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  1. I don't expect the other team to pay it. NRL/SL. Dare I say it... IRL.
  2. Jimmy Barnes is Aussie Rock loyalty, formally of Cold Chisel. Every Aussie knows him. If you can’t get into Cold Chisel, there is little hope for you (Johnny) Diesel is a great Aussie soloist from a similar era. Most Aussies over 30 will know of him. As to the rest of them…
  3. They may be the only other nation with predominantly northern hemisphere born players to make it out of the group stage. Lebanon will take some beating.
  4. Yes, Auckland 9s. For sure that's an issue. If there was a $1.5m cheque for the winners, would that be enough for them to take it seriously?
  5. Money talks. I wonder how much it would take. If I recall, the winner of the Auckland 7s netted as much prize money as the NRL Champion of the same year. Even that was not enough for the teams expected to mount an NRL Premiership challenge later in the year to take it seriously. Considering for a moment that any match in Aus would not sellout, is it possible that a WCC could sellout a 50k seater stadium a week after the GF in England? If not, is it fair to say that demand isn't there from the fans either?
  6. I was really impressed with Saints win yesterday and expect if they were playing the NRL champions next weekend it would be an absolute cracker of a game. Alas, the respective seasons are not aligned and there seems to be little desire for the WCC from down under, let alone a proper one held immediately after the respective Grand Finals.
  7. Not a very insightful piece from the ABC. I feel slightly dumber for watching it.
  8. Yep, you beat me to it. No point confirming until after the WC. Perhaps a four nations with Eng and France is in order.
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