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  1. From the Woo

    Regional leagues 2018

    Going back to the Sonics, there is a very good interview with Phil Cole on the League One Show podcast this week which is well worth a listen
  2. From the Woo

    Regional leagues 2018

    As a former All Golds season ticket holder I was excited to see the name back and to go to see my first game of the season tomorrow, both the new club and at this level. This sad news and reading the posts above definitely puts another spin on it. The AG/OX merger was never and is never going to happen. It has been mentioned on twitter about aggressive recruitment by the All Golds, excuse my ignorance but what can clubs offer that would make a player decide to go elsewhere? I do hope that this isn't the end of the Sonics
  3. From the Woo

    Regional leagues 2018

    It has now been confirmed on the Sonics website massive shame!
  4. From the Woo

    Regional leagues 2018

    Just read the post again, What's happened with Bristol??? That's not good news at all.
  5. From the Woo

    Garry Lo leaves Cas

    He mentioned on the 6 till 8 debate that he needed to play games to help with his work permit and Bradford offered him the chance. Was a month minimum i believe with no call back or he might have gone back earlier.
  6. From the Woo

    Regional leagues 2018

    Heard rumblings about this and then saw their fixtures. Having had a season ticket with the now defunct All Golds I look forward to the new season. Its a level of rugby I haven't seen before so really interested to see how it goes.
  7. From the Woo

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Is Steve Parry one of the injured players? Not seen his name for a couple of weeks. Very big player for you, shame is being used in the halves and not at hooker. I agree with the worrying scorelines but my hat goes off to the players as it's can't be good for their confidence but will keep going.
  8. From the Woo

    Weekend Events, will you be going?

    So far two things are standing out with this poll. The majority that have voted will no be attending either event and forum members are exercising their right to vote (or not) with only 41 votes from 480+ views. Shame about the Summer Bash as the championship is quite exciting this year and with Leigh improving the Toronto game will be a good one. My weekend ticket was £24 and my accommodation is about £60, granted it's not the Ritz, beer is cheaper in the ground, £3 a pint last year. Having said that i'm not going with a family so can do things on the cheaper side. Magic is also a great weekend that I have been to a number of times but unfortunately unable to make it this year.
  9. With the attendance of weekend events always questioned. I was curious if fellow forum members are attending this year? Feel free to say why or why not. (sorry this is posted again there was a small error)
  10. From the Woo

    Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    Do you feel that having the Bash a week before the Magic Weekend has a big knock on effect? The price of the tickets are a bargain and the Championship is going well this year. I don't have a team at the Bash but i'm travelling up from Worcester because it's a good laugh and a chance to see teams i wouldn't normally see. Why don't more neutrals go? People complain about attendances for all RL events but don't go themselves Would be interesting to see a Poll on here of those who are attending either Bash, Magic, Both or none.
  11. From the Woo

    Grady leaves North Wales Crusaders (Merged Threads)

    Surprised he's gone back but he helped the All Golds last season and by all accounts was a popular bloke. All the best to the Cru fans.
  12. From the Woo

    Grady leaves North Wales Crusaders (Merged Threads)

    Who is out there to take over? Throwing a name out there, how about Lee Greenwood?
  13. Would like to thing it will be a Giants victory after a confidence boosting win last week. I can't see it being by a big score unless they smarten up with their decision making close to the line. Jerry was getting frustrated against Widnes. Good news for the Giants that Lunt is unavailable. Which Centres would you pick for the Giants this week? Wood and Turner for me.
  14. I think it was for dangerous contact with the knees, cannonball challenge I believe. Jerry wasn’t a happy bunny
  15. Should be an interesting game this one. Looking forward it although i'm not sure how the Giants will get on. Not that well looking at the previous comments. couple of questions for both sets of fans. 1) Which player in the opposing team would you have in your own. for example - Inu on his current form would be most welcome in the Giants team 2) Who will finish higher?