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  1. RayH


    Well done, great result
  2. Sorry had it in my head two championship teams in a play off
  3. Is it? thought London beat Toronto in the play off final? isnt it same this year?
  4. RayH


    Given the changes and where the ex coach is, if we had to go to Whitehaven again now do you think we would we win?
  5. Surprised they have kept this format with London’s shock win last season
  6. RayH


    Do we think Matt will win a game?
  7. Completely outplayed barrow last time in very poor conditions. Should be a comfortable win on Sunday according to the level of improvement made
  8. Two points dropped against a weakened York side
  9. RayH

    New Coach

    He will be ok, we currently have a L1 team From reading Twitter there will be options to spend and sign players
  10. I’m all for it. Good luck to them, hopefully get past 40k
  11. Can see him moving onto bigger and better things. great coach
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