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  1. called it!!! worst kept secret mind you.
  2. First of thanks for the post! I recall him saying in the radio interviews in Canada that they were working with clubs to see if they would be ok to play the games abroad as both would have had to agree and it seems like they didn't. Shortsighted view of extra travel for a full time team vs the benefit for the game (tv negations coming up) and the extra exposure for the clubs in those games. Maybe in 2021 we can pull it off. as far as I know most owners haven't been to Toronto yet to see what were all about. The Leeds guy was at the MPG and he was impressed but aside from that I don't think any have been here.
  3. also mentions what positions hey are looking at. "We need at least four players - somebody in the front row, an outside back, a back row and someone around the ruck area - and there are four players there that we've identified"
  4. A portion of the funding is going to Elston's budget for marketing and everything SL and the rest is going to the clubs, it's on last weeks backchat with the Giants owner. also after next year we get to renegotiate with SL on our deal so like I said they will go balls out this year or promoting the game and showing SL owners what we bring and go for equal status. I still can't believe that the SL owners haven't been to Toronto to see what all the raving fan & Elston reviews are about and thought of ways they could improve their game day experiances/marketing. They are just waiting until they come to Toronto to play us, even if they travel then.
  5. there have been many this year haven't there. overall seems the most positive year in my RL lifetime (3 years) West Wales getting a victory was great. York making the playoffs. CC runs by Champ Clubs London's run against the odds Salfords amazing story The coverage of Champ & League 1 games on our league app Barcelona game Wolfpack promotion!!
  6. A lot of the most popular podcasts (Forty20, Full eighty) is basically this forum but with sound. It people giving their opinions on RL subjects however they do actually have credible sources of information. For me its a great way to get information on the game and since I listen while I work it's background noise as well. if I was to sit and listen at home maybe it would be different but I really enjoy all of them.
  7. lol. I do like the full eighty and it does seem like Craig the super agent is actually a good guy and his players really like him. best part of their show is when they have players on and they get a chance to tell their stories and their thoughts as often the players have no voice. It's one of my weekly go to's, here's my RL podcast schedule Monday - BBC 5 live Tuesday - Forty 20 Wednesday - Listen to prior weeks backchat Thursday - Howlin'Hour (TWP Podcast), Chasing Kangaroos, Total RL Friday - Full Eighty I used to listen to the Final Hooter on Love RL but they really have no clue on TWP and go off of crazy M62 rumor's so I got turned of off them, clearly not doing any research so lost faith in what they were saying in general. the Jy & Oli show got rebranded and is on a site I can't access from work to listen to.
  8. if you can't tell we do get special treatment but its bad special treatment. I don't think omitting us form relegation is fair or the right way to go. you earn your place on the filed, its how we got promoted and if something crazy happens that's how we will get relegated. However HKR & Hudersfield would be the likely relegation favorites as of today for next year before any potential signings or international injuries impacting the teams.
  9. we don't have to be far right extremists with a no foreigners at all policy or far left extremist hipsters that give everything away. How about you just stipulate that any non UK clubs have 20% tax of their central funding that is specifically allocated to junior development. It can be spent in their region or in the UK, maybe have min 5% in the UK stipulation? naturally you would have to audit the spend and have some sort of criteria on what counts as a valid expenditure. Should likely have a tax on all SL clubs anyway for that and have one group be responsible for junior development within the RFl or under Elsotone so the clubs can focus on being successful clubs. jacks of all trades usually aren't great an anything. Let people specialize in what they do.
  10. that's who I was missing!
  11. watch last weeks backchat with Vickers if you haven't. Talks a lot about the team and regarding recruitment mentioned that 80-90% of the squad will stay, they are really just replacing the departures of Sims, Beswick and 1-2 others if I recall correctly. Cipriani's agent was the one who tried to sell him to us when we were inquiring about another player. https://www.totalrl.com/rugby-league-back-chat-3rd-oct/
  12. And so it begins! We're after the London hooker in the rumor mill. https://www.totalrl.com/toronto-chase-super-league-versatile-playmaker/ I knew Beswick was leaving but didn't know what club, wish him all the best at Newcastle Thunder. he's been wonderful for the team and I'm very thankful for everything he's done for us. I think he will be great for Newcastle's run for promotion from league 1. I think Ashtons quota spot will be used for a replacement big boy as we need the size in SL.
  13. no I haven't played since high school. You have to go out of your way to play rugby I my area. There is a union club outside of town (found out cuz a player saw my hat at our kids gymnastics) but its a bit of a drive and expensive and a big time commitment. I would love if they had some flag rugby pop up in my area to get back in it and to start the kids off by showing them me playing but right now its just the Wolfpack games that we have. I'm the biggest rugby fan in my group so don't have any exposure to any "union" folk. My hat has been recognized a few times around town now though and I'm over 100 km away from Lamport.
  14. @ckn I imagine that our impact on you has been a negative one as you've had to babysit the threads a lot more?
  15. it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that @Kayakman is craving Rhino meat.
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