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  1. I agree with this. Let's be honest, we couldn't really do much worse than last night could we? Surely, with a proper plan developed 12 months in advance, SL - in conjunction with a local council - could sell more than 5.5K tickets in a major conurbation for the Elimination Final? They'd need to choose the right stadiums though - not huge great places where it's going to look empty, but rather a decent 10K capacity football stadium in place that we think there might be a genuine opportunity to grow RL in future. Would it really have been less attractive to the Castleford fans who braved the M62 on Thursday night, to have to drive to Nottingham or Leicester? I doubt it would have taken much longer, and would have 'novelty value' if nothing else. We kept getting told there were loads of cities that wanted games in the RL World Cup and multiple cities that are interested in Magic. Well, why not choose a few of those cities and work with them to promote some of these play off games as 'events'? What have we got to lose?
  2. I might be missing something here, but isn't it the responsibility of a city to 'bid' for Magic, rather than - as the article suggests - a club 'asks' Super League to 'take' Magic to their area? Surely, what Catalans need to do is find a city willing to host it, and put together a financial package with the local municipality, sponsors, businesses etc. Make a compelling bid and then it can be looked at...
  3. You know what? I don't think I have a problem with that idea...
  4. But he talks in the briefing about how he thinks we play too many fixtures and how he is arguing hard for a reduction in the fixture list. So theoretically he does seem to think that he has influence - but that influence appears to be minimal. So, in the end, he reverts to being a mouthpiece. We either need a leader who makes decisions and gets things done, in which case a Robert Elstone figure on a big salary. Or we need a 'spokesperson' who can simply make things sound palatable to the press - in which case, get rid of Elstone and employ someone who is just a decent-level press officer on about a tenth of the salary. What we've got, it seems to me, is a bloke on a big salary who is doing very little apart from popping up every now and again with vague press briefings which tells us nothing much.
  5. In other words, he think whatever he likes, but he has absolutely no power to make any decision because the clubs will do what ever they please. So we've got a highly-paid - but powerless - mouthpiece for the SL clubs.
  6. Isn't it obvious? Splitting the pot 11 ways means more for the existing clubs.
  7. How would it be 'backed up'? In the end it comes down to whether we believe Andy Mazey - or not. The perpetrator is hardly likely to hand out death threats in public is he? It would just be referred directly to the police.
  8. Now that Leigh aren't getting promoted, and will have to make do with 5th place central distribution, is Derek going to suddenly want to offload a bunch of players?
  9. Doesn't really justify threats of physical harm though, does it?
  10. Hull KR were joint bottom (which they were if you look at the table) because they were one of the two worst teams in the league. They need to concentrate on making sure they aren't there again next season - which, judging by their recruitment thus far, they probably will be. Assuming Toronto qualify and are allowed in, they're likely to be even more in danger next season since Toronto will presumably spend their way to a higher league position. He needs to belt up and concentrate on his own club
  11. ... whereas Swinton 'jump the shark' Sorry, I'll get me coat...
  12. I suspect what will now happen is that some sort of new board consisting of small-time local 'business people', a couple of ex-players and maybe a supporters trust representative will be formed, none of them with two bob to their name, and the club will continue to decline into obscurity whilst playing nowhere near 'Swinton'... Pretty sad really, because it looked like they were moving forward, both on and off the field, these past few months.
  13. ... in the case of 'Swinton', they don't even play in their own 'village' They are clinging to a tradition that hasn't even existed for about 30 years!
  14. Some of those will be among the nine that will get re-signed. At a guess I'd say Kirk, Peltier, Wood and possibly Evans. Clubs always have a turnover at this time of the year, I don't really see anything out of the ordinary going on here.
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