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  1. Yorkshire Knight

    NZRL to block Aus V Tonga Test

    I'm sorry but I do not agree with the outrage expressed in this forum at the decision of the NZRL. NZ is not the home of either team in this proposal so why should it be played there especially when you consider that both countries are not far away? What's wrong with staging it in Australia? This is nothing but Aussies passing the buck if anything. Probably ashamed that their half-arsed efforts for the international game won't attract any fans in Australia
  2. Yorkshire Knight

    New York Battle of the Boroughs

    Quality game of rugby league. The ground has some awesome views as well
  3. It says in the article that they're yet to be paid
  4. The promoter didn't even breakeven so there's one indicator
  5. Yorkshire Knight

    The code wars in Australia - NRL outlook justified?

    Pardon me? I've literally just copied and pasted a stat from the source posted above. The issue of attendance was highlighted by a TV show in Australia if you bothered to click on the link. The fact that they spoke about it shows that it's not 'selective stats usage' as you put it. It must be a concerning trend if it's a talking point on a TV show
  6. 40,000 watching the AFL at the Sydney Cricket Ground 9,000 watching the NRL at Allianz Stadium Which begs the question: Is the NRL contributing to its slow demise by being so insular or is the approach justified considering that it's competing for its main market and therefore it needs to throw most resources behind the comp to remain strong? https://www.facebook.com/9SportsSunday/videos/530255517404773/?hc_ref=ARR60uCYo5w-_FY77GFQAkTTK-1AurLirH65MseN8-4SuGghvroz-il2n5yJZhHzDAs
  7. Yorkshire Knight

    Rugby league teams as dishes...

    Salford are rice and beans
  8. Yorkshire Knight

    Celebrities/famous people that like RL

    If I recall correctly, rappers Drake and Eminem are Salford fans
  9. Yorkshire Knight

    Celebrities/famous people that like RL

    As always, Aussies always have to mention AFL when it's not relevant
  10. Fitting to see considering the attitude of the NRL towards anything not NRL or State of Origin related https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/sea-eagles/toronto-and-newtown-draw-bigger-crowds-than-manlys-game-against-penrith-at-lottoland/news-story/bbf23bf92c9438a57fc1f69f2fb06e92
  11. Yorkshire Knight

    US v Ireland (or Italy) in New York

    Reflects the decision to stage the event in October in New York of all places. NFL and college football will be well underway by then with the NBA season also just tipping off. Shows he really has no clue. And just by reading that article, it's easy to tell that he is another of those 'show and they will come' type of rugby fans who, in all honesty, shouldn't be involved in expansion efforts because they obviously think that hard work to build foundations isn't needed. That approach never works and it is one of the main reasons why expansion efforts have stifled. The mentality of thinking that people will be hooked after seeing one game has really held the sport back. You'd really think that after all this time, fans would realise that it doesn't work that way and never will
  12. Yorkshire Knight

    Salford fan causing trouble in Perpignan

    Probably from Hull
  13. That 'rivalry' predates any sport. It's hardly a genuine rivalry in a sporting sense
  14. You Aussies don't know how to do rivalries. Most of the time I'm cringing whenever I read about your supposed 'rivalries' which are manufactured to say the least. Like earlier this year, there was an article about the Souths vs Sydney rivalry which went on to say that the rivalry exists because Roosters fans think they're a "better class of human beings" 🙄
  15. Watch the buildup and tell me it isn't overhyped! And it doesn't stop when the game kicks off. Every tackle is referred to as an "Origin tackle" and the plays are "special". Not to take anything away from SOO but it is definitely hyped to the max