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  1. I don't think the governing body of a sport should be railroaded into having to keep making statements or confirming rules that have already been clearly stated throughout the year Only last month https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-relegation-confirmed-and-thats-bad-news-for-leigh-centurions-3343910 This has all been caused by Beaumont shooting his mouth off on local radio. A credible person would have quietly taken legal advice and then decided on a course of action, rather than spouting off first, trying to bully the SL chairman into going back on a decision that they've obviously already discussed a few weeks ago.
  2. Well, again, we are back to the question: 'Why should anyone have to confirm anything?' Has anyone confirmed that Oldham have been relegated from the Championship? Or Swinton? Apart from Daft Degsy talking smack on a local radio show there is absolutely nothing to see here
  3. The obvious trolling in the opening post won’t prevent this from running to about fifty pages by this evening…
  4. Why does there have to be 'confirmation'? Before the season started, the rules stated that the bottom team would be relegated. Leigh came bottom. Do the FA make an announcement that the bottom team in the Premier League have had their relegation 'confirmed'?
  5. Are we sure there is going to be relegation / promotion in that direction? Is 2x10s a way of effectively pulling up a drawbridge between 'the Top 20' and the rest, who would presumably then become more or less 'community clubs'? Genuine question
  6. FWIW I totally agree with HS on this. I expect Featherstone to win the GF as well I don't believe that promotion to SL should be decided on a one-off game myself, but 'thems the rules' and while ever they are the rules then it doesn't matter two hoots whether Toulouse are unbeaten all season. It all comes down to the 80 minutes on the day. I expect Toulouse and Featherstone to demolish the other teams in the play offs but once it comes down to the one-off I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Toulouse choke. To be clear, I hope Toulouse will be promoted, but I'm certainly not confident that they will be. I think Featherstone will 'do a Leigh' should they get promoted, but I guess we will see...
  7. I agree with that If Ralph was, like, number 3 in the organisation, working away behind the scenes on delivering services, disciplinary, referees, HR and so on, then I think he'd be great. He's clearly competent at administration, and passionate about the sport. The problem comes with him being catapulted into the head role. He's way out of his depth, and the very epitome of being promoted above his level. In an ideal world he'd be a guy in the background, and we'd have one - or more likely several - people with vision, strategy and media savvy driving the sport forward and engaging with the media, supporters and potential investors. But this is Rugby League, and we've just got Ralph
  8. Well, I made myself read through it all - but I really was none the wiser at the end He really just comes across as a man of very little substance
  9. And here we go with the entirely predictable response of Leigh fans leaping to defend Derek Beaumont even when he acts like a complete tool. Even worse is the need to 'defend Derek' but turning the abuse onto other clubs (in this case London) Once their game finishes today, I predict we'll see a few more You know, it's not mandatory for Leigh supporters to defend Beaumont in every instance. It's a perfectly reasonable position to support Leigh, support Derek Beaumont even, but still accept that there are times when he behaves in a way that actually brings his own club into disrepute.
  10. I read this piece yesterday and I must confess that my heart sank Yet another Working Group set up by, and involving, the same old suspects - albeit it could have been worse, Michael Carter could have been on it! Then you've got Ralph Rimmer spouting the same old meaningless drivel that he's famous for. No representation from clubs outside Super League, nobody from the Community, no input from people with a fresh perspective outside the sport It all just feels so depressing
  11. They didn't really 'sell out' though did they? Nobody wanted to pay for them (remember Premier Sports?) so there wasn't really another option. In fact, Nigel Wood 'bundling' the Champ and L1 in with SL and then leveraging that to get funding for those leagues was a GOOD thing, not the negative that is often portrayed. The option was the kind of mess that is playing out now Super League has been able to grab control. See above They didn't 'buy the rights', they had them thrown in - not for Sky's benefit, but for the benefit of the clubs outside Super League There's been endless chatter in the last year or two about how the Championship would be able to negotiate its own deal once freed from the shackles of SL, but it hasn't happened (unless I've missed the memo) That said, Sky ARE televising the Play Offs, and we should all be looking forward to that
  12. We can go on with that argument forever though Does any other league in any other sport have a mostly part-time second tier? Does any other team in any other sport not decide who gets promoted until after every other team has signed all the players? Does any other team give the promoted team 50% of the finances of the other top-flight teams It isn't a level playing field!
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