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  1. Exactly! And he's good enough to be there. Strange..
  2. No room in the squad for Regan Grace? This GB team is just an England team. Not unexpected but would've liked to see some representation from other countries (and I don't mean Australia and NZ ) .
  3. Great game and a watershed moment for the sport I feel. The women's game will hopefully continue to grow as its so entertaining to watch. Individual skill comes into play more so than the mens game which for me makes it a great watch. This is only the beginning, I hope the support is there to allow the game to continue to grow.
  4. I think it would be great to see a Newcastle team in the championship or higher but I don't necessarily buy into this idea that they offer more to the sport so deserved to go up. Ultimately Oldham were the better side on the day and over the season as a whole. I said before that Oldham were the best team I've seen this year. They play for each other and are well drilled. There is some great experienced players in their line up who have bought into what they do and while they many not get massive numbers at games they do have passionate fans with a potential for growth. Newcastle will look back at an opportunity missed with 2 teams with much smaller budgets getting promoted ahead of them. Next year will be no cake walk either with a number of clubs strengthening as well as Barrow and Rochdale coming down. They'll be up there again next year but will need to earn it on the pitch like everyone else.
  5. That was a great game and Oldham deserving winners. The experience in the Oldham team won them the game. They controlled the game and played percentages. I think the championship needs a club like Newcastle and they'll be desparately disappointed to have missed out especially after the amount of money they have spent.
  6. Well done to Wolfpack! I'm massively excited to see how they get on in SL next year. Sad to see so much negatively on social media when this is a huge positive for RL
  7. The vast majority of players at previous trials have been RL players. There are alot of players who for different reasons have fallen out of the game, or not been picked up by other clubs. There's also players from student RL who want to give it a go as a semi professional player.
  8. Had some good players through previous trials. Hopefully there are some hidden gems out there waiting to be given a chance
  9. Amazing from Salford tonight. What an achievement for a team with one of the lowest budgets in Superleague. Am so pleased for their fans, they might not have big crowds but they have a real hard core set of fans. What has happened to Wigan though, they have a semi final and their fans don't even bother to turn up! Worrying for them going forward.
  10. The key word there is business. Clubs are businesses and need to either be incentivised to play or regulated to do so. Currently the only incentive is the chance of silverwear at an empty Wembley stadium. For league one clubs who have a very small chance of winning that is no incentive. With midweek games and travel costs to contend with I can get exactly where they are coming from
  11. If a cup is part of a season it should be funded. For some league one clubs travelling costs alone make it unattractive and thats before even adding in payment to players and staff.
  12. Even if said clubs will lose a significant amount of money just by taking part?
  13. Some nonsense spoken on here. Pretty sure Workington had an injury crisis which meant travelling with 14. In any case, in theory the 1895 is a great idea. But not if you provide no travel funding, no prize money, midweek games and an empty Wembley experience. Its no wonder clubs don't want to play in it.
  14. Yes they are focusing on grassroots and doing a fantastic job but let's be under no illusion their charge for promotion is based on what they've spent on their squad. Good luck to them though there's lots of great work going on in the North East. I have a feeling Oldham at home on their own pitch with a big crowd will sway it. Bridge and Langtree in second row are both brilliant and will cause all sorts of problems for Newcastle.
  15. Shed Seven are a great choice. Still have a big following and their tours are consistently sold out. They also have a number of sing along hits which will go down well.
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