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  1. Yorkshire Knight

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    The club season runs for way too long especially for such a physical sport so you can understand why there’d be objections to end of season tests. NFL is not the best example but nonetheless its regular season runs for about 4 months and seems to work just fine. Why can’t it be the same in rugby? I’ve said it before, the sport has placed all its eggs in one basket and now wants both sides of the bread buttered. There won’t be a consistent system in place for the international level with the current format. A compromise needs to come in the form of a shortened club season. Question is, whether the game is willing to do that
  2. Yorkshire Knight

    SBW to Toronto??

    I can tell you right now: 1. SBW 2. Folau 3. Te’o 4. Burgess 5. Ashton
  3. Yorkshire Knight

    SBW to Toronto??

    Yes I’m sure
  4. Yorkshire Knight

    SBW to Toronto??

    So it’s been confirmed it isn’t SBW and Folau just signed a new deal with Australian union. Perhaps it is Te’o but then again that’s a bit disingenuous claiming him to be a top five player in union
  5. Yorkshire Knight

    SBW to Toronto??

    Would be awesome for the sport in Canada if it is indeed SBW. Just marketing him as an All Black will generate huge interest and get people watching TWP
  6. Yorkshire Knight

    Nou Camp

    A lot of ifs and pie in the sky drivel here which dare I say it, has shades of the Denver experiment. I’m not setting any expectations for this fixture
  7. Yorkshire Knight

    World 9s - Invites Sent

    If the NRL is at the forefront, you can bet there’ll be makeshift teams made up of Sydney residents representing their heritage. And then they’ll use that to show they care about international development
  8. Yorkshire Knight

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Stop projecting
  9. Yorkshire Knight

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Hooray! One game proves that they aren’t insular despite, more often than not, proving otherwise. Please tell me how they aren’t?
  10. Yorkshire Knight

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Get over it. We all know the Australians are insular so would rather focus on the All Stars. That’s going to be hard to change. And to be frank, the average Australian couldn’t care less about English rugby teams
  11. Yorkshire Knight


    What a party pooper you are!
  12. Yorkshire Knight

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    Figure of speech. I didn’t literally mean your. But there you go nitpicking again. I’ll leave you to it
  13. Yorkshire Knight

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    That’s great if the NYT have reported on it
  14. Yorkshire Knight

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    Lol way to nitpick an example. Let me point out that it extends far beyond just footballers being interested, which you have now somehow made the focus. I recall during the last union World Cup Samuel L Jackson tweeting about it. I remember Bleacher Report, an American sports website, reporting on it. Now before you nitpick that as well. No it wasn’t Bleacher Report UK, it was the American one. Now you'll probably give similar instances of celebrities being interested in rugby but more often than not, they would have grown up in an area where the sport is played and therefore have a connection to it. What does Samuel L Jackson know about union? Your Russel Crowes and Hugh Jackmans grew up in Australia so it’s not quite the same
  15. Yorkshire Knight

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    I think the point of my initial post was lost on you