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  1. That’s a shame Rocket, I had you down for a better judge of your peers than this.
  2. you are also in discussion with a person who is a current NRL club member and has spent over ten years of his life working directly for various RL organisations and not a single hour for any AFL club or the AFL itself.
  3. "Ignorance is a man's biggest downfall" - SP 2021
  4. Oh dear, well, it has taken me a bit of time to resize the image to fit with TRL allowances. Well detective, where on earth am I where it is dark outside with a few hotel hallway lights turned on in the background, at a time that indicates 5.17am in Sydney on ABC News 24 where a bottom banner is in topic with current affairs like the recently released budget, with a message at the top of my TV directed to the "guest"?
  5. Well there is no news of the Western Conference being delayed until 2022, so again, I beg your pardon from asking three simple questions from my fellow RL supporters that would have their finger on the pulse far more than the obvious interweb searches that you suggested, have subsequently demonstrated.
  6. On Phil Gould, the CEO said “He is a very, very smart man”.
  7. Or maybe I am awake in my hotel room currently listening to the weekly Phil Gould podcast for his opinion this week on Kyle Flanagan and Luke Brookes between reminiscing about Queenslanders and Paul Langmack.
  8. Have you even looked at that website? Have a gander at the “News”. The beauty of a forum like this is that you can chat and learn current affairs and opinions. Sarcasm can be funny, but when you double down with your own ignorance... well.
  9. Thanks for that insight. What I did prior to my post was google NARL and all that came up was NRL activity. I then googled North American Rugby League. The only insight that search gave me was that the western division is delayed until 2022. Sorry to have asked such an exhausting set of questions that were not answered by my prior google searches.
  10. Far too many pages for me to understand the current landscape. Can anyone answer to bring me up to speed? 1. when is season due to start? 2. how many clubs are looking likely to make that starting line? 3. How long is the planned season?
  11. Might I add you three @lucky 7, @The Future is League and @unapologetic pedant, it is very easy to group together as a gang and dismiss a story as fabrication. If I were dismissive of a story similar to mine, I would not have simply dismissed the story as imaginary. What I would have done is questioned “How did you come to be talking to this individual?”. Maybe consider a more objective mindset next time before you instantly dismiss what might be a good learning opportunity.
  12. @lucky 7, @The Future is League and @unapologetic pedant, by all means you can denounce my discussion here as fabrication, that is fine. The AFL, club that the CEO’s organisation does support, are very much outside the headlights and have not been in them for the wrong reasons for a very long time. Let’s look at something a little more objectively. Banks are not exactly held in the highest regard in Australian society, so aligning with individual clubs (of both codes) may be a risk that the Australian big four are not willing to take. COVID has played havoc with these multi billion d
  13. Good question. He did and didn’t. I further promoted him on if it is a simple decision for him to cancel a sponsorship upon news of anti social or criminal behaviour. He said “absolutely not”. It is the immediate response by the seniors of that business that will determine whether a sponsorship will or will not be pulled. Denounce the behaviour and make an example of the culprit and the potential to retain the partnership is high. That would demonstrate that the values of both organisations are still in line, despite the actions of an individual from within the organisation. That does not
  14. Anyone going? I would love to. Reckon it would be awesome. Reckon a Sydney one to launch the new Football Stadium would be a great idea.
  15. There will be other business managers and owners that feel very satisfied with their RL corporate partnership, but yes, I thought it was fascinating as well.
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