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  1. I wish Gale well. And its sad to see a flurry of injured players. And yes, hmm or right, good luck to Leeds. I can see why Saints fans are narked, but otherwise I have no particular issue with Eastmond. But it is an odd signing for Leeds, who we are regularly told have great young players. Something of a shot in the dark. An older player may well lose something of an edge, lose some pace, but experience will cover that. Eastmond has not had that recent RL experience. But as an individual good luck to him.
  2. Increasingly people do not want to pay to go to RL clubs. I'm not sure about other sports. Possibly similar. Costs seem high and families have other things to do, and young people want to play video games and do crass things on holidays. The virus has stunted a years worth of marketing. More. Many clubs seem like their attitude is antidiluvian.
  3. I dont care about Argyles motivation, what i care about is him stealing other peoples money. Because that is what happens when you dont pay bills. And he was doing țhat while in the Championship. I was charatable to him when he made dubious remarks and set himself aside. I changed my mind.
  4. Hmm... look you make fair comments but... TWP were supposed to be owned by a billionaire. I'm sure that was what the RLF took into account in the first place. Loom at how that panned out. Grounds... as examples, Leigh Fev and York have good grounds. There is a major flaw with front line RL in that there are 2 teams in Wigan, 3 in Wakefield and 2 in Hull. And indeed a string surrounding Leeds. Whilst this is a serious problem (I think), it is also fair to say that many NRL clubs are centred around Sydney. However... The NRL have merged teams as they have expanded. They face
  5. Maybe grow the business in places that work? Maybe grow the business with investment... But the majority of SL clubs turned their back on that.
  6. TWP were a basket case from before they got promotion to SL. They were not paying suppliers whilst they were in the Championship and whilst they were the responsibility of the RFL. Are we to believe that in that state they should be parachuted back in whilst other perfectly respectable "real" RL clubs with perfectly respectable set ups and stadiums are ignored? Just what Superleague teams we should have and how many is a completely different issue. And a thorny one. But the idea of adding in a Canadian team into our league structure has turned out to be quite flawed. Trying
  7. That's rubbish. Toronto were a basket case. Now if there were say 60 million in investment and a partner to help use it, then maybe you could argue for a plan for North American expansion. But I doubt narrow minded small minded people like you and all the other carping critics care about that.
  8. The game is faster, and players, the forwards more elusive. Maybe? But are there more head knocks? I think there are more knee injuries, maybe players are hit in falling over as 2nd men are rushing in.
  9. Or he may not have. Just let you worry about Leeds' nr6 next season and I'll worry about Wigan's.
  10. Sir Kevin is obviously upset that everyone thinks Leeds are stupid to waste money on Eastmond, so he attempts to rubbish Hastings. A few other sad people take an opportunity to kick in as well. Wigan know Hastings is leaving at the end of the season. I'm sure Leeds would like him next year, they'd need a half back.
  11. Is Football "unified"? Is Union "unified"?
  12. A point of interest... was he/they then paid off, or just sacked for not accepting the cut. Surely he had a contract?
  13. In a manner someone else once said, Eastmond used to be the future once. Now, at 31 and not having made unfortunately a name for himself, he is something of a sticking plaster for Leeds. A strange signing. Clearly a Sean Long signing. Leeds have money to burn, it would have been better on their Academy and scouting system for me. One point to remember is that even after only 10 years, the game has changed a lot! But apart from Saints fans I don't expect many will complain. Meantime it's a shame Gale is again injured.
  14. We need more games free to air. Yes. I believe you are pointing in the direction of what I have suggested elsewhere and where I have proposed it on this thread. One possibility is for the earlier round to produce 4 teams to add to the 12 SL teams in 4 pools. I believe there could be some element of seeding. Or produce 20 teams with 4 pools and 5 clubs each. Or ... 5 pools, the winners and 3 best runners up. There are other options of course. But irrespective of possibly some seeding, there would be strong elements of a draw, and the top 8 would go into a draw. But the CC
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