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  1. Lots of places are dumps... I will not give chapter and verse, but we know of them. Wembley in places is perhaps no different. As has been said, far too many people do not take responsibilities for their surroundings. I went to the Design Centre last week, comfortable train, 3 stops on the underground and 10 mins walk down Kensington High St. (plus a further 10 mins if you had gone to the CAMRA beerfest a couple of weeks earlier). Very civilised.
  2. As someone else said however, in those dates 16,000 were previously included for exec suites which really did not count.
  3. The RL generally set the numbers for the old Wembely at about 95,000. But the old Wembely was standing at the ends and elsewhere as well. So even when the crowd was 75,000 the ends and the standing looked OK. Being all seater, all the empty seats stick out like a sore thumb.
  4. Should they kidnap 70,000 unsuspecting dog walkers?
  5. What are you going on about? The BBC have always shown the challenge cup and always shown the earlier rounds and the final. None of this is to do with SKY. Very few people actually watch SL on SKY, so the game had always been in a vacuum for the wider public. So frankly your coments are ridiculous. What we have is the timings of the various rounds, where one round appears on BBC, and then nothing happens for weeks. On top of which the RFL have positioned the CC date very badly. Overall the marketing for the CC should be based as an early season competition. And there should be an element of a "pool" system. And all of it can be on BBC.
  6. I have no dog in this fight but... Taia was a knock on. Knowkes try was not a try and the one man who had a clear view of it was the referee, standing a yard away. If he had gone up he would have said no try and it would not have been overturned. Linehams try was about as fine as could be. The guy playing the ball moved away so it was a real tough call. The refs opinion on all 3 was no try so he was consistent. Anyone wanting to criticise him is being prejudiced. Saints fans need to look at their team. Hull and Cas have had to after some bad displays and so have Wigan who earlier in the season gave away a big lead against Cas. Wigan totally lost their head in that game and have worked hard at facing up to tough opponents. Too many Saints opponents have taken it too easy for them. Yesterday Saints were faced with 7 agressive forwards including a class hooker.
  7. Chris Hill and Wire were widely ridiculed after the Catalans game. They have been playing rubbish for over a month. A bit different tonight. I thought Philbin was rubbish in the Catalans game and lucky not to have been suspended for quite a long time. But he was just about the only one playing half decently on the run up to the cup final. Today he looked positively sprightly. So we have all been belittling Warrington. What might call the Saints' death knell will be the claim that the Saints have world class backs. Did any of them do anything? Coote is better than say Hardaker? What has once again come up is that Saints are flat track bullies.
  8. As I said earlier... since he did not think it was a try (and I do not think it was a try either), then if he went up to video he would have said "No Try". Based on the the video there was no evidence to overturn it. Saints player flapped at it, no downward pressure.
  9. Never a try. But if the Warrington player who played the ball and had shaved his legs then their try would have been given!
  10. Both sides kackered. Its hot of course... but frankly the 10m line makes the game too fast.
  11. Every time I see that "try" its clear for me that it was no try. He flapped at the side of the ball.
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