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  1. 11 definite + 5 'interested' If we end up with 16 teams, will there be two divisions? Conferences? Can't see that a 30 game season is going to happen (it has already been said it will be a home and away schedule)
  2. The thing is, those photos actually show the best bits of Belle Vue and Wheldon Road!
  3. Well, reading between the lines of Sinfield's comments, is Jackson Hastings one of those who offered to play for GB but doesn't want to commit beyond that I mean, Sinfield must be referring to someone. Who else could it be?
  4. Yes the 'devil is in the detail' with this one... 'Expressed interest' could just mean that they've had a chat with Ralph Rimmer. Well, Ralph had a few 'chats' with the Hearns, but it never amounted to anything concrete. So I'll hold back on getting too excited yet! Like Cookey says, a half-hour highlights package shown at some unearthly hour isn't really all that exciting, especially if there's little or no money involved. Would they be showing full-games? What 'slot' would they want? Remember Premier Sports showing games on Thursday evenings? If I remember, that didn't come with any cash either... So let's see how this progresses. It's moderately good news so far - at least there are real broadcasters who appear to be at least interested in having the discussion about TV coverage. That's good news as far as it goes - but there's a long way to go yet before we can start rejoicing.
  5. He's said that at least twice in post-match summaries this season - and then picked pretty much the same 17 the following week. I'm afraid he's going to need to actually do it if he wants the players to take him seriously.
  6. Was kicking out at the ball (at play the balls) by the defender just accepted back then?
  7. I honestly did expect it to be a link about an up-and-coming player in Women's RL
  8. Shock! Horror! Teams in the second tier of a sport aspire to the top tier... who would have thought it? Seriously, this is why the game below SL needs a strong, vibrant, energetic, visionary governing body to run it. Instead we have the weak RFL, constantly getting pulled this way and that by vested interests. Unfortunately, that's not going to change any time soon, certainly not while Ralph Rimmer is in charge. I still think it's fine for clubs to aspire to be promoted to the top level though. What we need is a comprehensive et of criteria that are required to join the top tier, whilst also having a strong governance to create a vibrant second (or maybe third, fourth etc) tier. We're actually not doing very well at either of those things right now. SL doesn't seem to know how to frame criteria for those clubs wishing to move up (finding criteria that doesn't immediately condemn some of the current occupants being a major problem), whilst the lower league clubs are becoming increasingly embarrassing in some of the things they are saying and doing (my own club chairman being one the key proponents, sadly...)
  9. If the stars align for Hull, and they hit their very best form on the day, then I absolutely could see them winning the GF And given how abject they have been in some games this season, that really does seem strange. The weird thing this season has been the diametrically-opposed form of some of the teams. 'When they are good they are very good, when they are bad they are horrid'...
  10. Well, exactly. I live in Leeds now, but I'd cut my own head off before I switched to the Rhinos. In fact, I make a point of wearing Bulls tops around Leeds just to rub it in all the more
  11. I agree, and I sincerely hope that the RFL unequivocally state this will happen... next season Too late for this year, the rules were decided before the season.
  12. That's a fair point For consistency, anyone saying he shouldn't be picked to play rugby for England should also presumably saying he shouldn't be in the British Army?
  13. Why was it announced by the RFL rather than Sky?
  14. Here we go again - the Championship / RFL making decisions part-way through a season.....AGAIN And making themselves look small-time and amateurish..... AGAIN Literally, the minute that TW failed to beat London, it must have been blindingly obvious to everyone that there was a very high probability that Toronto would be in pole position again this season? So, why are we even discussing this in JULY??? Oh yes, because the Championship / L1 / RFL are acting like a bunch of incompetents.... AGAIN
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