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    Ideas thread

    and ben westwood
  2. graveyard johnny

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    prob wont give the same entertainment value as "les"
  3. no idea the game was taking place- no idea how to watch it- oh well
  4. graveyard johnny

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    he might want to emulate shaun wanes legacy as a loiner 90 to 93?
  5. graveyard johnny

    85000 at Wembley

    er no - that's the rfu
  6. graveyard johnny

    Whatever Happened To....

    ah, the trash the forum party, a surreal sunday night as I remember, I wonder what happened to the poster who started that thread?
  7. brown was playing? would be good if Austin could bring out the best in a young English talent as a half back partner if there are any prospects coming through that is next year
  8. is the indoctrination of children about religion child abuse? is the molestation of a young mind just wrong on so many levels? should it be against the law for elders to have the opportunity to corrupt the minds of the impressionable ? just creating more mad fekkers in society ?
  9. still doesn't exist on bcc website or bbc tv text- whats score?
  10. according to bbc website the game does not exist , nothing in live scores fixtures or internationals
  11. graveyard johnny

    The TV Thread

    if this is banks, Washington and dibnah I might be interested- if its just more insufferable chefs getting air time then no thanks
  12. the kiwis have won a lot more than England have in the modern era
  13. graveyard johnny

    Zak's Back

    reminds me of when we were teenagers looking in the skips at the sports factory, the police pulled up and asked for our names, one of my mates replied "mike baldwin"
  14. graveyard johnny

    children and religion

    some kids don't get that opportunity of choice, our daughter used to go to sunday school but it just seemed like the sally army spreading their message of charity and well being rather than "you will be outcast if you give this up"
  15. I wouldn't say cars are better, maybe better built but they all look the same
  16. yep- u will need to download an app before u go for a sh...………. soon
  17. graveyard johnny

    children and religion

  18. graveyard johnny

    Tommy Robinson

    why would they get in to trouble for having a pic taken with someone? cmon shadow perhaps you could explain
  19. graveyard johnny

    Tommy Robinson

    todays events with the young soldiers are quite bizarre , considering the influence of the muslim council of gb - lots to think about there
  20. graveyard johnny

    Our new position in the EU

    we will be able to fill them and for a change pay a rate that reflects a decents days graft, even if the "POOR" farmer has to downgrade on one of his range rovers , even if Wetherspoons has to just get by on 100m profit instead of 111m, do you know how much they charge to keep someone in a care home? stupid statement ckn - I would have thought better of you - maybe some of the #### landlords that are sub letting and taking advantage of the situation cramming them in will suffer too- HOPEFULLY
  21. graveyard johnny

    The TV Thread

    well I don't - do I? cos I cant own a stupid telly for any reason unless I am conforming to draconian broadcast rules
  22. extreme weather conditions are not anything new in fax
  23. graveyard johnny

    Grand Final Crowd

    nothing wrong with the gf atmosphere, bet man u wish they could replicate it
  24. watched a documentary the other day about twisters in Kansas , this young girl was swept up in one with her dog and ended up in all sorts of strife with some very strange looking characters, hope these events don't become more frequent cos the whole thing looked pretty scary
  25. graveyard johnny

    The TV Thread

    doesn't matter how much you watch it they will still demand you stump up the licence fee as if it was the 11th commandment - to think I am paying "mr goody 2 shoes" matt bakers wages makes my blood boil- I should have the right to sack him if I employ him.