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  1. I really don't get some of the comments in this thread RU had their European Champions Cup final at Ashton Gate - and I don't see people complaining. It's all over the media this morning. Yet when we think about having our final at Bolton it is considered 'tinpot'...
  2. If we feel a non-RL ground would be good, how about Bolton?
  3. I know we are only theorising about a non-existent game, but I'd be interested to hear any good reason to pick George Burgess on this season's form?
  4. Looks a pretty strong squad to me....
  5. It would be really interesting to have some sort of clarification as to why these afternoon games are only available for season ticket holders of the clubs. I get that it should be free for ST holders, but is there a good reason why they don't make it available - for a modest cost - to everyone else. It just seems a bit crazy that advantage isn't being taken of a potential income stream when everyone is desperate for cash. Maybe our esteemed League Express journos could look into this?
  6. OK I'll admit that the dithering comment was Championship-centric with the whole endless discussion about the season starting up and the Autumn competition fiasco. I agree that we need a range of scenarios - but we also need a healthy dose of realism. It seems obvious that we are being softened up for more and more restrictions and 'lockdowns' (of sorts) in coming months. Winter is going to be tough on many levels, so I really don't see any value in raising people's hopes that we are going to be having crowds soon - I honestly think it's going to be many many months yet.
  7. Everything is pointing to current restrictions lasting for the next 6 months (at least) which takes us to around April of next year. I think now is the time for the sport to be proactive rather than - as has been the case up to now - reactive. If it can be agreed that crowds are highly unlikely until next Easter than plans can be laid accordingly. It's constant dithering and indecision (not entirely the fault of our leadership) that's killing us! Obviously we need to finish the season off for SL for the sake of the Sky money - but let's not be hearing anymore daft talk about starting the 2021 season on Boxing Day. Or Super League in the depths of January. We need a strategic plan for the 2021 season that works with the reality of what we have to deal with - most likely a season running from Easter to November with the World Cup bumped to 2022.
  8. I guess once Sky decided not to bother, Wakefield figured they might as well save on the cost of switching on the floodlights
  9. ** sigh ** Just a matter of time before the Admins close my thread for being political
  10. Gone with immediate effect https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54180573
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54162381 Thoughts?
  12. The question was about finding answers with a 'dd' in them? I'm struggling to think of any other Yorkshire towns with a double d in them. Perhaps a reason why 16 people 'guessed' it who probably didn't know squat about RL?
  13. Shame it's so one-sided after the really close games in the last couple of days
  14. Liam Farrell is an obvious pick in the 2nd row
  15. Berwyn Jones who played on the wing for Bradford Northern and Wakefield in the 1960s won sprint medals in the Commonwealth Games and European Championships before he turned to rugby.
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