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  1. Hold on! This wasn't the narrative being spun at all. We were told it was a financial disaster and that international RL was dead
  2. Not negative just realistic. We've been down this road many times with US RL. We were told that NARL would be bigger than superleague before finding out it was all a scam. RL in the US has a small number of amateur players who cant even agree to play under one governing body and there are currently no more than a handful of players that are of the required quality to play in a professional league. The other code tried to set up a professional league which has crashed an burned mainly due to the costs of bringing in expensive imports and poor attendances. What makes you think this will work?
  3. Where are they getting the players from for this venture? Been here before haven't we
  4. Not really relevant when both games had no tackles that would potentially be a red under the new guidelines
  5. I agree. It was a masterclass of kicking for field position last night. It only works if the chase is good and Wigan were superb all game at doing that
  6. I'm a neutral who enjoyed an absorbing game of rugby. I'd hate to be the sort of person that can't enjoy a game and celebrate a great performance.
  7. Some people need to stop with the negativity and celebrate a superleague side beating the best team on the world. Of course there was 50/50 calls but that's the way it goes in Rugby. Well done to Wigan for a tremendous performance and well done to Superleague
  8. What a game and what a performance from Wigan. A real rear guard action. World class performance from Harry Smith but Bevan French, Liam Marshall, Kaide Ellis and Jai Field all superb.
  9. Worth pointing out the decision last night was a mistake by the ref. There's always been bad decisions by refs and always will be regardless of rules in place.
  10. So I think on balance most of the Red cards have been the right decision but that was a shocker of a red card tonight
  11. Championship teams claimed they couldn't afford to travel to Cornwall so they certainly aren't going to travel to France unless someone pays for it all. Who's going to do that? As for 12/12/12 good luck with that!
  12. The only similarity with football I see is an under performing manager trying to blame the officials for their own team deficiencies. Smith should focus on trying to improve his team or Leeds are set for another season of mediocrity under him.
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