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  1. The Great Dane

    Women's NRL competition to start in 2018

    Meh, St. George have been just as supportive of women's RL and for just as long, and commercially and geographically it was always going to make more sense for the Dragons to get the nod over the Sharks. Don't take this the wrong way but in a perfect world the Sharks would probably never get a club, cause unless the NRL plans to copy all the mistakes made in the NRL (which btw they probably do) you'd only have 4-5 Sydney clubs in the comp, East Sydney and South Sydney are covered, that leaves North, Inner West, and Western Sydney to go... But as I said they're probably going to copy the the men's league so you'll get a team eventually.
  2. The Great Dane

    PNG Hunters/Cains affiliated NRL bid

    Well they are and much more so then any other organisation in RL, it's very possible that they put more raw resources into the growth of the sport then all the other organisations put together. So yeah what exactly are you complaining about? And what exactly do you want them to do more of on the international level? The only things that I'd criticise the NRL about in this regard is that often they have no way of controlling how the money they invest is spent, they just give a lump sum to the NZRL for example and then more often then not almost all of that money disappears without a trace and with nothing to show for it, personally I'd like them to go into deals with the other nations where they agree to invest x amount of money over x amount of years but they receive maybe 40% ownership for the period of the contract, which automatically reverts back to the nation once the contract expires, and they get x amount of NRL people on the board and a say in how their investment is spent (and the ability to track exactly how the money is spent) and in the running of the organisation, cause most of the time the money is going to frivolous things and sometimes out right corruption happens (almost certainly more often then we think it happens too). The other thing that I'd criticise the NRL for in this regard is that they spend all this money on NZ and the PIs while they completely neglect the sport in Australia outside of QLD and parts of NSW (Sydney and Newcastle). Good luck getting any significant funding from the NRL if you aren't in Sydney and surrounding regions or QLD, cause it ain't coming, and it's slowly killing the sport cause the small clubs in country and especially in the non-traditional RL states simply can't compete with the AFL, who definitely pump more money into juniors in country NSW alone then RL as whole does in the whole world, when they are surviving off literally nothing but the money that they can raise themselves. So it's always seemed stupid to me that the NRL is propping up RL in Oceania while they watch the sport dying at the roots in Australia... But apart from those two things (and some other minor grievances) I don't see how you could reasonably criticise the NRL in this regard... Sure you do... Where are the rants about how the RFL doesn't care about RL and is only a business for the rich people that own it to make money from? Where are the posts berating the RFL for abandoning the sport in the rest of the British Isles by cutting their funding to the other nations governing bodies? Where are the posts demanding that the RFL directly invest it's money and resources no questions asked into other neighboring nations RLs to prop up the sport in those countries not just in the British Isles but in parts of Europe where it's applicable, and maybe Canada as well? Where are the posts demanding that the RFL take financial risks to support NRL and/or NZRL initiatives that they won't see a return from even if the initiative is successful? Cause the NRL does all of the above in it's region right now, and is expanding it's reach all the time (it looks like they plan to really seriously target Hawaii as a place to invest in the sports growth next, not that I or anybody outside of the NRL know that for a fact but that is the way things seem to be going ATM), yet you are complaining about something that in the grand scheme of things is as insignificant as which team the RFL is sending to the European Championship... Doesn't seem like the same standards to me...
  3. The Great Dane

    PNG Hunters/Cains affiliated NRL bid

    What exactly do you want the NRL to do? I mean they already fund the existence of NZ and basically every Pacific Island nation (except for PNG and Fiji), and they already develop all their players for them (even PNG and Fiji). So what exactly is it that you want from the NRL, cause they are objectively doing more then RFL does, especially since the RFL cut funding to the other nations in the British Isles and let Scotland collapse into nothing... You're quick to hurl criticism at the NRL for not doing enough internationally, yet you seem unwilling to hold the RFL to the same standards...
  4. There's so much that is such a bad idea about this, it's just totally the wrong approach... Allowing outside organisations to come in and just take your employees for their own ends, and allowing them to do it in the middle of your without compensation is just such a bad idea and sets a very bad precedent. The NRL shouldn't be fining the clubs if they refuse to release players, they should be setting up a system so that the clubs can seek compensation from the NZRL, RFL, and any other promoters for the players that they take, helping them seek that compensation, and setting up rules for cap relief for clubs that lose players during rep matches. If the above article is true then the NRL and RL establishment as a whole have just single-handedly turned every NRL club against internationals when they could have done some relatively minor things and got them onside, and it'd be a lot easier for the sport to progress and grow the international game with the NRL clubs backing it then it will be having to constantly work against them. I kind of hope that a club fights it and takes the NRL to court over this, not cause I don't want to see the game go ahead, but so the sport can be forced in a better direction.
  5. Germany to compete for Ice Hockey gold at Olympics thanks to NHL ban. That selfish damned NHL just doesn't care about international Ice Hockey does it guys! Them banning their players from participating in an unconnected competition right in the middle of their season doesn't have anything to do with them wanting to protect their businesses and bottom line they're just selfish, insular, and don't really care about the sport! But seriously now, I'd bet that plenty of leagues in every sport do stuff like this all the time, not just the NHL and NRL, I'd also bet that most of it goes unnoticed and/or unreported as well, I'd also bet that if the roles were reversed and the SL was the dominate competition in RL that they would do exactly what the NRL is doing right now, and I wouldn't blame them either...
  6. execpt the RLIF doesn't have the power to enforce that rule even if they wanted to! A rule isn't a rule unless you have the power and the will to enforce it, if you don't have the power and the will to to enforce it then your rule ain't worth the paper that it's written on...
  7. By RL standards they are huge (considering that no such compensation exists they are more then huge), and they cover their risks at least to some extent. No such arrangement exists in RL. If you are suggesting that this doesn't effect Australia then you're an idiot, cause it does effect Australia, a portion of players playing in an Australian competition, funded by Australians, employed by Australians, etc, are being expected to blow that all off without compensation. That affects the NRL and Australia and sets a terrible precedent... Yes they are, they are leaving them smack bang in the middle of the season and risking their health for a nothing international that stands to gain nothing, and without the club, their employers, being compensated for their loss. They wouldn't need to start a war, just maintain what they are doing, and they won't be in debt for long they have $2 billion coming into the kitty... I also find the idea that they would be starting a "war" ridiculous...
  8. Pfft, I'd bet that they are compensated in some other way by FIBA then and also wonder why the Dream Team doesn't play all over the place all the time... Do we need to keep going through leagues or do you get the point?
  9. Nope, but there are clauses that require the player to get permission from the club to leave camp during the season or at times that they are required to work, we know that too. Seems contradictory to me, could it be that it's not explicit in the contracts and that they still need permission to leave the club hanging!? Well I never would have thunk it, public relations is a thing! That would make one of the main points that is brought up in discussions about of the Denver game redundant, as the broke NZRL wouldn't be getting any cash injection from it... 2018 is the start of the next TV rights cycle, the NRL will start getting payments from the broadcasters again. In other words they aren't broke anymore, well at least until they ###### it up a wall by giving every cent to the clubs and a handful of players. I'm currently working nights most nights, it's only for a little while to help a friend out (a few months more at most) and there's ###### all to after 10pm most nights. Most of the time I don't post on things that don't effect Australia either because my opinion has already been stated and doesn't need repeating or because I don't think that I know enough about the subject to be able to add anything to the discussion, and because honestly when it comes to things about Australia most of the people on here get things ###### backwards cause they don't really know what they are talking about, just like I wouldn't really know what I was talking about if I was suggesting the best places in the UK for the SL to expand to for example. And have you ever stopped to think that maybe you are just taking everything that is said as provocative when it's not intended that way, and that the "provocative" Aussie posters might actually just be tell you how things are down here and you just don't want to here it for whatever reason...
  10. Nope cause FIFA give them a massive grants and part of deal with that grant is that the EPL is willing to release their players for an international window and basically whenever FIFA wants them. No such grant exists in RL to compensate the leagues for such things (the RLIF couldn't afford it anyway), and as things stand the NRL hasn't even acknowledged that the "international windows" exists, in fact the the only time I've ever seen anyone at the NRL talk about it was when Greenberg was asked about it by (I think) Mascord and Greenberg didn't seem to have a clue what he was talking about and seemed to think that he was only talking about the rep weekend which has been around for decades in the NRL.
  11. No the RFL aren't a party to them (technically the NZRL are though in a lot of cases but I can't be bothered explaining), but the players are a party to them, and if the players breach those contracts all they are doing is hurting their careers and their livelihoods! Also what international payments? The Kiwis payments are topped up by the NRL to match the Kangaroos, the NRL won't top up the payments for a match that they aren't supporting, so the Kiwis match payments won't be $30k (or whatever they are now) they'll be the pittance that the NZRL can afford, or it'll come straight out of the NZRL's $500k or whatever it is for the match and then that'll be gone to the players before they ever got their hands on it.
  12. No it'll mean that the RLIF is an incompetent organisation that thought it'd be a good idea to let two of it's members directly effect anthers business in a massively negative way without compensation or didn't see this sort of response from the NRL/NRL clubs coming. The whole Denver idea was/is ridiculously stupid and was/is never ever going to work unless they were going to get the NRL onside or compensate them cause as has been stated over and over most of the player that would be taking part are NRL players, and it's being played right smack bang in the middle of the NRL season, yet the NRL stands only to lose from the concept (through their players and the money they bring), it'll never get up without the NRL's assistance and obviously that assistance hasn't been sort from the start. For comparison do you think that the NBA would release their players to play in a match against the Boomers (Australian Basketball team) that they have nothing to do with and aren't going to get any return from right in the middle of the NBA season? Like hell they would, they wouldn't even release them in the off season under those circumstances, no sensible business would, and i don't see why you or anybody else should think that the NRL should be any different. If they didn't want to involve the NRL and the NRL clubs then they shouldn't have planned for it to be held during the NRL season, it's that simple, but even then if it was in the off season they still should have consulted the NRL about it cause it's mainly their players that are at risk.
  13. Most of them would dance to the NRLs tune, cause if they didn't they'd be out of the job cause the NRL would stop funding them and/or subsidising them and would stop all their joint projects with the Australian government to grow/support the sport in their countries. If for example the NZRL walks away from the NRL more then half their income is gone over night, every single one of their players that is worth a damn is gone over night, they'd have no money, a terrible international team that wouldn't even be 4-5 grade quality, and more likely then not they'd fold before the year was out. The same is true of all the other PI nations (and a bunch of other nations as well such as Lebanon and a bunch of other smaller nations such the South American nations, most of the Asian nations, etc) except PNG, but PNG is right in bed with the NRL in other ways and would be destroying all that if they didn't follow the NRL...
  14. The rules aren't worth the paper that they are written on, the NRL simply has all the leverage in the matter, sorry...