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  1. Aside from Cougars they've been the best side I've seen this season. They can blow hot and cold but when on form they can rack up the points. Can't see them losing in the playoffs
  2. The Steve Crossley stuff really made me laugh. His impression was spot on As for Mick he's a character and the game would be much more boring without people like him. Everyone is entitled to disagree with what he says and does but I've met him and he's a nice guy, and got time for people.
  3. For all the celebrations at Rimmer leaving I think he did an OK under difficult circumstances for the sport. Many of the issues such as Super League appointing a useless CEO, and Covid were largely out of his control. His heart is in the right place and certainly he wanted the best for the whole of the game. I'd be very worried that his successor will have a remit only to think about what's right for Superleague and damn what's below it.
  4. Yes thats them. Well done on the series win. I managed to catch a couple or games and the standard was very high from both teams
  5. Good luck. Think you have two lads from the Coventry and Warwickshire team I coached at the Tag Nationals
  6. Just seen it. Defender got his body in the wrong position and caught attacker high. Not a malicious tackle to try and do him. Very rarely see red cards for something like that in league 1 especially so early in the game. Skolars players didn't make much of it either but ref made the decision very quickly. Unlucky to see red.
  7. It's a brilliant mascot. Sorry to the grown adults that don't like it
  8. I suspect someone has been on holiday for 2 weeks since highlights are back!
  9. I've enjoyed watching league 1 games on OurLeague but I'd be very susprised if Cornwall do it next year. Personally I think the circa £25-30k they've spent on it would have been better used to put a more competitive team on the pitch.
  10. It's always the way with RL fans. The RFL cop a lot of flak but if they listened to the opinions of commentators on social media then the game would be a bigger mess than it is now! I remember when NARL was going to be bigger than Super League. I also remember how Euro XIII was going to transform RL across Europe. Certain sections of RL fans are always looking for something to save the game.
  11. York bring nothing to the game. They need to be thrown out of the league. Time to concentrate on the heartlands. Etc etc etc
  12. I wasn't there today as on hols but by all accounts a professional performance by the Hurricanes to win 36-4. West Wales very fired up apparently but Hurricanes quality shone through despite a horrendous injury list
  13. A lot of people here seem to be missing the point. What he is alleged to have done is largely irrelevant. Oldham could have got rid without putting out an ambiguous statement about gross misconduct. Seems they set themselves up for this to all come out in the wash.
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