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  1. This is really interesting. Coventry have done a fair bit of digging on the original Coventry Northern Union team who incidentally also played at the Butt's Park where the Bears play now. This old Northern Union team wore black and white and the Bears home shirt this year is a nod to that. At the time of the Northern Union team there was also several factory teams as well.
  2. The league 1 recruitment is interesting. Some really decent players dropping into League 1. Also some clubs leaving recruitment quite late
  3. I love the new Bears kit. The black home shirt is fantastic, inspired by heritage (the original Coventry Northern Union team wore black and white) but no doubt 2 tone which originated in Coventry is an inspiration too. The away kit is equally good and think it'll be very popular with fans in the city.
  4. That's for the top players. Average league 1 player likely on say £300 per game plus bonus and expenses which isn't too bad if you are a young lad with a job too. For some of the top players in league 1 I guess it's a choice between staying semi pro and topping up your wages or going full time (and maybe in some cases earning less overall)
  5. The fixtures in league one are again a bit of a mess. Very hard for teams to build momentum and excitement for games when your home games are a month apart. The league should never have been shrunk when it was reduced by 2 teams. Expanding the championship has also been a bit of a disaster with clubs having too many fixtures and a huge gap in quality between the teams at the top and those at the bottom.
  6. Not entirely sure but top players in league 1 are rumoured to be £20-25k which isn't bad on top of what they earn in any job they have
  7. Starting to take shape nicely, and with more to come
  8. Yes true. Lee Greenwood a good judge of what players are a good fit too
  9. Looks a very good player. Northampton based Aussie Tyler Chant http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/kp26nryby8114oofn0ves1eah137e8
  10. An England tour in all but name, and even putting the results aside has been a disaster from start to finish. I like to see the positives where I can but there's very little to take from this tour
  11. I've seen alot of comments on social media saying that RL punishments need to be harsher. There is no comparison though. For the most part RL breaches have been relatively minor but this example was systematic bending of rules to massively breach the cap for 3 years running. While I guess the cynics won't believe it but if there was a similar senario in RL no doubt there'd also be very harsh punishment
  12. Massive news for the Wolfpack and RL as a whole. I can't help feeling the money might have been better spent elsewhere but this move will create massive interest worldwide in Superleague so should be seen as a massive plus for everyone.
  13. Are these pots based on seeding. How are Jamaica in pot 3 and Ireland in pot 4. Seems the wrong way round to me
  14. On the face of it the crowd is disappointing but playing it in Scotland is a start. Scottish RL desperately needs a home ground so it can start to promote games. They also need to be playing regular games. I think Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France should play regular 4 nations championships. Chances are RL is never going to be massively popular in Scotland but that doesn't mean we should give up on them - same for Ireland and Wales
  15. I think he's excellent, one of the best commentators in any sport. When you listen to the uninformed drivel that goes for football commentators nowadays he's head and shoulders above
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