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  1. Get a life mate,or better still, a sense of humour.
  2. Gary Ainsworth, not very athletic looking but what a player, loved watching him.
  3. All you Townies going on the £2 cul-de-sac express, have a great day, hope the boys put in a performance for you. UTT.
  4. Was talking about Bradford mate not haven.
  5. Not sure what the initial crowd was, I just know they shafted us.
  6. I remember the 2013 season when we played them in the league and it kicked off at 12 which badly affected the attendance, it was given as 1700 or somewhere near. A few weeks later we were back again for a challenge cup game and they were twice as many in the ground. I remember everyone laughing when they announced the 1200 attendance which was split with us. All clubs probably do it no doubt but that was beyond a joke. Bradford Bulls in the play off final was the worst I've ever seen, they lopped 4k off.
  7. On the pints yesterday...just saying. Could have been shandy I suppose. I've got a feeling him and Cus could do some damage today, hope im way off the mark.
  8. He was in the Zebras yesterday, he looked very slim, I'm not sure if it will help his game or not. His rotund figure made him hard to put down and he bounced out of tackles. We all knew he needed to lose some weight, just a pity he waited until he joined haven to eventually do it.
  9. Looking at the forecast I can't see it being played which would be a shame for both clubs. I'm sure Town and haven are desperate for half the takings of the official 475 that will be attending.
  10. Would just want us to put in a solid performance that gives confidence to everyone involved with the club for the season ahead. UTT.
  11. Last year's was quite smart but that one is brutal.
  12. Not ignorance DKW, just the fear of a deranged communist PM who hates our country. I'm sure we are going over old ground here, as suggested we should maybe stop making this a political debate.
  13. I voted for him, worth it though, got a Christmas card for the last 2 yrs.
  14. I'll take that , better than the 2 crumbling stadiums we have. Just my opinion though.
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