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  1. Good on him. Looks a lot like his dad as he’s grown up.
  2. Yeah, Sarginson’s England career around that time was very inspiring. I had high hopes for him in the NRL and was disappointed to see his career go down from there due to injuries. He more than earned his place in the England centres at that time.
  3. That’s quite interesting. I wonder who is producing it.
  4. True, it is a bit of a dream. Pro clubs to Cornwall is a good point and it’s taken. Clubs themselves won’t be raising alone though. Players would be paying for travel also. Clubs go on end of season trips, if there was the chance to go on a mid season one to Europe, without being exorbitant, I reckon there would be plenty of clubs willing to subsidise some of the costs to travel with players contributing the rest. I concede maybe I am a little out of touch in that regard. edit* we do talk a lot on this forum about improving the standard of the sport in Europe. This will cost money and here is an idea or opportunity to inspire enjoyable playing opportunities to boost local interest in the sport in these nations. It’s money spent on improving the game across Europe.
  5. If clubs wanna compete, they gotta pay. Just like any European team would need to pay for logistics to get across to the UK to play. If they can’t afford to get to the UK, then they can’t afford to get to Amsterdam or another central West Euro venue can they.
  6. You’re on the right track to how I think, but Toronto is a bit excessive. If a North American club can demonstrate the capability to self fund their trips to UK or Europe, then I would welcome any club to enter. Balkan SL rep team could be good, but getting the players together to train might be difficult. A lot easier to have Greece, Serbia and other national rep clubs. More of them too. As an aside, another option may be to play fixtures featuring teams of different Euro nations, playing at a central venue Magic Style. So you could have say four or five NCL clubs playing the likes of Serbia, Holland, Malta, Czech Republic and Ukraine in say Amsterdam. The destination and festival element may make it an even bigger attraction for players of all sides.
  7. There just aren’t clubs competitive enough outside of France. I would like to see RLEF member nations get smart and franchise their respective national teams into a club side for the Challenge Cup. I think it’s a great way to reward domestic players and give them competitive opportunities against players who have been playing the game for decades.
  8. What a typically ordinary response. I don’t need to go into the saga, as it was obviously a matter of mismanagement for which clubs of both sports were guilty. As someone aiming to kick the boot into AFL at any opportunity, you may want to steer down a different path than drug use. Stones. Glass houses. You know?
  9. That’s them. Same guy was supplementing my Sharkies who also were sanctioned similarly. Stephen Dank wasn’t exclusively screwing over AFL. Manly somehow escaped sanction too. Slippery buggers. Stop talking like a drongo and discuss things like an adult for a change.
  10. Yeah man. I’m a massive AFL fan. Never denied it. See The Bombers Fly Up. Love the speccies, love the kicks, love the intensity and love the big, big, big crowd atmosphere. You can’t be outed when you’re so publicly in favour and it doesn’t matter if I think like @RL_The_greatest_game or not. AFL can do what they want. Their sustained success as an elite governor gives me confidence that their decision making is on point. As to Phil Gould getting one over the AFL. Pull the other one
  11. Let’s say the World Club Championship was at short notice brought back for 2024, which three teams would you most like to draw for home games and why? For me, I would love to see the Sharks play at home against Wigan and Saints as they are probably the two most notable names in UK RL for my generation in Aus. Then as a third team I would like to see the Robins because I find their play entertaining under Willie Peters and because I love beating teams in red and white.
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