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  1. David Collier to give up role after world cup

    I had high hopes for this guy. Like a lot of RL appointments though, I am still waiting (impatiently) for any of these hopes to realised. I suppose Nigel will hold the fort for a couple of years before the next high hope gets appointed.
  2. I didn't know what Rugby League was

    I love reading stories like that from RL players. His first glimpse of Rugby League was seeing Wales in the 2013 World Cup. It just shows what expanding and showcasing our sport on a wider stage can do. I remember an old " boots n all" piece on Louie McCarthy Scarsbrook on how he got into the Broncos system. He loved the fact he had found a sport where he could smash into people! Maybe there was some kid at the Bristol World Cup game who we don't know of yet but was hooked by the game and will go on to play in Super League? It is a great sport, more people need to see it.
  3. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    This happened in the Championship a few years ago, Leigh got a reprieve from relegation after Gateshead ran into money troubles.
  4. I know some people think sport is sport and if your not good enough then tough etc.. but I think Neil Jukes hits the nail on the head with his comments in the interview linked below. Rugby League is not Football were premiership multi millionaires have to face becoming championship millionaires with relegation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/41402866 "There's got to be a way for clubs to get up, but ultimately people lose jobs and that's sickening. "This was all about not losing a game. The uncertainty surrounding this situation is ridiculous. "You talk a lot about player welfare and mental health but that comes around job security so this is hypocritical of what we stand for."
  5. Same here, but it depends on who the 14 clubs are. I have wanted 2 French clubs since 1995 when the Super League was first conceived. Toronto has been an unexpected pleasant surprise. Very relieved the Dragons got the job done today. I do feel sorry for Leigh. Seeing Mickey Higham's interview at the end sums it all up really. Obviously I am not a fan of this 8's system at all.
  6. Its all up in the air as per usual with RL but it seems quite clear that an increase in teams will be happening from 2019. If that is to accommodate a French / North American side that I am pleased with that. I think 10 "Heartland" teams (maybe 11) is fair and realistic. The format is another issue I am waiting to hear about. I think the move to 14 didn't work out great last time but I also think the move to a Top 8 playoff was a poor choice as well. It seemed to me the top clubs like Wigan, Wire, Saints, Leeds lost their intensity as clubs during the regular season (fans may have sensed it as well). With Nigel Wood's penchant for "wacky/magic/clubcall/bluesox/millionpound" ideas who knows what we will end up with. I won't hold out much hope for a return to the old Top 5/6 playoff system.
  7. Maybe we will know some more information in the next couple of days. Some good quotes from Derek Beaumont in this article; http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/647812/Leigh-Centurions-Neil-Jukes-Derek-Beaumont-Super-League-Relegation "Everyone seems pretty clear that this current structure is not wanted because you don't want to be relegated from ninth or tenth. That is where the problem lies. The weakest team does not get relegated. Widnes were bottom but they have done the job and fair play to them. "But I think you would still have the Million Pound Game because everyone is clear they still want jeopardy. "There also has to be a way for clubs to achieve getting into Super League. It is to be decided on Wednesday."
  8. http://www.rugbyleaguehub.com/2017/09/18/toronto-wolfpack-founder-eric-pirez-spills-the-beans/ "Its' kind of my destiny to run it. I believe in it so much I've made it the force that runs my life. My life force is growing Rugby League in North America" God Bless Eric Perez.
  9. Well done Cas, great news. I hope they win the Grand Final.
  10. You have to take your hat off to Wigan at times. That 1st try was O Loughlin - Williams - Tomkins - Burgess - finished off by Gildart. All Wigan products who have (will) play for England. Fantastic. Wish all SL clubs could produce talent like that.
  11. Steve Mascord on the New York bid to enter the English competition by 2020; Mick Potter to coach the side and Eric Perez to be the "Boss". http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/set-of-six-maloneys-baloney-hard-to-swallow-20170826-gy4ycp.html
  12. PNG Hunters win minor premiership

    Fantastic. Hopefully a Fijian team can win the NSW Cup in the near future.
  13. Please no. But this is Rugby League. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/95973891/.html