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  1. Sharks and dragons roosters and bunnies maybe eels and dogs Blues and maroons Oz and England
  2. Needed win for the sharks. The sharks have four halves in their side and with two of them in the form of Graham and Moylan playing on the fringe, I would love to see this team stay fit from here.
  3. Played South Sydney reps at 14 (half) and NSW reps to the same age in RU (fullback) and Australian Rules (rover). By 18 I had my third knee reconstruction. Gave refereeing a go and refereed Championship, TJ SL.
  4. I don’t see why Roses shouldn’t be brought back. Based on 1896 borders to appease any trivial detractors. Two game series, with an England v France test culminating in three Rep game weekends. Cant get on board with Exiles again though.
  5. How on earth can you class that try as double movement? That would be a try in Super League, NRL, Championship and North West Counties div 5. momentum took him over and he made no advance with the ball carrying arm to get to the line. Very simple.
  6. The sport really is clutching at straws when a thread is created, announcing that the sport was a side mention on a comedy show, supposedly as a sign of increasing profile.
  7. The way I see it, we aren’t the ones still stuck in England. In saying that, I think the nickname is widely accepted to have come after English travellers and immigrants would get easily burned by the sun, resembling a pomegranate.
  8. Surely they can’t be any less ready than the Broncos?
  9. Favourite book ever. Just pips The Day of the Jackal. pleased to hear the tv series has good reviews. Looking forward to watching it.
  10. I don’t really consider them coaches at SOO/Internationals. They are more player managers with very little preparation time and main requirement to get the players in sync.
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