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  1. At last a journalist applying some scrutiny instead of accepting everything they are told.
  2. I'm perfectly fine thanks. People are allowed to have a differing point of view to you. I've read alot of rubbish posted here and remained respectful and not resorted to cheap insults.
  3. Really interesting thanks. In providing this great explanation you've also set out exactly why I have concerns about the approach being taken by Euros X111
  4. At least they've actually got a website ?
  5. It's not currently sanctioned by the RLEF or by the RFL. It is effectively a breakaway competition.
  6. Is it sanctioned by the relevant organisations in cricket?
  7. Yes they absolutely would. Other sports are not keen on breakaway competitions as it divides and weakens the sport. Toronto and this are completely different things. Toronto has to jump though may hoops and were scrutinised with deep due dilligence before they were accepted. Ultimately Toronto were able to demonstrate to the powers that be that they were able to cover the costs of entering the competition and that they would not damage that competition. There was, and still is, huge amounts of debate on their effect on the game. I for one am a big supporter of what they are doing. However this endeavour is different. Toronto took the approach of working with existing structures. Euros haven't and it doesn't look like they have any intention of doing so either. I can't see how a breakaway competition can be supported no matter how good the idea seems on the surface
  8. Currently the Euros competition is unsanctioned. The challenge Cup is an RFL tournament. The chance of any link up between the two competitions is close to zero I would say!
  9. I'd say 10k is a low estimate too. I think you could double that and still fall short. Flights, hotels, insurance, medical, equipment, consumables, food, drink, stadium costs, referee, media etc. It costs a small fortune for an away trip to Cumbria (or vice versa) so imagine how much an international trip costs.
  10. I still think its highly unlikely that any governments will provide funding for an unsanctioned breakaway competition. It's safe to say the UK government won't be backing this one. Personally I think that any funding would be better used to strengthen local competitions in those countries. I'd imagine that's also what most government funding would also be looking at ie. increased participation, community projects etc. The whole idea that government funding has been secured just doesn't ring true.
  11. I was also open minded but I cannot support a breakaway competition which is what this is.
  12. Careful now, asking questions will lead to you being labelled as negative. The answer to all of those questions is 'no one really knows'.
  13. The match ended up being 12 vs 11. Not an auspicious start for Valencia and their only game to date. Prior to that I had assumed they were an established side who had ambitions outside of the Spanish domestic league but they have never played a domestic match. This is a development league so I hope they will be bringing in mostly local Spanish players rather than paying players to come from England or France
  14. I'm not sure of the Instagram usage in the UK and Australia but I think the UK is the 3rd largest twitter market after the US and Japan. With Instagram I suspect its a younger demographic. Pretty much everyone in my age group 40+ uses either FB or twitter or both. I don't know many people in my age group who use Instagram though most younger people I know it is their preferred social media platform.
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