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  1. And then Slater by another country mile in front of Lockyer
  2. Agree on Sinfield. And to think he was one of the five choices for greatest player of all time only a matter of months ago
  3. IMO, anyone who thinks Farrell would not be a SL League standard half (considering the standard that trots out) has a huge RL chip on their shoulder. I would put him at 9 though.
  4. The same argument could be said that the NRL are not running a tight enough ship or definitely are playing the players too much. I could equally suggest the clubs are deserving of more than the income they receive. There is no argument to confirm I am wrong.
  5. I am sure you think it’s obvious. I am certain you have no idea.
  6. If you don’t know that, then I would suggest you have no idea what you have been talking about for the past 13 pages.
  7. 130% of the salary cap isn’t a bail out as much as you say it is. its not a handout at all. The clubs and NRL go to broadcasters as collective partners. That is their money as much as the approx 27% of game revenue belongs to the players.
  8. I’ll say it one last time. Satisfy that demand and add them. But don’t satisfy it at the expense of established, well supported clubs that fulfil an important and valuable position as representatives of the highest competition in the country.
  9. Very important. I can imagine it will get a huge lead time over Super Rugby. Hopefully getting some traction on the airwaves in NZ.
  10. No less a similar assumption that taking the sport to a new area will result in greater proportionate growth
  11. Found your recommendations @scotchy1 So what are you basing your decision on here? Dragons? An icon part owned by one of Australia’s largest media organisations. Representing an area tipped for large population growth as Sydney gets fuller and fuller, in effect future proofed. That goes against your whole reasoning for new markets. Manly? The sole RL foothold in the entire North Sydney region? Relinquish that to AFL, Union and Soccer. Naive surely. Cronulla? One of the world’s largest regions for participation in RL and one of Australia’s largest junior soccer participants. A club that owns its ground and is currently undergoing a multi million dollar development of its entertainment site that will secure the finances of this club for decades. Surely not? Wests, a well financed club with a huge leagues club backing that represents both the inner west and more importantly the greater south west region. An area already specifically represented with recent expansion clubs participating in the national leagues of Australian Rules and Soccer. You think it’s a good idea to cede that territory. You think those two clubs have been added to expand both those codes because it’s a no growth region? To be fair, I could have built similar strengthened arguments for whichever clubs you chose. Every club in Sydney plays an integral role in what the sport has become and the opportunities for expansion that lie in wait for the NRL.
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