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  1. Sale Sharks fans sing "We 're just a small town in Cheshire". So they don t identify themselves as Mancs. Neither do I as a Salfordian!!
  2. No it wasn't. There was no cup for 'League winners'(I assume you mean the team that finished top of the league).The fourth cup was for Yorkshire or Lancashire League winners. The top four playoff winners were the Rugby League champions.
  3. I think it was fairly obvious that his claims were rubbish. I m no fan of Edward Heath but the police chief who said he was guilty should now face charges.
  4. Great game!! Good atmosphere in Father Ted s in Hua Hin Thailand. Probably 50/50 fans split ( and me a Wigan fan!!!).
  5. Another disastrous attempt at starting a new club!! Although there was also a London Highfield in the 30s I think. They lasted two years or so. Also a disaster Kent/Southend Invicta! Didn t they get 83 spectators at one game?
  6. What is this myth about millions of Aussies living in London all about? We hear that they should be targeted to prop up the Broncos. I live in West London and 20 years ago there was a sizeable youthful Aussie population but not these days.
  7. Wow!! The Waggon and Horses on the Lune in Lancaster. I d forgotten that place. We used to go in there before Lancashire county RU games at Vale of Lune.
  8. Watneys Stag bitter was a good drink. We used to always look for it on trips to London for the Challenge Cup final.
  9. It was CAMRA Mild month in May. There were many milds available in London. Mild was never a southern drink and the first 20 or so years I lived in London there was none but recently they have become available on a more regular basis. When I was growing up in Salford in the 60s there were milds from Chesters,Wilsons,Tetleys,Greenalls,Boddingtons,Hydes and Holts. (The first four were horrible for my taste).
  10. It was my favourite beer 30 odd years ago but it is a shadow of it s former self. There are so many new beers from small breweries these days. In West aLone In where I live there is such a great choice of beers. But unfortunately I m in SE Asia for 8 weeks and it s all lager unless you want to pay £8 for an Aussie or NZ microbrew or banana beer in Vietnam which is brewed freshly and delivered to street cafes and really cheap and very good.
  11. One can buy seating tickets online you know! I have problems with my eye and I can t see very well from behind the goals,so I am able to buy seats between half way and the 22m line at most Wigan away games.
  12. I worked in finance for the Mirror and after Captain Bob died his wife Betty had the cheek to try to claim her widow s pension!!
  13. It gave me a good living for 37 years and a decent pension!
  14. Elvis Costello received an award which is fantastic news to me!!
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