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  1. Challenge Cup 3rd round stream...

    Yep the podcast are big fans already. Aside from amazing hair he looks a very good prospect
  2. Challenge Cup 3rd round stream...

    Hopefully there'll be a big crowd for the game. I'm sure being live on BBC will generate a lot of interest but equally some people may decide just to watch the stream. Can't wait for the game!
  3. ....is Coventry Bears vs Distington. Very exciting for the Bears to have their first ever home game in the challenge Cup but to also have it also streamed live its brilliant news 😀 http://www.rugby-league.com/challengecup/article/51865/coventry-bears-v-distington-selected-for-bbc-sport
  4. Not nice viewing for a Bears fan 😲 Doncaster were ruthless though, every mistake punished.
  5. Doncaster definitely deserved the win and with, or without, Miloudi I don't think the result was in doubt. He certainly kept the scores ticking along in the second half though, and the result wouldn't have been so lopsided had he not played. As I said though the win was well deserved by Doncaster. First time I've been to the keepmoat and the facilities are just excellent. Good luck hope the excellent crowds hold up throughout the season.
  6. Ron has had the decency to respond to you yet you persist in being rude. You may get a kick out of trolling people on a web forum, but meanwhile I'm sure everyone associated with the Bears will continue to work hard to make the club the best it can be.
  7. A learning experience for the Bears today but fully deserved by Doncaster today who played some great stuff. This is a really good Doncaster team (with added dual reg talent). While Doncaster would have won it, it definitely wouldn't have been as much without Miloudi (a DR player). The Bears did well early on but starved of possession at times. There was some good performances from debutantes and I'm confident things will improve over next few weeks, but need to cut out basic mistakes. Really good hospitality from Doncaster today with wonderful facilities. All the best to them for the rest of the season, they'll definitely be up there.
  8. Yes James is still at the club
  9. The League 1 Show - Season Preview 2018

    Keep up the great work guys. I can't praise the show enough. Does an amazing job of covering League one. Are you guys an official show for league one now?
  10. Coventry Bears new Podcast

    Thank you for your kind comments. League one is looking very exciting this year so will loads to cover. While the show obviously focuses on The Bears we also want to shine a light on all the great things about league 1
  11. I would disagree. Yes some good players have gone, particularly Matt Reid who's gone to Oldham. However there's been some excellent players in particularly Ben Stead and Chris Vitalini. Only time will tell of course but I'm feeling optimistic
  12. Yeah the black and white shirt is awesome. Reckon there'll be loads of them sold
  13. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    I also thought this. If that's not the case seems strange freesports have decided to show NCL games and not league one
  14. The exciting thing about a new season is no one really knows how things will pan out. The Bears have had a bit of a squad overhaul so we'll get a bit of an idea on Sunday what impact that has had. I cant wait for Sunday and hoping for a good Bears performance against Doncaster
  15. Coventry Bears new Podcast

    We've had one or two issues with iTunes today but a new episode of the Podcast is out. You can hear the new episode on our website at: https://t.co/4l5NaonbVc Or on YouTube: https://t.co/ghCv2s8tkR Ahead of the start of the 2018 Betfred League One season this weekend, we’re back to preview the new year and make our predictions for the Coventry Bears. We’re also joined by Bears head coach Tom Tsang to find out how the Bears’ pre-season programme has gone and what he expects from his side in 2018. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s chat about the upcoming third round of the Challenge Cup, which sees the Bears playing at home to Distington, we look ahead to this weekend’s trip to Doncaster. Thanks for listening 👍