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  1. The Great Dane

    New $250,000 NRL Logo

    Guys all these numbers and stuff have come from "unnamed sources" in a Dean Ritchie article... In other words calm down cause it's BS! It's classic Dean Ritchie "journalism" (frankly it's classic News Limited sports "journalism"), the story will be completely twisted for clicks and to sell newspapers, it'll effectively be lies by omission to create outrage. It'll either turn out that yes the NRL did pay $250k to a marketing company or design firm for new logos and graphics, but they payed for like 100 or so different graphics and logos not just the one in the article, or the $250k number in the article will turn out to be massively over estimated, in reality it'll probably turnout to be a mixture of both honestly. For a start the article has completely omitted all the other new logos that the NRL has come out with in recent weeks that were almost certainly bought at the same time, like the new Premiership logo for next year and the whole range of new logos that follow it's theme (the WNRL logo, new state logos, new SOO logo, etc), so that they can twist the situation to make it look like the NRL payed stupid money for one logo, here's the new Telstra Premiership logo for example- So even if we ignore all the other new logos and graphics that the NRL is introducing for next year and assume that the $250k number is accurate then the NRL has actually payed $125k each for two logos and suddenly it isn't half as bad the article makes out, but as I said before the NRL is coming out with a whole range of new logos and graphics in the same style that the article omitted and it'll almost certainly be the case that the number in the article is BS...
  2. You'll note that in the article that point isn't sourced and there's no quote backing it either, frankly that's probably cause it's conjecture or it's just been assumed by the author. The clubs have no recourse by which they could stop the players from taking part in this game if they really wanted too at that time of year, and the clubs know it. The clubs may not want them to take part but they can't stop them from taking part. For example, NRL players take part in the Koori Knockout and Murri cup all the time, I'm sure that a lot of clubs don't like it (the RLPA doesn't like it either for that matter), but they can't prevent it from happening cause it's happening during the players break time and they aren't being payed by a competitor organisation to do so (i.e. they aren't turning out for a RU club in the off season) . BTW this wasn't a test match...
  3. The Great Dane

    Eric Perez

    What'd you expect!? There's always a lull as the followers watch to see if the first one over the breach is successful or if he is shot down... If the WP continue to be successful and keep going from stride to stride then others will see the opportunity and follow given time.
  4. The real issue is the third, the rest is just noise. They wanted something from the NRL to get the game off the ground (probably money to top up the players match payments) and since it's got nothing to do with the NRL they wouldn't give it to them. I'd say that they should have contacted the NZRL for the support (cause you know it actually has something to do with them) but they probably couldn't afford it even if they were inclined to support the game if we are honest.
  5. So long as the PI's and to a lesser extent NZ are dependant on the NRL for financial support (among other things) it's always going to be the case that games like this are going to have to be approved by the NRL unless they (the PI's and NZ) can find a way to fund the event independent of the NRL... This wasn't a test and it had nothing to do with the RLIF, but even if it did have something to do with the RLIF there wouldn't have been time for the Australian reps to consult with their stakeholders before they were asked to approve it considering that the game was organised on such short notice.
  6. Need to be careful here cause it's not clear at all what they mean by 'lack of support'. Considering that it's the off season when players aren't expected to front up for clubs it's very unlikely that the NRL or the clubs refused to release players. So it seems much more likely to me that what they mean by lack of support is that they wanted financial support in some form from the the NRL and as it's on such short notice and they aren't really involved the NRL refused. So yeah who knows what really went on here, but jumping to the conclusion that it's the NRL's 'fault' or whatever would be unwise.
  7. The Great Dane

    Drinkwater leaves Catalans

    Sam Ayoub is the dodgiest of dodgy player managers, he basically embodies all the stereotypes of player managers being leeches out to make a buck. I'm not saying that he did in fact go against his client's wishes in this case, but if any players manager was going to do it then it'd be Sam Ayoub. He's definitely pushed players into going to clubs that they don't want to or which aren't as good for their careers because another clubs deal was worth more in the past, so yeah this isn't hard to believe at all.
  8. The Great Dane

    Eric Perez

    The thing that is really great about watching games like Tonga vs Samoa, a PNG game, etc, is the crowd and the atmosphere at the game, now maybe I've totally misjudged this and I'm wrong, but somehow I think it's really unlikely that a whole bunch of PI's are going to attend a match in Toronto... So the main thing that makes those games so exciting to watch almost certainly wouldn't be a factor in Canada... That and the fact that most of the PI nations probably can't afford to participate in a game in Canada, so they'd need their expenses bankrolled to take part, and unless Argyle is willing to spend an extra $100k or so to get the game off the ground or he or the nation in question can convince the NRL to cover some of their costs (which is unlikely to happen unless the NRL stand to gain from the game), means that the idea probably isn't a goer. BTW, the Roos may get a bad wrap (particularly in England), but don't let that BS cloud your judgement. Like it or not, or whether or not you think their style of play is particularly entertaining or not, they are pretty much the best team in world and have been for decades. I'm not suggesting that you should be clamoring to see them play or whatever, just saying that you shouldn't count them out cause of stupid stuff and that you'd probably really enjoy attending one of their games if you got the chance. Besides the Roos are starting to go through a period of turnover in the roster (particularly in the most important positions) as a bunch of the stalwarts retire, so there're a few years coming up where they'll be weak and vulnerable as the next generation of players fight to fill the gaps left by those that are retiring and cement themselves into the team, so if anybody unexpected was going to get one over them now would be the time to do it...
  9. The Great Dane

    Women's NRL competition to start in 2018

    Meh, St. George have been just as supportive of women's RL and for just as long, and commercially and geographically it was always going to make more sense for the Dragons to get the nod over the Sharks. Don't take this the wrong way but in a perfect world the Sharks would probably never get a club, cause unless the NRL plans to copy all the mistakes made in the NRL (which btw they probably do) you'd only have 4-5 Sydney clubs in the comp, East Sydney and South Sydney are covered, that leaves North, Inner West, and Western Sydney to go... But as I said they're probably going to copy the the men's league so you'll get a team eventually.
  10. The Great Dane

    PNG Hunters/Cains affiliated NRL bid

    Well they are and much more so then any other organisation in RL, it's very possible that they put more raw resources into the growth of the sport then all the other organisations put together. So yeah what exactly are you complaining about? And what exactly do you want them to do more of on the international level? The only things that I'd criticise the NRL about in this regard is that often they have no way of controlling how the money they invest is spent, they just give a lump sum to the NZRL for example and then more often then not almost all of that money disappears without a trace and with nothing to show for it, personally I'd like them to go into deals with the other nations where they agree to invest x amount of money over x amount of years but they receive maybe 40% ownership for the period of the contract, which automatically reverts back to the nation once the contract expires, and they get x amount of NRL people on the board and a say in how their investment is spent (and the ability to track exactly how the money is spent) and in the running of the organisation, cause most of the time the money is going to frivolous things and sometimes out right corruption happens (almost certainly more often then we think it happens too). The other thing that I'd criticise the NRL for in this regard is that they spend all this money on NZ and the PIs while they completely neglect the sport in Australia outside of QLD and parts of NSW (Sydney and Newcastle). Good luck getting any significant funding from the NRL if you aren't in Sydney and surrounding regions or QLD, cause it ain't coming, and it's slowly killing the sport cause the small clubs in country and especially in the non-traditional RL states simply can't compete with the AFL, who definitely pump more money into juniors in country NSW alone then RL as whole does in the whole world, when they are surviving off literally nothing but the money that they can raise themselves. So it's always seemed stupid to me that the NRL is propping up RL in Oceania while they watch the sport dying at the roots in Australia... But apart from those two things (and some other minor grievances) I don't see how you could reasonably criticise the NRL in this regard... Sure you do... Where are the rants about how the RFL doesn't care about RL and is only a business for the rich people that own it to make money from? Where are the posts berating the RFL for abandoning the sport in the rest of the British Isles by cutting their funding to the other nations governing bodies? Where are the posts demanding that the RFL directly invest it's money and resources no questions asked into other neighboring nations RLs to prop up the sport in those countries not just in the British Isles but in parts of Europe where it's applicable, and maybe Canada as well? Where are the posts demanding that the RFL take financial risks to support NRL and/or NZRL initiatives that they won't see a return from even if the initiative is successful? Cause the NRL does all of the above in it's region right now, and is expanding it's reach all the time (it looks like they plan to really seriously target Hawaii as a place to invest in the sports growth next, not that I or anybody outside of the NRL know that for a fact but that is the way things seem to be going ATM), yet you are complaining about something that in the grand scheme of things is as insignificant as which team the RFL is sending to the European Championship... Doesn't seem like the same standards to me...
  11. The Great Dane

    PNG Hunters/Cains affiliated NRL bid

    What exactly do you want the NRL to do? I mean they already fund the existence of NZ and basically every Pacific Island nation (except for PNG and Fiji), and they already develop all their players for them (even PNG and Fiji). So what exactly is it that you want from the NRL, cause they are objectively doing more then RFL does, especially since the RFL cut funding to the other nations in the British Isles and let Scotland collapse into nothing... You're quick to hurl criticism at the NRL for not doing enough internationally, yet you seem unwilling to hold the RFL to the same standards...
  12. There's so much that is such a bad idea about this, it's just totally the wrong approach... Allowing outside organisations to come in and just take your employees for their own ends, and allowing them to do it in the middle of your without compensation is just such a bad idea and sets a very bad precedent. The NRL shouldn't be fining the clubs if they refuse to release players, they should be setting up a system so that the clubs can seek compensation from the NZRL, RFL, and any other promoters for the players that they take, helping them seek that compensation, and setting up rules for cap relief for clubs that lose players during rep matches. If the above article is true then the NRL and RL establishment as a whole have just single-handedly turned every NRL club against internationals when they could have done some relatively minor things and got them onside, and it'd be a lot easier for the sport to progress and grow the international game with the NRL clubs backing it then it will be having to constantly work against them. I kind of hope that a club fights it and takes the NRL to court over this, not cause I don't want to see the game go ahead, but so the sport can be forced in a better direction.
  13. Germany to compete for Ice Hockey gold at Olympics thanks to NHL ban. That selfish damned NHL just doesn't care about international Ice Hockey does it guys! Them banning their players from participating in an unconnected competition right in the middle of their season doesn't have anything to do with them wanting to protect their businesses and bottom line they're just selfish, insular, and don't really care about the sport! But seriously now, I'd bet that plenty of leagues in every sport do stuff like this all the time, not just the NHL and NRL, I'd also bet that most of it goes unnoticed and/or unreported as well, I'd also bet that if the roles were reversed and the SL was the dominate competition in RL that they would do exactly what the NRL is doing right now, and I wouldn't blame them either...
  14. execpt the RLIF doesn't have the power to enforce that rule even if they wanted to! A rule isn't a rule unless you have the power and the will to enforce it, if you don't have the power and the will to to enforce it then your rule ain't worth the paper that it's written on...
  15. By RL standards they are huge (considering that no such compensation exists they are more then huge), and they cover their risks at least to some extent. No such arrangement exists in RL. If you are suggesting that this doesn't effect Australia then you're an idiot, cause it does effect Australia, a portion of players playing in an Australian competition, funded by Australians, employed by Australians, etc, are being expected to blow that all off without compensation. That affects the NRL and Australia and sets a terrible precedent... Yes they are, they are leaving them smack bang in the middle of the season and risking their health for a nothing international that stands to gain nothing, and without the club, their employers, being compensated for their loss. They wouldn't need to start a war, just maintain what they are doing, and they won't be in debt for long they have $2 billion coming into the kitty... I also find the idea that they would be starting a "war" ridiculous...