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  1. Toronto

    viva Toronto- viva every single atom of the rl related world that is possible
  2. Daryl Powell hails Jake Trueman

    never mind
  3. Daryl Powell hails Jake Trueman

    cant wait to see Thurston darn chick driving that truck that emptys the portaloos
  4. Daryl Powell hails Jake Trueman

    johnny Thompson - wakey legend
  5. Toronto

    blessing in disguise, weed out the bad apples before they have a chance to sour the rest, taylor and bailey both a waste of money that could be spent on better- well done twp for not hesitating to get rid
  6. Carillion - gone?

    educated criminals working within the laws yet again
  7. the despot is not going to go without a bang from the look of things, how can a fat little idiot like him have such a hold on a nation, lots of questions to be asked and answered on this one
  8. New Leeds Captain

    where is the nrl queue to sign him? oh that's right - there isn't one- don't know where the good wc form came from either? less than average for mine on those displays
  9. New Leeds Captain

    yawn- let him sign for the titans then- end up getting "homesick" or "bad luck with injuries" - and so on
  10. New Leeds Captain

    no nrl club would want Watkins - terrible choice as capt, goes missing most of the match against any quality opponents just like senior used to do
  11. Scottish Football= a question

    the world of the small minded football fan never fails to amaze, I was gonna watch Chelsea v Norwich tonight up until the point I realised I didn't give a .............................
  12. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I was on hold so long to nat west today by the time I got through I had forgotten what I had rang them for
  13. how do you solve a problem like korea?

    I think kim has got the upper hand on trump at the min and playing him like a fool, will trump say anything good about this? most likely not- these 2 are becoming panto style villains both looking for whoops and boos from the audience- both about as much use as a panto cow too
  14. Obituary Thread - 2018

    that's the worst part, poor kids
  15. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    my cars diesel, its staying diesel until the day these electric car loons come and take the keys off me
  16. The TV Thread

    its like that actor in doctors - day time soap, mrs tapes it, at the end of every sentence I have to finish it with "mr meldrew"
  17. Scottish Football= a question

    I cringe when season after season celtic play in the champions league and get hidings from the real giants of football, its like "whats the point" cant see why the English prem that has Swansea in it cant have celtic too, they were created by a catholic church back in the day as a way to raise money for the poor and destitute of Glasgow - its now just like the school bully that never left school and still goes round bashing the yung uns
  18. Carillion - gone?

    what was the name of the huge maintenance firm that went bust a few years ago in a similar way, they had loads of council contracts, men and vans etc
  19. somewhere along the years I cant help feeling a lot of the fun of being a fan at a live match has been taken away and the experience diminished somewhat (not knocking modern stadia or ways here) but here are 3 examples. 1 fans changing ends at half time in droves exchanging banter with the home crowd in their main stand, always a good laugh 2 the kids running on the pitch at the first second the hooter sounded to get their fave players autograph or tie ups 3 (soon to be next) youngsters sitting on the wall in front of the south stand, generation after generation as if they were the front line with an army of noise and atmosphere behind them the last game I went to was at hudds ground where after been allocated an expensive part of the plastic I wouldn't have chosen if I had been allowed to walk round the ground it was un memorable, un enjoyable and quite a sterile miserable experience all round
  20. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    Brendan hill would win the golden boot these days - easily- at full back!
  21. Food and drink thread

    what makes it French? and not just onion soup?
  22. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    what would you suggest instead?
  23. The TV Thread

  24. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    this threads about how things have changed, not if they are better or worse then and now