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  1. What an awful champions league final. A shadow of finals of the past
  2. It’s City’s to lose. Can’t see them losing though. Will be glorious when Liverpool don’t win a single trophy yet again as I can’t see them getting past Barcelona
  3. http://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com This website uses AI to generate images of people. As the name suggests, the images are not of real people
  4. The club season runs for way too long especially for such a physical sport so you can understand why there’d be objections to end of season tests. NFL is not the best example but nonetheless its regular season runs for about 4 months and seems to work just fine. Why can’t it be the same in rugby? I’ve said it before, the sport has placed all its eggs in one basket and now wants both sides of the bread buttered. There won’t be a consistent system in place for the international level with the current format. A compromise needs to come in the form of a shortened club season. Question is, whether the game is willing to do that
  5. I don't know about you guys but I'm pumped for the world cup. Not a big football fan but big events always have my attention and there's none bigger than the Fifa world cup
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