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  1. These attackers clearly targeted Christians in what is the holiest time of the year. Their names also just so happens to be from a certain religion. Their method of attack just so happens to be one which is commonly used by extremists from a certain religion. It should be quite obvious shouldn’t it? I’m upset at the double standards and refusal to acknowledge the persecution of Christians and the blatant protection of Islam.
  2. Now do the same search for “white supremacy Christchurch” and see how more explicit the articles are in addressing the problem. There’s a clear difference whether you want to admit or not
  3. That’s a key point right there. In the discussions that I’ve had, I’ve noticed that those from Islamic countries tend to extrapolate the widespread following of religion in their own countries when looking at the west. Thus they consider every westerner a Christian
  4. As far as I know, 2 names have already been released which tells you all you need to know. But even when they do get to the bottom of it, I’m absolutely willing to bet that 2 key words won’t be used side by side to label this attack. I’ll let you figure that one out. In the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch attacks, white supremacy was immediately being blamed by the media despite not knowing anything about the attacker. Why is it different now?
  5. I disagree but can see where you’re coming. Christians and Tourists would have sufficed. Christians don’t refer to or identify themselves as Easter Worshippers. I’ve never seen that term before. People were in churches because they are Christians and were targeted because they are Christians. Refusal to name them as such as well as call out the perpetrators is alarming, especially when just a month ago, it was done with no time wasted.
  6. An absolutely tragic event. I am sad but at the same time infuriated with the way this is being reported compared to the Christchurch terror attacks. I’ve harped on about media double standards on here before but once again it has popped up and once again I’ll express my displeasure. While I know it isn’t a conspiracy theory as some on here would like to believe, it should now become a bit more obvious to the naysayers that there are obvious differences in the way these things are reported. Not just by the media but public figures as well. It all depends on who is carrying out the attacks and the victims of the attacks. Case in point, tweets by politicians. Seriously how hard is for these people to say “Christians”? What exactly is an “Easter Worshipper”? Do you not even begin to question why these people started using that term in unison? Now compare that to the Christchurch attacks. You can all see the differences right? Hillary Clinton didn’t refer to Muslims as Friday Worshippers. She also immediately called out to fight islamophobia. This is in complete contrast to her response to Sri Lanka. It does make you wonder doesn’t it? You’d think she’d say the same about violence against Christians especially when you consider that they are more likely to be the victims of attacks. But no, we get a generic response to fight hatred. It’s almost like there are ulterior motives involved......
  7. You should probably read it again. Greenberg detailed conversations in which he said executives from Australia's Nine Entertainment and News Corp, which owns Foxtel, told him the next broadcast deal could be impacted dramatically by the de Belin saga. Ratings aside, it’s naive to think that companies which pay to have their ads on Channel Nine haven’t put pressure on the network as those same companies would be under public pressure especially in this day and age. Why do you think the NRL has already lost some sponsorship deals as detailed in the article? It goes way beyond tv ratings. At the end of the day, companies and sponsors don’t want to be associated with things that could tarnish their image.
  8. That’s not the point of the article though. Yes technological change will result in different viewing experiences therefore affecting tv deals but this is about Channel Nine and its stance on NRL issues
  9. Wake up call for the NRL especially in light of the past off season. Time to make serious efforts to stamp out bad behaviour https://stuff.co.nz/sport/league/112168491/nrl-chief-todd-greenberg-fears-jack-de-belin-scandal-could-cost-game-hundreds-of-millions
  10. The intersectionality train smash war is inching closer and closer. The various groups white leftists have been defending all this time will at some point lock horns as ideals and values clash! “But how can this be?” the white leftist asks. “Our envisioned utopia was nothing short of rainbows and unicorns. Golly gosh, the straight white Christian man was supposed to be the problem that is causing all the hate so why are our interest groups fighting amongst themselves? I know, it’s those pesky white Christians causing all of this hate!!!” Despite all the evidence being on the table, the white leftist still won’t acknowledge it. The longer they ignore it, the bigger the train smash is going to be and I have my popcorn ready! It’s going to be spectacular especially with white leftists losing their minds on who to support. They’re only going to be able to deflect to Christians for so long before they are forced to acknowledge and address the clear and obvious issue which is brewing. But knowing how cowardly white leftists can be, I still question whether this enlightenment will ever take place. Intersectional groups will be fighting in the streets and the white leftist will still deflect! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6917577/Muslim-parents-claim-school-brainwashing-children-boy-sent-home-book-gay-couple.html
  11. She was incorrect in discriminating against ALL MEN. Even a preschooler would do better at understanding the point
  12. Tells us what is untrue about that video? Paid actors perhaps?
  13. Sweden is a failed leftist utopia. We’ll leave it that seeing that you’re either unable or unwilling to read between the lines however I certainly think it’s the latter. It’s just typical leftist tactics to avoid and deflect issues which include non white non Christian people
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