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  1. I am not sure what all this is about. Coote qualifies for Scotland. He was picked for GB. He played poorly and was dropped. My gripe about Benett is the mix of his half backs after the first game.
  2. 600k to lend even money to sell off spare land that is so valuable it's going to pay off the real value of the original. Really? Are we to believe that the value of the thick end of bits left over is so valuable that it can profitably be reinvested. And a mere 600k can unlock these millions? Surely this story has got a hole in it somewhere. But my guess is that Salford Council economic projections are based on Mystic Meg's.
  3. I am wanting to believe that, but Wigan are on a Thursday again. Hardly helpful. Novelty of the opening game perhaps might help. But why are saints not the season opener? Sorry off topic again
  4. So what are people interested in... watching RL, or drinking themselves silly? Let's b****r a great stadium, lets have a useless one, where you cannot see the game but have an enormous bar instead.
  5. Indeed, I am becoming completely disinterested in TWP. FWIW, if Toronto waste money that's their lookout. In other news, this season may be the one that finally confirms to me that the game is going down the plug hole as a viable entity... just how low can gates go I wonder? (sorry, I'm off topic)
  6. Interesting to see how many games he plays. He is definitely missing the Wigan game.
  7. That's what my little coterie thought at the time. My thought was that the Aussies were on the cusp of losing and Lewis pulled them up by his bootstraps. Then... ######!
  8. I sympathise with you, and also your above comments, but I also take one board what "RL does..." says. I think speed is too "quick". Perhaps what I am saying is that "distance", yardage, is too "easy". Add to that, the play the ball is too uncontested. A good tackle should be rewarded, and conversely a good attacker should be rewarded if he has carried to ball up well. This is a step away from the issue of handling skills of the 13. As I have sugested previously the 13 had a multi role. Players are still skillful i think, but the role of 13 is spread out. The game has changed because of the 11 yard line, for the worse... exacerbated by multiple replacements. The analogy to me is a bit like 2020 cricket, where it's too easy to slog sixes. This latter game is easy on the eye, but it's a corruption of the mind. On the subject of sixes, I would support a 6m (7 yards...) line and the pitch marked out in multiples of 6. Why do we obsess about the decimal system... but here we reach to my own prejudices!
  9. A good fit for Saracens who might be able to afford him next season.
  10. And a centre and play 11 a side, slightly narrow pitch.
  11. I'm guessing that many sports have evolved with rule changes (and interpretations) over the years. RU is vastly different! Football has changed even though superficially the rules have barely changed. Perhaps the main driver to change, and the desire to win, is greater individual fitness and training and wider more scientific coaching. As Gary Player says, 'The more I practice the luckier I get'. I do not think we can put the genie back in the bottle. But as a generality I think the move to make the game quicker (easier to make yards) is a step backwards.
  12. Yes. A number of names have been put forward, and all very good players at13. The question was about ball handlers at 13. And the classic ones that come to my mind are Pinner and Norton. Of course my aging memory may be fading when I don't support some of the other contestants, there will be others. But being a good 13 involves other skills and to me the overall quailty of a 13 is that he is the cement that binds the whole team. He must be intelligent. He must organise like a 7 (or a modern 9). He must link with the three quarters like 6. He must pass like a centre and finish like a winger. He must carry up the short yards like a prop and do it whilst the rest of the pack are knackered. At last resort he has to cover tackle like a full back. And of course, the icing on the cake, he can magic away the ball in the tackle leaving opponents full of custard pie in their faces.
  13. Unless Williams gets home sick I think he will stay. Hastings has a contract. It gives him an option. Its all above board. It seems fair enough all round. The above thread header seems wildly speculative.
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