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    Marwan's latest project

    Its plausible for Oldham and Rochdale to create a new club. And as far as Swinton, well they and Salford would make sense as well. Whether Koukash or anyone would try to make the efforts is another matter.
  2. Rupert Prince

    War of the Roses coming back?

    "Transitioning" seems like something to do with cross gender I'm afraid. If you need to explain it with what looks like 2000 words as well as a meaningless headline, then it's too complicated and not going to work. But the fundamental logic seems sound enough.
  3. Rupert Prince

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Richard III will have his 2 substitutes locked up in the Tower. And Lord Stanley swapping jerseys at half time. I guess the trophy will have to be picked up out of a thorn bush. (This is a good game, probably better than the real one!)
  4. Rupert Prince

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Hmmm... Yes maybe true, but... Our juniors have just beaten the Aussies.
  5. Rupert Prince

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Well whatever secret obtuse plan someone is trying to sneak out, it's not got any space in the 2019 fixture list, has it? This is all somewhat absurd, but unless it's a spoof then it's a plan from Rimmer.
  6. Rupert Prince

    Elstone speaks!

    Correct, there was no contradiction and the comment that prompted your own response was incoherent in its analysis.
  7. Rupert Prince

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    This is a fair point, and irrespective of that, just what will SKY pay for the privilege of ensuring people sit on their sofas rather than go to the game. So what added money can RL get for this service. I no not have SKY so only see highlights on BBC, so nothing whatsoever helps the image of RL when terrestrial TV dominates international RU.
  8. Rupert Prince

    Sky pulls out.

    That is such a pathetic "come and get me" post that I hope nobody will reply to it. Ah, err... oops!
  9. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    It is a stretch though. I am not arguing against Cardiff and Edinburgh. The RU Euro Cup is an international event, so no surprise it was in Bilbao. Anyway, we all have 10 years to think about it. All that while, sadly for us, the RU will continue with its international programme. And the RU Premiership looks like receiving 200 million investment from the group that used to run F1. We have the Hearns... I take no pleasure in juxtaposing this.
  10. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    Shadow points out that what he is comparing to is a series of internationals. Not a domestic Cup. The big Club RU cup is an international one. I see no reason or benefit in playing the Cup at Dublin or Paris. The big events you are comparing to are internationals. These sell well and many tickets are peddled by companies. ie complementaries. Lots of money and business fuels these events. "Event" in this case being an excuse really to be an adjunct to something wider. We can rotate the Cup, there are a few viable options, but good luck pushing Paris and Dublin. At least you can spend 10 years planning it.
  11. Correct. All the anti Catalans comments are naff. They are aiming to compete with the likes of say St Helens who have just paid out a fortune for an Aussie, and the likes of Daddy as the nerve to criticise Catalan. If a player is injured he cannot be selected internationally. Roby was injured and he did not play or join the squad. The whole comment and thread by Daddy was just a excuse to carp and quite without foundation.
  12. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    And my response again is, why? By all means go to Dublin or Paris if you want a holiday. Why put a RL cup final on there?
  13. Rupert Prince

    RL and power of free to air tv

    Woods was in charge then as well.
  14. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    DaveT... Dublin? Paris? Really? No thanks. It is on TV you know.
  15. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    Old Wembley had a dog trackaround it. So the Olympic Stadium is not that bad. And the "Park" of course is outside the Stadium. There is a lot of space outside the Stadium, I recent went to view the Shrouds of the Somme and it strikes me it's not difficult to get there or use the spaces there sensibly. But nothing is going to happen anywhere for 10 years... and even then I doubt the RFL will get their ducks in a row.
  16. Rupert Prince

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    The Olympic Park is plausible and has the option of putting up marquees for bars and food. But just because you have 90000 seats does not mean you have to fill them. 60000 is a worthy gate. The RLF problem, if it has one, is what it is paying for the privilege of hiring Wembely. Travelling costs and travelling difficulties are an issue, as is all the costs once you get there. But set against this is that it ought to be an "Event", and ought to have enough support to justify it. We have 3 National stadiums and it is an option in 10 years time to split time between London Cardiff and Edinburgh.
  17. Rupert Prince

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Deary me. You might just elude to the low gate and the fact that some not inconsiderable number of scouts might be interested in running the rule over the list of assembled quality players. Clearly my low sarcasm (for which I apologise) was commenting on the modest gate. Let's hope there is a good gate at Headingly. And well done and good wishes to the England team.
  18. Rupert Prince

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    You would have hoped that there would have been at least that number of them as scouts and agents.
  19. Your response I am afraid is an example of the degeneration. The RFL have made a big mistake in trying to pay extra for TWP and TO if they get to the Final (and the semi double header?). As for the CC, the fact is that The Grand Final and Magic are crowding out the I terest… in the CC. The numbers of neutrals are not as big as it was for various reasons, and as someone has said Wembley as a venue is not as clever an financial option as it was. All this suggests that the RFL is a ship without a rudder.
  20. If expenses were covered then that is not a loss. A loss is a loss not an expectation of higher profits, and if costs are not covered then there has been a loss. You cannot look at it both ways.
  21. Yes, very poor planning if correct. And if this as 400k each then the loss was enormous and costs profligate and never viable. But it was said that the event was a loss leader by the promoter, so if so it's shocking management by both RL bodies.
  22. How much of that if any was the NZ loss? I was pleased to see the Denver game, but the cost/loss should have been on the promoter.
  23. The other issue is that the Total RL article only tells part of the story. It coyly omits that both clubs were not prepared to be blackmailed. Instead TL rabbits on about Red Star Belgrade. This in fact compounds its sloppy journalism because it clearly wants to bootstrap itself on to a well known football team and write a few gratuitous lines before going to the pub. I suppose we should be grateful that we have their web site, but TL has form for this. Time and again it is all to happy to be a happy mouthpiece for the great and the good and produce happy clappy copy. Rarely does it venture out of its fairyland into the the real world. RL journalists won't even try to sit on the fence... they can't even be bothered to creosote it.
  24. Laughable. Without the pro clubs there would be no game at all. From the moment RU went professional the only way the RL game was going to exist was by the pro clubs themselves promoting themselves. Without the money that they get then you will see the likes of Wigan and Leeds actually turning to play RU! Ultimately that is where SKY would put it's money.