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  1. He is young but aparently very highly thought of. Hopefully a good move for him and for the Bears
  2. Always looked to be a bad idea to have all these new Western Division teams all being created out of nothing and based in the same place for a number of reasons.
  3. Think it'll be all home wins this week apart from the Bears who hopefully should have enough to beat West Wales.
  4. Why would you appeal a one match ban? Seems he was poorly advised
  5. I was actually going to do a topic about this today after media duties at the Bears yesterday. So yesterday there was different zones. The red zone which is players and staff is completely restricted. I imagine that will still be there even after fans are back. Yesterday the red zone was approximately half the main stand. My understanding is that fans will all have to buy tickets beforehand (and may need to be seated). Indoor areas will require covid stewards so I expect clubs to have outdoor bars and food areas rather than having the extra costs of indoor bars/food areas open.
  6. Full time Bears 20 Barrow 38. Was close at one point with a sin binning extinguishing any chance of a come back. Bears more than matched Barrow in the middle though and apart from an early blitz of tries were right in the game
  7. There's a link to a free programme on the Bears website: https://www.coventrybears.com/ Just click on the menu and select 'Barrow match day schedule'
  8. Likewise for me but I think for many it's the match day experience they love
  9. Think it's because the games are behind closed doors. Hard for a lot of people to get really excited about a game when they can't watch it live.
  10. Agree with you 100% on this, it's a great league for so many reasons. It's actually the only league which has a national footprint and there has always been so many interesting teams involved. L1 should be more valued by some people in the game. If L1 was cut adrift and a number of teams were lost from the game in years to come I have no doubt it would be seen as a massive mistake. As you say for the amount invested it is well worth holding onto.
  11. Yes the tweet had a picture of an indoor facility which was obviously completely unsuitable for RL. I'm guessing that's why they have removed the tweet
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