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  1. So you are out if you were 5th no matter how many games you played, but if you were 4th you would be in, no matter how many games you played? Is the finals system a top 4 or 6 or 8?
  2. If you have 26 points from 13 games which is the 5th highest, then you will miss out, because you finished 5th. Alternatively if you have 26 points which is the 4th highest, you will qualify, because you finished 4th. Is it a top 4 playoff? If it all depends on how many competition points you earn, when does it ever matter how many games you play?
  3. I understand it’s a quote, I’m not judging the poster, I’m judging the creditability of the statement. “To qualify for the Play Offs, a team must have played a minimum of 15 matches - unless they end the regular season in the Top Four on competition points anyway." So you don’t have to play 15 games if you get enough competition points to make the top 4... Then what is the point of mandating a minimum of 15 games? I don’t get it.
  4. Couldn’t disagree more. The GF is the best way to determine the best team in a season. I can’t think of any club in my living memory that won the GF that were not deserving NRL/NSWRL champions. There is no such thing as an even fixture list. It’s a pipe dream. You can try and make it as even as possible, but it’s an impossible goal. There are too many variables.
  5. How does this make any sense? It is literally a worthless sentence.
  6. Looks like a stock standard deal to me. $80m debt $200m assets need to borrow another $10m for payback in a few months you would sign that check any day if you had the cash and it was for a friend. Problem for Thunder and Broncos is, they couldn’t pay it back, that’s why they can’t get that kind of handout.
  7. Lounge Room Lizard would have been pleased to see his team through again as well.
  8. I’m tipping Melbourne, but for those that are bugging up the Storm GF experience, you should well know, they have lost two of three GF in the previous four years. To the Sharks (extremely little experience amongst the squad) and the Roosters (had one GF win in 16 years). Im tipping the Storm, because I think Melbourne give you the same professionalism each year and I don’t think Panthers play the type of game to disturb, nor possess wise heads required to upset their structure or rhythm.
  9. There will be plenty more traditional explosions before there are any Rugby League explosions no matter how many Commonwealth Games RL appears in
  10. Why would it be particularly popular with black viewers?
  11. You will have to watch to the end and listen to the commentators. You won’t be disappointed. no score in the screen is a fail though, for sure
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