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  1. How did that work out for Hemel Stags and Oxford?
  2. The thing is Deano, and we all get your disdain for expansion clubs, you aren't listening to what Welsh Magpie is actually saying. He lists 19 junior RL teams in South Wales, plus several amateur teams in the Southern Conference, together with 11 people doing their coaching badge today. Should we simply jettison this? I wouldn't mind hazarding a guess that there is more RL activity in South Wales than there is in North Yorkshire. What's the excuse for why the success of York isn't producing RL activity from the East coast across the Harrogate? Clearly there is a lot of good work being done in South Wales, but it's not being capped off with a viable and credible semi-pro club. I don't honestly know enough to know all the answers - but I trust what Welshmagpie says - somehow the semi-pro club needs to be relocated into Cardiff or it's environs. That would be a start. Then perhaps a sprinkling of seasoned L1 level players, or a workable DR arrangement with someone? Maybe then we can see some progress...
  3. You just can't over estimate to ability of SL to shoot itself in the foot can you? Great opening weekend, with large crowds, a decent re-brand, all the hype over SBW and some great tries being scored. And then super-whinger Hudgell opens his big mouth and puts SL on the front page of BBC Sport for negative reasons...
  4. Or, alternatively, Wane said he'd only take the job if Sinfield wasn't anywhere near it?
  5. I would exactly say 'come out of nowhere' - outstanding for the Bulls last season in the Championship. Just the latest in the Bulls production line that, if we weren't constantly run by clowns and shysters, would be the core of a very good largely home-grown SL team at Bradford. Ah well...
  6. Why would anyone listen to a word he says? He's shown himself to be totally untrustworthy
  7. Common sense at last. Thanks John This forum was becoming unbearable Hopefully all other Toronto threads will be insta-locked
  8. I've never understood why they didn't (or didn't seem to) want to locate the proposed RL museum in The George Hotel. Seemed the obvious venue (as opposed to some random room inside Bradford City Hall)
  9. It's what was called a 'double negative' when I was at school ...which means that he IS most certainly going back to the NRL
  10. He’s actually 40 years old, and suffers from chronic knee pain. He looked decent for a few minutes yesterday but let’s be realistic folks...
  11. Aren't Salford part of the new Reserves set up? I certainly hope they have more than 24 available players this season
  12. Bulls team was our reserve team, no first team squad members played
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