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  1. We all have an opinion on who we would personally prefer on the board, I knew people on the previous board who I knew would be a credit to the club. I also know people on this board who will be as much of a credit. Its not a forever board and im sure new directors will come and go. Im a bit bored of the bitching and fighting, (genuinely not directed at anyone in particular) as much as im passionate about rugby league and Rochdale Hornets, the bitterness that seems to be perennial turns me off, as im sure it does others! Im hoping this new board gets a fresh slate in terms of support from all of us wanting Hornets and RL in Rochdale to move forward.
  2. I appreciate the positive outlook and I genuinely hope Swinton can sustain the standards they set last year but I fear for them. Its not just financial investment Swinton have lost, the board members provided the club with legal advice, accountancy, media platforms amongst other services. This will now all need to be paid for. So to say the clubs been left you in a better position remains to be seen! Ive been speaking to an ex member of the Swinton board and the re-signed young players re-signed on having been sold the Manchester Lions pitch and with the promise of quality players incoming. To quote that ex board member "I feel sorry for the players that have just signed".
  3. I don't think anyone is suggesting its easy running clubs away from the limelight and anyone that takes on the role deserves support and admiration. However when you do surely you have a duty to manage the club on behalf of everyone currently associated with it as well as to preserve what those previous had built and achieved. I can see the benefits of changing the Swinton name to Manchester but its easy to when you are not a staunch fan, and I think there is a lot of that in the boards decisions, fans of Swinton by chance and circumstance. My immediate thoughts on the resignations were that they had spat the dummy, the fans have expressed their disproval of the Manchester change. Its not what the board want so they've done one and left the club in the 5h1t, rather than managing their withdrawal, allowing a new board to come in and replace them whilst maintaining an element of stability.
  4. He’s a good young player, played predominantly wing but naturally a centre. Would have been good to see how he established himself next year as a centre rather than being a square peg in a round hole on the wing, but it seems Swinton are flashing the cash. No decision really if it’s more money in the championship and pretty sure his dad played for Swinton. With a regular 5 established Wigan players in their 17 I hope Brandon gets the game time he’s earned this year.
  5. Your boring me now, your no expert that’s blatantly obvious from the naivety but your enough of one to confidently assess every aspect of the performances to conclude there’s been absolutely no improvement individually or collectively
  6. Imagine being the coach of Rochdale Hornets, your from the Warrington/St Helens area, you have very little money to spend on bringing players in. You'd be reliant on bringing players you know in, from your old clubs and through personal relationships. Imagine you’d managed to cobble together a squad, using these contacts. Most of these players live down the M62 but luckily that’s where you train due to an arrangement. Then imagine you get binned off as coach, and the replacement coach brings training to Rochdale. In that circumstance do you imagine the players you’d convinced to play for not much money would be as committed to the new coach who expects more? Will they turn up to training and hammer it then train hard on their own?
  7. The last 2 coaches had full preseasons to assemble a squad, the optimum time to attract unattached players and condition others. Your extremely short sighted and naive to think a coach can turn around someone else’s squad part way through the season. Ive supported every coach brought in to the club, it sounded from people at the club that it became the Kilshaw show and was obvious after not very long Forster wasn’t upto it. I’ve got high hopes for Calland now given time.
  8. The negativity of this post is exactly what is dragging this club backwards. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the young lads just starting out, testing themselves against established pros. See how Marriott handles Leigh's big pack, see if Zac Baker continues to be one of the hardest hitters in a Hornets shirt for a while, see if the young Oldham lad from Wigan Barran can steer us around.
  9. Why does the question have to be asked? Because you've got a downer on Matt Calland? There's plenty of players that do want to play for Hornets and Matt Calland so players like Scott Moore and Declan Kay who think their better off else where, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  10. Forget Calland and Forster, you should be coach
  11. A squad is largely assembled and prepared in a pre-season where lots of players at this level are out of contract and looking for a team. Our pack hasn't been good enough from day one this season, the Mayfield pack bullied ours in pre season. Brian Carneys opinion of our player coach still makes me cringe in our televised game against Toronto. He was supposedly the leader of our pack. Take him and the other puddings out and Calland is left with a very slim squad of forwards, hes brought in an cracker in Marriott but he is a one off who other championship coaches couldn't manage to persuade to sign. With it being mid season where is it Calland is supposed to get players from, particularly big mobile forwards. We can be as fit as we like but when the other teams have 4 big mobile props to steam rolling through a lightweight pack were on a hiding to nothing every week. I have high hopes for next year and wouldn't be surprised to see at the very least Joe back at Hornets.
  12. - Forster vs Calland 1-0 Forster won A game with 4 dual reg props and Harvey Livett. Before, I’m told, dual reg was largely withdrawn by Warrington due to the standard of coaching witnessed at Hornets - Sounds like Calland didn’t know exactly how unfit the players were not the situation the club was in. - Whose to say the players he’s kept on havnt improved in some aspects of their game. I’d put money on the fact those that have stayed are fitter.To me he’s come in and changed the ethos and what’s expected of players, training is no longer down the M62, resulting in certain super stars from the other side of J10 going missing. Fitness requirements have gone up, resulting in half the original pack leaving. - If we are as poor in terms of results mid next season then of course questions will be asked and rightly so - Level 4? Joe Tiara Matty Ashton and Paul Brierley, to name 3, those ships may have sailed but I’m told there was a time given the right coach they’d have signed for Rochdale. Who knows what the future holds
  13. Anyone thinking that getting rid of the coach now is a good idea needs to have their head looked at. We have a coach that signed knowing the mess we were in, with no money and an unfit, skillfully inept squad he will have known we were as good as down. He’s committed to the club I just hope the club is as committed in return. It’s blatantly obvious the squad that started the season playing at Mayfield was dire, partly due to a lack of money and partly due to a slack Pre-Season. All the decent players Calland has been expected to sign are signed to clubs for the current season. Lets judge Matt Calland after a pre season of recruitment and conditioning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the a couple of ex Mayfield lads at other clubs sign for him.
  14. Does putting RL before your name on here make you really bitter?
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