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  1. It's the train coming that is going to run them over!
  2. Hemi4561

    DR - Having a giraffe ?

    So who pays Miloudi when he plays for Doncaster, Doncaster or Hull?
  3. It would take a nanosecond and we all know what the verdict would be.
  4. Hemi4561

    A sensible solution to dual-registration farce

    Please clarify for me, your first paragraph refers to the NRL, does your second paragraph refer to the NRL or to the SL?
  5. FFS, another way to dilute what was great about the Challenge Cup.
  6. Hemi4561

    NY bid financing.

    Don't you mean the NAF RL?
  7. What makes those arguments correct? If he believes there is no merit in those arguments why should he change his opinion? Just because Scotchy1 or Kayakman want him to doesn't mean he has to.
  8. Hemi4561

    West Wales points deduction

    So cheating is alright?
  9. Hemi4561

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    This would create a stadium with a capacity of circ 22,000 with approx 8000 seats. What on earth for?
  10. Hemi4561


    No we cannot,let's see if we can keep this thread longer than Toronto.
  11. And that IMHO is why the CC is no longer the draw that it was, and the game as whole is in a dire situation. If it ain't Super League it must be faeces , see you seven other super league teams four times a year.
  12. Hemi4561


    Tipped off by whom, sounds like more Austria Holdings BS. If Lingard and Gill re-align themselves with Austria Holdings as the owners of the club they should be thoroughly ashamed.
  13. Totally wrong, they are most definatly not expected to deal with "any situation" in the vicinity.