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  1. I've been watching RL since about 1962 and then (and many years before) there were 2 amateur clubs in the 1st round draw with the 30 pro clubs. The amateur clubs were the Yorkshire amateur and the Lancashire/Cumberland amateur cup winners.
  2. Just forget about the hundred years before Super League eh? There were no incredible try scorers then!! Same as in football , nothing happened before Premiership or Premier League. Really annoys me.
  3. I don't know why Broncos say they have to charge disabled fans full price. Who is making them?
  4. I thought about going to Ealing to see the Broncos play Whitehaven as it's not far from me in West London. But £25 ?? I went twice last season against Wigan and Salford and for a Superleague game it was OK but against Whitehaven? Hardly any shelter and standing on a grass bank! Also I noticed that Broncos 'have to charge' disabled fans full price. Do other clubs have concessions for disabled fans?
  5. Tony Garnett has died. Involved in making Kes with Ken Loach among many other great projects like The Price of Coal , Between The Lines and This Life. Also Cathy Come Home and many others.
  6. Rugby League Proper cricket ( test and 4 day stuff) Football Rugby Union US College football
  7. I go to as many games as I can but I live in London and spend five months abroad each year. I've never bought anything from any club shop.
  8. I love 'proper' cricket but not T20 or the abomination that is 'The Hundred'!!
  9. I went twice last season to Trailfinders ground and both games against Salford and Wigan , the away support far outnumbered the home fans.
  10. Wow! What happened to Paley? His wedding was featured in an article in The Times years ago.
  11. We used to play Old Gaytonians when I played Union many years ago.
  12. These days Manchester and other Northern cities are expensive too. I was in Manchester for the Grand Final and I'd say the average was over £4 for ale. It's about £4.30 here in West London.
  13. I remember him being on the Granada regional news magazine programme in the 60s with Bob Greaves and was Michael Parkinson on the same programme?Great broadcaster!!
  14. Alabama v LSU next Saturday. Then it will probably be a rematch in the playoff semi or final. Wish I could be there in Tuscaloosa but instead I ll be in Birmingham for the Fulham game.
  15. I'm in agreement with you. A terrible record but the only blot on a remarkable career!!!
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