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  1. Burgess seems to have made a few defensive errors early on this season. So went down the picking order. Question is who are up and coming wings who will fill in as reserve for Wigan. It's quite possible a winger might get injured. Wigan will have made money on the Cap, but will I guess be relying on one of their centres. But there is nothing generally anything wrong with Burgess, he is pretty useful. But someone has to afford his salary.
  2. Rugby Union scrums bind better because of first, the 'lock" (8), it's in the name, second because the flank forwards bind in the scrum tight. But ... and I think this is not off topic ... props in RU have become heavily specialised, so much so that they are very dangerous. This leaves lots of opportunity for non or 'failed' RU props to play RL.
  3. A scrum half or hooker can and needs to scoot, can have quick acceleration and can distribute. Can organise. A prop/"middle" can probably do one of those but not all. In the same way a centre can play stand off or wing if pressed, but neither of those can be a specialist centre. A winger needs pace, but also if he is a complete player he must finish... a centre probably only one of those. So what I am saying is that players will gravitate to the position which suits the game. Escare has pace. He is small, but he is not a scrum half. But to be a bit repetitive .... abolishing the scrum offers options to bring the stand off and the three quarters quickly into the game. If you want to tidy the scrum up, turn it into a line of scrimmage.
  4. Broadly correct. The game is too fast and too repetitive. Oh it can be and should be exciting, the ball moves around quickly... we see quick hands, but it is far too easy to pick up the ball from the ruck and charge forward easy yards.... principally because of a 11yrd line. There is no skill in this. The ball moves up the field like a baseball game. With some pitches like Castleford you are 3 drives and you are on the try line. Where there is or was some skill is WORKING HARD to pass a ball in a tackle, there is some skill and effort to move the ball forward and win a quick ruck and keep the opponents on the back foot. But we are increasingly making everything EASY for the attack, offering easy extra 6 tackles, allowing fake rucks, giving easy 11yd yardage. Skills are atrophying. Abolishing scrums takes away the skills of the stand off and the centres.
  5. Forward pass. There would be '"loose end" gridiron since there he can pick up a short forward pass. Also, we do have our own "gridiron" any way. Plus we have a "running back" (NFL actually call it the full back dont they?) these days as our full back comes into the line. NFL is a stripped down regimented form of Rugby. For me, IF we abolish the scrum, then the only way can go forward is with a line of scrimmage of some sort. But I think being fair to him, but frank, the OP is just being provocative.
  6. I don't want to abolish scrums, but if you had to I would have a 5 man line of scrimmage with the 13 in the middle snapping back to the 9.
  7. I take your point and broadly correct. But the tackle was/is a 2 man (each side) ruck, not a scrum. It was intended to be contested, as was the scrum. I think the scrum should remain. I wonder in the original question is slightly trolling, although I think it's a fair enough opinion. But I suggest to everyone that the big point of a scrum is that it brings all the forwards together and allows space for the backs. I suppose this is less essential these days with the 11 yard line. (thats my bee in the bonnet of course) If we want to abolish the scrum then we should replace it by a line of scrimmage. This would maintain the opportunity for the backs.
  8. I thought they found some ancient inscriptions... "Murphiaris hic cacavit bene"
  9. Robin Park could still be used. One option would be for "familes" with associated entrrtainments, eg not a drinking den. To be honest, and being a bit nostalgic, they could recreate the the Sullivan Bar and the associated River Caves. I believe a large team of experienced archeologists spent 12 months excavating the Caves before the Tesco car park paved it over.
  10. Ah, so the immediate discussion is the Latics' losses. Im with that now. Apologies. I'm not sure Whelan can sustain £9 million. But the Latics are bankrupt, that is the point. "New Latics" will get relegated and will run their affairs afresh.
  11. I do not see where you get losing £9 million a year, when the accounts for 2019 show a loss of £1.4 million. The club is not making money right now1, but it's working to improve its turnover and it's not losing £9 mil.
  12. Gary Speakman is Chairman of Highfield Cricket Club (Wigan). I believe he coaches under 9s. So he is local and is Sport minded. And a businessman of some repute. Not the last lot. Let's keep the Arabs and Chinese out. Localism, not Globalism. Sustainalism.
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