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  1. What is considered decent? I feel in many ways, the Tonga vs Australia fixture made the attendance look somewhat respectable judging by all the red in the crowd
  2. Didn’t TWP say they would produce Canadian players by now? How’s that coming along?
  3. The same TWP that’s been importing Aussies and Englishmen after failing to develop local talent? That’s nothing but a pipe dream. But based on the lax farcical eligibility rules, the Canadian team could very well consist of those imported players. So there may be some legitimacy to your post
  4. It’s all fun and games until the NRL decides to stifle the international game again
  5. Why are you just taking NZ vs GB into account? Attendance across the board has been bad
  6. Certain posters lying on here claiming that the kiwis never drew decent crowds to make themselves feel better. Fact of the matter is, the eligibility farce of the previous World Cup is still fresh in the minds of kiwis. Like I’ve always said, sure you will temporarily boost these smaller island nations by allowing the switches but at what expense? In more develop countries, this sort of thing is seen as farcical. I remember with the World Cup, there was a kiwis player who decided to switch a week or two out from the start. That makes a mockery of the sport
  7. The salty Australian. All I see is a filled stadium in Japan right now. Australia isn’t the world. I know that hurts you but it’s the reality
  8. Ironic considering that there’s a whole sub forum on here dedicated to slagging off union. Could you tell me of an union forums which has the same for rugby league?
  9. They offer no commercial value to the game. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day
  10. How insecure are you? The fact that you even mentioned it even though you should be enjoying the moment shows that deep down you know the biggest game of the day is still coming up. But seriously I’ve never seen the Aussie play so bad. Can’t let union get the spotlight huh? All in vain though
  11. Yes teams are being built without proper foundations being set. Meanwhile the heartlands are being neglected. There’s a real possibility that it can all come crashing down. Can’t help but feel this is the last roll of the dice for rugby league which explains the Hail Mary attempt to grow the game. If it comes off, it can work out very well but on the flip side, it can be disastrous for the sport
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