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  1. I remember him being on the Granada regional news magazine programme in the 60s with Bob Greaves and was Michael Parkinson on the same programme?Great broadcaster!!
  2. Alabama v LSU next Saturday. Then it will probably be a rematch in the playoff semi or final. Wish I could be there in Tuscaloosa but instead I ll be in Birmingham for the Fulham game.
  3. I'm in agreement with you. A terrible record but the only blot on a remarkable career!!!
  4. The Millennium Stadium didn't bid for next season's Pro14 final so why would they bid for the Superleague final? The final is now at the Cardiff City stadium(32000 capacity rather than 70000)!!
  5. Good pub crawl tonight in Manchester . Here for tomorrow's final from London. Crown and Kettle,Marble Arch,Angel, Smithfield Market Tavern then the Castle. I 've lived in London for 27 years and Manchester used to be cheap for beer but Now it is almost as expensive!!Come on Salford!!!!!
  6. We stayed in the Roker Riviera, South Shields and Whitley Bay the three years the Magic weekend was in Newcastle recently. Whitley Bay was the best. Lots of pubs and restaurants. Sunderland was OK but the last bus from town to Roker was about 1030pm.
  7. I think tier 6/7 football is better than Championship RL!!
  8. I m in Cala d Or in Mallorca on holiday and watched Salford v Cas and Saints v Wigan in Hollywood bar there over the weekend. Easier than finding a pub in London. I remember about 12 years ago there were about 20 to 30 people who used to go to a pub near the British Museum on a Friday night to watch the rugby. What's happened to them all?
  9. Which game? I live in West London and it is almost impossible to find a pub that shows RL especially if soccer is on. Best bet would be Aussie or Kiwi bars round Covent Garden or a Walkabout if they are still going.
  10. Fulham's average will be about 15,000 this season if they manage to be near the playoff places. Down from 25,000 last season in the Premier League but the Riverside stand has been demolished and is being replaced.
  11. I was at Hillsborough yesterday supporting Fulham and there were 22000 there.So your comment is rubbish.
  12. I follow Fulham and they offered free coach travel to a few away games two seasons ago but not at all last season when we were in the Premier League ( and so far none this season).
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