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  1. lol i found this funny as we really just have bough to field one team currently for any and all games. Given the struggles were having with headcount I say that dropping out early would be best. We have been laying rather well considering its the first year in SL and we're playing last years top teams right off the bat but our squad needs a rest more than anyone else.
  2. Bah! The first half mistakes cost us the game....its the way we've been all season so far. Gota clean that up. I'm felling that we lost this game more that Warrington actually won it, is that fair? Going off the radio commentary only.
  3. ok so a try and a conversion and we win by 4....I should play the lotto
  4. as a wolfpack fan let me tell you a secret to a happy life...don't read twitter
  5. that Ashton kid is just a monster in this game ! every time I hear his name my sphinxter clenches a bit.
  6. gotta love how the boys keep playing no matter what. what looked like a blow out 11 minutes in is now a stressful game for the grey foxes.
  7. a nice uplifting Big Mac talk will have the boys come our swinging in the 2nd half and we will win by 4 just like I predicted!!!
  8. this is looking like a test of character for the boys. they keep playing and coming close but the counter attacks is just killing us. are people out of position?
  9. so much for no away fans...I can hear them cheering for the conversion. probably Sandy reppin the Canucks!
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