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  1. OriginalMrC

    capturing a player

    All joking aside there is loads of talk about there not being enough players in the system yet there are lots of very good players unsigned and some.really decent ones being signed by championship and league one clubs.
  2. OriginalMrC

    WALES Squad for European Championship.

    Brilliant to see four Bears players in the squad 👏
  3. OriginalMrC

    Scotland, Ireland squads for Euros

    Mikey had to go back to Ireland and only made a couple of appearances for the Bears this year. I believe he's taking time out now but has been playing Junior RU in Ireland. Not sure about Hadden. Bears player Peter Ryan has been selected after a very promising first season in League one though and I hope he gets a run out.
  4. Elston does say alot without ever really getting to the point.
  5. Have a sneaky feeling Workington will win this. Clubs at the top end of league 1 defintely capable of competing against the lower half of the championship
  6. What an outstanding game, a real classic. Wolves were more adventurous in the end and fully deserved it. Really didn't see that coming (though should have based on Saints recent history)
  7. I hope I'm wrong but I just can't see this succeeding. Many clubs are not in a position to commit to a league which includes longer travel distances and additional criteria for entry applied. We'll see what happens just don't think the interest will be there.
  8. I know there's been criticism of the RFL for allowing special dispensation for the game but I don't see they had a choice. It does happen in other sports, football clubs have been allowed to sign players outside the deadline for example. Main thing at the moment is to get the game to go ahead. Next steps is dealing with the underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place
  9. OriginalMrC

    "T" Ritson

    Great signing for Barrow and will do well in the championship. Was on big money at Newcastle I believe so will free up some funds for them for more signings
  10. Think its Dave Parkinson and Alex Simmons. Not completely sure though. I think they are pretty decent
  11. The Our league coverage is excellent, let's hope it continues next season. Not much in the game but Workington using the ball better.
  12. OriginalMrC

    ‘League 1 South’

    Has it really though? League one is tougher than ever and Skolars have been competitive in plenty of fixtures this year. The absence of All Golds and Oxford means there are less winnable games. While the season will be disappointing for Skolars fans I don't think it's the disaster you're making out.
  13. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    The Bears rounded off the 2018 season in style with a superb 14-4 victory at home to Hunslet to secure 11th position in Betfred League One and round off their best-ever year. We’ve got all the analysis from the game and the post-match reactions of head coach Tom Tsang. Not only that, we’ve got all the action from the club’s end of season awards - both the official awards and the alternative ones - plus a quick bit of news about some signings for for the 2019 season. Intro and Hunslet win analysis - 00:00:49 Tom Tsang post-match interview - 00:08:30 2019 signings update - 00:15:24 Official end of season awards - 00:19:16 Alternative awards - 01:05:01 Direct 👉 https://t.co/a57as9KQ8B @ApplePodcasts 🍎 https://t.co/fY7QSzdyPp @YouTube 📹
  14. OriginalMrC

    What a Send Off for James Geurtjens

    Very proud of the players and staff in getting such a brilliant result after the heartache of losing to Whitehaven last week 👏
  15. Yep Tom and his staff have done an excellent job considering the relative lack of experience in the squad. There's been a massive improvement for some players over the season. Some of these lads came through the trial match last year and many hadn't played in league one so to see the progress is really satisfying.