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  1. Does putting RL before your name on here make you really bitter?
  2. Lost a lot of respect for Andy Mazey after reading his comments on Twitter. As a senior club official I don’t expect to see him commenting negatively so publicly like that.
  3. I’ve just been told that there’s a good possibility the home game against Swinton this weekend will be held at the AJ Bell/Salford?
  4. The performances were dreadful under Forster but had no Rochdale connection, just a collection of waifs and strays from around the NW RL community without a team. Add to that, this group of waifs and strays played for a team that arguably weren't even based in Rochdale and no wonder fans were losing interest. Now we have a team that has a growing connection with the town with a Rochdale coach and Rochdale players who train and play in Rochdale. The performances haven't improved yet but there's evidently a plan which gives you hope of improvement, Matt Calland has come in and spoke nothing but sense, the team aren't big enough or fit enough and its not an easy fix. I was really hopeful at the start of the season, the effort against Mayfield was worrying but what killed me off was seeing us on TV against Toronto, the physical shape we were in, specifically the shape of our player coach, the leader! Which was pointed out by Brian Carney commentating, looking back in hindsight he was the embodiment of what was wrong with us. For the first time in as long as I can remember the club appears to have a plan beyond the current season, so as unfortunate as it was I think getting rid of Forster and his staff was completely necessary.
  5. I sound like I’m a mad Matt Calland fan but I don’t know the guy, our paths have never crossed. I do appreciate the way his teams play the game though. I know a lot of people that have been coached by him and his players have to be fit and strong willed. From the sounds of it this years pre season and training regime have been far from demanding, fitness and will havnt been tested. Throw in a lot of the players just aren’t good enough for this level. I think we will get a win but when the general level of fitness and resilience improves.
  6. The collective attitude from the players is really poor, there's just no fight from a lot of the team, too many just going through the motions. missed tackles are always the give away. Callands comments on the club website suggest the same. Last week Marriott was the stand out player, this week Coleman, 2 players that have been brought in from amateur and are known to Calland to have the resilience and fight you need to be in a side of his. Fact is too many of the squad weren't assessed and brought in by Calland, he is well known to test players fitness and attitude and will be hammering them in training and I think the poor attitude is a result of that. The club for too long has been a hive of mercenaries using the club as an easy pay day. Calland is hopefully getting rid and restoring a bit of value to the shirt but its obviously going to take time and hes going to have to upset quite a few people.
  7. The results come a second for me at the minute, some of the players brought in were clearly not good enough, it was obvious against Mayfield in pre-season. I may be wrong but a few may have signed partly due to training being down the M62. I wonder if training being brought back to Rochdale has been a factor in some of the mercenaries recruited pre-season going missing? I'm just glad to see local talent being given a chance at last, a clear path way to professional RL for young kids playing in the borough. If it means short term going down to L1 but results in the long term us putting out a team that values the club a bit then ill take it.
  8. The game is dying in the heartlands, how many amateur sides used to play in Rochdale? How many are there now? Even Mayfield are struggling to field an A side. How many pro/semi pro clubs have gone into administration or are struggling financially? Bringing new logistical costs and implications to these clubs plus home fixtures with no travelling fans is ridiculous.
  9. I’m not 100% what the score is with dual reg don’t think anything’s guaranteed. One week 4 well recognised SL players can be at Spotland the next, 2 very fringe squad players like yesterday although they were 2 of our best yesterday, Louis Johnson being the only forward to really rip it into their line. Again I think the money is less of a draw at this level and it’s more of a wanting to play the game for and with a good crowd.
  10. There’s not a lot of money in salary at this level particularly at Hornets and The like. To pull a good team together the the players have to know and want to play for the coach and other players. That for me would have been the major factor in any coach appointment surely? I hoped being naive to Forsters appeal, that he had the contacts and respect within the game, looking at the squad I’m not sure at this level he does. What was the decision to appoint him based on? Would the club be able to afford to pay out any contract he has anyway? And in any case where would we get players from at this stage?
  11. The squad is absolutely appalling, I’ve never seen a pack as immobile and passive. How the coach picks himself offering what he does I don’t know. One chink of light was Brandon Wood starting at centre, only to be thrown back on the wing despite the other centre being nothing more than a turnstile. Has Jack Higginson been scared off by the shambles?
  12. The relationship between the football club and hornets seems untenable, if the authority on match day of our Directors and Chief Exec are trumped by a groundsman then we need to get out as soon as possible. I'd be speaking to Mayfield and Rochdale Rugby Union in the morning
  13. It sounds to me like the football ground staff have made complete fools of Hornets today. They didn't want the game played as it would undoubtedly have damaged the pitch, they've had all morning to get it sorted yet haven't had a "window"? I've been out walking greenbooth with the kids all morning, there were several "windows".
  14. Does anyone read League Express, apparently there’s a less than complimentary interview with Alan Kilshaw suggesting Rochdale Hornets was a toxic environment!?
  15. Today was pretty diabolical to be fair, go forward wasn’t impressive meaning the half backs that aren’t half backs struggled and had to try and force the play. It is really early days yet and so I wouldn’t get carried away with the negativity but the team is lacking flair and something special. Who played in 13 for hornets, team sheet says Howarth but it’s wasnt. I thought he looked very good. Brandon Wood tried his heart out and looks really good, definitely not a winger though
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