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    kieran jack rushby.....the future or featherstone rovers
  1. sky sports new app

    was having a look through my skys sports new app yesterday and came across something that really tickled me under the rugby on sky!! thu 18 aug engage super league york v halifax fri 19 aug engage super league wigan v bradford now other than the 1st game which was quite amusing...the best was yet to come!! sat 20 aug co-operative championship wakefield v castleford like i said....thought it was quite funny....the cas fan i showed it to.....didn't :laugh:
  2. Jessie Joe

  3. the Nerves

    no nerves at all....i'm as confident now as i was before last weeks game !!
  4. Ropati

    bradford have signed shad royston
  5. Predictions on fev crowd at warrington

    not if you go on last nights attendance.....1490....looks like they've lost a lot of support since they played sheffield in the league ;)
  6. Tickets

  7. Tickets

    not good at maths are you...cos you will find that paying at the gate costs more than what a season ticket holder in theory ive put more admission money into the club than you.. so its me and others that have done the same are the ones that should have the 1st hit on the tickets ;) ;)
  8. Tickets

    so are you saying that a season ticket holder should get preference over someone who's paid in to every home game
  9. nervous then?

    told ya !!
  10. nervous then?

    not a bit.....extremely confident !!
  11. Warrington Cup winners

    ian millward said that during the radio 5live commentary
  12. championship 1 fixtures are up to 12 sept so whats happened to our fixture ?? :huh:
  13. Warrington Cup winners

    so if leeds united get to the final of the fa cup...most of their fans will be what would be the commentary that day ??
  14. Warrington Cup winners

    it wasn't on the fm frequency that was hudds town game
  15. widnes realease 4 players

    no not really......but would have took mark smith if ben kaye hadn't have signed