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  1. OriginalMrC

    Bears get help in marketing

    Fantastic stuff and hopefully some great ideas for the future. It's so hard for clubs who zero marketing budget to think of new ideas so something like this is a great initiative
  2. We actually discussed this very issue on the Bear Necessities podcast. One of the listeners (Rachel, who posts on here) suggested a 9s tournament for league one clubs as the equivalent to magic/summer bash. I think that would be a brilliant idea and could replace the now defunct league one cup. If marketed right it could be a great weekend for fans of all clubs.
  3. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    New episode out now. We look back on the Bears’ 52-4 defeat at home to Workington Town and discuss all the key talking points, including the referee and THAT tackle on Fui Fui Moi Moi by our new hero Peter Ryan. We’ll also hear the post-match thoughts of Bears head coach Tom Tsang. Not only that, we’ve got Ask Mr C questions about the Student Four Nations and the best hair in rugby league, we look ahead to this weekend’s trip to the North Wales Crusaders and we’ve got a little bit of club news too. 00:00:46 - News and summary of Bears v Town 00:07:42 - Tom Tsang post-match interview 00:17:25 - Workington match analysis 00:30:06 - Ask Mr C 00:38:00 - North Wales preview Direct 👉 https://t.co/OhEo5a7i40 @ApplePodcasts 🍎 https://t.co/fY7QSzdyPp @YouTube 📽
  4. Not able to make it up to North Wales this year which I'm a bit gutted about. Really enjoyed last year and they do the best beer in the league 👍Bears beat North Wales last year so think it'll be a close game. Bears have performed well in patches and if they can put an 80 minute performance together they'll have a great chance of getting a result.
  5. OriginalMrC

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I don't know football fans are pretty obsessed with attendances probably even more so than RL fans. Away fans chant about it and the likes of Arsenal and Man City get regularly slaughtered for their empty seats. Further down the leagues it is even worse with fans obsessing over whether their club has a bigger home or away following than rivals.
  6. A few of the games have had little to no travelling support (I know Bears don't travel in big numbers either). With Bradford to come and the likes of Crusaders who bring decent numbers the average will definitely rise. Other events planned should also increase people through the gate
  7. It wasn't a head shot. The contact was to the chest. That picture granted looks like a headshot but was taken just after the impact.
  8. They are down a bit so far. There's a few things planned this year to bring more people in so I'd expect the average to stay the same or go up slightly by end of the season.
  9. Yep the fans were great today. Don't know the attendance (350-400 I reckon) but one the noisiest I've heard. Atmosphere at games this year has been great. Fair play to the vocal travelling Workington supporters who are some of the friendliest fans out there.
  10. Well Bears went 38-0 down after 30 mins. Workington played well but helped massively by some poor refereeing. Some decisions were just bizarre and meant that the Bears hardly touched the ball in that time. After that it was much better from the Bears. Workington are a good side though so fair play to them. Was a glorious afternoon for rugby and some good play from both sides. Also one of the biggest hits I've ever seen from young Irish prop Peter Ryan on Fui Fui!
  11. OriginalMrC

    Watersplash Final documentary?

    Also just caught up with this today. Was a really poignant watch and was really well put together. One of the best sporting documentarys I've watched
  12. And I think that has been a real inspiration for league one teams. I know Toronto are an exception but lots of clubs came away with great ideas on how to promote games and also aspirations in relation to the potential in league 1. League 1 is such a fantastic league, not without its problems but is the most interesting league in the sport at the moment IMO
  13. Hope you enjoy it, we're a small podcast but been very lucky with some of the guests we've had on the show. The RL community is great in that regard, you'd never get people being so open to be interviewed in other sports. In terms of Podcasts RL is really blessed with having loads of good ones. Some of the ones I like are : SL Pod, Rugby League on Talk sport, 5 Live Rugby league, Wolfcast Toronto, Whippets and Flat caps, Rugby Reloaded, Proper Rugby League, and the League One Show. There is some fantastic content out there.
  14. Fantastic turnout, League 1 once again showing its potential
  15. OriginalMrC

    Magic Night Out

    This is tremendous. Some of the crowds in league one over the last 2 years have been brilliant. Although there is a Bradford effect I suspect most clubs will have seen an increase on average attendances come the end of the season