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  1. Challenge Cup 3rd round stream...

    Great news for the Bears. Should be a great game, both teams wanting to make a statement. Already decided that I would be going to the match but I hope there is a big audience online
  2. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary... He has been given a 2 match penalty notice
  3. Super League Dream Team Fantasy RL comp

    Every year i look at my team and think "yeah, great team, i'm going to kick a***", but it never really ends up that way. I tend to keep players in that i think are very good and will maybe grab me points instead of players that are actually doing this business. This week has helped me a little bit but i will need to have an overhaul.
  4. Challenge Cup Third Round

    Coventry Bears vs Distington will be a result to keep an eye on.
  5. Whippets and Flat Caps

    If you're on Android you can listen to it through the Podbean app.
  6. Whippets and Flat Caps

    I’ve downloaded their latest episode which I’m hoping will kill off some of the boredom at work tomorrow. Wilkin always seems to talk well when I see him on the tv so we shall see.
  7. WatchNrl.Com

    Just seen on they have announced the prices.
  8. Super League Dream Team Fantasy RL comp

    Shocking opening week for all my fantasy teams!!! i'd like to thing that things can only improve!!!
  9. 2018 Super League Season

    Oh yes! I’ve Been doing dry January so 1st Feb brings beer, super league and a bucket of chicken (shared). Maybe a bet or two?
  10. Reading a story on Love Rugby League it does appear that Valley Cougars did request to change the day of the match due to the wedding but this was turned down.
  11. 48-10 to the Army, the match ended with 12 vs 11 with milford down to 10 men at one point. Some very good play from the Army lads. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. My hat goes off to the young officials, they must have such a lovely for the game to put up with what they do. Not a bad day for a total spend of £2 on two coffees.
  12. Army 26-10 Milford HT Army very impressive going forward but ironically it's their discipline in defence which has let them down. I think it took less than 2 minutes for the first "get off him" quickly followed by "offside"
  13. Man of Steel contenders/predictions

    I'm going to put a few penny's on Tyrone Roberts for MOS and Jack Walker is a great shout for Young Player.
  14. Very strange for the VC to forfeit so late in the day. Surely they could have pulled a team together since the tie was announced or ask for the game to be played on a different date? Disappointing really as i'm sure other teams would have loved the chance to play in the Challenge Cup.
  15. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    I have a team in this one as well. I agree that the scoring method is impressive but something I’m not fond of is transfers. If I want to transfer someone out off the bench they need to be in the same position. So if you started the season with a centre and a winger on the bench but fancied another half it can’t do it. So choose the positions of your bench wisely. Of course this may be a case of me being dumb and I’m not doing it right