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  1. What Canadian players? Playing in Canada in blocks makes it easier to recruit their team of non-domiciled mercenaries, see last year's beats about player welfare. 50km to the nearest suitable alternative? Look back for references as to how far Canadians are willing and eager to travel to a pub, theatre, sports event etc,so what's 50km. Pop up team, Call it Toronto, it might as well be Ulan Bator
  2. O so true, but if you think Canada had a major role in a polical sense then you are even more deluded than I thought you were, I never forget.
  3. And most people know you are a seed spiller, of course they are not scared so long as all the cards are stacked in their favour, Wigan v St Helens in the second round of the draw? Great for the competition but not for them.
  4. And that's what's wrong with the CC these days, Super Dooper don't want to risk an open draw.
  5. The question is not could he, but should he, IMHO poor tactical decision. Smith should have been on the bench, Stead should have started in the halves, and replaced Ashall at hooker later on, allowing Smith on.
  6. Keighley this season are an anomaly, but I have supported them since 1989 so am used to it.
  7. They have built, I have watched the lower end of l1 for the last 4 years, a different team each year. However the loss of Gloucester, Hemel and Oxford, teams which IMO NWC would have beaten easily are no longer there. Not only is this about absolute wins, it is also about fixtures, NWC have played teams, and come close to beating teams, which all things being equal are not going to be in the bottom 3.If any ot the 3 teams I've mentioned that no longer play in L1, or WWR, had been in NWC's first fixtures they like ad not would have had at least 1 win and the confidence that brings.
  8. Taxi for Murray, incomprehensible team selection, the loss against keighley was ultimately down to Roper jumping into the tackle, whether or not it actually was technically a high challenge or not it put the thought into the referees mind. NWC best player last week is played out of position, off the bench,for only half the game, and according to the Outleague commentators was instrumental in NWC's fightback.
  9. Sport is sport, business is another matter altogether.
  10. It's the train coming that is going to run them over!
  11. So who pays Miloudi when he plays for Doncaster, Doncaster or Hull?
  12. Please clarify for me, your first paragraph refers to the NRL, does your second paragraph refer to the NRL or to the SL?
  13. FFS, another way to dilute what was great about the Challenge Cup.
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