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  1. 1. Holmes 2. Gale 3. Welham
  2. 1. Hardcastle by a mile 2. Blackmore 3. Harrison Parata, Cooper and Halton all close for me....
  3. Lol what have we done wrong?! I am embarrassed and ashamed of the pure disrespect of these individuals, they have no regard for the restrictions that are in place, I don’t agree with everything this government has done, but rules are rules. I’ve lost family and close friends as a result of COVID and because of said restrictions and rules were not able to be with them and say my final goodbyes! I work for the NHS and have worked all the way through the pandemic, I’ve given up my season ticket money to help this club through the difficult times, to try and ensure they keep afloat, I pay subscr
  4. You and millions more....your point is?
  5. Disgusting, no one in this country is allowed to meet indoors, apart from politicians of course, so why do Featherstone Rovers think it’s acceptable, they’re breaking COVID rules, no excuse, end of! I gave up my season ticket funds for this club, we buy merchandise, we spend on game day, we invest in the club, it’s a kick in the teeth, we have a great chance to prove ourselves and we can’t get out of the bar! Whoever was there and whatever fine we get should be shared out amongst them! Totally embarrassed, everyone will be jumping on bandwagon and I don’t blame them, no one can defend or condo
  6. Most I’ve seen us taking ball from acting half back in a while, we made some good ground, we have strength in depth this season, think Parata will be a good sub for back end of halves, he got pace, forwards all playing well, impressed with Halton and Spence today out of young players. Roll on next week.....
  7. 1. Bussey 2. McLelland 3. Hall Tough choice, a great team performance, very quick ‘play the ball’ think we dominated from the start.
  8. To say we played half of the first 40 with 12 men we were lucky to win. Discipline gone out of the window! Ref dire for both sides, conditions not as bad as I expected, but Bradford came in to it more in the second half. Hardcastle never stopped, and thought the link between Ferres and Worthy looked promising....roll on dry conditions.
  9. So how long will it be before we can start to see the younger Canadian players coming through and in to the shop window?
  10. Just shows, money does go to the head! Where did he start? Certainly wasn’t Canada, some little village in Wakefield! Glad they’re out of our league, can’t stand any part of them. We were immense last night, our discipline was fantastic, how well has Ryan Carr done this season, our defence has improved 200%. Can’t wait for next season...we’ll done to all concerned ?
  11. Whatever happens Saturday, we’ll still be Fev fans, we’ve had a marvellous season against all odds and even better play offs, it’s been some of the best rugby I’ve seen Featherstone play, confident and with spirit and that’s massive credit to everyone involved. There’s only one thing certain, we won’t be playing Toronto next season, THANK GOD....expansion, my ****!! ??
  12. We shouldn’t be letting an 18 nil lead slip, our own fault we lost, Kings exit made a difference, but we we were struggling at that point as said. We backed off for some reason, we had them rattled and another try probably would have had their heads down, Hepi made a big difference when he came on for Toulouse and seem to turn the game.....disappointed!!
  13. 1. Lockwood 2. Hardcastle 3. Chisholm Game we should have won.....
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