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  1. is there anywhere that you can actually make a wager in Canada for RL? I know they said they are changing the laws around sports gambling but I don't know of any sites that you can wager on AND collect your winnings. everyone is willing to take your money.
  2. Since joining the RL community all I've heard is that RL is doing things wrong and needs to change, that's why there's a slew of threads on how to do things to improve the game....is this not one of the ways? Maybe the game needs new owners with more money to make the game more appealing to new fans (do old fans want new fans) and get the game more mainstream. Looking at basic life math almost everyone on this forum won;t be here in 30-40 years...so whos going to watch the game? You need to start appealing to the future fans now, make the game a big sport. SH isn't having issues like the NH, the north need's to change and Argyle is showing them a clear way to move forward. Raise the profile of the game and attract new investors/owners to keep it going up up and up. choose to be a PROFESIONAL MAJOR sport or stay small time amateur
  3. howlin'hour special SBW podcast. just started it so cant tell you how it is. https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/e/special-episode-sbw/
  4. I don't think you can have P&R AND a salary cap. if you have a cap in place its a franchise system, no cap = P&R.
  5. lol I'm Polish and my son in Jakub also, Kuba for short. thats why I was asking. ...wait a second...is this cultural misappropriation!!??!!?!?!?!?
  6. I did email them a few days ago actually asking if we would have kits available for Christmas, this sounds like they should be ready. I'm ok with mine being in the jail still so long as I get it shortly after. My two kits have signatures all over them and I don't wear them. I need something to rock at work on dress down Fridays!
  7. No picture of the kit yet but Wolfpcak have switched to BLK for their 2020 kits and they should be out in a few weeks, in time for Christmas I hope!. This does burn down my dream of getting a bad ass marvel kit from Magic Weekend though so they better make a great kit. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/wolfpack-signs-deal-with-blk-to-become-technical-apparel-partner/
  8. Ahhh ######! We just signed with an Oz kit manufacturer BLK so Marvel kit is likely dead. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/wolfpack-signs-deal-with-blk-to-become-technical-apparel-partner/
  9. Quick side not as it seems to have passed over peoples heads but what about the reported Netflix series that's happening with SBW (Superleage Bow Down!) being a focus in? Anyone else excited about it? I wonder if it will be a stand alone mini series throughout the seas like in season 1 (Last Tackle I believe) or just an episode in one of their current shows.
  10. Definitely 1 but maybe 2 more to go and we're done for 2020. On the Chasing kangaroos podcast (rebranded to International Rugby League Podcast) Monsieur Hakim Miloudi confirmed he's signed a 1 year extension with us already as well, that's just retention not recruited but fyi. Also great show if you haven't checked it out yet. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/chasing-kangaroos/e/64772093
  11. Infinity if we just stay on topic. Can't wait to see the guy at Lamport next year. come on SL!!!!
  12. I thought you would. Glad that Toronto is giving you joy.
  13. There is also a trend of TWP threads being the most active. Its because we're new, exciting, and provocative...simply by being new and exciting and well not dying. Except for 2020...that's definitely our year to go bust. End of day it is the magical internet where most of the people on it are there just to #####, complain and be negative and nasty...it's what it is. I've been gone for a while also and I'll likely take a bit of a break over the off seas as its just a breading ground for boredom complaints. Let's be honest, SL is going to be the best this year because of us. Just because of all the global attention (right before the TV deal negotiations mind you) and the fact it's a new team, new fans, new approach. The locals will come our of the caves and see the light, a few will stay in but hey, their time is limited on this rock. Let's focus on the next generation.
  14. It say's he's here for his PR not for his playing abilities...like we've all stated many times....David Beckham of rugby and all. The article is written in a grumpy, negative way tough so I see why it's the one you prefer over everything else out there that says the exact same thing.
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