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  1. Being a jazz fan, really enjoyed BBC4 last night and on Friday evening. There must have been as much jazz on those two evenings as on the previous how many years.
  2. Could we arrange a meeting in a Central London pub for the final? I remember many RL fans 10 years or so years ago going to the Museum Tavern in Bloomsbury.
  3. Good programme on BBC4 about Hull during the Blitz. Very touching. My parents lived near Salford Docks during the Blitz and experienced similar devastation.
  4. Brilliant journalist and editor of the Sunday Times. He exposed the Thalidomide scandal. He was shafted by Rupert Murdoch when he took over Times Newspapers.
  5. Some great beers there but I live in London and since the pubs reopened I've only seen local beers. Windsor and Eton,Sambrooks, ELB are among the best
  6. Tiger is brewed in Malaysia and Thailand even though it originated in Singapore.
  7. Talking Heads is just so good. I've seen all of them recently except the Martin Freeman one. I'll watch on the I player. Looking forward to the last one in half an hour.I saw them all in the original series and the new ones are just as good .
  8. I spend five months in Malaysia and Thailand ( at least when there is no lockdown there!) and while I think Singha is OK, Tiger is better in my opinion. Export Guinness is the best in Malaysia but it has been reduced in strength lately.
  9. Taylor's used to be the best beer in the 80s but there are so many new breweries that are much better.
  10. YOrkshire or Sussex produce the best beer in England closely followed by London in my opinion.
  11. I can't drink Sam Smith's bitter either but some of the bottled beers are good.
  12. I'd never thought of watching Pick (which is on freeview)until the EFL highlights moved there. I support Fulham.I didn't know it was owned by Sky until last week.
  13. I saw Jerry Lee Lewis at the New Orleans Jazz Festival a few years ago and he was brilliant although he only did about 30 minutes. I couldn't believe many 30 and 40 year olds near us saying they'd no idea who he was!! Re Little Richard there was a reference in the great Times obituary to him being ambisexual and he had a threesome with Buddy Holly and another unnamed person . What a life!!
  14. New Orleans Saints Chicago Bulls New York Yankees Manchester United Celtic
  15. I've seen many live streams in cinemas in the last few years. Much cheaper than going to the theatre. Streetcar Named Desire, Porgy and Bess among others.
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