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  1. This all seems entirely sensible and for the good of the game in Ireland. They should be applauded for taking this stance. Would be nice if Liam Finn and others who jumped the gun without knowing all the facts apologised.
  2. A good performance considering the mounting injury list too. Hopefully Bears can push on and finish the season strongly.
  3. Possibly true but they are being paid (some apparently quite alot) and as a squad they should be working together to improve. Hard to do that if team mates decide not to turn up for the tough games. I guarantee when the Bears travel there they'll have a full 17.
  4. The results are largely irrelevant now though defeats of that magnitude will continue to damage the brand. Probably the most worrying thing is naming only 14 players for 2 home games running. Hard to understand how that has happened particularly with the number of players signed this season.
  5. OriginalMrC

    Well done Pellisier!!

    I thought he was excellent last night. We are starting to see the benefits of having a French team in SL now with the number of good French players currently playing in SL. There is loads of talent coming through so the next step would be to have a second French team. Might be too soon for Toulouse this year but I think they'll eventually make it.
  6. OriginalMrC

    Player Drain

    The salary cap is one of the main issues here but it does ensure that most clubs in SL live within their means. Most RU clubs are making losses because the cap is too high, so increasing the cap is not necessarily the answer. However I do think the cap should be based on turnover. You could argue that will affect competiveness of some teams, but it would reward clubs who work hard to increase revenues rather than the current situation where a number of clubs are coasting.
  7. A good way to attract players when based outside the heartlands. Already a few gems unearthed, and hopefully more in the years to come. The advantage of this is any players signed are based locally and able to train regularly, and there's also the chance that when they finish their course that they settle in the midlands afterwards.
  8. OriginalMrC

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    A bad day at the office for the Bears on Sunday in their defeat at home to Doncaster. But, fear not, weโ€™re still here to bring you analysis and reactions - including those from head coach Tom Tsang. Weโ€™ve also got more of your Ask Mr C questions, we look ahead to this weekendโ€™s long trip up to Workington and we chat about the potential of Coventry hosting some Rugby League World Cup action in 2021. Intros & RLWC chat - 00:00:43 Tom Tsang post-match - 00:05:41 Doncaster analysis - 00:13:58 Ask Mr C - 00:23:42 Workington preview - 00:29:06 Direct ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://t.co/Nu6p66Ib2r @ApplePodcasts ๐ŸŽ https://t.co/fY7QSzdyPp @google Podcasts ๐ŸŽง https://t.co/Br4E8JBhQz @YouTube ๐Ÿ“น
  9. To be fair a good coach would make a massive difference even to the players they have now. A good coach will also attract better players and bring in the right kind of players. There must a bit of money at the club to get a coach of that much experience on a 3 year deal so I'd expect a better squad next year. It's been a massive learning curve for West Wales but I'd expect them to be much more competitive next year.
  10. Credit to Doncaster today but a very flat performance from the Bears today. We're poor in the first half but improved after the break. Doncaster look a decent shout for top 5 on their current form.
  11. Going to be a tough ask for the Bears against Doncaster who are on a great run. However the Bears have been great at home in the last month and will be a different proposition than the team that lost heavily to the Dons on the opening day. Confident Bears will them a good game and who knows what might happen ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Dominant from the Bulls that. In the other game apparently WWR had no subs, and were playing at home.
  13. OriginalMrC

    Community Conference Rumour

    I'll be honest I don't know the workings of either Dragons or Northampton or the reasons they were unable to fulfill fixtures.. All I know if that Bears did not strip players from either club. Dan Gover signed for Bears this year but had already played for Bears last year. Harry Kaufman also joined and is now playing with Philadelphia fight in the states. I am sure it is easy to point the finger at the Bears but I am pretty certain Bears signing these two players was not a factor particularly since there was an agreement with Dragons to give them fringe players (some of whom had already played for Dragons in pre season).
  14. OriginalMrC

    Community Conference Rumour

    Thought it may have been! Should have known ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. OriginalMrC

    Community Conference Rumour

    Not sure that would be practical as reserves is to keep players fit during season and get young players ready for the first team. Also the Bears share a stadium where Rugby Union and Football are both played in the winter.