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  1. I know that fit people can have a stroke of they are dehydrated. Thicker blood this can cause a clot. Prompt action for treatment is important. Do keep hydrated.
  2. Santus are sending him a complimentary tin of confectionary, even as we speak.
  3. Pathetic. Are we to run a race to the winner of the most comments? Is that the value of what a thread means. You are prejudiced and desperate to justify the poverty of your own club. If you are not interested ignore the thread.
  4. We have options at fullback now, whereas we did not in the WC. It strikes me that the CC and the playoffs and the GF itself will gave a significant say in who will get the berth.
  5. Hastings had hinted, but has he formally made himself available? Does he principally play 6 or does he also at 7?
  6. Tomkins is a fit in the wider squad. Fullback, 6 or 7. Kicks. Useful to have available. With Gale unfit, 7 is Widdop and 6 would be Williams. I would play Graham even if he had his feet chopped off! Widdop remember was effectively forced to play fullback in the last WC. Today we have a number of strong options at fullback and in the halves. We are not at all weak in our backs and when we see someone like Smithies at 18yrs old then we have some pretty good forwards as well!
  7. Fair enough and I've given you an up tick. However, Hardaker is in form and is also kicking well. I would find an alternative left wing. Smithies should be in the wider squad. The squad itself will to a significant degree be dependent on what teams make the top 5. And fitness.
  8. Wigan v Salford? ( but don't worry I am not serious - I would not want to but a hex on so the team)
  9. I was not referring to that. Perhaps I was on autopilot and hit the mountain of the thread.
  10. As a Wigan supporter I'd rather like to see both sides lose. If video ref cannot make a mess of that option, then I would have to go with the unfancied unlucky gallant underdog, Warrington. Perhaps Wire can score the winning try with a blatant knock on plus forward pass-offside in the last minute. I suspect we will have to suffer the commentator "underdog" hyperbole however.
  11. Lots of potential spectators are spending their money on something else. It's not that there is not enough potential money to go through the turnstiles.
  12. Well there will be no more little white bulls at Odsal next season.
  13. It is nothing to do with rich or poor, or if it is it's because people have more money than sense rather than the other way round.
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