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  1. Which only works if the ref knows the first name of every single person in the pitch, which they don't. That then implies a favourable bias towards the "known" players.
  2. If you cannot say anything sensible then say nothing, but as time has gone on since your cuckoo team has been in the British rugby league leagues you have proved yourself incapable of that.
  3. And that's why there is no need for a video ref, the referee calls what he sees, using the touch judges where he sees fit, and that it is it.
  4. Your opinion, we do not need politicians.
  5. I assume RL's "fit and proper" test doesn't apply to "backers".
  6. The history of Odsal over the last 5 decades says this is the latest in a long line of non starters.
  7. Your jealousy is eating you up. Neither of the two amateur clubs you mention will ever become semi-pro.
  8. And which North West mega metropolis do you hail from, that doesn't have a Super League club and so needs to be protected from Welsh clubs. You seem to have a predilection for branding Welsh villages as you call them as backward, and so by extension their inhabitants. Go and shout this in these "backward" places and see what happens, are you prejudiced or just stupid? PS I am not Welsh.
  9. IMHO the 2 from WWR should have shown some guts and stuck it out, or ? off back where they came. Why they were allowed to move is beyond me.
  10. How many Bronco's played today, just asking as I don't know who are Skolars and who are not.
  11. What Canadian players? Playing in Canada in blocks makes it easier to recruit their team of non-domiciled mercenaries, see last year's beats about player welfare. 50km to the nearest suitable alternative? Look back for references as to how far Canadians are willing and eager to travel to a pub, theatre, sports event etc,so what's 50km. Pop up team, Call it Toronto, it might as well be Ulan Bator
  12. O so true, but if you think Canada had a major role in a polical sense then you are even more deluded than I thought you were, I never forget.
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