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  1. THMS

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    I agree Karl Olstrum 2nd half was brilliant. Carl Forber was brilliant 1st half in particular. He made chances and tackled hard ! Be good to see Fui come back. I think haven couldn't cope with the fast play from us... I hope that continues. Their best player was Thompson. He's a fairly decent player.
  2. THMS

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Who got man of the match? Speakers were too quiet u couldn't hear
  3. THMS

    New kit

    Would also like to know about season ticket prices. Great Christmas presents !
  4. THMS

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Does that indicate Leon is staying with Town? I hope so !!!!!
  5. THMS

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Hope as many people as possible can turn up for the game. Show our appreciation to the lads
  6. THMS

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    Different situation to the one you mention happen in the 80's. Fui's wasn't anywhere near being a high tackle. That's a pointless point your trying to make
  7. THMS

    Squad for Bradford

    Before people start calling Leon just because the win didn't go our way on Sunday, I think u first need to be thanking him for where he's got us this season. We have done better than the last few (at least), he has brought great players in and got rid of the rubbish ones, he has created 'Hope' for our team and a real buzz around the town. I can't remember a season I have enjoyed as much as this one in a long time. I hope he stays with us another year whether we get to championship or not! Also the BOD should be credited for their amazing job and backing of Leon and his team.
  8. THMS

    Squad for Bradford

    No way are you joking. Fui made a great tackle. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I've watched it back a few times and it was just well read ! Can that be appealed?
  9. THMS

    Squad for Bradford

    When will we know the outcome of Fui's ridiculous red card decision ?
  10. THMS

    Squad for Bradford

    If we can even get a team together !
  11. THMS

    Bulls v Worky

    As impartial viewers of the game... was Fui's tackle a red card?
  12. THMS

    Squad for Bradford

    Penky was a miss 2nd half. We didn't show a lot of threat. Thought scholey tackled brilliant all match!! Absolutely nothing wrong with Fui's tackle. Ref got that totally wrong. Well done lads. U make us proud to be Town supporters.
  13. THMS

    New Stadium for Workington

    Yeah i suppose that's true.
  14. THMS

    New Stadium for Workington

    I'd prefer the stadium to be on the DP site. Surely it's a bigger space and better parking options? Don't like rugby on Astro turf . Needs proper grass.
  15. THMS

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    I think Leon has done a great job. I can't see why folk don't think he deserves the nomination. We've done better this season than in the past, Leon has brought players in, good and bad but at least he's got shot of the bad. How was he to know some were gonna be useless ! And more importantly in my eyes he's created a buzz around the team and supporters. Something that's been lacking a long time! I hope he wins!