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  1. There were certainly more than 6 Hull players who made no tackles
  2. Define 'Lead' I don't think we know what we want from a 'leader', and until we know that we can't know whether Elstone is providing it. That for me is the nub of the problem. To what extent is he actually allowed to lead. Or is he just the mouthpiece for a squabbling group of SL chairmen?
  3. Why would any ambitious young player sign up to that? Doesn't every player want to play at the highest level they can?
  4. https://www.raidersrugbyleague.co.uk/post/statement-from-the-west-wales-raiders-board
  5. Seems the Bulls are up for it. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/18613280.bulls-coach-kear-disappointed-championship-stopped/ This report suggests the competition will go ahead if there are eight teams minimum (2 groups of 4), and along with the Bulls there are Batley and Barrow Perhaps only clubs beginning with a B are interested
  6. Some people might say that a lot things said at that time were a crock (....of )
  7. The RFL have already clearly stated that there won't be a SL place at stake. I know we aren't used to the RFL being clear about things, but in this instance it was 100% There will be no automatic promotion to the Betfred Super League from this competition.
  8. Except the RFL has already ruled that out - from the RFL website
  9. Like I say, no information from The RFL I realise its a bit of a chicken and egg but clubs need to have some idea of how many matches they might end up playing, for example.
  10. So far as I am aware there hasn't been ANY information yet about what form this competition might take Until the RFL produce the information, I don't see how any club can make a decision about entering. With finances in a precarious state everywhere you can't just throw your hat into the ring to enter 'a competition', everyone needs to know what they are getting into so they can assess the likely costs.
  11. We get this kind of argument quite a lot, but it's really not helpful. The point is that Rugby League isn't strong enough to be able to simply jettison viable clubs rather than help them build up again. Widnes have a better stadium and player development pathway than several SL clubs. Bradford have the player development and a large fanbase. London have the location to interest to media, and great player development. Newcastle are doing great work in their area and developing the game locally. And so on and so forth... Writing them off as yesterdays news really isn't doing anything other than protecting the status quo, and keeping the game on its current - shrinking - trajectory. Instead we need to be working out a whole game solution that actually maximises and grows the overall engagement and participation of the sport. TL:Dr we simply can't afford to be writing off current clubs that have potential by comparing them to clubs that became defunct more than a century ago
  12. The thing is the RU has a much more developed international scene which makes it overall more varied When the Wallabies come over they aren't just playing England three times, they'll play England, Wales, Ireland etc. At the same time, you get the Springboks playing Scotland, France and England, and Argentina playing etc etc So the 'Autumn series' as I think it's called will be ALL of the Home Nations playing different variants of several different touring sides over a four week period. So, no, they aren't just playing the same teams over and over. We can't do that because there's really only Australia (who don't really want to come) or Tonga (who can't afford to come) - so it ends up being yet another three match series against New Zealand. The closest we ever came was the Four Nations concept, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.
  13. ... maybe because we want to use the International calendar to grow the game? For example, I see that Tonga are playing (against Cook Islands) in the World Cup at Middlesborough. IF that game is a success, then why not have Tonga vs England at the same venue 12 months later to build on the interest? 34K capacity according to Wikipedia - surely not inconceivable that we could get close to that capacity with a decent build up off the back of the World Cup?
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