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  1. Hemi4561

    Eric Perez

    I truly hope that TWP finish top of the pile and as such are entitled to join the "super" league. I also truly hope that a week after the powers that control Rugby League then decide to promote Halifax instead and that the assorted curs you have imported slink back across the Atlantic/Pacific, and Toronto are told to start to show some signs of fulfilling the hype about local players and a massive interest in Rugby League in the north american continent that Perez promoted, now not in 3 or 5 or 10 years time. PS you can keep Rowley.
  2. You have obviously been at the pipe again, people in London don't give a monkeys about Rugby League, and now you are saying that the miniscule number that do actually turn out support both teams, that idea makes the pathetic level of support even more ridiculous.
  3. Hemi4561

    Eric Perez

    Answer unequivocally, do you believe Keighley being denied a place in the top tier was justified.
  4. Hemi4561

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Exactly, and do you think that each team will get an equal number of appearances, or maybe that the fixtures will be planned for the season, then put into a bag and drawn at random thus making it possible for the potential lowest ability team in super league to be on sky every week and thus get a bigger slice of the pie than Wigan?.No it will be the same half a dozen chairmen along with Sky, so no prizes for guessing whose teams will be shown most often.
  5. Hemi4561

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Total wrong IMHO. It really is about individual clubs. What is simple is that the top half a dozen clubs owners wish to future proof themselves. If the total of cash coming in goes up they will over time argue that the reason for this is their drawing power and so they are entitled to a larger proportion of that cash, not a pro rata increase. If the amount of cash goes down they will argue that that is the fault of the lower leagues, they contribute nothing to their brand, Super League, and they should therefore get nothing. They have already stated this as regards the 30 million threshold.
  6. A much more productive use of resources would be for all the Super League clubs to give up all their TV revenues and RFL income for next year and it be used to employ development officers, help existing L1 development clubs that are not on the M62 corridor, help any NCL club that wishes to try and step up to L1, and in general help any club that is not in the Super league that needs it. The Super League clubs would be able to do this for the good of the whole of Rugby League as they are all paragons of financial virtue, generating vast amounts of surpluses, from their bi-weekly sell out crowds, from which they have been squirrelling money away for years enabling them to have no need of sugar daddies, directors loans, overdrafts, selling their grounds, etc.In total contrast to any and all other teams who are not a member of the current "elite" and as such should be strangled at birth in the case of new clubs, or left out in the cold to die in the case of the traditional clubs who do not fit our masters future plans. I doff my traditionalist cap in the colours of the heartland club I have followed since 1989, and wave surrender with the shirts of the 3 southern based expansion teams that had the pleasure of following over the last few years to Lenagan and his cronies. As for Rimmer, I wouldn't even if he was on 🔥.
  7. Where do I propose any lowering of standards? I am proposing a format that encourages the development of skills, rather than than developing players whose primary attribute is their ability to try to run through a brick wall. I do not see the number of players required to play as a standard, I see it as rule made by the administrators.
  8. How about this for a potential solution. L1 goes to only 2 substitutes with only 3 interchanges. This would mean it would be easier to raise 15 plus a travelling sub. This reduces the cost per match. Another advantage hopefully would be to edge away from the super league mentality of having the biggest fastest fittest specimens collide with each other, and keep rotating them in order to maintain the "intensity". How long before they are wearing padding, helmets and playing 4 quarters? Part time players who are then mostly expected to play a full 80 minutes would then have to rely more on skill than size, and the luxury of being spelled on and off the pitch. Have we not seen over the last couple of months people bemoaning the lack of half backs with vision and flair? Let's see some forwards with handling skills rather than just the ability to try and be a bulldozer. Let's see some wingers with pace and the ability to beat a man with footwork, and the vision to exploit gaps in a tiring defence. Perhaps L1 would then be able showcase the development of skill that may then allow players to rise through the game as a whole.
  9. Hemi4561

    nobody worried?

    So who is in charge now? Shane Spencer no longer a Director, followed by Austria Holdings no longer a person with significant control!
  10. If you reread my post you will see that I was asking that of Adeybull not you. There's no question that prices are too expensive at Bradford see recent season price hike, but if that is what they want to charge then so be it. Supporters should be paying to watch their team not worrying about the quality of the opposition. However if they make the decision that the price being charged does not reflect the quality of the product, Bradford, and choose not to pay it then so be that also. If that leads to less income means, what? If you're saying that Bradford may then be in the lowest league for some time to come, or even go out business again because they have priced themselves out of their spectator market then again so be it, the club makes decisions about budgets,player contracts, sponsorship revenue, etc, supporters make the decision to pay and go, or not.
  11. Johnoco how many casual punters go to any professional sports games? Who walks past a cricket, football, rugby, ice hockey, or any other pay in game and stumps up cash to watch if they weren't already interested? Rugby is a game played by 2 teams, rarely is there a draw, if you want to watch a sport in which there's only one winner all the time, week in week out I have no idea what that is. Adeybull, Bradfords structure and cost base has been unsustainable for decades, how deep do you want people to dig into their pockets next time to try and resurrect Bradford's past unfininceble glories.
  12. Moscow 1 were you there? As a neutral I was. I have seen a lot of lower league rugby over many years and I struggle to remember a more cynical dirty team. If that is their ethos to survive this season then I despair for the lower leagues in rugby, bring on a closed shop of SL and Sl1, they won't be in it and their hired guns will be up against some real hard men for whom playing the game is only a secondary consideration, skill is in very short supply at West Wales, one or two players who have been around the lower leagues for some years excepted who are honest and have genuine reasons for taking the money being offered.
  13. I don't believe that merged teams would be on the cards anywhere. I would say that those that have hijacked RL and turned it into SL have no interest the 3 Cumbrian teams, a better fit for them would be a new Supergreed team that was more accessible than the coastal towns, and had some sort of cachet about profilewise. Then perm 1 from 3 to be allowed to survive in the next tier, perhaps as a "feeder"club,the other 2 to be cast into the darkness as "community" clubs with no central funding at all. You can apply this logic to Batley, Dewsbury,and Hunslet, with Leeds and/or Bradford as the beneficiaries, also Swinton,Oldham,Leigh. in my opinion In the brave new world there will be no room for the "small town" clubs except at the discretion of the Super League chairmen, who care not one iota for the supporters of any club, even their own as they would rather finance their clubs from TV deals, rather than bums on seats.
  14. HM was typing when you posted, nothing to do with you. DM look back on this forum at the interchanges between Workington and Whitehaven fans, if you wish it to be limited to " Marras " then so be it, your two clubs will be out in the wilderness, nonfunded, and any proposed " Cumbrian team" will be much closer to the M6 and the greater Manchester conurbation than Workington or Whitehaven.
  15. I never put much credence in anything posted by Workington or Whitehaven fans, too much jam and dribble on the keyboard and too many fingers. In reality they have been expansionist clubs for many years but we all know that the RFL, and supergreed, only pay lip service to expansion. The north western clubs need to keep on plugging away at staying alive like the rest of the "undesirable" clubs.