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  1. Ar you the actual Hemel Rugby League or someone who's chosen that name? Either way this is an incredibly simplistic view. If the clubs you mention had the millions required to own their own facilities I'm pretty sure they'd have them. Fair play to Hemel for owning their own facility but that's not practical for every club. There's some great people involved in the club but I'd hardly hold up Hemel as some shining light either BTW.
  2. All these young people get offended so easily today. I remember the good old days when you could abuse anyone without any consequences at all. Those days were great. I'd love to go back to those days. Now where did I put my (rose tinted) spectacles....
  3. This has nothing to do with free speech. This has nothing to do with being 'woke'. This has nothing to do with modern players being soft. This is not a decision based on one person's word against another. This was quite rightly a disciplinary matter involving a player who had already committed the same offence this season! Stop letting your tribal loyalties or your 'anti-woke' stance cloud your judgements!
  4. What are you talking about?! This is nothing to do with the modern game. Stuff like this has always been frowned upon even back in the 'good old days'.
  5. Playing devil's advocate I don't think this is a great idea to be honest. It could well be that one community game on the road was the plan all along but because this announcement was made midway through the season it looks like the Alexandra is not available that day? When I first saw Derby I thought they'd be hosted by Derby Elks but the club the game will be played at has no community club there. Something like this needs to be targeted at the right people and not chosen because the club trains there. The club is at a new stadium and needs to be going all in on getting local people on board. Not taking a game elsewhere. Season ticket holders have paid for all home games and now potentially need to travel to Derby for a match. However, I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Hunslet fans turn up for the game. They've always been known to be gracious and not at all critical of the host teams surroundings
  6. Agreed 100%. Funding is virtually nil now but even when it was a relatively well funded division all teams got the same money or thereabouts. This is even though it costs far more for southern based club to attract experienced players. Until there is a funded long term plan then clubs outside the heartlands will always be up against it.
  7. Sky Bet do. Though it's generally only worth a punt early in the season
  8. I said a few weeks ago that the final league positions already looked to be in place after only a few games. The only team looking likely to climb the table are Crusaders. Top 3 and bottom 3 are locked in already. Saying that with it being so predicatable it's not worth betting. Be lucky to get evens on a 4 team accumulator
  9. It was a joke. Looks like it reeled you in though. I wouldn't compare losing to a promotion chasing team and a team struggling near the bottom of the table (no disrespect to Swinton). And I was/am a fan and volunteer at Coventry Bears. Am generally indifferent to Midlands Hurricanes.
  10. Looks like the Cougars sacked their coach because they were doing too well. Turns out they want to be back in league one next year
  11. Literally throwing money down the drain at this stage of the season.
  12. It's a bonkers journey. I don't envy Cornwall making away trips like this and they do it regularly whereas other clubs it's once a season. It's a real shame Workington couldn't accommodate the Cornwall request for an earlier kickoff
  13. That's the intention yes but nothing agreed yet. And there is a Midlands league but it's got nothing to do with the Hurricanes. When I said local community I meant local to the ground ie. Schools, and local people to build a fan base.
  14. Always makes we wonder why people say stuff like this. He served your club well for a number of years and deserves some respect. While it didn't quite work out in the end it doesn't make him a bad coach. I guess though that you have lots of experience in coaching so know what it takes to be an elite sports coach.
  15. That's a real statement of intent from the Hurricanes. Lots of other work to be done though. Got to get a competitive squad for next season and sort out the stadium issues. Also need to be doing a lot more work with the local community and try to attract more locals to matches.
  16. Definitely think proximity to caravan parks needs to be an IMG criteria. Extra points for proximity to 8 berth caravans
  17. Anyone know the weekend attendance? Every clip I've seen showed an empty stadium. Think the RFL need to accept that just putting on an event like this and hoping people will turn up is not enough.
  18. There has been a reliance in recent years on two big teams getting to the final. It needs to be an event, something that neutrals want to go to. If the other code can make an event out of a crappy league game then RL can do it. When you go to these type of games though it's not an event. You might have a band play beforehand but that's it. There needs to be things happening around the ground and a build up the day before. Make people want to go regardless of who's in the final
  19. That really doesnt fill me with confidence at all. I understand the need for investment but got to be the right people. As for Broncos £26m in debt and nothing to show for it. £20,000 rent per game which won't even be covered by gate receipts. That is truly bonkers. Worst run club in the country.
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