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  1. As others ha e said here, Coventry considers itself a Midlands club. Without wanting to sound too cryptic all I'll say is watch this space.
  2. The license owned by Hemel was bought by Perez. Effectively he or whoever else involved can set up wherever they want subject to RFL approval. And they aren't a team, they were formed specifically to play in the English game and have to date never played a match.
  3. Wow just seen both the mens and womens games results (with highlights) on BBC news!
  4. OK fine you obviously know what you're talking about. As I said should be really easy to set up a new RL team in a new area in 3 months.
  5. If you read what I have said I didn't say set up a team in Bradford. I said do it for one year to get off the ground and then move to where they will play longer term. I expect if they ever get started that's what they'll do. Of course they may well be able sort out a new home and get a team set up and everything that involves in the next 3 months. Should be easy enough
  6. If the people involved were worried about making money in year 1 they wouldn't have tried to set up a team in Ottawa.
  7. I don't think that really matters in year one. It's about getting the team going while they establish where the permanent base will be.
  8. I've heard this story many times. This is the same rule that applied to other clubs, Manchester weren't singled out. The bond is also not actual money to be paid, just needs to be underwritten.
  9. To be fair if I owned the Aces this is exactly what I would do. They simply don't have time now to set up a new club in a new location in the UK unless they've already done loads of preliminary work (which I'd say is doubtful). One year in Bradford to get the team off the ground and then a move to somewhere else. Will be quite the turnaround for Odsal if two teams are playing there!
  10. Once Toronto were gone it was a non starter unfortunately. Hope the new club is in a non traditional area and something positive can come out of all of this. When I say non traditional I don't mean any disrespect but theres got to be huge benefits if a new team in a new area
  11. Some news will be coming soon about next season. Can't say more than that but it will be pretty exciting. Cov Uni who always had a pretty strong team have unfortunately fallen foul to Covid with momentum lost, and with number of players leaving uni, the team folded. In truth they'd struggled in the season prior to that and had started to lose their way. At one point not to long ago they had two teams playing so it's a massive shame. The Bears have had close ties for a number of years providing coaching an support and there are plans to try to help generate interest again for next season. They'll be back no doubt but it's mad to think that Warwick Uni who back in the day were whipping boys have a RL team and Cov Uni dont.
  12. Theres likely nothing more than coaching sessions as part of this partnership. Again as with other statements it wasn't clear what the partnership involved
  13. I'd heard it was a particular director from All Golds who was keen on the merger and a move to Bristol but that Oxfords directors were never really on board. Its a real shame about Oxford I have to say, there was some really good people as part of the set up there
  14. Because it damages the game if its not done right. It upsets local players who now can't get a game. It upsets other teams who might lose players to them and also will be playing against semi pro players from up north. It means clubs trying to grow organically from the bottom up are not in a level playing field. It also damages the reputation of the game when clubs talk big and never deliver. Sponsors get cold feet, the press doesn't take the sport seriously etc. In a highly competitive sporting environment reputation is everything. Sorry but I could set up a club tomorrow and send out a load of grand statements and people would lap it up. Clubs need to earn respect, not tell everyone how great they are and not deliver.
  15. My understanding exactly. In addition to this they've also told players who don't get a contract with they could play for the newly formed Hereford team that is an hours drive away! They have a lot to learn about keeping players happy and getting a team on the pitch
  16. Something everyone seems to be missing is that All Golds already have been in league 1. They spent a fortune and couldn't make it work. I don't see how it will be any different. They didn't finish their season in the Southern Conference last year and despite big statements haven't really built the club back up since dropping out of league one. I'm not trying to be critical but what's the point of them paying players in the Southern Conference? Wouldn't they be better building up a really strong structure round the club? As for the league 1 South idea its been debated plenty of times and is a non starter. Clubs in the South will only be proper part of the game if they are competing in a national structure.
  17. Hmmm not that I want to be that guy that looks like I'm against ambition but I would take statements like this with a pinch of salt. Worcester don't have an academy, they had a few youngsters who played a few games. They did quite well but they haven't kept it going. Their link up with the local college has also had a poor take up. As for the first team they only played half a season before pulling out of the league. Before that they were getting hammered every week. They've also alienated a number of players by announcing they are going semi pro. Clubs with ambition need to build from the bottom up and grow before they can start paying players. I don't know how much money they have but I can't see how this is in any way sustainable.
  18. They are not rejoining League 1. Both them and Worcester have declared themselves semi pro despite not even finishing their seasons last year. I'm not even sure what the rules are about paying players in amateur leagues? Either way it surely is a huge waste of money
  19. Yes a very good attitude as well, always wants to improve and a good guy to have in the squad. Good half backs are very hard to find but a replacement will be lined up no doubt
  20. It's currently a poorly run club without any real direction or plan. Sacking Danny Ward was a huge mistake, and the club continues to alienate fans. It's a real surprise that it was Danny Ward that got the chop rather than the CEO. It's a long way back from here.
  21. An excellent player, I have no doubt he can step up to the championship and do well
  22. It's also an exciting time with the club moving to a shiny new ground. Either these players have been released and told to find other clubs, or no longer want to be there.
  23. Of the top of my head the Bears have had Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Jamaica, Zimbabwe and Ghana Not a bad list
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