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  1. On another note on kick offs... this applies to 13 a-side as well... why should the receiving team have to let the ball travel 10? You know those occasions when the ball is trickling to the 10m distance and both players are waiting to pounce. In my opinion, the receiving team should be able to pick the ball up no matter how far it’s travelled. Just as long as they have retired 10m when the ball is kicked.
  2. I hear that too. As my above edit, take it back to scoring team receives. That means they need to go the length to score if they really need to
  3. Edited... i think we should just go back to scoring team receives
  4. Like you Gibbo and yourself FD, I want to like it, but I struggle to get past the novelty concept and know that all my friends have the same difficulty. Likewise, season has ended. Even the test matches later this year will be difficult for many to get interested in after a completed club season. Hopefully it’s a big crowd today. I would like to see the concept succeed, but, my instincts suggest international 9s will only be a novelty in Australia.
  5. I agree. 20-40 and 5 point trys are unnecessary. The bonus you get for scoring under the posts is an easier conversion.
  6. Surely a #9 would be useful to your boys. Isaac Luke?
  7. Another ###### weak decision from the NRL
  8. That is exactly the point that came to my mind. That decision from the NRL was as cowardly as the actions of the guys that attacked Vuni. Can’t wait till a high NRL exec is caught on camera.
  9. I wonder how long it will take the commentators to stop saying “that’s 6 again.”
  10. There are 28 people actually attending. No wonder it’s not been flagged on BBC radar
  11. Wow this entertainment is off the charts! Fans are loving it too!
  12. You are very right about Tottenham. All except for capacity and status as the national arena.
  13. Why should the GF be in the North of England? Why does the Challenge Cup have to be held at Wembley? There are merits for hosting them where they are now, but, I also think there is merit to swapping them. I like the idea of the rugby league’s biggest showpiece being hosted in the nation’s capital city at the nations largest, most iconic stadium. I would also suggest there is more chance of selling out Wembley with a SL GF over a CCF.
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