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  1. Got 19 easily enough, and I knew that last one - but couldn't remember the proper name for them.
  2. Any organisation with high-quality, visionary, dynamic leadership will doubtless bounce back ...which means we are doomed!
  3. Was that meant as a joke? The Government is rushing through legislation today to give them powers to force people to stay at home. We are likely to be entering total lockdown in the next couple of days. Expect to see that enforced by the police and army. Anyone who thinks that it would somehow be acceptable for 34 sweaty blokes to grapple with each for 80 minutes is living in fantasy land. I know referees like to keep teams 10 metres apart at the play-the-ball, but it's pretty difficult to play a RL game whilst keeping 2 metres distance for the whole game! It's not happening...
  4. Well done. You dived in and called it 'pure fantasy' before anyone even had a chance to post any fantasy. I mean we all know it's coming on this thread, but you got your reply in early
  5. How could the content be 'ramped up' when there are no games to show?
  6. The problem is that it might be OK for James Graham, who has had a good career and been pretty well paid - but many of the 'average joe' type players are paid very modestly. With mortgages and other financial commitments to meet, I suspect many players can't really afford to take pay cuts even if they wanted to
  7. Have we moved into a parallel universe here? There is literally zero prospect of these games being played on those dates.
  8. Super League clubs meeting in Huddersfield tomorrow apparently, with the single item on the agenda being whether to shut down the competition https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/super-league-coronavirus-season-postponed-3952350
  9. Where does he say that it would be via any other means?
  10. Either way there almost certainly won't be any live Rugby League to show in a couple of weeks time Maybe some League 1 or NCL games. But that's hardly within SL's scope to offer out...
  11. Wasn't there a thread the other day about how the standard of SL was good this year? Hmmmmm
  12. Well apparently Wheeler was wanted by a few other clubs (according to this weeks rugby press) so I'm not clear why St Helens would need to be doing 'a favour'....
  13. Has anyone managed to get to the root of why France don't really seem to be bothered about International RL? Until we can address that it's going to be difficult to progress... I would have thought that a game in France, perhaps at the stadium where Toulouse now play (which might help give them a boost in their growth), against a full French team would provide a pretty decent test. Surely with plenty of notice (too late for this year, sadly) a crowd of 10-12K could be attracted, and it could be a worthwhile event. With it now being March, and with Coronovirus as a factor, it's probably too late for this year.
  14. It's true that it will take quite a while for Canadian players to come through an Academy and be at the standard required. It's also true that the earlier they get started, the quicker they'll achieve that goal. I've made the same point about Toronto as well, but they haven't even got started yet! Given that they don't apparently intend to spent the full cap in League 1 - and, frankly, don't need to - why not set aside, say, £500K to pump into an Academy and programmes in local schools, colleges, universities? I'm sure that £800K should be sufficient to see them squeak past the clubs in League 1 that have a budget of roughly 10% of that figure!
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