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  1. Perhaps the team beaten by 20 might have fancied their chances of overcoming that in a second game? Look, I'm not necessarily favouring this idea, but I think its worth more consideration than some on this thread are giving it. Teams need more than 11 home games, and this is one way to increase that.
  2. Keep in mind that 12 clubs are already guaranteed to be in this round - and they are looking (it seems) to get to 14 top-flight clubs soon. At that stage, there are only going to be two Championship teams even making it to that stage. If they are competitive Championship Grade B clubs like Fev or Halifax or whatever - teams aiming actually to get to Grade A level then they ought to be at least competitive. It's not like every SL club is going to play a low-level team TL: DR There wouldn't be that many blowouts.
  3. Looks like the Bulls will be in favour https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/1674/jason-hirst-statement-on-img-proposals
  4. I predict the answers on this thread will be defined by: "whatever MY club has right now"
  5. Everything will depend on the criteria for A, B and C I'm optimistic, but we need more detail
  6. So RL supporters don't have opinions of their own? Funny, I could have sworn this was a forum. I don't understand why Fev fans are being so coy. They've been telling us for months that Mark Campbell made a mistake in appointing McDermott. Who would they like instead? It's a perfectly reasonable question
  7. Not at all When John Kear left us earlier this year, there were a multitude of suggestions from our fans. Of course, we ended up with someone we didn't want, but that's not really the point. Rugby League fans have opinions on these things. What's yours? I mean, I thought this was forum...
  8. I'm surprised that the Featherstone fans here - many of whom have been calling for McDermott to go - are seemingly bereft of suggestions as to a replacement. All I've seen so far is the idea of trying to lure Craig Lingard! I thought you'd all have a raft of better coaches in mind
  9. Well, you got your wish Fev fans - who is next for the hot seat? Feel free to tap up Mark Dunning lol
  10. I don’t believe I’ve ever said I “don’t like” Featherstone. I don’t think they are Super League ready, but that’s just an opinion. If they’d have won promotion then fair enough - I’d wish them well. I was actually looking forward to a Leigh vs Fev Anyway, hopefully Featherstone can regroup, rebuild and go again in 2022, perhaps give Toulouse a fight.
  11. I wouldn't. But then, as I've posted before, I wouldn't randomly add two teams to SL anyway. I'd be planning far longer in advance to expand SL, and there'd be criteria for teams to step up. If Featherstone met those criteria at the end of the assessment period - which would be at least three years - then good luck to them. But it wouldn't be guaranteed.
  12. All those people who havew repeatesly posted on this forum saying "Just promote Leigh and Featherstone and make SL into 14 teams" seem to be quiet. Featherstone are nowhere near SL quality at the moment. A top Championship team, yes - but that's where they are at right now. Leigh look like a SL-ready outfit on and off the field and would have battered Featherstone next week. As for Batley - well, you just can't help but love them, can you?
  13. Awesome from Batley. Even if they get pumped next week, which they will, they've exceeded al expectations and had an incredible season. Featherstone were dire, weren't they. They need a complete clear out of their "Dad's Army" and complete rebuild, starting with a new coach.
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