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  1. Bleacher Report tweeted this monster hit from the NRL. For those who don’t know, Bleacher Report is one of the most popular sports websites in the USA. On top of that, a few NBA players shared the clip.
  2. Packers, Rams, Eagles, Jets, Falcons, Dolphins, Chiefs, Titans, Chargers, Seahawks, 49ers, Giants, Cardinals, Pats, Saints, Broncos
  3. The Aussies know where the money comes from. And it’s not international rugby league. Players’ Association would no doubt also get involved
  4. Read; It went from being the biggest club team to being the biggest team overall. That is false
  5. All you need to do is look at the social media following to see that the All Blacks are the biggest rugby team in NZ
  6. Okay a lot to deconstruct here but I’ll do it nonetheless. The analogy is absolutely accurate. What makes you think the NZ Super Rugby teams and the Warriors are competing? Most of the time, fans are overlapping and it’s not a mutually exclusive decision to follow one or the other. Same goes from buying from the Supermarket and buying from the fast food restaurant. Of course you’ll get the group who exclusively follow one but they are not a huge factor here considering that it’s NZ which I’ll elaborate on. As someone who has been to NZ, I found that for the most part, code tribalism is not really as strong as what it is in Australia. Kiwis are a patriotic bunch therefore will support any teams representing the country or city regardless of the code. This is a huge contrast to Australia where the code tribalism is much more prevalent and blatant. I’ve seen and read instances where Aussies actually hope that their own national teams in other codes don’t do well because “it’s good for our game”. It’s even apparent in the Aussie media. For instance, you’ll often have the Victoria media only covering the AFL while not giving the time of day to anyone else. And if they do cover other competing sports, it’s usually to highlight the negatives. Football in Australia knows this very well, always being on the receiving end of such propaganda by the AFL media. It’s no secret that code tribalism in Australia, to an extent, is drawn along state lines. You have the rugby league hotbeds of NSW and Queensland, and AFL dominance in Victoria, SA, WA etc. So taking into account the strong tribalistic aspect, it’s then no surprise to see that the Melbourne Storm are smaller than all the other AFL teams in Melbourne. Getting back to NZ, it is much easier for the less popular sports to gain public support. The NZ media plays its part as well by giving coverage to other sports. You even have a former Warriors player Monty Betham who watches the All Blacks. You had a former All Black like Carlos Spencer who was involved in the Auckland 9s. The Warriors recently adopted a breathing technique of the All Blacks. There was a picture of the current All Blacks captain wearing a Warriors jersey and who has attended training sessions at the Warriors. These are just some of the examples which proves my point. I’m yet to see anything remotely close to that in Australia. With that in mind it should become more apparent why, in the unique case of NZ, it’s inaccurate to compare one team representing the whole country to 5 teams who directly compete with each other. Comparing the All Blacks and Warriors makes for a much more accurate comparison.
  7. I bet you think you’re smart after that one don’t you? Even a preschooler could identify the fallacy in that analogy. Nonetheless let me explain it in a way you could understand. Consider a town that has 5 supermarkets but only 1 fast food joint. Due to competition, the 5 supermarkets will naturally share the customer base. Whereas the fast food restaurant faces no such competition therefore is able to get more customers than the individual supermarkets. But what if all 5 supermarkets share the same parent company and as a result, the number of customers for each supermarket is tallied together. Question (and don't rush into answering this, take your time)... who has more customers?
  8. Nope original comment stated that the Warriors are the most popular rugby club in NZ
  9. Warriors are one team representing the whole of NZ whereas there are 5 NZ union teams. Not really an accurate comparison. Combine those 5 teams then compare them. When you do combine them, you get the All Blacks. And at this stage, it’s not really a contest anymore
  10. Sure there’s stream of revenue from having the Warriors in but do you think there’ll be an increase if the warriors win? I’m not debating the current deal. I just think it can’t get better
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