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  1. I think they will leave as well. The costs to maintain the facility are massive and there's no way they will get the city to pay for it. Even if they cut it down the middle to 250K each that's a lot of cash for a championship side. Thing is once they are out Odsal is gone. The RFL will have to pay the lease to the council which they can't afford so they will work with the city to sell then land to a developer. it sure looked like a unique venue, I hope they can find a new place that they can call home. they are a massive cog in the RL wheel with the players thy develop and history.
  2. Toronto Wolfpack v Rochdale Hornets by 60 Toulouse Olympique v Batley Bulldogs by 24 Dewsbury Rams v Bradford Bulls by 12 Sheffield Eagles v Barrow Raiders by 18 Leigh Centurions v Widnes Vikings KO 3pm Swinton Lions v Halifax by 4 York City Knights v Featherstone Rovers by 4
  3. A discussion with the VP of Commercial which includes a discussion about the use of comp tickets among other things. https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/e/special-episode-vice-president-of-something-feat-jon-pallett/
  4. Sheffield Eagles v Widnes Vikings by 8 Barrow Raiders v York City Knights by 6 Bradford Bulls v Toronto Wolfpack by 6 expect a bit of rotation on TWP side. should be a great game Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers by10 Halifax v Toulouse Olympique by 6 Leigh Centurions v Swinton Lions by4 Rochdale Hornets v Batley Bulldogs by14
  5. lol that's what you get out of this eh? It is a TWP podcast but the point of the post was the discussion regarding the growth of the game in Canada which I found very insightful and thought others might as well.
  6. The VP of CRLA talks about what they are doing for player development and how the game is growing in BC. https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/e/se01ep26-tarps-off-boys-time-for-a-tilly/
  7. Just watching the Toulouse game while working on my dad-bod and noticed that during the game they are splitting the screen and showing commercials....add revenue stream up and running during games?
  8. new board is up. I'm going to the Fev game on the 13th to check it out, first game of the year for me.
  9. Barrow Raiders v Toulouse Olympique by 8 Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack by 28 Bradford Bulls v Widnes Vikings by 4 Halifax v Featherstone Rovers by 12 Rochdale Hornets v Swinton Lions by 20!! Sheffield Eagles v Leigh Centurions by 12 York City Knights v Dewsbury Rams by 8
  10. the full eighty is a pretty good one too. good guests and always good to hear form Craig on how things actually happen in the game. my schedule is listen to 5 live on Monday, Forty20 on Tuesday and full eighty on Friday. I used to listen to the Jy & Hitchcox show but since they have gone to rugby am I haven't found the podcast and just forgot about it...anyone have a link to it? the Total RL one isn't bad either and we have the Howlin'hour on podbean for the Toronto podcast.
  11. Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets by 16 Widnes Vikings v Batley Bulldogs by 12 Toronto Wolfpack v Toulouse Olympique by 8 expecting a fantastic game! gave my tickets away cuz I'm camping at Santa' village this weekend. Getting some new blood exposed to the game though. Bradford Bulls v Halifax KO by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Leigh Centurions by 12 Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Raiders by 30 Swinton Lions v York City Knights by 2 because why not, they are playing some great stuff
  12. Says that 2021 is the most likely time for Ottawa starting up
  13. I'm just listening to it at the moment but here ya go. All about tea so far. https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/
  14. York City Knights v Toulouse Olympique XIII by 14 Bradford Bulls v Batley Bulldogs by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Rochdale Hornets by 4 Leigh Centurions v Halifax RLFC by 12 Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers by 8 Widnes Vikings v Barrow Raiders by 10 Swinton Lions v Toronto Wolfpack by 30
  15. I hope Argyle and Co has started the groundwork on having a reserve team of some sort for next year. I believe its a requirement for all SL team's next year correct? If Leed's are relegated and we don't have everything setup I guarantee we won't be let in and Leeds will stay up.
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