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  1. THMS

    New Stadium for Workington

    Yeah i suppose that's true.
  2. THMS

    New Stadium for Workington

    I'd prefer the stadium to be on the DP site. Surely it's a bigger space and better parking options? Don't like rugby on Astro turf . Needs proper grass.
  3. THMS

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    I think Leon has done a great job. I can't see why folk don't think he deserves the nomination. We've done better this season than in the past, Leon has brought players in, good and bad but at least he's got shot of the bad. How was he to know some were gonna be useless ! And more importantly in my eyes he's created a buzz around the team and supporters. Something that's been lacking a long time! I hope he wins!
  4. THMS

    Newcastle away

    Fingers crossed for no injuries at Newcastle. Don't they play on Astro?I know we've had injuries before playing there.
  5. THMS

    Workington away.

    Whether York brought 30 fans or 300 fans they were heard across the pitch ! Respect to them. U Really cheered for Town at the end. Much appreciated. Good luck in Championship !
  6. THMS


    Totally sickened. 2 bad kicks gave them the win. Apart from that tho the team played well. Defence really good. Ref was poor with the offside rule but York were fast and played good rugby. Can't say it's the best game I've watched at DP. Maybe I was just too nervous to enjoy it. I don't think MOM was announced, who got it? I would give it to Dickinson. Thought he had a great game. Be interesting to watch the game on video. I'd like to see if it was a forward pass when Fui broke away. A try from that and we would of won it. Big up the York fans. Applauded our team as much as their own. I hope they win this league and leave the Bulls behind !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. THMS

    York City Knights predictions

    I think York will beat us by 12/18... I hope I'm wrong. But I just hope Town play to their full potential so even if we lose, the non committed supporters might see what their missing and want to come again. Theres been times like the derbys where more people have come and Town play poor... so no encouragement for people to come back. That's what's frustrating. Town need to play rugby... not get caught up in the hype and do silly mistakes or get carried away with it all. Fast play the ball and not 1 man rugby for 80 mins. I wish them all the best and let's show rugby league is still a big part of Cumbria sport!
  8. THMS


    So I've asked a couple of people today who are always interested in the town score but never come to matches what the reason is.... 1. Sunday is a day of rest 🙄 2. Sunday is time to spend with family if you work Saturday's 3. They would think about coming if Town were more consistent at winning. 4. Have more local lads on the team which may encourage their family to come down and watch the games. So not a lot of help... I'm at a loss on how to get more people interested other than more advertising maybe and interaction with the people of Workington
  9. THMS


    Id much rather watch town than superleague. I know the standard is loads different but people should be proud of their home team and give them their support.
  10. THMS

    Bradford away travel.

    How much are the seats please?
  11. THMS

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    People need reminded Sundays are not a day of rest but a day for rugby! I know plenty of people who on a Monday morning know the score but haven't actually been to the game. So it shows people are still interested in how the team done... Just don't know how to get them through the gate to actually watch the game!
  12. THMS

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    Some really good points you made. It is such a shame the numbers coming through the gates are falling rather than improve. Allerdale council has bid to host the rugby world cup in 2021 which is brilliant and call us the heartland of rugby league but we're not with only 600+ supporters out the whole town. I agree try get kids involved more. 2 year ago Marnie Jackson arranged for kids to train with James Graham. Over 100 kids turned up and paid for the session. Could we not do more things like that to get kids involved and interested in the game and also a few quid extra into th3 club. Could we do business deals like offer 1 large business (for example sellafield, iggusund, Allerdale council etc) a ticket offer for 1 week where they get in half price... if just some of them people come to a game and enjoy it they might come back, bring their families etc. Could the players be in the town centre on a couple of Saturday's and interact with the public and persuade them to give the games a try? Just a few thoughts. Be such a shame for the game (apart from superleague) to end. It's the best game to watch!
  13. THMS

    Squad for Keighley

    Is JP injured? Seems to have been missing a while?
  14. THMS

    Squad for Keighley

    Frustrating to watch but I'm sure the players felt the same. Loved Fui's run at the end... I wish the players would back each other up tho. There was nobody for him to pass too. Great singing by the crowd !!!! Top supporters!!!!
  15. THMS

    Big Signing this week.