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  1. Bit contradictory, to be honest If there are 'more popular options' than showing the Championship (and I'm sure there are) then why does it really matter whether those teams choose to play on Sunday afternoons? It seems a bit perverse to me that Championship teams would play on Thursday or Tuesday evening, and get far lower crowds, just to make some sort of point about a willingness to 'move past the idea that RL is played on Sunday afternoons'...
  2. I assume you mean there needs to be a game played every day of the week? Laying aside the fact that Sky appear to have little interest in showing any Championship (or League 1) games, let along one of 'every day of the week', such a requirement could easily be granted by spreading games over the Easter weekend. The core of the 'problem' with the 'three games in a week' scenario is that we are playing too many games.
  3. The point is that we've gone from Friday / Monday/ Sunday to Friday / Wednesday / Sunday That doesn't really seem like much of a step forward in 'player welfare' (which was the point of getting rid of the second game over Easter...)
  4. In the list of things that need to be sorted out with the Bulls, I doubt that I'd put starting a 'Hall of Fame' in the top twenty...
  5. This guy doesn't hold back on his Player Ratings for GB https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/great-britain-player-ratings-worst-lions-performance-of-all-time-24526/?fbclid=IwAR2zHrfuOKiWO47kQhy6EWvKmRdLMMY7U8gpD-lmsZjFYqLcvRhFPhpw8Cs
  6. So Bennett hasn't picked Ash Handley in his 21-man squad https://www.totalrl.com/ash-handley-not-included-in-great-britains-21-man-squad/ To be honest, the guy is taking the pee now, isn't he?
  7. Yeah, when the first two (missing) names he mentions are Sean O'Loughlin and Sam Burgess. One of those has now retired, and the other one really needs to (at least from International duty)...
  8. We had Gerry Sutcliffe (MP for Bradford South) on the board when Omar Khan owned the club, but it didn't seem to help much with moving things forward...
  9. What about Eddie Jones? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/league/news/article.cfm?c_id=79&objectid=12283831&fbclid=IwAR3p0d2KDIsgAJOuHSrevnn5MAk8oJnHjPV3Rtuk70YZ2TB-nFADtWgknXo At least he spends a bit of time in England unlike Wayne Bennett
  10. It's interesting to ponder what kind of process could happen that would enable Mick Hogan (or similar) to take on a significant and powerful role within Rugby League. You'd need to be rid of the current RFL bigwigs en-masse for a start, and it's pretty hard to see how they'd fall on their swords - given that they tend to appoint / promote each other. Then there is the RFL / SL split that only happened a year ago. At the moment, heading up the RFL wouldn't be a job likely to attract a Mick Hogan-level person. What would be the point? And the SL clubs would only want him if he danced to their tune. They've already got Elstone for that. It would simultaneously need a complete overhaul of the governance of RL in this country, and for several highly-paid individuals to give up their cosy jobs. Don't really see that happening somehow...
  11. No problem, just play Truman on one wing and Williams on the other. Job done!
  12. Are the two mutually exclusive? 12 months out from a World Cup we should be in a position to be able to have a large amount of clarity on the team for the World Cup (barring injuries / drastic loss of form). For me that means 'thanks for your service (and goodbye...)' to the likes of Hall, McGillvary, Hill, O'Loughlin, Graham. Pick a squad of 24 players who are the best team available to take on the Aussies and, at the same time, we'd be expecting probably 21/22 of those 24 to be the World Cup squad - allowing for the sudden emergence of a new talent or a total loss of form. The bigger point is that we need to have a clear 'way of playing' by the time the Australians arrive next year. I'd argue that's going to need a new coach, because we're going nowhere under this current guy.
  13. It's probably not 'outstanding', but it's still way better than Scotland or Ireland. At least in Wales there is a viable pathway - with a varied of amateur clubs as well as two semi-pro clubs. It's possible to progress through the ranks to a reasonable standard, albeit not necessarily to the very top level. There's nothing remotely comparable in Scotland or Ireland unfortunately.
  14. Mal Meninga now saying that he wants Australia to have a game against Toronto on their 2020 tour due to the SBW signing.
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