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  1. Is there likely to be supporters coach for the York game, which York have on the website as Sunday 15th March 3pm
  2. In spite of all the nay sayers I think there’s a really good team amongst the squad that’s been pulled together. Regardless of who remains in the squad, it will be a young fit athletic team with a spine of quality experienced players. And I love the fact the bitters on social media are having a dig at the number of amateurs given a chance, it’s so short sighted and weak it’s laughable.
  3. Literally just spotted it on Instagram. If the trialists Adam Jackson the no6 looked really comfortable, Ryan Bradbury no12 looked really strong, Hesketh no11 looks really good and the big bearded guy who came on towards the end looked like he could do some damage didn’t catch his number. Freeman, Ainscough and Pencywicz are class
  4. Can anyone put names to the shirt numbers today, quite a few new faces but I wasn’t sure with a lot of them who was who
  5. Callum Marriott in preseason training on last twitter post, he’ll be massive this year
  6. WTF has any of this got to do with the "2020 Squad so far", id suggest keeping your attention seeking to Facebook
  7. Noticed Seta at the bag pack today
  8. Not at all touchy, your taking what I say and putting an ######'y spin on it, where have I used to the term "bad attitude"? or suggested you've said "Mayfield is better than Hornets"? I'm passionate about RL in Rochdale and hate the divisiveness. I appreciate your passion for the sport but not the Mayfield arrogance, and don't take that as me not having the upmost respect for everyone at Mayfield. My objection was to your comment "I'm not really sure what Hornets could actually offer Mayfield's Youth". This is a Hornets that has Matt Calland as head coach, one of the most well regarded coaches in the game. If that's not an arrogant, short sighted, narcissistic comment I don't think I've ever heard one. Kind regards Mr Bird
  9. I'm too old for playground bickering, the players left cobras and represented Mayfield, no dramas they carried on playing RL in Rochdale. This shouldn't be a competition between Mayfield and Hornets, they each play a part the other cant at present. As a primary school child in Heywood in the early 80's Mike Kuiti visited the school as a Hornets player and did a session with the kids, I went home and asked my dad to take me to Heywood Tigers training. Mayfield provide an the environment like Heywood did then for children to enjoy the sport, all be it on a whole different scale. Your attitude is restricting the growth of the sport in Rochdale, of course Mayfield are a superb club and Rochdale is lucky to have them but to suggest they are somehow more important than Hornets to youth is arrogant, short sighted and narcissistic. Thankfully the people coming in at board level have a more progressive view of the Hornets Mayfield relationship. and I'm not just a Cobras supporter, I'm quite literally an active supporter, player and coach of various forms of RL in Rochdale.
  10. They definitely did play 2nds I watched! Not consistently, for reasons I dont know but they all played. You don’t see what Hornets could offer Mayfields youth? Good lord, I thought we were over this Mayfield narcissism.
  11. The collapse of Hornets last year had an effect past just Mayfield. Players want to play at the highest level they can and they should be encouraged to. 9 players left Rochdale Cobras open age last season for Mayfield as the opportunity came to play at a higher level there, most played 2nd’s but 3 played 1st’s. It meant we couldn’t fulfil our season. It was disappointing bur a realisation that the town can no longer sustain 3 open age sides. On the flip side it’s great to see Rochdale Rugby League has a clear pathway from Under age rugby and lower league amateur rugby to National Conference and potentially semi pro and full time.
  12. The best thing about Mayfield is that they have a pathway through from cubs right through the under ages to open age. Hornets with Matt Calland as coach are just adding another level to that pathway, it’s natural and the right thing in my opinion. Mayfield have shown that they will survive and where a senior open age player leaves to take up a opportunity elsewhere, an opportunity is presented to a young man eager to step up.
  13. Has anyone heard if we've managed to keep hold of Marriot, Sheridan and Baker?
  14. We all have an opinion on who we would personally prefer on the board, I knew people on the previous board who I knew would be a credit to the club. I also know people on this board who will be as much of a credit. Its not a forever board and im sure new directors will come and go. Im a bit bored of the bitching and fighting, (genuinely not directed at anyone in particular) as much as im passionate about rugby league and Rochdale Hornets, the bitterness that seems to be perennial turns me off, as im sure it does others! Im hoping this new board gets a fresh slate in terms of support from all of us wanting Hornets and RL in Rochdale to move forward.
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