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  1. Plus he was good enough to "sort out" Hull and Castleford at the end of the season and Salford in the first play off. Thereafter the Wigan pack were somewhat rubbish. Mr Stottle is being prejudiced.
  2. The interesting thing about Hardaker is (ignoring the pejorative comments) that he could, as a utility, play full back, centre, wing and as a second row "edge" forward.
  3. Hardaker! Well he could play centre so that really makes him utility.
  4. Are you dim or what. The other thread(s) on the topic are about whether we should pick Aussies or not. I'm dubious about it. That is a fair topic. This one is or should be about who ... out of those available (!!!) ... should be picked in the squad. Don't pester me on the subject any more.
  5. People may or may not like Schoefield. It's a free country (for now). He is entitled to his opinion as well. I do not read or listen to him, or others much on media either. So I don't know what he has supposed to have said, or how. If he has been rude etc then it's a bit different, but he has an opinion which others are free to comment on. Equally, shooting the messenger is stupid as well. There are any number of athletic pursuits (not least athletics!) that are open to men and women. They are all legitimate. It would probably take all week to consider the differences between them and their suitable viability. Frankly to me, some look more suited to men than women and vice versa. I think, because I respect women, I am entitled not to enjoy certain womens competitive sports. A male boxer is today in hospital on life support; thats bad enough, I abhore the notion of female boxing. I think beach volleyball is a sick joke for instance and I hate the idea of women mimicking men's scrums with all their colliflour ears and thick necks. I'd like to hope women would avoid the tattoos as well. I'm probably old fashioned... We should encourage athleticism, let's start from there and see how things go. In due course I'm sure a woman can learn how to milk a penalty as well as the next man...
  6. It's not really a mere preference, it's just that to me it's a bit pointless trying to consider a likely team if you ignore people who are qualified. Anyway like I said there is an other thread.
  7. Castleford will already have a reserve team though. How many spare players do Cas have?
  8. Who knows he might settle, but my guess is he will get an offer from the NRL after next season. But see how he goes. It's true he looks a good bloke.
  9. Thete us at least one other thread about whether Aussies etc should at for GB/ England. I've contributed to it. This thread started by looking at replacements for SOL, I admit it's wondered a bit.
  10. My guess is that Widdop will play 7. Coote will get a nod at 1. We have 2 centres in place all ready. Wingers? Some have already forgotten McGillvary. This leaves 6. A number of options are available. If Widdop were to play 6, then this begs a question as to who would be 7. Alternatively ignoring the number on the jersey, then which half plays left side and who the right? I can still see Widdop 7 and Williams 6. All good grist to the mill. Perhaps we can create a board game based on it?
  11. The WWC is a warm up game for the NRL champions, with a couple of days in there for the visiting players to get a quick view of some snow in February. It will probably disrupt the SL team. Because the WWC is timed by the NRL season it adds in an extra wasted week onto the SL season.
  12. The role of 13 seems to have died out. SOL began as a ball player 13/auxiliary nr6. But has evolved into a hybrid 13/ middle as he got bigger/older. So given the way the game has gone, and in the absence of Harry Pinner type, then nr 13 will be effectively an extra prop (ie as suggested, Thompson). I guess the argument is whether the replacements will be 3 "props" plus 2nd hooker. Or 2. I suggest Graham as captain. Interestingly enough Graham is on the verge of entering SOLs age & fitness time frame. I hope he keeps it going for a bit longer.
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