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  1. It said in his interview in LE that none of the SL clubs had made him an offer
  2. Of course they can. But maybe a little humility would be good. Hudgell was quick to jump on the SL hype-train with McManus, Lenaghan, and Moran. Now that it's hit the buffers with COVID-19, and he hasn't got deep enough pockets to ride it out, he's suddenly backtracking - whilst all the while protecting his own interests by demanding that relegation is scrapped. I just find the man objectionable almost every time he opens his mouth
  3. Mr 'Rent-a-quote' strikes again! Interesting he talks about how big decisions should be made by the RFL and NOT the clubs. Wasn't he one of the people pushing forward on the SL split with the RFL precisely so that the clubs could make all the decisions? Also interesting he says the Championship clubs are threatening litigation over promotion and relegation ... presumably Degsy flexing his muscles again?
  4. If the team doesn't include Alan Rathbone, then it's simply not valid
  5. Well, I don't agree that it's 'one small part'. The Government funding that has already gone into the World Cup isn't a small matter, for one thing. I do agree that it's a case of finding 'the least worst option'. That's clearly going to mean compromises, but I'd still want to hear some plans for 2021 as part of the thinking about the rest of the 2020 season. There's too much short-term thinking as usual in RL - we need a plan for 2020, 2021 and possibly for 2022 as well to navigate through this.
  6. Would you not agree though, John, that World Cup 2021 needs to be the overriding priority? If that can be agreed, then everything else should 'work back' from that. Otherwise the needs and desires of the SL clubs take priority and, effectively, the World Cup gets thrown under the bus.
  7. I don't think any proper judgement can be made on finishing in January 2021 without seeing a clear plan for the 2021 season. I can't believe any serious person would favour a 2020 season finishing at the end of January, followed by a full 2021 season, running straight into a World Cup. To be honest, I'd probably say the same about finishing in December. Clubs would be in pre-season in December, with friendlies from Boxing Day onwards. We'd just be flogging the players, and ruining the World Cup.
  8. I can't read the article because it's behind the TRL paywall, but I read the piece in this week's League Express which I assume was the same or similar. So far as I read in LE, he fails to address several fundamental points: 1. Will Sky give permission for games to be streamed? If not, then the idea is dead anyway 2. Has he got a better platform for streaming than Our League which I have constantly found to be unreliable. That's OK when it's free but there's no way I am paying for Our League until it is significantly upgraded 3. What happens to Toulouse and London? 4. Who is paying for all the testing kits and other expenses? 5. Assuming he would allow all season ticket holders to access the stream for free (or is he expecting them to pay a second time?) what makes him think that all of the non-season ticket holders would be willing to pay for the stream? Whilst it might be viable for a team like Leigh to sign up sufficient paying customers to make the streaming viable, are there really enough non ST holders from teams like Sheffield and Whitehaven to justify them bringing back players from furlough? 6. Would be still want to do all of this 'for the fans' if it was decided that there wasn't going to be any promotion this season? Or is this actually motivated by the opportunity to get into SL?
  9. 1 Gary Cooper 2 Gary Christie 3 Gary Connolly 4 Gary Wheeler 5 Gary Mercer 6 Gary Schofield 7 Gary Freeman 8 Gary Cocks 9 Gary Hetherington 10 Gary van Bellen 11 Gary Price 12 Gary Charlton 13 Gary Divorty Might be one or two **slightly** out of position, as I doing some of it from memory of seeing them play
  10. Yes, my first thought was Ian van Bellen Pre-Super League, of course, but a genuine baldy man
  11. The obvious venue is Odsal - already owned by the RFL so no outlay, and there's plenty of wide open spaces to social distance. That's assuming it hasn't simply crumbled to dust in the time since it was 'mothballed'
  12. Nothing screams 'small time' more than an owner of one of supposed 'elite' clubs complaining that his club might be unsustainable because some supporters might ask for their season ticket money back...
  13. ^ This The decision is not in the gift of the SL chairman or Robert Elstone
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