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  1. My soft spot is for the shirt to be more precise. We are singing on the same song sheet though. I have a soft spot for our shed at the bottom of our garden. It's full of junk.
  2. ignoring colours, rugby league strips are mainly hoops and Vees. Whilst football teams seem to be stripes and quarters. What's left of course are plain shirts and there are lots of football shirts like that, but not many rugby league ones. Of the top of my head I can only think of Salford. At international level, The Code That Cannot Be Spoken mainly use all plain colours, we on our side seem to prefer Vees. (this may be why I have a soft spot for Japan)
  3. I remember the old Number 19 Corporation bus (well all of them of course) was cherry and white. So was that Wigan town those colours? Not sure where that leaves Leigh. Were their buses green? I'm not wanting to go off topic of course... But generally, in respect of colours there are not that many colours to choose from. It's sad that the Aussie colours are so good, and they evolved out of gold didn't they,?
  4. I've recorded it. My dad says (said) he was there when they filmed some of the rugby scenes. I'm guessing at when Wigan were away to Wakefield. In any event the team involved in one game looked like Wigan. Does anybody have recollections fro. their family?
  5. We walked back from the ground to the city centre and stopped off at a pub on he way. I thought it strange to see an enormous picture Danny La Rue on the wall. We soon worked out why. But the beer was good.
  6. A classy player. He'd stand out in the modern game.
  7. The point 3 for Oldham is seriously spooky. There is probably a whole "science" around Coincidence.
  8. I am guessing like all of us but I'm thinking that some pay might be deferred. According to how much and how long that defferal would be will depend of course. Seems plausible that what would be owed would be paid back over a number of years. The salary cap might be reduced of course.
  9. Don't forget BT and other subscribers. On terrestrial and freeserve we still have advertising... how long is that going to go on? What will people be spending things on for the next few months. In my own view I think the BBC are full of absolute rubbish, but they are the only secure revenue stream any tv Company has. Liniker etc are still getting their millions for doing nothing. I do not see anything happening for 3 months at least. It's hard not to expect large numbers of deaths(!) hitting us imminently, like in Italy, and Paris is going to be hit soon! These are in unprecedented times. It's impossible to guess what the future game will look like. The best we will get is a truncated season.
  10. Yes fair points. RU don't have any gain line at all of course. That is going to far the other way. One way or another I believe we should have a smaller gain line, and the pitch should be sized and lined accordingly.
  11. Lying on in the tackle again. Poor gallant little Huddersfield.
  12. Because the season might be truncated and some clubs might be on the verge of bankrupt. Give the game a breathing space.
  13. The last thing we need at the moment is relegation. Not this season.
  14. I think the issue is worth further consideration. There are 2 issues. One is the ideal off side line at the play of the ball and, Two is the need for suitable pitch markings. I think 10m (11 yards!) Is too great. At the beginning it was 3 yards, then 5 yards then 10 yards and then 10m (11yards!). Convenience has linked the number 10 to the neat idea of a grid to assist the referee. This is associated with the apparent need to have a pitch length with a zero on the end of it. But it's not cosy numbers that count... it's the best lines to suit our game. I believe the game is worse off for having a 11yd off side (or "gain") line. I believe that a multiple of either 6m or 8m would give a suitable pitch length of 96m... or 104 yards. It is for me then a consideration of whether the gain line shoukd me 6m or 8m. I believe that the 10m line is ruining the game. The game is TOO fast, and it's TOO easy to make "yardage". Because of the tyranny of the "gridiron" I would compromise and go with 8m -- but my preference would be, for a better game, 6m - (12m solid lines and 6m intermediate dotted). And 96m would give a certain amount of leeway with the in goal distance in order to fit in with existing stadia. Here endeth the second lesson...
  15. Why not choose a few other people you are gratuitously bigoted over for good measure. Perhaps we could all join in with that game.
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