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  1. I saw Jerry Lee Lewis at the New Orleans Jazz Festival a few years ago and he was brilliant although he only did about 30 minutes. I couldn't believe many 30 and 40 year olds near us saying they'd no idea who he was!! Re Little Richard there was a reference in the great Times obituary to him being ambisexual and he had a threesome with Buddy Holly and another unnamed person . What a life!!
  2. New Orleans Saints Chicago Bulls New York Yankees Manchester United Celtic
  3. I've seen many live streams in cinemas in the last few years. Much cheaper than going to the theatre. Streetcar Named Desire, Porgy and Bess among others.
  4. I went to all those finals The Wigan v Hull was the best in my opinion. Also in reply to another thread. Whatever happened to Mornflake Oats and John Bull beer kits?
  5. Wasps played at Sudbury not Sunbury. London Irish played at Sunbury. Easy mistake to make. John Thaw and Dennis Waterman made the same mistake in the Sweeney that was shown a few weeks ago.
  6. I knew Simon Calder when I worked for Mirror Group and the Independent was owned by us. I used to ask him many questions and he was most helpful.
  7. What is the legal requirement for receiving a refund?. I have had two theatre bookings cancelled and they both offered us vouchers. We would prefer a money refund. Also a flight booked through Expedia has been cancelled and they said it would take up to 30 days for a refund. When the booking was made the payment was taken on my card instantaneously almost.
  8. In London they can be used before 930am on the Tube and buses. Anyway most people (including me) can walk to a supermarket as there are so many in most areas of London.
  9. So it turns out that Bob Wilson was right and Harold Genders was wrong!!
  10. I've been to Hong Kong many times and the markets are pretty disgusting. I've seen snakes decapitated and they still wriggle about. Other animals are slaughtered in the market and then taken away to people's homes. I 've not been to mainland China but I would imagine it has even lower standards of hygiene!
  11. What's non essential? Going to the pub and the theatre and concerts as well as going to Sainsbury's are essential to me. How do you propose keeping age groups separate? Different trains and buses? The transport system here in London couldn t cope.
  12. If they are going to play at Hofstra University, it is 1 hour 50 minutes from Manhattan. Can't see many supporters from most places in NYC if that is correct!
  13. One of the best jazz pianists in my time.
  14. Pity more people don't!!!!! I worked for Mirror Group for 37 years until I retired 4 years ago. When I started we sold 4.5 million when I retired the average sale was 1.8 million. Now it is 1.3 million. Free sheets,the internet and 24 hour tv news have wiped us out. The same with all titles.
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