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  1. As ever the devil is in the details. Lots of talk about travel being 'low' and borders being 'largely closed' - so clearly there are going to be exceptions. Given that they held the Australian Open tennis in January and, so far as we know, are sending a team to the Olympics, then I think we can assume that a way will be find to fly out the players and get them home again. And, obviously, it needs to happen as most of the teams rely heavily on players based in Australia. What probably isn't going to happen is hordes of supporters being allowed to travel. But do many Aussie fans tend
  2. Bradford vs Newcastle has been moved to June 6th https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/960/newcastle-clash-rearranged
  3. All very competitive games in League 1 - a good sign Even West Wales look like they can mix it this season
  4. Will Cas fans give two hoots about being 'classy' if Radford can deliver trophies? Genuine question
  5. What odds on a quick exchange deal to be worked out between Wigan and Canberra - straight swop between Williams and Hastings before the end of the season?
  6. Nice bit of irony there. A supporter of a team that doesn't have an Academy bagging a team that has had one for years and produced numerous SL and Championship players
  7. Good article, making many points that I'd certainly like to hear answers to
  8. Was it a case of Toulouse putting the cue on the rack, or did Halifax suddenly start playing?
  9. That remind me of how a lot of our (Bulls) fans were c.2016/2017. The so-called 'smaller' teams LOVE giving the so-called bigger teams a good smacking! The reality is that the Champ teams tend to be stacked with very good players who, whilst perhaps never being quite at SL standard - know what it takes to get the job done at Championship level.
  10. Either way, it sounds like it's going to be a fresh start for Warrington, which I don't think will be a bad thing
  11. I can't find a single Bulls fan on our (RLFans) Forum who isn't expecting an absolute mullering from Halifax! Even our usually chronically over-optimistic Facebook banter group seem to be expecting the worst and believe me, that is scarily unusual.
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