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  1. This shows that there are lies, damned lies and statistics.
  2. Because the ref missed a number of aussie niggles in the ruck. But there we go, the aussies are good at it and we are not smart enough. Neither is the ref. Funny too that 2 blatant forward passes were let go and the only unlikely one was given. I am not winging about that, it's the same for all sides and I don't think any tries came, but it ilustrates the fine margins that aussies know how to work. Generally, except for a short period, Wigan gave away too much easy distance be it for errors or penalties (real or imagined by the ref). This part of the game is where Aussies are good. Frankly Wigan recovered from most of these. But, and here I am sure the management must know this, the club need a quality nr7. Sammut will get a chance for now and Leuluai go hooker.
  3. Yes, but Wigan have made 3 early errors and given tries in each of first games. But it was a good high quality intense game and if we get more games like this then maybe more will come through the turnstiles, because the game needs more support in the grounds.
  4. Yes a good game to watch and a high intensity all round. The result not clear until 4mins to go. Individual slackness early from a few Wigan players cost easy tries, but Sargeson for one made up for it in 2nd half. Aussie players work well at winning the rucks and are always going to move wide well. So they are always going to be stretching and pressurising their opponents on their line. But if you make errors as Wigan did at times they will kill us. When the ref suddenly realised he had to even up the penalty count, Wigan came close, but it was all stretched, not fully controlled. Don't beat Aussie teams by giving away errors.
  5. Wot, 46-14's worth of sinbining???
  6. This is in alphabetical order. Will this confuse the BBC website?
  7. Come on, be fair... Wigan have trained against Aussie teams. Apparently the Roosters also acclimatised, and trained as well with a set of cherry coloured dust bins. The Roosters scored more points against the Saints than the dust bins.
  8. Rupert Prince

    If money was no object...

    Actually I miss-spoke. I meant Warringron. 😂🤣
  9. Rupert Prince

    If money was no object...

    No you miss-spoke, you meant St Helens. 😂
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    Reserve league

    But there must not be enough "community players" already because many SL players are already playing for these community teams. !!
  11. Hello Johnny Plath... Yes all you say is broadly true. The Aussie 2nd tier and lower are all proud teams in their right. As indeed are lower tiers in UK. But for all that pride and aspiration (and there are as you say a few, very few, Aussie lower teams how might desire to rise to the top table), for all of that, there are vanishingly few UK clubs that could ever rise up to be viable top tier teams. On the immediate issue we were discussing (zero relegation), DL in the NRL makes perfect sense and is on top of a structured tier of junior football. The RLF's structure once again confounds itself and it seems to me it will strangle itself without drastic reform Pride is one thing, but does it mean anything without fulfilment? There is nothing wrong in having dignity, honour and self worth, even if one is a lower tier club. Achievement comes in many guises.
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    Branding and Image of Super League

    We are not getting free advertising. Their advertising is is attracting their product and is cornering their market. This thread is on marketing, branding. We are doing nothing to differentiate our product in the minds of the public. Stop weasiling and start suggesting how we do that.
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    Branding and Image of Super League

    A runaway train? More like frozen in the headlights I fear. There is no other version of cricket, or hockey, or baseball, or basketball (even the ladies version managed to invent a new name for it, Netball), and certainly no other version of Association "Football"..... oh, oh, wait a minute... oh yes there is. Its called Soccer. And it's growing in the good old USA. Mr Beckham is in the middle of buying and creating a new soccer club. He is not going to stand up in front of the (USA!) media and say he is creating a new football club, is he? US football aficionados realised that they needed a new name, and they coined, "soccer". The reason was obvious, because without a name they were not going to make traction in their media. And this thread is about branding and image.. isn't it!!? So wake up and smell the coffee, you all are not even at first base when it comes to marketing this game. Oh and yes it is a great game, the best, but it's being totally sidelined by big money and influence which is ironic bearing in mind it's professional origins. From the creation of professional Rugby Union we The Rugby Football League have taken 1 step after another backwards.
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    Branding and Image of Super League

    The thing is, I do not think it "is" the case. When it comes to "Rugby" people think it is Union. But your argument is anyway running into the sand. We are losing the battle even are read the press reports. The Six Nations is in the process of pooling it's efforts to win a new big TV/media lucrative deal... scuppering the southern hemisphere's marketing strategy in the process... its going to make them money and influence, and "Rugby", in Europe at least, will become even more inextricably linked with Union in the minds of the public. We need to get away from the word "Rugby".
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    Great RL Photos

    It's the 25yd line !!
  16. Yes, but remember, there is no promotion or relegation in NRL. The feeder clubs know their place. ("I look up to him" "I look down on him" " I know my place"). They are feeder clubs, they are lower tier clubs. That is why they exist... as feeder clubs. There is no system, no ambition to be anything else. Equally they are happy to be here they are. No chips on the it shoulders. If DR proponents want to support the system using the Australian method this is fine by me, but take care of what you wish for. For me, yes, it does make sense in a world where we do 'not' have relegation to have DR, but then again I do not support promotion and relegation in the first place.
  17. Nice strip (sorry, wrong thread)
  18. Exodus of brand sponsors from NRL. Scandal plagued off season for NRL. Perhaps they need to add more matches in the competition to give these block headed players something to do!?? NRL... "I put them in my to 5 worst sports administrators..." "The NRL are hopeless" So says Ben Parsons of Ministry of Sport in The Guardian. Lock up your daughters when the NRL are in town.
  19. Certainly I think it should be played in the middle of the season, with a break to accommodate the game. Standard alternate between Aussie and GB. Myself I would expand the CC at the start of the season and then bring on the WCC straight after that.
  20. Yes it does a bit. I agree that the system is wrong.
  21. I think it ought to be harder to win the CC than it is now, because previously top teams came in when it was the round of 32. So you have to get to the top 5 then win the GF in order to get into the WCC. I hope Wigan win, I just hope no saints players get injured in their unopposed training session with the Roosters. 😏 Will Wigan win? They are in with a chance, but not if they give away easy errors and penalties.
  22. Brilliant words, I don't know how you managed to produce them bearing in mind there is absolutely nothing in between your ears.
  23. I am guessing the typical option is having a utility second row as a plausible centre. What would be interesting is what would happen if total squad numbers went down to 16. This ultimately might leave space for a complete team! Or produce enough to create a full set of reserve fixtures.
  24. Rupert Prince

    Branding and Image of Super League

    Dear East London Mike... I take your points, and are fair, however I would completely drop the word Rugby. But clearly there will not be enough determination and coherence from enough "stakeholders". This is a shame and as such we will remain the poor relation to the name Rugby. We will be second best, but leaders in chips on the shoulders.
  25. He has gone for a month... Where else can he go? What else can he do? What else can Wigan do? Sadly most SL clubs are bankrupt in both money and ideas. Wigan will give him all the experience in the circumstances it can find itself in. Assuming players do not get injured it strikes me he will get games next year as our likely halves are getting old.