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  1. No skill involved at all just hard work from Bradford, Poor !!!
  2. Bradford were average at best and leeds were worse. Who ever gets the leeds job got a big job to do rebuilding.
  3. Bradford poor, leeds poor, Ref was poor, what a terrible game. If it wasn't raining I'd of cut the lawns.
  4. Opinions are great, as long as they're the same as yours eh ???
  5. It's funny how Steve Ganson is now in charge of the Referees and it's all a mess.
  6. I'll wait 6/7 years, have 2 knee replacements & 2 hip replacements & sort my bad back out before trying out for Hull fc,Gaz Ellis & i could car share.
  7. Horrible, Cundy & Durham are the biggest Plonkers ever.
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