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  1. Or Wigan. Saints fans don't seem to be happy either.
  2. I'm just being a bit droll. On a related matter about the concept. It's a pity that an official club cannot be created to play appropriate matches (at whatever level) and organise charity events... and promote fellowship. It could build up an ethos so that at 1st grade level there is a point to games like this one. Personally however, irrespective of anything, I'd like to see our own version (of some sort) of State of Origin.
  3. Not in the league. He may be at Leigh next season I'd like to see how McShane goes. I'd also like to see how Widdop and Williams go as well, but ...
  4. Hardaker cannot play because of his suspension makes him unavailable. There may be limitations on having abilability of numbers per club. Presumably this had to be agreed between coaches. So may be Widdop for what every reason missed out.
  5. Good point. The word 'international' is not on their lexicon. However the words 'Origin Player' has kudos. You have prompted me, and on looking - a company called RDA were brought in to manage the international distribution rights... except GB. But it was just back in February. That was just 4 months ago. So maybe Crocodile may yet be right.
  6. The fact that someone has bought the rights for the WC in the UK for New Zealand is hardly ground-breaking publicity. Now if NO ONE had bought the Aussie rights, well as Crocodile Dundee would say, "Now that's what I call publicity!"
  7. I only saw the last 15 minutes, but Saints had plenty changes inside the 15m line. I thought when wire dropped a ball then saints would make it count.
  8. Is an appalling situation. We selected far too many matches. And this was before trying to fit in the Cup. There is a word to cover this of course. Amateurish.
  9. This is just in New Zealand. I mean, we already have it in UK with BBC. Surely someone was going to get these rights in New Zealand so is this announcement so new or surprising?
  10. Wales create their own players. There is an excellent 19/20 year old International winger. Anyone who cares to look can see lots of RU banners promoting junior rugby. They all have investment available.
  11. THAT'S why we needed investment and expertise. THAT'S why we need a complete rethink. THAT'S why we need to decouple from a backwards and prejudiced mentality that has sucked the life and progress out of our game.
  12. We dont have the money, and when we do have some then some spark spouts it all up the wall for a 34 year old 2 years retired well past it unfit Australian Center. And the assembled suspects stand in line and say how exciting, how wonderful.
  13. Yes, the Russians and Austrians got stuck in the mud on a short pitch and fighting up the slope. (well not that far off the truth) Not too different from Waterloo for the French and where their replacements never turned up.
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