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  1. OriginalMrC

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    This is a real shame, I was very excited when USA was announced but I did wonder where the money would come from. France with some games in Spain (as mentioned above) would be ideal but I would also wonder where the funding would come from. Other good alternatives would be Canada which would depend on continued growth there of Wolfpack and other potential clubs, NZ plus Pacific which would be massive for Pacific countries but would the facilities outside NZ be up to scratch.
  2. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Latest release in the #ForTheNext stories is Bears all time record Try scorer and Midlands lad Hayden Freeman.
  3. OriginalMrC

    Manchester bouncers investigated over assault

    I have worked in teams of door staff and can say that every bit of training you get is that use of force is an absolute last resort, and should be proportionate to the threat. Most good door staff will never have used their fists after years of being on the job. This was two 18 year old lads who were totally outnumbered. This is completely unacceptable in this day and age.
  4. OriginalMrC

    Wolfpack borrowed from Saracens?

    Not sure about saracens and the Wolfpack but Bristol Bears and Birmingham Bears have some striking similarities to Coventry Bears branding 🤔
  5. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Yep 👍
  6. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Next up is Bears Legend Ron Banks who has been with the club since day one #ForTheNext
  7. OriginalMrC

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Butts Park Arena looked very pleasant in the summer. Love an evening kick off
  8. OriginalMrC

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Has to be Kells (but only on a sunny day!)
  9. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Next up Bears stalwart Kieron Sherratt #ForTheNext
  10. OriginalMrC


    Some clubs in league one run on a budget of 75k or under. This immediately puts them at a disadvantage against clubs that spend money they don't have on players. Clubs who want to spend over 75k should be still allowed to do so if they can prove they have enough other revenue to cover it.
  11. OriginalMrC

    Jack Morrison is back !

    Really excellent news this. Pack is looking good this year now!
  12. OriginalMrC


    Things seemed to be looking up for Keighley early on last season but it seems they had overstretched themselves chasing promotion (in a league with Bradford and York!). Bearing in mind fixtures are supposed to be released this weekend something needs sorting out soon. I do fear that if Keighley drop out that could be the end of them so I hope some solution is reached.
  13. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Second up in #ForTheNext stories is a local sponsor
  14. OriginalMrC

    Heartwarming story

    Thats a fantastic interview. So happy for the guys involved in making their dream happen. Really do hope they get the funding they need for now and to create a legacy in the Caribbean
  15. OriginalMrC

    Heartwarming story

    A great story of what can be achieved through hard work. The RL community must pull together now to help Jamaica to make the next steps