. Hardcastle 3. Chisholm Game we should have won.....
  3. 1. Walters 2. Sutcliffe 3. Harrison / King
  4. It’s all speculation, same every year, I’d be very happy if he stays with us, he’s been a great addition to our team and he seems to be enjoying playing at Featherstone. As said, he’s an 80 minute man, good discipline and seems to be lucky on the injury front.
  5. Hope we can keep him, he’s a Trojan......
  6. Very difficult decision, all the team were brilliant.... 1. Walters 2. Carey 3. Jones
  7. I’ve always rated Josh Walters even when he played with Leeds, he’s not the biggest, but he’s a workhorse and plays it hard, he takes some hard hits, but shirks nothing. He appears to enjoy playing with us, long may it continue!
  8. I should think he did having been punched 5 times in the head, how that wasn’t a red card bemused me, thought a punch was a straight red, as said before he’ll get a couple of matches and we lose an important part of our team, referees needs to grow some and start punishing bad play and protect the players. Fantastic effort from Fev, we have a solid set of young, gutsy players at the minutes and if we can keep this spirit, we will challenge any team. Well done boys, with the correct decisions, who knows. Be proud, be very proud!!
  9. Fantastic game, I thought it would be tight but thought Leigh would edge it! Exceptional team performance, ref was chronic, gave us nothing, he tried his hardest to bag them tries, some of his decisions were bemusing, but we were immense and we seemed to dig deeper on the back of them. Leigh were shot at one point, our forwards were awesome, they couldn’t handle Day and tried their hardest to hurt him, along with Bussey! Can’t fault anyone today and it’s always pleasing to get one over on the sh**houses from over the hill! On the Leigh forum they were saying how Bradford had done them a favour and they would probably be 2nd in the league by end of play today........NOT!!
  10. 1. Day 2. Golding 3. Walters / Hardcastle Fantastic team performance....
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