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  1. True legend in your own mind, black plastic bags at the ready.
  2. 8Not that impressed by Barrow, didn't look clear favourites to win L1.
  3. Salford by 20, Toronto too eager and will make too many mistakes.
  4. Golden eggs. Plan b is to ask for dispensation to have no salary cap applied to them at all so that Argyle can buy a whole new team. They are playing journeymen superstar wages. I
  5. Occasionally K'yakm'n, less of the imperatives, bumptious commands from you won't help your argument.
  6. If they don't value junior development that would be a reason to reduce their cap in my view.
  7. How do you know I don't know how? As far as I'm aware the weather in Toronto doesn't paralyse the city, put its inhabitants into hibernation, close down all transport, and bring all construction to a halt. What hard question would that be K'yakman?
  8. Very. I do admit that some of the poor little darlings might get homesick, be tempted to spend far too much with their own cobbers at the beach and bbq rather than integrating with the rest of their team mates who speak a funny language, might be tempted to "play away from home", might forget to get their car Mot,d, and that pubs might have CCTV. Maybe most players should sign for their hometown clubs and stay there so that their families can look after them, although that doesn't always work either.
  9. Not my problem, as I said I'm sure it could be done if they wished to.
  10. Why not? Ex-pats worked in the middle East leaving their families at home, oil workers on the rigs don't go home to their families every day, members of the Armed Forces are posted all over the place without their wives and kids. Contractors in this country may work away from Monday morning to Friday evening. Those players who have signed for Toronto had the choice, they could happily stayed where they were.
  11. And I am sure it would be possible to train in Toronto, or near it if they wished to, training on a grass surface under an open sky is not mandatory. A little thought, some money, and the will to train in their home country should be able to provide a solution.
  12. Tbone, I thought this post made it perfectly clear, UK companies. I doubt it that an apparent global operator, supposedly a Billionaire, would not be able to raise enough liquid capital to invest in Skolars if that is what he said he would do, should be pocket change to him. This paragraph is not related to your post Tbone, this is a comment on the idea that he was to "invest" in Skolars but seems not to have done.
  13. His two "investment" companies appear to have a net worth, combined, of around minus 4 million, that would seem to be owed mostly to one shareholder, want to guess as to whom that might be. Wonder whether those companies actually invest in something themselves, or just give advice. Either way I will not be using them.
  14. And the net value of the companies he is a director of?
  15. Thought he was supposed to be a Billionaire, mind you David Anthony Argyle, Brazilian resident and Australian National, born in 1961 does appear on Companies House as a Director of some UK companies, is this the same bloke?
  16. But unlike the Bulls they were talented, very good at what they do, and made lots of money. No doubt you prefer The Great RL Swindle by the Pistols.
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