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  1. THMS


    Not calling the sponsors just saying it's not positioned in best place.
  2. THMS


    Does anyone else dislike the shorts on this new strip. The sponsor on the back of them looks awful. Can they not be changed ? ?
  3. Are u kidding me... the pitch was great, well done to all the volunteers who go down that ground every day of the week making sure it's in good condition for the rest of us. It's very much appreciated!
  4. Would nobody chose players from the team we have now? I remember the good old days with Hepi, Pickering, Drummomd to name a few but what about the likes of Carl Forber - great kicker, fast hands, and the likes of Stevie Scholey who is a tackling machine. Like in a few years will they be remembered as much? I'd hope so.
  5. FFMM was good for us last season. I hope we get him back. He put fire in the team when we looked flat ! Forber seems to get overlooked. Played well today. Quick hands and brilliant kicker. Fell was good as fullback. Also wish we had Tyler Mellor in the team. Scholey was a good contender for man of the match for Town.
  6. sue.hayman.mp@parliament.uk
  7. Jenkinsons priority was having the title "councillor" ! He couldn't care less now. You'll hear from him again in 3 and a half years when he's looking to get re-elected. In the meantime he'll turn up at a couple of council meetings so he can be fed buffet food! How can 6 councillors decide the future of Workington for us and the generations to come? Please could everyone else email sue hayman with their disgust at this decision so she understands how annoyed we are. Surely if she's bombarded with emails she will realise this is worth fighting for.
  8. Commentators on the radio got it right with a few of their comment. * players don't look interested * players need to have a look at themselves * players not fit enough Absolute joke!
  9. Him and his wife need to resign from their positions
  10. I think you maybe need to contact these new councillors and express our concerns and try get answers from them - contact details on Allerdale website. I'll be surprised if they look at this forum as they don't seem interested in sport otherwise they would want the sports facilities improved for the Borough.
  11. Forber for me... he tackles more than most
  12. I enjoyed the match. Thought the teams seemed equally matched but we wanted it more. Think the new recruits were excellent and Forber (apart from the kicking) had a great game. Glad the coach got a win for his first home game.
  13. THMS


    I wonder if we can all get a refund on our season tickets? Why bother supporting a team of players (apart from a few) who are lazy, don't want to train and couldn't care less if we lose.
  14. THMS


    I think Moi moi has done well for us.
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