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  1. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    It is interesting. To use the Darts analogy, I see the Lenagan-led Super Clubs as the "PDC (initially WDC)" whilst the old blazers at the RFL play the role of the "BDO". I think the SL clubs, players, CEO's are much more likely to be receptive to Matchroom' involvement. The RFL suits more likely to adopt a "we like the way things are" stance. Let's see where we are in 12 months as there is plenty up in the air.
  2. 2019 structure

    And then the winner gets to have a review from Rimmer about what value they actually bring to the game.
  3. I'm a big fan of Stevie Ward, I hope he can have an injury free season. Same goes for Ben Currie at Wire.
  4. I hope there is a desire to look outside of the sport to find the best candidate. Similar to when Richard Lewis was appointed. I wouldn't want to read a press release in about 4 months saying acting chief exec Ralph Rimmer has kindly agreed to take the job full time! On a separate note the article says there is a vote on SL going to 14 this week which is big news; "Whoever replaces Wood will have their hands full immediately as Super League is set to vote to expand to 14 teams on Wednesday and the next broadcast deal is set to come up."
  5. wally lewis is coming

    Does anyone know the full list of events and dates that Wally is appearing at during this visit? I can't find any info on the Whitehaven night. Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure why anyone would be "amazed" that Nigel Wood allowed England's match to be scheduled for a time that would not attract casual viewers. The RFL turned down the BBC for a Test Match this year that could potentially have drawn in around a million viewers in favour of showing the match via a paying streaming service.
  7. Steve Mascord has said recently in an article that it could take years before the USA 2025 bid is actually "signed off". With David Collier stepping down next May who knows whats going to happen?
  8. Good luck to them. Would love to see them make it. RL was played in Serbia in the 1950s.
  9. Six Nations

    You would think so but who knows what is happening? The 8 team Confederations Cup that David Collier was working on would have been great. Every 4 years, starting in 2019. That seems to have been ditched.
  10. Could France host the WC

    2033 - 100 Years since the birth of RL in France. Without trying to be controversial, maybe the French Government could provide some funding as a kind of "compensation" for what happened during the 1940's.
  11. My thoughts exactly Damien.
  12. Tommy Voll

    I think the town of St.Helens should have a statue of van Vollenhoven.
  13. Premier Sports RLWC watching...

    I think Bet365 are streaming all the matches. You just need an account with them with a £5 balance. Stream quality is very good. Saying that, I still may subscribe to Premier for the month as I need to record some of the matches. I'm on Sky so looking at £11.99 plus £5 connection fee.