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  1. Devastating loss for the Bears against Skolars. 24-12 down with about 15 mins to go the game looked dead and buried. Bears fought back and led 28-24 with a minute to go. Skolars scored at the death and to rub salt in the wound the conversion bounced in off the post. It's a game where Bears didn't play that well but did more than enough to win. Skolars didn't look great but got the win in the end so well done to them.
  2. Still amazes me that very large proportions of Rugby League fans do not understand the forward pass or offside rules ? some grounds every pass is called forward and the opposition are always offside
  3. Unlucky Cougars, that was a tremendous performance. They defended brilliantly all day though Bradford quite one dimensional. Still can't believe the great performances Cougars are putting in after their massively disrupted pre-season
  4. What a game that was. Cas really should have won that though, were great second half but their decision making in last 10 mins were awful
  5. I've not been able to find one. There is a good Wikipedia page which updates weekly results and includes attendances etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_RFL_League_1_results
  6. There is very likely untapped resources in Canada and many fine athletes who could potentially make it into the game. That is all it is at the moment though. The idea that CFL or RU players could be converted to make a competitive league one team is a bit of stretch. No matter how good they are as athletes they have no experience playing high level RL and would likely get pumped every week. The USA RL team has been packed with big physical athletes for years and have struggled to make an impact internationally because many of their players don't have a know how to compete against experienced players. Despite what Perez says Ottawa will need experienced RL players at least at first. I say all this as someone who very much wants a second Canadian team but let's be realistic for a moment.
  7. But if a nightmare for the Bears with one player pulling up in the warm up and another declared unfit just before the game. As such they were very slow out of the blocks. Hunslet were impressive from the off but Bears made it too easy. After 28-0 at half time it was an improved second half but too little too late. 44-10 final score and Hunslet remain unbeaten.
  8. Full time West Wales 16 Whitehaven 30. West Wales won the second half. Good result for them today, definitely progress being shown ?
  9. Really disagree with this. Leave league one be please and instead of bonkers ideas like this how about clubs just have a reserves league...
  10. En Route to Hunslet to watch the Bears. Hoping Bears can continue their promising start to the season today. Bears have had a few injuries and have brought in Marcus Stock and Dave Peterson from York on D/R today
  11. Won't it affect the number of fans going to the game though. I can imagine the attendance and bar takings etc will be way down
  12. I've never known an 11am Kick off before. I guess it makes sense especially if they are up the night before.
  13. The RFL are in a no win situation here. If they don't consult the clubs they get criticised, if they do consult the clubs they get criticised. Personally I hope both bids get approved but it is only right the clubs are consulted in my view.
  14. BBC also have the Bears beating Workington 22-0. Will take that ?
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