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  1. I broadly agree with your comments. Perhaps it (the pooling) only applied in pre SL (and two division?) days.
  2. All pro and semi pro should be in the Round of 32. Unfortunately the RFL are terrified of a CC Final between say Wigan v Hunslet. The CC should be revamped and at the Round of 32(or say 24) split into pools to select 8 teams to go into the quarter finals. This would create a world cup style tournament that would interest a TV company. We could then drop loop fixtures.
  3. Does not a set %age from every game go into a pot and is distributed back equally to each club? (???) The home club can do it's best but its all spread out back at the end of the season. If however after every game a %age was shared back out then the away fans would see that their own club would benefit directly.
  4. I don't really agree. RU has unlimited tackles, we have 6, so we are bound to have kicking, plenty of it. With RU these days you get endless recycling of rucks and kicks are far less than before. With a 40/20 you get the skill of bouncing the ball into touch being rewarded. And if the attacker "dummies" the kick, the defence has already pulled back some of its players.
  5. Going back to the original question, I think Carney is wrong to talk about cutting the Cap. But irrespective of the Cap, clubs should (by some mechanism) be restricted to spend within their means. Let's not forget that all SL clubs get the same TV money. This part is a level saying field. And within it's means ... Clubs can get dispensation for academies etc and other progressive spending. But if the organisation that is the SL, and to a similar extent the RLF, is to sustain it's business then it needs to keep it's component clubs solvent. Likewise the clubs have to spend it's money wisely.
  6. One point being missed is that Carney is suggesting that clubs need to cut the size of their cloth now because the TV revenue is going to be cut during the TV negotiations (ie SKY). He works with SKY and so he ought to know. Is he right? This seems worrying. Let's be frank, if TV money is cut then the size of SL might have to be cut.
  7. In a something called "By the Balls" podcast (which I do not know how to link to), Brian Carney suggests that the Cap might be best cut in half. He says that uncertainties about TV contract might leave teams out of money. He is conflicted he says since he does not like the Cap anyway!! Pointedly, he says that far too many players are overpaid anyway. It strikes me that is clubs cannot afford to pay players then they just pay what they can and the Cap is irrelevant.
  8. Would not insurance, following career ending injury, have been covered? If so then any further salary package would be new money wouldn't it? In other words Burgess would be effectively been getting paid twice?
  9. I think that's fair comment, and Chapman, who is a useful presenter, does football regularly as well as RL/NFL. So no reason why he should intrude.
  10. To keep to the topic... The programme travelled through a relative hot bed of rugby league and failed to recognise it. It strikes me that it is fair comment to criticise it. Surely the point of using an out dated railway gazette was to counterpoint the old with the new, and it is surely appalling to ignore rugby league in modern Australia.
  11. Why not play in giant ovals and abolish cross bars and introduce a Rover. If my uncle could wear a skirt I could call him my auntie.
  12. Increasing the Cap does not force anyone to spend up to the Cap. The Cap limits those who could afford to pay more. F1 has a Cap (of sorts) if it were higher or scrapped there would just be 4 teams since the rest would pack up and go home. For superleague they are between a rock and a hard place. Unless they can spend up to the Cap, or indeed more, then they - the SL clubs - will lose players to the NRL and RU clubs. Likewise if SL clubs keep elite players with top money then they simply lose their intermediate players elsewhere. British RL is in competition with other organisations. Currently it is not wealthy enough to win that competition.
  13. Its not only not professional it's not even semi professional. It is a joke. Its worse than a 3rd rate pub team organisation.
  14. He will have got paid for his trouble and his agent will have made his money.
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