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  1. Yes, we should not get side tracked. OK, what was Tex Tuckers horse?
  2. Attenborough supported Fev because they wouldn't waste electricity.
  3. Remarkable. Respect...! My memory lane show stopper was to ask did anybody remember Torchy the Battery Boy!
  4. The point is that the BBC have zero terrestrial football, but they heavily trail it and show extensive highlights over 2 days at the weekend. They get the most out of their FA Cup coverage. The impact on the general public is substantial on all this. (Ditto the Six Nations). I know loads of football personalities thanks to TV, yet when i have seen games live (as opposed to highlights) I find the games slow and boring. I dont think streaming and satellite channels used by the converted is comparable. Lets remember the value to our sponsors... they want to see exposure. The loss of the Aussie tour was tragic and our lack of international exposure is a major drawback. The big plus is that in Mark Chapman we have the best presenter my a country mile. So I think you and others are far to sanguine. PS... All of which i think should encourage us to limit our season in 2021 to prepare properly for the World Cup. We should play some sort of representative game(s) even if 'trial' or faux 'origin' matches. Our national side needs to be prepared and we should prepare the public for them too.
  5. Perhaps I should have clarified it with 'National TV'. It is of course easy and a bit fatuous to sneer about the fact that 8 million watch the FA Cup, and we should just ignore or accept it. But millions are 'groomed' to watch the FA Cup. The BBC spend a lot of time building it up over the season. They have a long back catalogue and back story with it. And why should they not? After all its relatively cheap TV. They also spend a lot of time building up league games and later reviewing them... Football Focus and Match of the Day. (Going all the way back to the days of editor Sam Leitch who would turn a real drab 0-0 game into a blockbuster) I am suggesting that a SKY Sports channel misses the great number of the general, casual, public and they pass by RL. We miss national exposure. As such we do not get the TV ratings we should. It goes without saying that their 'grooming' perseveres with that sport called 'Rugby Union', sometimes known simply as 'Rugby'.
  6. This would seem to be good, although the NRL GF is over 2.5 million, and FA Cup 8 million. The problem we have in building up an audience for RL is that there is little RL on TV.
  7. One of the problems is investment, or lack of it. Its been mooted before, but to 'get out from under' we need to bring in a capital investment business. F1 was sold for zillions who intend to make it even bigger and more profitable to all concerned. The Williams F1 team were sold likewise. With investment we can sell (well, market...) ourselves... sell to TV, to potential expansionist owners and to Commonwealth Games.
  8. Saints already played weakened teams last year because they were certain of finishing top. We have a hectic end of season now. So clubs, not simply Saints may play weakened teams which might affect the ladder. And even if Cats put in the games their schedule might affect their form and cause losses. Or the opposite might benefit Cats... Lets face it, this season is bad enough without squeezing all these last matches. It might just be pot luck to finish in top 4. But PLEASE superleague give our clubs a good post season so we can have a decent pre season.
  9. For what ever reason, the players have gone walkabout. Its a funny season, but something has sapped Cas' energy (?).
  10. The Challenge Cup was very intense, especially in the 2nd half. But its not a good idea to get carried away. The game was close and intense. But it was relatively slow and repetitive. The principle plan was high kicks in the corners. Leeds were there for the taking in the 2nd half but Salford could not keep up the pressure.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that most posters are trolling the thread.
  12. I thought I was being very objective and I cast my net wide. Its a shame I could not fit in Sargeson. And the unit would be shaped by the coach, its a shame he cannot be assisted by Shaun Edwards and Andy Farrell.
  13. You are confusing 2 different things. We have 12 fully professional clubs whose main income comes from TV money. The Cup has changed, its plausible to say its been devalued (in the way the FA Cup has), but its changed because in its origins it was for 30 part time, very part time, clubs. Its not now. The place to bring in the SL clubs is irrelevant. The honest thing is to abolish the Cup all together. If you did not watch the game you cannot complain about any play the balls, and the Salford player made a lazy mistake at a crucial moment. Its very sad and I'd wished he hasn't. But they did. My main complaint about the game is that it was pretty repetitive and not very inventive, with endless high kicks to the corners. Possibly one quick thinking action from Salford when returning a kick gave them a spectacular try. But not much invention. Gale was a one man team... but fair doos to him, he has come back from terrible injuries.
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