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  1. The interest in the Leeds v HKR is not one of HKR possibly going down. I am afraid for those fans, of HKR, the wider public do not care. It's a shame but there it is. No; in the modern, Jeremy Kyle, world the "pulling wings of flies" interest is that of Leeds. The other way to look at it is the rubbernecking at an accdent. There is a long word in German, that I cannot spell, that covers it... SKY will be expecting it's viewers to be drawn to the morbid fascination of Leeds possibly being relegated. This may be not fair to Leeds, but it's matters not a jot to viewers if either Wigan or Saints win their game... Saints will finish top anyway and Wigan are only trying to climb out of mid table. (BTW. despite Wire busting a gut to big up their game this week, it's all the other matches that actually offer real meaning)
  2. Common thing? Like the FA who are desperate to unload Wembley because of the debt but now are stuck with it. And Twickers is in debt thanks to the ground as well. But your rigernarole is pointless in the context of my point, in that there are many places to fill before Broncos and RLF would get grants for a London stadium. Please call off the search for another response to this, as I won't be repeating myself further.
  3. All well and good, but that is not my point. I am suggesting to you that if there is any available grant money's, and it's not a bottomless pit, then it strikes me that Trailfinders would be in the queue if they were intetested. After that then there are likely to be many other London projects. The idea that the RFL are going to fund a stadium for RL and up to 3 teams... for an audience it does not have ... is risible.
  4. No one is pointing a gun at Salfords head. I wonder who leaked the news?
  5. Indeed. But a reasonable successful SL team averages 6000. The good ones get 10000. So merely being there is not going to attract a stadium worthy of anything like 6000. This is why the game is not going to expand, either in profile or in nr of clubs, by the work of the individual clubs themselves. The game needs to decide where it going.
  6. The Sun !? It was supposed to be boycotting RL. And hasn't this very website already broken this news.
  7. If its so easy to build a new stadium on 8% then why haven't everyone done that... Castleford for instance? Best wishes to London, but... Getting back to the point, London would do well to get about 2500. At the moment. What plans do they have to expend their fan base (if it's possible) and if and when that happens, surely then they can look to expand seating in their current base? And then move on. Otherwise we seem to be simply looking to "build it and they will come". Plus of course given the obsession with P&R, just HOW could they be expected to expand their fan base?
  8. Why should anybody offer grants and loans when there is already a ground called Trailfinders? It is there and up and running, shouldn't its grants be first in line? Just where does this never ending money stream come from, because I would like some of it please.
  9. Did Richardson's agent start that rumour?
  10. You can finish top by 10 points and still run the danger of not being promoted.
  11. Tostig got into the Norwegian side on their heritage rule. They say he was a bit of a comedian, but he died a death in the end.
  12. Forgive me, what do you mean by "consequential"? I'm struggling. And I think as others have said, Tomkins played all his games in 2009 at stand off. So a young and successful talent broke through to the halves. QED.
  13. All this may be true. However... Dearden played his first game in Round 8, and started through round 12, playing in all of them for 80 minutes. He only played 6 mins in Round 13. That's because he had an ankle injury which needs surgery and will leave him out for at least 6 weeks. They have been 'pushing it's to get these injuries down from 10 weeks. Go figure...
  14. They were strong defensively close to the line though! Plus whilst the Norman French had an easy bye, thanks to the wind being in their favour, we plucky Anglo Saxons had to get through a tough semi final against Norway.
  15. The score was 10-66, by the way. And the Herald from the (Ancient) British Broadcating Corporation got the scoresheet wrong.
  16. Yes, both wingers dropped the ball big time. Fair doos to the Norman/ French, they were playing up the slope in both halves.
  17. Look, ###### this for a game of soldiers. As was said, he was 19 AT THE START OF THE SEASON !! He played 6, consistently from the time be got into the team. Maguire, I think, looked at him and put him at fullback. I suspect everyone except Maguire wad amazed. But it worked. You are entitled to make your point, it may be valid.. but Tomkins and Williams are the exception to your rule.
  18. You just beat me to the point and gave saved me the trouble.. ooh er...
  19. Tomkins made his name as a 6 and got in the side young. So did Williams. If you are good enough it will not matter to be young enough.
  20. Yes. Hastings would be 6 surely. Looking in the Interweb the Sun says Lui is going to Leeds for a 65k transfer fee. I thought the Sun was boycotting RL!?? Hastings had played fair by Salford. This and his father's rugby history augours well for his commitment. If Lui goes to Leeds then the likelyhood is that Hastings will go to Wigan. Thus ought to give them a number of options in the half backs with Sammut as well .
  21. Quite a few clubs are in a battle for his signature. I do not know who will win the conquest.
  22. Your comment about transfer system is a good point well made. It does not benefit teams these days. Bateman came from Bradford and Smithies from Halifax... both products of the Wigan scouting and Academy system. There is an argument for saying Smithies is the next best big new thing, and both the above clubs missed out on finding them.
  23. Yes. The choices of reserves are important. In terms of RL I suggest that bringing in players who are versatile is important. Centres, 7's and fullback. Also 6 can play centre. This is a separate issue from say picking extra props. For instance, Tompkins may not get in the team or the starting 17, but in extremis he is a good player, played internationals and played full back and 7, and also can play 6. I'm not actually suggesting Bennett will pick him... but based on my logic, I would. The great weakness that GB/England have is in not having a ball handling loose forward.The traditional GB teams produced these and gave something different to the Aussies. Lockers is closest these days (or was). That being the case selecting edge 2nd rows who can pass on either wing need to be looked at.
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