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  1. Keep the faith...we may just survive
  2. Can't fault the team today. Best they have played this season I think. If a few decisions had gone our way we would of won. Ref was a disgrace.
  3. Where was Hutchings ?
  4. I thought Tate did well mind... hope he stays with us.
  5. THMS


    Dec's injured
  6. THMS


    Can we poach the barrow players . They were brilliant today. Wish they had won !!
  7. THMS


    It's hard for Chris to get players... folk don't want to travel this far understandably. Maybe have to bring in some Ausies if the money situation will allow like haven have....
  8. THMS


    I will pal
  9. THMS


    Read the forum from last week
  10. THMS


    The comments on here this Sunday are hilarious! I said all this last week to be slated. Yet 7 days later its OK to say * Chris needs to look at his tactics * slow and predictable * effort and enthusiasm barely sighted * looked like they didn't want to be there I'll go with your comments this week... we're not far off a win haha !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thought Haven did well. Good revenue for the club with that crowd
  12. I also stayed back for the ones that tried but I agree with a previous post on here. We have half a team who can win us games and half that don't. The mistakes are so frustrating and u could hear Doran screaming at them no penalties and by tackle 2... a penalty. Its just another frustrating Sunday afternoon at derwent park and there seems to be less supporters coming each week.
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