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  1. I would love to see the sport take advantage in Perth that is still poorly represented by either rugby code in the form of the Force. The short term benefit of setting up NZ2 may just be a little too enticing for the NRL. Certainly those neutrals that are more interested in the international aspect of our sport will find that NZ2 will go a long way to benefiting their preferred objective.
  2. An interesting report by 4 Corners on the foreign ownership of 5 A League clubs is definitely worth a watch.
  3. Channel 9 exclusivity of Origin doesn’t stop that rating the house down annually. I don’t think the AFL GF was broadcast on Foxtel anyway, so it was an exclusive channel 7 event. I would say that being up in all three of the major AFL cities would be very much due to the teams participating and the story for the winner compared to last year. But I think you are right also. Viewing figures always jump when a big event is hosted locally. I never understand how viewers in pubs and clubs are captured in viewing figures. Both sports will have plenty of viewers at the boozer. Anyway, that’s done and dusted. Interestingly in the last five or six years we’ve seen Western/Footscray Bulldogs overcome a 62 year drought, Richmond put aside a 37 year drought and now Melbourne end 57 years without a premiership. St Kilda will be licking their lips. One premiership in 124 years. Shows the resilience of the club to survive. Especially when they rarely even make a push for a premiership. Enough of the AFL talk though, I know you lads can only handle so much. As for the NRL next week where attention turns, I hope so much that Souths can extend the misery of those ugly westies
  4. I am a member of the Cronulla Sharks Football Club. I am not a member of the Bombers or ever have been. I watch more League than AFL. I volunteer for the local rugby league, having sat on and on occasion chaired the judiciary panel 7 times this year. I don’t volunteer for any time for Australian rules. I listen to 4 NRL podcasts weekly, I listen to no AFL podcasts. I was a FT employee in RL for seven years. I have never been a paid employee of the AFL. I could go on with more, but I think that gives a reasonably good account of how much I cared about that Sharks v Warriors game But don’t let the facts get in the way of an attempt to belittle the feedback another poster. Why change habits that have served you so well?
  5. I’m not sure you can call it “our sport” with that kind of attitude. Get yourself a soccer club and enjoy it.
  6. You’ll have to enlighten me. I can’t think of an example when I got furious or similar over something I care little for. Good game so far though. You watching?
  7. Lol, do what you want mate. As if I care Strange of you to get furious over something you care so little for maybe you should get yourself to the psyche to treat your irrational behaviour.
  8. I didn’t fancy Bennet to beat Bellamy. I didn’t think Manly could beat Panthers either. So one of the two grand finals I wanted leading into the weekend eventuates.
  9. These free interchanges have really got more and more on my nerves as this season has continued.
  10. I’m a little disappointed by the number of empty seats. I would’ve been there in a heartbeat if in Brisbane.
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