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  1. looked at the hudds line up- only ever heard of one player!!!!!!!!!!!!!! journey man turner
  2. Westerman leaving TWP

    his agent might be more skilled than he is
  3. Westerman leaving TWP

    westerman is rubbish, end of story, the typical example of lack of quality English players in sl, had his chance , had his day, had his chips (by the look of it) - waste of time - waste of money - go back to lock lane
  4. Westerman leaving TWP

    hull fans must wonder about the clubs ambitions with a backward signing like this
  5. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    Fulham shirt?
  6. McNamara must go!!

    maybe lost in france too many times now
  7. McNamara must go!!

  8. The TV Thread

    cunk on Britain is worth a watch, although the joke is thin and wears out in no time its still better than most bbc so called humour, not amazing tv but watchable and enjoyable
  9. MotoGP 2018

    what u talkin bout willis???????????????
  10. Blood Pressure

    cant you be nutty AND right ?
  11. Blood Pressure

    avoid doctors at all costs, frontmen for legalised drug dealers, charlatans the whole lot, "heres some chemical formula to cure your ills sir, may (almost certainly will) lead to worse side effects, signing prescriptions like death warrants in the 3rd reich - once they get their hands on you then your just another cash cow for pharmaceutical giants and their shareholders, every one I know that has died ended up with stacks of useless drugs on the bedside tables, what good did they do? none.
  12. Blood Pressure

    dont talk to my mates sister about doctors at the min- couple of weeks ago her husband was sent home by the gp wrongly diagnosed, few days later collapsed went to hospital sent home again by the hospital wrongly diagnosed , collapsed at work again a few days later in the morning, taken to hospital, dead in the evening
  13. No charges against OAP

    release the hounds
  14. The TV Thread

    is anna Karen in it?
  15. I wonder what he did with his truncheon?
  16. No charges against OAP

    why have 2 of them got their hoods up? it isn't raining is it? they should be charged with criminal damage to his fence with whatever they stuck in in to hang them up
  17. Rant thread

    and such a lovely moustache too, showing us a playful side like oliver hardy or chaplin
  18. New Centrist Party In The Offing ?

    an easy way to get power would be to call yourselves "the childrens birthday party" everyone loves them, or "the bargain party" everyone loves a bargain.
  19. Rant thread

    footballers doing abba songs? that is sickening pal
  20. Josh Charnley says get Eddie on board

    I thought it was eddie szymala
  21. The TV Thread

    theres no pleasing our 7 year old granddaughter when it comes to tv when she visits cos we only have freeview- although last week she was totally absorbed in watching one of the on the buses movies (when the lion gets on the back of the bus in the safari park with stan and blakey) later asking "are there any more programmes with that man on them again" oh gaawd - that made my day, that did.
  22. Obituary Thread - 2018

    he could have only checked out at treble 20 when you think about it though, true british sporting great never be another eric bristow
  23. 6 Apr: SL: St Helens v Hull FC KO 7.45pm (TV)

    wheres barba?
  24. No charges against OAP

    if the scumbags didnt put the mark there in the first place there would be no need to step near it never mind over it
  25. No charges against OAP

    should have just shook his hand from the start and said "well done, heres a voucher for 2 weeks in the sun while we sort out the paperwork" shame we even think about the rights of scumbags that dare to intrude in the homes of good honest working people