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  1. I think a try should be the decider in extra time not a dropped goal. Or why not just leave it as a draw?
  2. When London played at the athletics stadium before, what were the crowds like? I used to go fairly often and I dont recall many 'aspirational types' ( whatever that means)attending .Nearly everyone who I knew and spoke to were exiled Northerners ( like me).
  3. In the 60s I think there were 34 games for each club.
  4. Texas v LSU next Saturday should be a great game.
  5. And Alabama are on their way to a big victory too. I m looking forward to LSU v Alabama!!
  6. London is a hell of a place!. I 've lived there for 27 years and I love it!!
  7. It s already one of the best grounds outside Superleague. I agree it could be improved but so could most other RL (and RU) grounds.
  8. Perhaps if some of the people who are now shouting about Bury had actually attended their games they wouldn t be in such dire straits ! I used to live in Bury and hardly anybody I knew went to Gigg Lane.
  9. Can t see beyond Alabama and Clemson yet again for the NCAA championship final.
  10. I assume you are extracting the urine!! Ĺeague Leaders shield means nothing. Wigan will be Superleague champions when they win at Old Trafford.
  11. Sale Sharks fans sing "We 're just a small town in Cheshire". So they don t identify themselves as Mancs. Neither do I as a Salfordian!!
  12. No it wasn't. There was no cup for 'League winners'(I assume you mean the team that finished top of the league).The fourth cup was for Yorkshire or Lancashire League winners. The top four playoff winners were the Rugby League champions.
  13. I think it was fairly obvious that his claims were rubbish. I m no fan of Edward Heath but the police chief who said he was guilty should now face charges.
  14. Great game!! Good atmosphere in Father Ted s in Hua Hin Thailand. Probably 50/50 fans split ( and me a Wigan fan!!!).
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