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  1. Grants from IRL, NRL, RFL, RLEF, national grants, commercial partners, players themselves etc etc. In essence, it is something the first three organisations above should be funding. Anything on top is cream.
  2. And that is exactly where I was leading to. I think six team repechage for last three or four places would have been great. Giving USA and Canada opportunities to demonstrate themselves as better peforming teams than say Greece, Scotland, Ireland, Cooks et al.
  3. But a great story all the same. Very determined and inspirational.
  4. Following numerous pictures of him, it was the last paragraph that stunned me. HE’S A PROP???? Looks barely big enough to be a slender winger by those pics.
  5. When he said upgraded, he meant three extra portable toilets and an extra fish n chip merchant.
  6. Governors have likely come to the executive decision that this streaming stuff has had its day
  7. We’ll have it in Cronulla if Salford doesn’t want it
  8. Strange, USA competed in recent world cups haven't they? I'm sure with heritage players they should be Championship level. Am I really that out of touch on the matter?
  9. It was a poor attempt at humour. I'm looking forward to the game actually. It says Liverpool, the game is being played at Anfield?
  10. Can't be taking it that seriously. I've heard that he won't even be taking Latrelle Mitchell.
  11. This sparked when someone mentioned the potential to recruit current Canadian/USA unionites for the Pack. Certainly an additional carrot to playing professional rugby in your own continent would be the opportunity to play in a WC. Then I wondered if a full strength Canada or USA would be capable of beating a full strength Ire/Scot/Wales. Does Europe deserve its seven spots for the World Cup?
  12. Interested to know, is it feasible a full strength USA or Canada would beat full strength Wales/Ire/Scot?
  13. Not just when making a conversion but to actually register four points for your team. No grounding, no try.
  14. It’s one level up on the danger scale of a feather landing on your head. There is going to be a minor risk at any endeavour your children choose. Grounding the ball is about as minor as they come.
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