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  1. Lewis

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Leigh (and Featherstone) could well be amongst the favourites to go up under the changed system. Plenty of twists and turns left in this season's qualifiers but if it does turn out that the SL teams are Salford, Leeds, HKR & Toronto then who would be the stand out club in the Championship next year? Without needing to build a squad capable of beating SL clubs and spending circa £1.5 then maybe Derek will stay on? As you say, with equal funding it changes things and Leigh & Fev could be well positioned for a (guaranteed) promotion tilt next year It will be another interesting off season.
  2. I am encouraged by Rob Elstone so far. I have far more faith in him that Ralph Rimmer. He is energetic and seems confident that he can move the Sport forward in the next two years and position us well for the crucial next broadcast deal. Obviously the proof will be in the pudding but he is accountable to the SL clubs so he will have to deliver. Also, he has just spent 10 years working with toffees so the link with Haribo could be genuine. I will get my coat.
  3. "Low hanging fruit" is a phrase I once read from Nigel Wood in one of the trade papers a long time ago. Not sure if he elaborated. Here are 3 of my own little preferences - obviously these are tiny issues compared to what the game is currently facing. 1. Start the season in March. 2. 1st Super League match to be Champions v Cup Winners (GF Runners up if a club won the double). 3. Use the old Championship trophy for the winner of the Grand Final / Champions. Give out the current SL trophy for the Minor Prem.
  4. This is the problem with the people running the game (whoever that is right now) in general. Surely there is a plan? Sadly I don't think there is. We need a vision and a plan on how to get there, with tangible targets to measure our progress. What was Rimmer's plan B at Wembley? I was half joking on another thread when I said it would be to close the top tier but sadly thought it would turn out to be just that. What in fact was plan A? If we had Catalan v Toronto at Wembley next year then would we be looking at plan C? I have some hope that Robert Elstone can drive some change and come up with an exciting vision for Super League. I have no faith in Rimmer or Barwick at all. I'm in the camp that getting the Hearns involved is worth exploring. Regarding the thread title - I would not move from Wembley at all. I go to the Cup Final most years and love it. It was fantastic yesterday - but yes I was a bit disappointed that the crowd was 35k less than when I last saw Catalan play there (and similarly from my last visit to the stadium - to watch an NFL match).
  5. Lewis

    New league structure revealed

    Your not wrong! So many questions. I noticed on Twitter, Matt Shaw seemed to suggest that Super League will be as follows; 22 Home & Away matches + 6 "loop" Matches + Magic = 29 matches. So what playoff system will that be - 1v4 & 2v3? + Final?
  6. #pi55poorjournalism? I hope Spud is right about 2019, a compromise of bottom 2 top 2 would be much better imo. Would love to see a return to the original top 5 Super League playoffs (with less reg games - ie, not 30). The saga rumbles on.
  7. Lewis

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Plan B. Ralph earning his money already.
  8. Lewis

    Plan 'B'

    Probably means closing all the top tier.
  9. Is Andrew Chalmers the proxy for Nigel Wood? Seems no end in sight to the major issues in the English game.
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2018/05/11/players-superstars-eddie-hearnlooks-bring-magic-touch-rugby/ Please merge with the older threads if necessary. I know we have seen similar stories in the press in recent months. I just wonder if the Hearns potential involvement in the sport is with an eye on the new TV / streaming rights deal which is going to a big issue facing the game over the next 18 months? I think Barry would be a good fit for Brian Barwick's role and I think that would be appealing to him.
  11. Lewis

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    My concern is that Jason Moore has stated that he wants 40k as a minimum crowd target. If that is not achieved then he said something along the lines of "we will have to look at it / re assess" regarding hosting it again future years. I don't think the 3 year deal is locked in and the 2025 World Cup is not yet fully sanctioned. I hope he doesn't call it a day if the crowd is way off target. It is his money he is putting up and I hope we get the crowd we want.
  12. Lewis

    Keep the 8's

    I would have the top 5 playoffs system for SL and Championship but I would put the bottom SL club in the Championship playoffs as the number 5 seed.
  13. Lewis

    Lions tour 2019

    Rugby League - It's the hope that kills you.
  14. Lewis

    Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    I think the run of home games in the 2nd half of the season helps them. I would expect a few signed up before that streak begins.