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  1. I've given you a devastating example where bad time zones have totally screwed a sport, and all you've got in response are assertions that it isn't true...
  2. Nobody is talking about merging the NRL and Super League either (thank god), and what they are talking about doing in Rugby Union could/would see 20 clubs from at least 13 different countries across the world competing in it (Aus, NZ, RSA, AR, IRL, FR, ITL, USA, JPN, and each of the member nations of the UK). I'd bet you anything that they'll quickly look to expand the number of nations competing as well. There's no way they can pull that off without having a heap of fixtures in crappy time slots all over the world.
  3. It'll be interesting to see what kind of backing they can get for this concept and where it's coming from. If they can get good support for the concept then it could be a great thing, if it's effectively going to be a park footy competition where the players are expected to cover their own expenses it's probably not going to last long. Good luck to them though.
  4. In these times you've gotta make money the best way that you can. If the best way to achieve that in the time that you have left is to switch to a Nines format for a shortened season, then that's what you have to do.
  5. I'm telling you now that if half of the EPL's games were played between 2-5am on a weekly basis it'd get old very quickly, and they'd bleed ratings just like Super Rugby has in Australia. Also, 6pm and 9pm aren't inconvenient times, and most of the rest of your examples are special events/one offs like PPVs and the Olympics, which do well here as well. Pfft, no it's not, the extra later time slot/s is one of the main attractions of having Perth teams.
  6. The problem isn't an 'attitude' against games being played outside of peak times, it's just an acceptance of a reality of human behaviour that matches played outside of peak times, or rather outside of convenient times, aren't going to get as large an audience as games that are played at convenient times, which leads to a financial reality that those games aren't as valuable to broadcasters and sports leagues. As a one off or semi-regular special event it's no big deal, but when it becomes the norm, like it has in RU with Super Rugby as it's premier competition in Australia, it's extremely damaging. The single biggest factor in the downfall of RU in Australia over the last 20 years is that so many Super matches are played at inconvenient times. That lead to low ratings for roughly half of the Super season, which lead to a lack of interest from FTA, which lead to Super being put behind a pay wall, which not only lead to them bleeding fans to their competitors, but also lead to even lower ratings, which lead to the value of their broadcasting rights contracts not keeping up with the NRL and AFL, which lead to them bleeding talent to the NRL and AFL because they couldn't afford to match the contract values of their competitors, which lead to a drop in the quality of the competition, which lead to a further drop in ratings, etc, etc, you get the idea. In countries like RSA or NZ, where there isn't much competition in the sports market, or rather the football market, it isn't as big a deal. In Australia it basically allowed the AFL and NRL to eat up whole generations of kids that would have traditionally grown up to be RU fans, and it's one of the main factors that has ###### their sport up so badly that it looks like they might not be able to get a broadcasting contract at all.
  7. That'll be a total #### show. For the Super Rugby clubs it'll just be a bunch more pointless games played at the crack of dawn in worthless time slots. I wouldn't be surprised if Australian broadcasters have no interest in it at all, but even if they are interested the first time around they won't go for it the second time when the ratings are trash.
  8. I think the fact that they had too effectively steal it from other parts of the game suggests that you are wrong.
  9. The NRL isn't just a sports league though, it's the governing body for the whole sport of RL in Australia. That $360 million a year isn't created just by the Telstra Premiership and that money has to fund the whole sport not just the Telstra Premiership and the clubs in the Telstra Premiership.
  10. The Storm only got extra funding from the NRL as part of News ltd agreeing to sell the club in 2012/13, and it was only a few million a year for a few years. So the way you have framed it is incredibly disingenuous. I never said that it was all the Sydney clubs fault, that is just a straw man. The Sydney clubs are definitely one of the biggest obstacles to expansion and general growth though, and the easiest problem to fix.
  11. You keep failing to mention that the NRL couldn't afford those 130% of the cap grants, that they had to take money ear marked for other areas of the sport that needed it much more desperately to fund those grants, and that those grants that the NRL couldn't afford are a big part of why they are in the financial struggles that they are in now. So to suggest that that money is as much the clubs as anybody else's is quite galling considering that they had to take it from other partners in the game and they had to strong arm the ARLC and NRL into giving it to them.
  12. People keep saying this like it's a bad thing. Firstly it's inevitable, every business requires investment to start up and establish themselves. But more importantly, the vast majority of the money that went to establishing the Storm came from their owners New ltd, and not the NRL, so they weren't anymore of a burden on the league than any other club.
  13. Obviously you do mind being educated because that is what you are whinging about. If somebody is making pronouncements and decisions based on bad information, don't you think that they should be informed of that bad information?
  14. We can't satisfy that demand because the NRL refuses to expand until A. they are comfortable that all the current clubs are sustainable and B. they have 'the money' (they never define how much) to do it. Some of the current clubs will never be sustainable because they're in an over saturated market that they can't compete in, and the NRL will never have the money because they waste at least $117mil dollars a year in propping up those clubs that will never be sustainable. It's a self fulfilling prophecy of failure. Also you have delusions of grandeur when it comes to the NRL clubs, especially the ones in Sydney. The smallest AFL club in Melbourne (the North Melbourne Kangaroos) had 42,419 members and an average attendance of 20,808 in 2019, that is more members than any NRL club and a higher average average attendance than any NRL club except the Broncos. In comparison Souths had 28,394 members and Parramatta averaged 18,396, the biggest numbers in each category of any of the Sydney clubs. Here's the real kicker, the AFL is trying to force the North Melbourne Kangaroos to relocate to Tasmania...
  15. It's not an assumption when we have proven demand, and we have proven demand in both Perth and Brisbane.
  16. Most of the clubs I mentioned have had prolonged financial problems going right back to when they were founded, for example Cronulla have almost gone broke and/or been bailed out about once a decade going back to 70s. But with the exception of the Raiders, Magpies, and clubs that have actually folded, all of the clubs I named in that post have almost gone broke and/or been bailed out by the NRL at least once in roughly the last decade.
  17. There're some very dodgy assumptions in here, but the big ones are that A. population growth in the immediate area will result in proportionate growth in support for the local club, and B. that you need an NRL club in every suburb to maintain market share in Sydney.
  18. In some cases it was loans, but in a lot of cases, I'm willing to say most cases, it wasn't.
  19. Maybe you can argue that for some of them, but were wages really too high in the 70s, 80s, early 90s, and 00s?
  20. I mean it depends how far back you want to go, but Cronulla have been bailed out multiple times over the years, both partners in the merger and the Wests tigers themselves have been bailed out, St. George have borrowed money and been helped by the governing body, the Rabbitohs, Newcastle, multiple of the former clubs on the Gold Coast and the Titans themselves, I'm probably forgetting a few others as well. If you add in clubs that were bailed out by News ltd as part of the SL war you can ad a bunch more to that list as well, including the Raiders BTW.
  21. The AFL are also constantly trying to relocate or merge more of their smaller clubs in Melbourne. Just Google AFL relocation, there're regularly stories about it.
  22. This is so ironic considering the side of the argument that you on. On the back of a vision of a national competition the NSWRL went around the country and NZ murdering local clubs and traditional competitions, but now that it's their turn to give up some of their traditions and clubs to build a brighter future and achieve that vision they're having none of it.
  23. But Melbourne wouldn't exist if Sydney wasn't rationalised after the SL war... Firstly, no clubs should be got rid of, that's just a straw man. The Tigers and Depending on information that isn't publicly available one of either Cronulla or St. George should be dropped. Preferably Manly needs to be totally reformed into a club that represents all of NS, which will probably necessitate them being taken over because they've refused to make changes on their own. If Manly can't be reformed into a club for all of NS then they need to go as well, and a discussion has to be had about how you cater too the NS market. After that though you're probably right for the foreseeable future, but it'll definitely change though because it's totally reliant on market pressures. Also it's funny that you say our arguments don't cut the mustard when the only arguments that we've got in response have been arguments from tradition, which is one of the worst arguments in human history.
  24. None because they've all been bailed out, honestly it's not difficult! Do you want a list of the clubs that should have gone bust over the years?
  25. I'm sorry that you are totally incapable of accepting that people have opinions other than yours, but that isn't my problem. And the only person trying to turn somebody off anything is you!
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